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Neighbours Episode 0974 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0974
Australian airdate: 01/06/89
UK airdate: 08/08/90
UK Gold: 25/07/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Kenneth Muir: Roger Boyce
Summary/Images by: Graham
Madge picking up Henry's chainsaw and announcing that she's going to fix Jim Robinson once and for all!
No 28
It's evening time. Des is sitting at the table in No. 28 holding an ornamental sword and practicing his Japanese, but all he can hear is the noise of a chainsaw in the background. Mike comes in and asks where everyone is. Des tells him that Kerry's taken the kids for a walk to get away from the noise. He then asks Mike where *he's* been and Mike reminds Des that he's been visiting Jenny. Des asks how she is, and Mike replies that she's good. Des asks how school was. Mike sighs that it was exhausting. Des asks how Matt was. Mike replies that he was fine; it's the *rest* of the Year 11s that keep playing up. The chainsaw is still going outside and Des mutters in annoyance:
DES: For crying out loud, I wish Henry would keep that thing down.
At that moment, the noise stops!
No. 26
Jim, Helen and Beverly come in through the back door, Jim exclaiming angrily:
JIM: Can you believe Madge Bishop? The hide of the woman: sawing our tree.
Nick, who's working at the kitchen table, asks Jim if he couldn't stop her. Jim retorts that every time he made a move towards her, she brandished the chainsaw at him. He snaps:
JIM: Madge's methods of gardening are similar to Jack the Ripper's attempts at open-heart surgery!
Beverly asks what they're going to do about the mess. Jim sighs that he'll drag it all down to the tip in the morning. Nick asks Jim what he's going to do about Madge and Helen asks Jim warily if he's planning some sort of revenge. Jim just retorts that he doesn't know *what* he's planning - yet...
No. 24
The next morning, Bronwyn is preparing breakfast. Harold asks her to make extra toast for Madge, as she deserves it this morning! Henry grins:
HENRY: Wasn't she a ripper last night, eh?! 'The Erinsborough Chainsaw Ripper', starring my mum!
Harold comments that he knew Madge was a strong-willed woman, but last night was exceptional! Madge emerges from the bedroom at that moment, and everyone bursts into a round of applause! Madge thanks them and remarks that *something* had to be done. Henry tells her that his granddad would be proud of her, getting one over on the Robbos like that. Madge says she thinks she might 'phone and tell him! Harold comments warily that Madge shouldn't gloat *too* much: he's thinking of her friendship with Helen. Madge just shrugs that Helen has a sense of humour.
Ramsay Street
Sharon and Matt are waiting at the end of No. 26's driveway when Nick emerges with a skateboard. Matt looks at it and comments that it must have cost a packet, but Nick explains that it came from his T-shirt money. He adds that it's taken nearly all his profits, but he aims to get his money back. Sharon asks how, and Nick explains that there's a skateboard competition at the ramp in Anson's Corner this weekend - and there's a prize of $100. Sharon takes the board and decides to have a go on it. She just rides down the footpath and lands straight in the bushes outside No. 24!
Coffee Shop
Harold emerges from the kitchen and tells Bronwyn that he has to make a trip to the market. Bronwyn nods that she can manage. Harold heads out and a female customer comes in. She heads to the counter and asks for some peppermints. Bronwyn gets them and the customer hands over a $20 bill, explaining that she doesn't have any small change. Bronwyn rings up the amount on the till and discovers that she doesn't have any change either. She asks the woman if she minds waiting while she heads over to the hotel and gets change there. The woman nods that she's not in a hurry. With that, Bronwyn dashes out, leaving the till wide open and the shop empty apart from the customer. The woman walks straight over to the till and starts taking out all the bills inside...
Coffee Shop
A while later, Bronwyn is sitting at a table, tears streaming down her face, when Harold returns. The shop is still empty. Seeing Bronwyn sitting there, her back to him, Harold remarks that she should use this quiet time of the day to do some advance preparation. He doesn't notice that she's crying. Bronwyn, however, stands up and says:
BRONWYN: Mr. Bishop... something awful's happened.
Harold puts down the box of groceries he's carrying as Bronwyn continues:
BRONWYN: I'm sorry - I only left the shop for two minutes.
HAROLD (sharply): Left the shop? What's happened here?
BRONWYN: Someone's stolen all the money out of the till. It's my fault. A woman handed me a $20 note and I didn't have any change, so I went over to reception-
HAROLD (aghast): You left the shop unattended knowing there was a *customer* here?
BRONWYN: I'm sorry - I didn't *think*.
HAROLD (snaps): That is quite evident.
Harold then goes to the 'phone and says he'll ring the police - there was a lot of money there. He then adds angrily that he hired Bronwyn in place of her sister, thinking she'd act more responsibly. Bronwyn cries that it was a *mistake*. Harold reminds her that he's warned her about leaving the shop unattended. He acts that he expects a big improvement if she expects to keep her job.
No. 26
