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Neighbours Episode 0965 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0965
Australian airdate: 19/05/89
UK airdate: 26/07/90
UK Gold: 12/07/96
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Langman
Summary/Images by: Graham
Gail stipulating what Paul's new secretary needs to look like. A young man coming in and introducing himself as Kevin Harvey: their new temporary secretary!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Kevin remarks to Paul and Gail that he guesses he's not what they expected. Gail assures him quickly that nobody worries about gender anymore - as long as he gets the job done. Paul says to Kevin that he assumes he can type and take shorthand? Kevin assures him that if the job comes under the heading of 'office work', he can do it.
PAUL: Look, I don't want this to sound sexist at all, but I assume that you can do everything as *well* as a woman?
KEVIN (laughing): Oh, I don't know about *that*: there are some areas I wouldn't *try* to compete! - but, well, when it comes to secretarial work, I'm your man. So - where would you like me to start?
Gail looks at Paul, a grin on her face!
A street
Henry is busking, singing as he accompanies himself on the guitar. A woman and a child put some money in his guitar case. Katie and Sonia walk over to him and Katie remarks that he's making a lot of money! Beverly joins them as Henry bursts into a new song, singing:
"I'm sittin' here, guitar case open wide
I have a squiz but there's nothing much inside.
Maybe I'm doing somethin' wrong?
Maybe it's this song! Better change this song!"
Beverly smiles that his guitar playing's improved! She then takes out some cash from her handbag and drops it into Henry's guitar case. She, Katie and Sonia walk off. No one notices that Beverly's bracelet has fallen into the case along with the coins...
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is giving dictation to Kevin Harvey, but he breaks off to ask if he's going too fast. Kevin assures him that he isn't. He then remarks on the fact that Paul was dictating a letter about a council that wouldn't consider a rezoning, and he asks which council it was. Paul replies that it was Elliot Park. Kevin remarks that they make a *point* of being difficult like that. Paul asks Kevin in surprise if he's had experience with them. Kevin explains that he did a real-estate course and picked up some of the inside stuff about councils. Paul asks him in astonishment what he's doing secretarial work for now, then, and Kevin explains that it's just a filler until he can get a position as a valuer. Paul raises his eyebrows in interest. He then carries on with the dictation. When he's finished, Kevin heads back out to reception, leaving Gail to grin at Paul:
GAIL: Can't handle it, eh?
PAUL (frowns): Can't handle *what*?
GAIL: Dictating to a male secretary.
PAUL: Why should it be any different to dictating to a female, huh?
GAIL (declares): Exactly!
PAUL (admits): But it *is*...
GAIL (teases): Who said they weren't sexist?!
PAUL: Gail, I am *not* sexist; it's just--
GAIL: Just *what*?
PAUL: It's just going to take a little getting used to, that's all.
No. 26
It's evening-time and Katie is showing Helen some new shoes Beverly bought her that afternoon. Beverly tells Helen that *she* saw some very nice shoes while she was out and might shout herself a pair for her birthday. Katie asks if she can show Rupert her new shoes. Beverly warns her not to be long. With that, Katie heads outside, leaving Helen to remark to Beverly that they'll have to do something a bit special about *tomorrow* night's dinner. She adds that it's a pity Scott will be on his way to Brisbane. Beverly, however, tells Helen not to make any fuss: at *her* age, another birthday isn't really anything to celebrate. Helen insists that birthdays are *always* worth celebrating! She then suggests that she might go to the new shop that has all those interesting fruit and veggies. Beverly says:
BEVERLY: Don't go to too much expense; you and Jim have already bought me this lovely-
She breaks off as she realises she's lost her bracelet. Helen assures her that it's probably somewhere around the house. Beverly murmurs in concern that she hopes so.
No. 24
Bronwyn is preparing dinner as Henry remarks that it's nice to have the joint to themselves. Bronwyn just mutters:
Henry, realising something's wrong, asks her if she's still mad at him. She retorts that she still thinks he's a hypocrite, wanting her to belly-dance in the middle of the street when he was so against her doing it to deliver messages. Henry tells her that he was a bit desperate, that's all. He then sighs that he *hates* it when they fight. Bronwyn, however, assures him that they're not fighting. Changing the subject, she asks Henry if he's made enough money yet to re-register Bertha. He sighs that he hasn't. He then breaks off as he suddenly spots the bracelet in his guitar case, along with the money. He picks it up and stares at it. Bronwyn asks what it is. Henry says quickly:
