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Neighbours Episode 0958 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0958
Australian airdate: 10/05/89
UK airdate: 17/07/90
UK Gold: 03/07/96
Writer: Malcolm Frawley
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Poppy Skouros: Lenita Vangellis
Stavros Papadopoulos: George Zogopoulos
Liz Anderson: Myrtle Woods
Ron (Barman): David Le Page
Summary/Images by: Graham
Scott is sitting up on the floor, clutching his jaw and mumbling to Poppy that at least she knows how Stavros feels about her. Poppy murmurs that she's sorry. She helps Scott to his feet as he asks what she asks what she's apologising for. Poppy tells him that she's never seen Stavros *hit* anyone before. Bronwyn goes to get some ice. Poppy helps Scott to a seat and he sighs:
SCOTT: A month ago, my life was so simple.
POPPY: I didn't mean *any* of this to happen, Scott.
SCOTT: Yeah, I know. Where do you think he'll go now?
POPPY: Stavros? Probably drive around for a while; try and cool down. He won't want to see *me* again, that's for sure.
Bronwyn returns with some ice, which Scott places against his jaw. Poppy sighs that her father was really looking forward to having Stavros as a son-in-law. Scott just points out that Stavros wasn't marrying her *father*. He then sighs and asks:
SCOTT: What do *you* want to do?
POPPY: Get my life back onto an even keel.
SCOTT: With or without Stavros?
POPPY: Without. Trouble is, how do I make dad understand?
Scott murmurs that they'll work something out.
No. 22
Sometime later, Bronwyn is at home, telling Paul and Gail about the fight. Paul listens but then warns that he doesn't want the Waterhole getting a reputation as a blood-house. Gail points out that they're not supposed to talk about work this weekend! Paul assures her that he's just a concerned citizen! He then adds:
PAUL: ...who is taking his wife sailing tomorrow - and I'll show you what *real* relaxation is!
Gail reminds him that she gets seasick, but Paul teases her that she'll have funny ears once she puts the seasick patches on! Gail warns that she won't go if she's going to look stupid or spend half her time heaving over the side. Paul, however, points out that she promised!
GAIL: If I end up with a pain in my stomach-
PAUL: ...then we'll *both* have something to remind us of our 'fabulous' weekend off, won't we?!
Poppy cries at Scott that she thinks she's too frightened to go home. Scott suggests she just tell her folks she's not in *love* with Stavros, but Poppy tells him that there are family values and traditions he doesn't understand. Scott exclaims that it's *her life*.
POPPY: Maybe - but the most important part of my life is my family. I have to consider their happiness.
SCOTT: And they'd be happy for you to marry this jerk?
POPPY: He's *not* a jerk; and yes they *would* be happy: they *like* Stavros - he has good prospects.
SCOTT: That's no reason to *marry* the guy.
POPPY (insists): Yes it is - security is very important to Greeks.
SCOTT (leaning in): More important than love?
POPPY: The belief is that love will follow.
SCOTT: What do *you* believe?
POPPY: That I'll never love Stavros.
SCOTT: Then why did you jump into this engagement?
POPPY: I was hurt. I wanted *you*. But you didn't want *me*.
SCOTT (gently): Poppy, I've already made a commitment - you *know* that.
POPPY (sighs): It doesn't matter: my parents would never have approved of you, anyway.
SCOTT: How come?
POPPY: You're not Greek.
SCOTT: Is it really that important?
POPPY: To my father it is.
SCOTT: What, say, for example, you met some really, really nice, unattached guy?
POPPY: He'd still have to be Greek.
SCOTT: What is wrong with other nationalities?
POPPY: Nothing, as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, that's not the way my parents think.
Scott asks Poppy what she's going to do. Poppy murmurs that she doesn't know.
SCOTT: If you need any help, just yell - I hate to see you hurting.
POPPY: I guess *Stavros* is the one who's *really* hurting...
No. 24
Harold opens the front door of No. 24 to find a young man standing on the step. It's Stavros, who asks if Scott Robinson lives there. Harold nods that he does, but he's not home at the moment. Stavros asks Harold if he's Scott father. Harold explains that he's Scott's stepfather-in-law. He asks Stavros if he can help him. Stavros introduces himself and asks Harold if they can talk. Harold asks Stavros if he should know him. Stavros explains that he's engaged to Poppy Skouros, and having heard this, Harold invites him in.