Helen is talking on the 'phone to Gail. She hangs up as Beverly comes in, and tells Beverly that Gail seems to be coping remarkably well with her pregnancy. She adds that, for once, she thinks Gail has found something more important than work! Changing the subject, Helen then asks Beverly if she could buy a large packet of walnuts on her way home from work. Beverly asks in surprise if Helen is doing more baking. Helen, however, explains that these are to replace the walnuts she borrowed from Madge - and the mood Madge is in at the moment, the sooner the better. Beverly asks:
BEVERLY: What are you planning to do? Give them to her personally?
HELEN: Well... without wanting to appear cowardly, I thought I'd drop them into her letterbox!
Helen goes on that she and Madge have had their arguments, but she thinks if they see each other today, they may say things they regret, so the best thing to do is keep their distance.
No. 28
Des is standing behind the kitchen counter, admiring another (wonky!) pot that he's thrown! Henry comes in through the front door and announces that he's finished the garden. Des takes some money out of his pocket to pay him and Henry asks how the pots are going. Des replies that he made a new batch for the neighbours - to make up for the ones that got smashed. Henry asks who the one on the counter is for. Des replies warily:
DES: Joe... if it works out all right.
HENRY: You know, um, you're not exactly his best mate right now?
DES: Yeah. Yep. That's why the peace offering: his nose is still out of joint because Kerry moved in *here*.
HENRY: Can you blame him? She's supposed to be *his* girl.
DES: She *is* his girl - well, as far as *I* know. He's just jumped to the conclusion that I tried to muscle in.
Henry comments that he can see it would look a bit odd to Joe. Des tells him that he and Kerry are just mates. Henry muses that he just has to convince Joe. He then goes to head off. Des stops him, though, and tells him that he hasn't said anything about the pot. Henry hesitates before saying:
HENRY: There's, er, really only one word for it, mate: 'masterpiece'. There isn't another one like that in the whole world!
Des takes the praise seriously, and looks extremely pleased!
Coffee Shop
Matt, Nick and Sharon come into the Coffee Shop for lunch, Nick telling Sharon to keep the order simple and give Bronwyn a fair go. They sit down and Nick asks Sharon to stay behind after school while he does some skateboard practice. Sharon shrugs that it's better than going home. Madge comes in and heads to the counter, asking Harold for a pot of tea. She then asks him how his morning's been. Harold sighs that they've had a disaster: Bronwyn - she went out, left the shop unattended, then a thief came and cleared out the till: almost $80. Sharon overhears as Harold tells Madge that he's very disappointed in Bronwyn's performance; he's seriously thinking of letting her go. Madge points out that she's almost part of the *family*. Harold retorts:
HAROLD: Yes, I know it complicates things, but, well, in business terms the girl's becoming a liability.
Sharon sits there looking worried.
Henry walks over to where Jim is working on a car and asks if Bertha's ready for collection. Jim nods that she's ready to go. Henry asks if it was the radiator, but Jim tells him that he needed a new water pump, so he fitted one. He heads over to the workshop and picks up Henry's bill. Henry takes it and goes to walk off. Jim calls after him, holding up a set of keys:
JIM: Forgotten something?!
Henry turns to take the keys, but Jim pulls them away, saying:
JIM: Cash first.
HENRY (looking surprised): Oh come on, Jim, you know I'll fix you up as soon as I can.
JIM (shrugs): Fine. When you do, you can have your car.
HENRY (pleads): Jim, you've gotta trust me: I live next door to you!
JIM (grimly): I'm very well aware of that, Henry. It's families like yours that make me wish I didn't *have* any neighbours.
HENRY: Oh, I get it. This is because of what mum did last night?
JIM: Not entirely - but I don't see why I should do you any favours.
Henry says he knows Madge was a bit rash, but it wasn't *him* with the chainsaw, and if he can't work, he can't earn any money. Jim just says:
JIM: Henry...
HENRY: Yeah?
JIM: No cash, no car.
No. 26
Des has painted and glazed two pots in designs mixing black, blue and red colouring and has taken them over to the Robinsons'. Helen and Beverly look at them and muse:
HELEN: Lovely, Des.
BEVERLY: Yes, the glaze is marvellous. Very rich. What a thing to come home to!
Helen smiles at Des that he's really getting somewhere now.
BEVERLY: Yeah! So much better than your earlier d--; pots!
Looking worried, Des asks Beverly if she didn't *like* the last one. Helen nods quickly that of course she did; Beverly just meant that his craft's improving! Jim arrives home and Beverly comments that he's early. Jim explains that he's got to pick up Gordon Hemmings' car, so he thought he'd make a start on chopping up those branches. Des remarks that he gathers the branches have something to do with last night's chainsaw incident; he couldn't help but notice that they have a bit of a feud with next door. Helen mutters that it's more than a 'bit': it measures about 8 on the Richter scale. Jim tells everyone that he's started to even the score, and he explains about refusing Henry credit on his car. Beverly asks with a sigh if this isn't getting out of hand. Jim, however, declares:
JIM: Not by *my* doing. It got out of hand last night when Madge mutilated our trees. If those are the games they want to play, the rules are the same for all of us.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Nick is skating along the road outside the school as Sharon and Matt watch. Another schoolkid - Zadro - comes along and taunts Nick about his board, asking him where he got the antique. Nick just shoves him away. Mike then emerges from the school and warns Nick that riding in the school grounds is against the rules. Sharon tells him that Nick's in a competition; he has to practise. Mike just shrugs that he'll have to practise somewhere else. He walks off. Zadro rejoins them and tells Nick that he wouldn't bother entering the competition because *he's* entered it, and Nick hasn't got a hope. Sharon snaps:
SHARON: He's about a thousand times better than *you*, Zadro.
ZADRO: You wanna bet?
NICK: Any time.
ZADRO: OK. If I win, I get to take Shaz out on a date.
NICK (mutters): Forget it.
ZADRO (taunts): What's the matter? Not sure of winning, eh?
NICK: Shaz wouldn't go with a dork like you, anyway.
ZADRO: If you win, she won't *have* to.
Zadro then asks Sharon if she's not going to bet on her boyfriend. Sharon sighs that, all right, it's a bet. Zadro tells Nick:
ZADRO: I'll see you at the ramp - sucker.
With that, Zadro walks off, leaving Matt to ask what happens if Nick *doesn't* win. Sharon insists that he *will*. Nick puts down his board and mutters that he'd better make sure. Sharon reminds him that Mike said he can't practise there. Nick, however, retorts:
NICK: Mike said he didn't want to *see* me riding it. He's not around, is he, so what's the difference?
Nick then rides off, leaving Sharon glancing at Matt in concern.
No. 24
Henry arrives home and sighs at Madge that he had to *walk* everywhere: his feet are *killing* him. Madge comments that she thought the car was supposed to be fixed at lunchtime. Henry explains that Jim won't let him take it until the work is paid for; he's getting back at him for last night. Looking furious, Madge comments that Jim has no right to take it out on *him*. She adds that she'll give Henry the money and he can pay the bill - and as far as *she's* concerned, she thinks they should send the whole lot of the Robinsons to Coventry. Henry, looking dubious, murmurs that he doesn't know...
MADGE: Oh *I* do. We don't speak; we don't even nod to them in the street.
HENRY (warily): That sounds a bit heavy.
MADGE: We've got to pull them into line *somehow*.
HENRY: Yeah, but aren't you being a bit-
MADGE: This'll do the trick, Henry, believe me. From now on, as far as this household's concerned, the Robinsons don't exist.
Henry sighs heavily.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Nick is practicing on his skateboard as Sharon and Matt sit on a bench doing some homework. Matt asks Sharon suddenly whether she'd go out with Zadro if he *does* win. Sharon sighs that she supposes she'd have to; she'd hate it, though. Matt asks if he's that bad, and Sharon explains that he's been hassling her and Nick ever since they started there. Matt says he reckons Nick should have made sure he gets something out of the bet if *he* wins; as it stands, it's all *Zadro's* way. All of a sudden, Sharon spots Mr. Muir walking down the steps outside the school. Nick is riding down the road, straight towards him. Sharon yells at Nick, but it's too late: as Muir steps onto the road, Nick crashes into him. Both of them fall and land on the grass verge. They're unhurt, but Muir snaps:
MR. MUIR: Page, you imbecile.
He goes on:
MR. MUIR: Time and time again you've heard me tell the whole school that skateboards are prohibited. They're dangerous toys that should only be used in the areas provided for them.
NICK: Sir, I'm sorry.
MR. MUIR (angrily): Well being sorry isn't enough, Page. I'm confiscating this skateboard.
NICK (looking horrified): You *can't* confiscate it - I need it this weekend in a competition.
MR. MUIR: In that case, missing out might help you to learn the school rules. I'm keeping this skateboard until I see some evidence of you learning how to behave responsibly.
NICK (pleads): Please, sir, any other punishment: lines... detention... *anything*.
MR. MUIR (sternly): If you don't get out of my sight, you'll do those things as well. That's *all*, Page.
With that, Muir marches off, taking the skateboard with him. Sharon and Matt join Nick and Sharon murmurs that she's sorry. Matt adds:
MATT: You've blown it: with no skateboard, you can't even enter the competition, let alone win it - and Zadro gets a date with your girlfriend.
Nick stands there looking unhappy.
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Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0974
Des Clarke

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0974
Jim Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0974
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0974
Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Matt Robinson

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0974
Bronwyn Davies

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0974
Helen Daniels

Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0974
Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0974
Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0974
Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0974
Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay

 in Neighbours Episode 0974

Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0974
Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Beverly Robinson

Mike Young, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0974
Mike Young, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Nick Page, Kenneth Muir in Neighbours Episode 0974
Nick Page, Kenneth Muir

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0974
Nick Page

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