HENRY: It's a little something for you so you won't stay mad at me.
Bronwyn takes the bracelet and smiles delightedly that it's gorgeous. She adds that he's had it engraved with a 'B'. She then beams:
BRONWYN: It's gorgeous. I'll treasure it forever!
No. 26
Beverly, Jim and Helen are having breakfast the next morning. Beverly is remarking that she didn't expect Nick to give her anything. Helen points out that he has money for himself now he's making the T-shirts. Katie dashes in with some artificial flowers for Beverly, who smiles that they're terrific. She then tells Katie that her mum rang last night and she said Todd is having a great time in Adelaide. Katie asks sadly if they've heard anything from her dad, but Beverly admits that they haven't. Katie mutters that they probably *won't*. Changing the subject, Helen says they're going to have a wonderful birthday dinner tonight. Katie asks if she can dress up in her really good clothes. Helen says she thinks they *all* should. Jim tells Beverly that it'll give her a chance to show off her bracelet. With that, he announces that he'd better get Katie to school, and the two of them head off. When they've gone, Helen asks Beverly if she didn't think she should have told Jim that the bracelet is missing. Beverly replies that she keeps hoping it'll turn up somewhere today: it could be at the surgery... and if not, she'll ring the store where she bought Katie's shoes. She adds that she doesn't want to upset Jim while there's a chance they might find it.
No. 24
Bronwyn is putting the breakfast things away as Henry heads into the laundry to get his overalls. There's a knock on the front door and Bronwyn goes and opens it to find Gail on the step holding some linen which she tells Bronwyn she and Henry left next door. As Bronwyn takes it, Gail notices the bracelet and comments that it's lovely. Bronwyn says she doesn't think it was very expensive. Gail, however, points out that it's 18-carat gold and the stone looks like the real thing. She then announces that she'd better get going. Bronwyn closes the door and rejoins Henry. She says uncertainly:
BRONWYN: Henry... your mum thought this bracelet looked pretty expensive.
HENRY (shrugs): Oh, what does mum know?!
BRONWYN: Yeah, but Gail said the same thing, and I reckon *she'd* know a bit about jewellery. I think you'd better tell me how much you paid for it.
HENRY (struggling to know what to say): It-it-it was a gift.
BRONWYN: Yeah, but if it was expensive, how could you afford it?
HENRY: Well, I-I-I--. Look, to tell the truth, I didn't buy it.
BRONWYN (frowns): What do you mean?
HENRY: Look, it was among the coins in my guitar case. I don't know how it got there.
BRONWYN (points out): It probably flew off somebody's wrist when they threw some money in.
Bronwyn then sighs that she's not going to be able to keep it. Henry tells her that he busked at three different places yesterday and didn't take much notice of the people who threw the money in; it could belong to anyone. Bronwyn tells him that he'll have to advertise it in the 'Lost and Found' column of the Erinsborough News, then - and if nobody claims it, she might keep it; but not until they've done everything they can to find the real owner.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul and Gail are having lunch. Paul realises they've got to get a gift for Beverly for this evening, and Gail suggests they send their secretary to buy something. Paul, however, exclaims that they can't send Kevin to get a woman's present; *she* should duck out and get it.
No. 26
Helen is preparing a salad for Beverly's birthday meal when Katie comes in with Rupert. Helen stares at the two of them and tells Katie that she knows Rupert isn't supposed to be in the house. She then asks Katie if she'll be all right on her own for twenty minutes while *she* goes down to the shops. Katie asks if Rupert can keep her company. Helen sighs that he can only stay indoors while she's away. Katie puts Rupert down on the kitchen counter while she goes to get her book. Rupert immediately starts tucking into the lettuce in the salad Helen has been working on...
No. 26
A short time later, Katie emerges from her room to find Rupert still chomping at the lettuce. She exclaims in horror:
KATIE: Oh no... Gran'll *kill* us. How could you do such a thing, Rupert? I ought to spank you and put you to bed without any supper - but it looks like you've already had it...
Henry comes in through the back door suddenly and notices Rupert busy eating. He asks Katie if she's in a bit of trouble. She sighs that she will be when Helen gets back. Henry asks her to tell Jim that he'll mow his lawns on the weekend. He then tells Katie that it's just a salad. Katie, however, explains that Helen said it was a very *expensive* salad. Henry suggests to her that she get a pair of scissors and cut off all the nibbled bits. Katie hands him Rupert and asks him to put him back outside. She then picks up a pair of scissors.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Kevin is showing Paul and Gail how to do a mail-merge on the office computer. When he's finished, he announces that he'll head out and post the letters. Left alone with Gail, Paul says:
