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Neighbours Episode 0951 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0951
Australian airdate: 01/05/89
UK airdate: 06/07/90
UK Gold: 24/06/96
Writer: John Upton
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Poppy Skouros: Lenita Vangellis
Summary/Images by: Graham
Poppy telling Scott that she's in love with him.
Back garden of No. 24
Scott hesitates for several seconds before commenting to Poppy that she's serious, isn't she... Poppy asks him how he feels about her; about *them*.
SCOTT: Poppy, I'm a *married man*.
POPPY: You think I don't *know* that? *Dad* reminding me... mum dropping hints every time I walk through the kitchen... Even when I'm by myself, trying to get to sleep at night, I can't stop thinking about you.
Poppy tells Scott that she's been watching him and she knows he feels something for her, too. Scott insists that it's because they've been working closely together. Poppy, however, retorts that he just needs to be honest. She challenges:
POPPY: Tell me I'm wrong.
Scott just stares at her for several seconds. Poppy concludes:
POPPY: I'm *not*, am I?
SCOTT (quietly): No, you're not wrong.
Scott then asks Poppy why she had to spoil everything. Poppy insists that there was nothing she could do to stop it. Scott tells her that he needs time, and he'll call her today or tomorrow.
No. 22
Henry cuts his tongue as he licks an envelope after finishing the accounts! Bronwyn joins him and Henry asks her what she's going to do now she's given Jamie the flick. He adds teasingly:
HENRY: Two-year-old kid and she does *that* to him! Does this woman have a heart?!!!
Bronwyn says she's got to study all day, with a break at midday for lunch with Sharon. She invites Henry to join them, but he declines. Bronwyn asks what he'll do. Henry replies that there's a small job at Liz's place: *she'll* feed him. He adds:
HENRY: If you want me, Liz's 'phone number's in the contact book: it's the one with the red circle round it. Yes... very special customer that Liz...
With that, Henry heads out, leaving Bronwyn looking slightly worried.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul hangs up the 'phone and asks Gail if they can take care of Home James business, as Helen wants to stay at home by the 'phone in case anything breaks. He adds that the police plan to make a move tomorrow - although *he* thinks it's still a hoax.
No. 22
Poppy has turned up, and she apologises to Bronwyn for interrupting. Bronwyn tells her that Sharon's coming over for lunch, and she invites Poppy to join them. Poppy accepts. As Bronwyn starts preparing the food, she comments that she thought Poppy would be working with Scott. Poppy explains that he's typing up some notes. She then adds that it's a shame his wife doesn't have the same interests he has, as *she* could have helped him.
BRONWYN: Oh, she's not into books and stuff. She's a mechanic: pretty good they reckon.
POPPY: Seems a strange combination: a journo and a garage mechanic!
BRONWYN (shrugs): Opposites attract.
Poppy comments that it seems hard on Scott being stuck there while his wife is in Brisbane. Bronwyn admits that it hasn't helped their relationship: it's always been a bit fiery, from what Henry says, and they've already broken up a couple of times - but they always get back together again. Poppy looks down thoughtfully. Bronwyn then says in concern:
BRONWYN: You did follow my advice and keep it friendly...?
POPPY: Yeah, of course - everything's under control...
Sharon suddenly storms in, ranting about school. Poppy realises suddenly that she might have a dancing job on this afternoon, and she heads out. Sharon muses that maybe she should change her deodorant! She then asks Bronwyn what Henry's up to. Bronwyn, however, retorts that she couldn't care less...
Driveway of a house
Henry and Joe are unloading gardening equipment from Bertha. Henry is telling Joe that he needs his help with Operation Green-Eyed Monster.
JOE: Eh?
HENRY: Bronny's giving me a hard time. She forgets how fantastic I am: all those sweet little nothings she used to tell me have vanished on the breeze.
JOE (points out): That's women for you.
HENRY (agrees): That's women for you.