No. 22
The next morning, Henry, Gail and Paul are eating a breakfast made by Bronwyn, who is clearing up in the kitchen and musing:
BRONWYN: Tonight I'll be sleeping in yet *another* house in Ramsay Street.
GAIL: Yeah, well, you certainly get around!
Paul asks what Harold had to say about Henry and Bronwyn moving in. Henry explains that he wasn't overjoyed, but mum stuck to her guns. Gail stands up and says she's going to go back to bed. Paul, however, tells her that she's going to put on her swimsuit and wind cheater and they're going to the Bay. Gail sighs that she'll get scared.
PAUL (smiles): Not with Captain Bligh at the helm, you won't!
GAIL: Captain Bligh?
PAUL: Yes!
GAIL: Does that mean I'm supposed to mutiny?!
Paul starts chasing Gail upstairs(!), leaving Bronwyn to ask Henry what *they're* going to do today. Henry, however, just asks for more scrambled eggs on toast, much to Bronwyn's obvious annoyance. He goes and sits back down at the kitchen table. As he turns his back on Bronwyn, she picks up an egg and throws it at him, hitting him squarely on the shoulder!
No. 24
Harold is telling Madge that he was very flattered when Reverend Sampson asked him to read the lesson this morning. Scott emerges from his bedroom and Madge remarks to him that he was home very late last night. Scott explains that he was at the Waterhole with Poppy: they had a few things to talk about. Madge mutters:
MADGE: Yeah, I dare say.
HAROLD (warns): Madge...
Scott sits down at the kitchen table and asks if he was *supposed* to be home.
MADGE (coolly): No - we'd *never* try and stop your fun...
There's silence. Scott then comments that he seems to be missing out on something here.
MADGE: That's not the way *we* hear it.
Scott asks indignantly what *that's* supposed to mean: has he done something wrong? Madge retorts that she'd say having an affair is *very* wrong. Scott exclaims in astonishment:
SCOTT: Affair?!
HAROLD (explains): Poppy's fiancé called around last night.
SCOTT (looking astonished): Stavros?
HAROLD: ...and he told us that you were involved with her.
SCOTT (shrugs): Well, I suppose I *am*.
MADGE (aghast): Then it's*true*?
SCOTT: Well hang on a sec: I'm *involved* with her, but I'm not having an *affair*.
MADGE: I see. That's the *next* step, is it?
HAROLD: So you're just good friends?
SCOTT (awkwardly): No... there's more to it than that.
MADGE (sighs): Oh Scott...
SCOTT: Look, mum, I am trying to be open with you. Things... things started to happen between Poppy and me, and that's when I stopped seeing her. I'm a married man.
Harold tells Scott that according to Stavros things aren't that simple. Scott asks Harold who he believes. Madge just suggests to Scott that he tell them the whole story.
No. 22
Henry is tucking into another plate of scrambled eggs on toast, as Bronwyn looks on in annoyance and mutters that when His Lordship has finally finished his breakfast, she'd like to get organised: she's falling behind in her classes and needs to go to Pat's to go over some study notes with her. Henry exclaims that it's Sunday! He adds that they're moving today and he was too tired to do anything last night, so they need to do it all today. Bronwyn gives in and asks where they start.
HENRY: Well, after you do the washing-up - during which time I'll have a shower - I thought you could clean the room while I cart the bedclothes over to mum's; and then, I thought while I make the bed over there, you could maybe run the vacuum cleaner round over *here*!
BRONWYN (aghast): Are you sure you'll be able to manage?
HENRY: Well, if I start having trouble, I'll give you a yell!
Bronwyn mutters at Henry to go and have his shower.
No. 24
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table with Madge and Harold, saying:
SCOTT: Poppy's a lovely person - you know that - and we *did* get pretty close; *too* close, I guess - but that's when I started to back off. Mum, I love Charlene. I wouldn't want anything to come between us.
MADGE: But you do admit you were attracted to her?