PAUL: Do you know, there was not one typing error in those letters he gave me to sign? And the idea of using the computer as a word processor is just brilliant!
GAIL: I take it you no longer have any qualms about having a male secretary?
PAUL: No. Just the opposite - and now that I know he's a qualified real estate valuer, he's gonna be a great asset to the business.
GAIL: And what happens when Jane comes back?
PAUL: We'll deal with that later. Gail, I think we should give serious consideration over the weekend to giving Kevin a permanent position, hm?
Changing the subject, Paul then announces that he's got to duck down to the factory and check out a few things for Mr. Udugawa. He tells Gail that he'll meet her at Beverly's meal.
No. 24
Henry arrives home to find Bronwyn on her own. She asks him what he did with the bracelet, as she wanted to show it to his mother again. Henry, however, tells her that he pawned it: he got $150 for it and that, plus his wage from the Waterhole, gave him enough money to renew his rego! Bronwyn points out in horror that he agreed they'd put an advert in the Erinsborough 'Lost and Found' column. Henry assures her:
HENRY: Calm down, I *did* - but the paper won't be out 'til Monday; by then, I'll have earned enough money with my busking and gardening to redeem the bracelet! Now how's *that* for a bit of high-powered business thinking?!
BRONWYN (warily): All right, I suppose - as long as you can get it back before anyone claims it.
No. 26
Katie, Beverly, Jim and Helen are all sat at the kitchen table, dressed up in their finery. Beverly remarks to Helen that she did a good job with the salad: even the lettuce leaves look like they've been cut into shape! Katie changes the subject quickly and asks Beverly if she's had a happy birthday. Beverly smiles that she has - and she got lots of lovely presents. Jim asks:
JIM: Where's your bracelet? You have to put it on to show Paul and Gail-
Helen interrupts quickly and asks Jim to take a plate of food into Nick, who's studying. When he's gone, Beverly sighs that she's going to have to tell him; she just didn't want to spoil the party if she could help it. Helen tells Katie to eat some salad. Katie looks distinctly wary! The 'phone rings and Beverly goes to answer it. The caller is Hilary, who asks if Sharon is there. Beverly explains that she isn't, but she'll take a message. She listens and then hangs up and goes and sits back down as Jim emerges from Nick's room and rejoins them. Helen asks her what the message was.
BEVERLY: That she'll be home tomorrow and she wants Sharon to make up the spare room. She's bringing someone called Matthew back with her.
HELEN (looking puzzled): Matthew *who*?
BEVERLY (shrugs): She wouldn't say. She was very mysterious and a little embarrassed.
JIM (laughs): Don't tell me Hilary's found herself a boyfriend?!!!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Gail is still in the office. Kevin comes in and asks her if there's anything else she wants him to do. Gail tells him there are just a few memos to type. She also thanks him for staying back. As she then goes to the filing cabinet to put some files away, she remarks to Kevin that he really does his job well.
KEVIN: You find that surprising?
GAIL: Well... no.
Kevin takes a couple of steps towards Gail and adds:
KEVIN: Or is that you just, um, can't handle the fact that I'm a man?
He then leans in kisses Gail on the lips. Gail pushes him away, looking horrified.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Kevin Harvey in Neighbours Episode 0965
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Kevin Harvey

Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers, Sonia (1989), Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers, Sonia (1989), Beverly Robinson

Paul Robinson, Kevin Harvey in Neighbours Episode 0965
Paul Robinson, Kevin Harvey

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0965
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

 in Neighbours Episode 0965

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0965
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Gail Robinson, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0965
Gail Robinson, Bronwyn Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Katie Landers, Rupert in Neighbours Episode 0965
Katie Landers, Rupert

Rupert, Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0965
Rupert, Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay

Kevin Harvey, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Kevin Harvey, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0965
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Kevin Harvey, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Kevin Harvey, Gail Robinson

Kevin Harvey, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0965
Kevin Harvey, Gail Robinson

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