JOE: What are you gonna do about it?
HENRY: Well, there's this woman called Liz, and it's kind of slipped out at home - real casual like! - that Liz thinks I'm quite God-like!
JOE (a glint in his eye): Oh yeah? Best thing since sliced bread, eh?!
HENRY: You got it!
JOE: And Bronny's fallen in love with you all over again?
HENRY: I'll drive her crazy for a while and let her off the hook.
JOE: Did you tell her you'll be here at lunchtime?
HENRY: Yeah. I doubt if she'll 'phone, but she's getting that jealous that she just might.
JOE: Say no more!
HENRY: You know the great thing about Liz?
JOE: What?
HENRY: It's all true: she really *does* think I'm Mr. Wonderful!
JOE: The one who's living here? [He indicates the house] You're having me on!
HENRY: I can't help meself - putty in my hands!
With that, the two of them walk up to the front door of the house and Henry knocks. It's answered by a white-haired, elderly woman who smiles:
LIZ ANDERSON: Henry, you're the only tradesman I know who keeps his word!
Joe looks at the woman in surprise!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Scott sits down opposite Paul in the office, saying hesitantly that this is kind of important: it's about Poppy. He then explains that it's suddenly become a little bit more than a working relationship; nothing's actually happened, but it *could*: she said she loves him, and he thinks *she's* pretty terrific as well. The 'phone rings, but Paul tells him that Gail will get it out in reception. Scott stands up and cries:
SCOTT: Paul, what kind of marriage do I have anyway? Charlene's up in Brisbane... I'm down here...
PAUL: Who you asking: me or yourself?
SCOTT (sighs): Me, I guess.
Paul points out to Scott that it's what he and Charlene decided. Scott cries that he cares about both women too much to want either of them to get hurt. Paul comments that it seems like it's pretty unavoidable. He then asks:
PAUL: What have you got with Charlene? And how do you feel about Poppy?
SCOTT: Exactly - what *have* I got with Charlene? I never even *see* her.
PAUL: And Poppy?
SCOTT: She makes me feel good.
Paul asks if that makes the choice any clearer. Scott retorts that it doesn't; he just knows he's got to make a decision one way or the other. He thanks Paul and then heads out, just as Gail comes in. She tells Paul that that last call was for Jane: it's bad news...
Liz Anderson's garden
Joe and Henry are working when Liz Anderson brings out some lunch for them. After Joe playfully chats her up, by commenting on how young she looks, she tells the men that her granddaughter, Elizabeth, is coming to visit, so she can't stand there gossiping!
No. 22
Henry arrives home sometime later to find the house empty. He spots Bronwyn's bag on the couch and muses to himself:
HENRY: Old Chinese proverb: 'Always grab the fortune cookie while it's hot!'
He then reaches into Bronwyn's bag, takes out her lipstick and smears some on his face to make it look like he's been kissed! He hears Bronwyn coming in from the garden, and he quickly runs over to the front door and pretends to just be arriving home. Bronwyn immediately asks him what that is on his face. Henry asks innocently what's wrong. Bronwyn demands:
BRONWYN: Is that lipstick?
Henry says quickly that it must have been Liz: she's spontaneous and was very pleased with the work he did! Bronwyn suggests that he'd better wipe it off. Henry then asks her what she's going to be doing this evening. Bronwyn replies that she's going to TAFE. Henry says he'll be at a loose end, so he might drop round and see Liz - that's if Bronwyn doesn't mind.
BRONWYN (curtly): Why would I mind?
No. 24
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table, a typewriter in front of him, but he rips up the sheets of paper he's been typing on and stands up, looking worried. He then turns on the tape recorder he's recorded the interviews on and listens to Poppy saying:
POPPY: I *told* you I'd make you famous, Scott. This story's right off the wall!