SCOTT: Well who *wouldn't* be? Look, even Harold would have to admit you think she's good-looking.
HAROLD (nods): Well, yes, she is an attractive girl, yes.
SCOTT: But I promise you: I did the right thing.
Madge asks about Stavros and Scott explains that apparently he's been hanging around for ages but Poppy's never been interested in him; she only agreed to get engaged because she was on the rebound.
HAROLD: So he's the innocent party?
SCOTT: I think we're *all* innocent - but when he hit me and she took my side, I think that must've really hurt his pride.
Madge tells Scott that she believes everything he's saying - but the whole thing still scares her: temptation is the hardest thing in the world to resist, and she's sorry, but she just feels that Poppy is still a threat to his relationship with Charlene - and that being the case, she thinks it might be much better for all concerned if he never sees the girl again. Scott exclaims in horror that he can't *do* that. Madge asks why not. Scott retorts that Poppy's in really hot water and he promised he'd help her out. Madge demands:
MADGE: What about Charlene?
SCOTT (retorts): Being loyal to Poppy, mum, does not make me disloyal to my wife.
MADGE (tersely): Sorry, Scott, I can't agree. I don't see that there's any middle-of-the-road in this situation, and I'm afraid that if you see Poppy again I'm just going to have to tell Charlene everything.
With that, Madge suggests to Harold that they get to church. Scott sits there looking dumbstruck.
No. 24
Sometime later, Scott is sitting at the kitchen table, typing. Madge tells Harold in the lounge room that she's going to clean the pool. As she passes through the kitchen, Scott leaps up and offers her a hand, but she replies coolly that they've only got one skimmer. She heads out the back and Scott goes and joins Harold and asks him if he's got a minute. He then says:
SCOTT: Madge seems to have painted me into a corner on all this - I mean, Poppy's a really good friend of mine... she's going through a really bad time... I promised that I'd be there if she needed me.
Harold tells Scott that he can see his dilemma, and he sympathises, but Madge is only trying to protect Charlene. Scott insists that he can handle it. Harold just shrugs that Madge doesn't share his optimism. He then suggests to Scott that he should be a little more understanding of the Greek culture: they do things differently. Scott points out that the Skouroses are in Australia now. Harold, however, retorts that Scott wouldn't want to give up being Australian if he lived in *Greece*. Scott sighs that Theo is going to ruin Poppy's life. Harold insists that Theo is just as concerned about Poppy's future as Scott is: all he wants is for her to be happy and secure - but his interpretation of happiness and security don't match up with his daughter's.
SCOTT: That's exactly why she needs *me.*
HAROLD: Yes, well, in Madge's opinion Charlene needs you *more*.
Scott insists that Poppy won't come between him and Charlene. Harold, however, retorts:
HAROLD: I don't like to open up old wounds, Scott, but isn't that what Charlene said about Steve Fisher?
SCOTT (retorts): That was different.
HAROLD: Not in Madge's eyes - and I might remind you that she was just as hard on Charlene over Steve as she is with you over Poppy.
Scott remarks to Harold that he seems to be the only one who isn't emotional about all this. Harold replies that he can feel for them *all*; he's trying to see it from all angles. Scott smiles that it's good to see some objectivity.
HAROLD: Will you do as Madge asks?
SCOTT: I'm not sure. I mean, you've given me some different angles, but I've still got a lot of thinking to do about it.
Ramsay Street
The older Liz Anderson is walking along Ramsay Street, staring at the houses. Bronwyn emerges from No. 22 and calls out to her and asks if she can help her, as she seems a bit lost. Liz replies that she knows where she's going, but she just can't find the house she's looking for. Bronwyn asks her who she's looking for and Liz tells her that it's Henry Ramsay. Bronwyn smiles and introduces herself, explaining that she's Henry's girlfriend. Liz smiles that he *has* got good taste! She then asks if he's around. Bronwyn replies that he isn't, and she asks if she can take a message. Liz holds out a cheque and explains that Henry does her father's lawns - he's in his nineties! She adds:
LIZ: I didn't pay Henry last time, because I was waiting on a new chequebook, but I know Henry's always scratching for a bob, so I thought I'd better bring it over.
Bronwyn takes the cheque as a car roars up into the driveway of No. 22 and Paul and Gail climb out, arguing. Liz also hands Bronwyn a tin of Anzac Biscuits for Henry and adds that she can have some herself. Bronwyn looks at the cheque and smiles:
BRONWYN: Thanks a lot, Mrs.... Mrs. Anderson.
LIZ: Oh, call me Liz: everyone does.
BRONWYN: OK, Liz. [Realisation dawns] Liz? Do you live in Ascot Street?
LIZ: As a matter of fact I do.
Bronwyn says she thinks she knows the place - Henry pointed out it: there was a young girl there, very pretty. Liz smiles that that would be her granddaughter, Elizabeth.
BRONWYN: I suppose *she'd* be called Liz as well?
LIZ: Oh, most of the time, but she doesn't come to see us very often, unfortunately. Pity - I'd like her to meet Henry.
BRONWYN (looking surprised): He's never *met* her?
LIZ: No. She's interested in landscaping, but they never seem to be there at the same time.
Bronwyn stands there looking thoughtful. She tells Liz that it's been a *pleasure* to meet her...
No. 22
Paul is taking off a wet shirt, muttering about his $80 sunglasses. Henry joins them and Gail tells him that Paul was knocked overboard! Henry bursts out laughing! Paul mutters that Gail was learning to tack and lost control of the boom.
HENRY: And it hit you?
PAUL: Yes.
HENRY: On the noggin?!
PAUL: Yes.
HENRY: Classic!
Gail hands Paul a towel as she explains to Henry that she jumped in after Paul and the boat sailed on without them. Henry asks what happened. Paul retorts that they couldn't catch up with it, so they had to swim to shore.
GAIL (rolling her eyes): And all he's done since is complain about losing his sunglasses.
Henry walks off, laughing. Paul tells Gail that next weekend they're *both* working: this relaxation business causes too much stress!
No. 24
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table, typing, when Bronwyn comes in through the front door and sighs:
BRONWYN: Do you ever get the feeling that Henry Ramsay's capacity for mischief is boundless?
Scott murmurs that he *grew up* with the guy. He asks what he's been up to, and Bronwyn explains about Liz Anderson and how it's all been a big joke to get *her* to pay more attention to him. Scott remarks that, judging by the tone of her voice, it's *worked*. Bronwyn mutters that she's been treating him like royalty, waiting on him hand or foot. She goes to walk off, but Scott asks suddenly if Henry knows that she's twigged. Bronwyn replies that he doesn't, yet.
SCOTT: Well, you know something he doesn't, right? So why don't you pay him back?
BRONWYN (taken aback): You mean descend to *his* level? Yeah, just you watch me!
Bronwyn then asks Scott if he's got a fountain pen. Scott offers her a biro, but she tells him that it's got to look really old-fashioned.
SCOTT: You got an idea?
BRONWYN (grins): You bet I have. I'll teach you, Henry Ramsay...!
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Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros in Neighbours Episode 0958
Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0958
Bronwyn Davies

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros in Neighbours Episode 0958
Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros

Stavros Papadopolous, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0958
Stavros Papadopolous, Harold Bishop

Gail Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Gail Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Scott Robinson

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0958
Madge Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0958
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0958
Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop

Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0958
Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop

Liz Anderson, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0958
Liz Anderson, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Henry Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0958
Bronwyn Davies, Scott Robinson

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