Scott then turns the machine off again. He heads over to the 'phone and dials a number. When the call is answered, he says:
SCOTT: Hi, babes... Yeah... This might sound pretty silly, but I just wanted to hear your voice.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul and Gail are poring over some papers when Jane comes in. Paul tells her hesitantly:
PAUL: Jane... We've had a 'phone call from John Worthington.
JANE (looking concerned): Is it nan?
GAIL: Mm. She's had another heart attack.
Jane stands there looking worried.
No. 22
Sharon heads into No. 22 after school. Bronwyn asks her if she's been home yet, but Sharon retorts that she hasn't. Bronwyn warns her that Hilary will be worried if she's late. Sharon just mutters that she needs time away from her; Hilary is driving her crazy. Henry arrives home, smiling:
HENRY: On your knees, serfs and women... King Henry's back!
He then tells Bronwyn that, as he was up early this morning, he's going to drown himself in a shower, and he adds:
HENRY: Care to join me?
BRONWYN (coolly): Oh, I'm sure you're capable of drowning *yourself*.
With that, Henry heads upstairs, leaving Sharon to ask Bronwyn what Henry's done to upset her. Bronwyn explains that there's this girl: he's been doing some work for her father, and she thinks this girl might be trying a line on him.
SHARON (looking astonished): Come on... Henry wouldn't play around.
BRONWYN: He's a man!
Sharon insists to Bronwyn that Henry is crazy about her. She adds that Henry could be having her on; trying to make her jealous. Bronwyn admits that she thought of that too. Sharon asks Bronwyn if she knows where this girl lives. Bronwyn, however, retorts that there's no way she's going to speak to her; what if she's wrong? Sharon insists that they're just going to check her out. Bronwyn cries that she doesn't want to make a fool of herself - but she then walks over to Henry's address book and, having found out where Liz Anderson lives, calls up to Henry that she's going out for a while.
No. 32
Joe is staring at a photo of his mother, sighing to Jane:
JOE: I'll miss her, Jane. I know she's a crazy old coot, but I'll really miss her. I'm going to come too to London.
Jane points out to Joe that he *hates* flying. Joe, however, replies that he's got over that; he'll be fine. Jane asks him if he's got a passport. Joe tells her that he can get one quickly on special grounds. Jane says compassionately:
JANE: You really love her, huh?
No. 24
Poppy has turned up at No. 24 and, standing on the step, is telling Scott that she was thinking about work for tomorrow and she could start on an index for him. The two of them head inside, where Poppy starts talking about how she thinks the index could be set out. Scott, however, interrupts and says:
SCOTT: Poppy, you won't be *working* on the index.
Poppy stares at him as he tells then her that they can't see each other anymore.
POPPY: That's crazy.
SCOTT: No, anything *else* would be crazy.
POPPY: Scott, I *love* you. I can't just stop - and neither can you.
SCOTT: I'm sorry, but I have to.
POPPY: We can still be friends; we can still work on the project together. I won't make any more waves. I'm sorry I said what I did.
SCOTT: We *can't*. Look, Poppy, you were right to get it out in the open.
POPPY (pleads): Scott...
Scott doesn't respond, though. Poppy stares at him for several seconds and then turns and leaves. Scott stands there looking worried.
The end of Liz Anderson's driveway
Standing at the end of the driveway outside Liz Anderson's house, Bronwyn asks Sharon if she knows how crazy this is. Sharon points out that they want a squiz at this girl, so they'll knock at the door and tell them that they're doing a survey; they'll ask a couple of questions and then they can be on their way. At that moment, they hear a door slam and they see an elderly woman emerge from the house. She calls out:
LIZ ANDERSON: Where are you, darling? Granddad's waiting for you, Liz.
A stunningly-attractive young blonde woman joins Liz from round the back of the house, walking slowly and seductively to the accompaniment of incidental music in the style of 'The Stripper'! Sharon and Bronwyn stare at her. Bronwyn then turns to her sister and, tears in her eyes, cries:
BRONWYN: I *hate* you, Sharon.
SHARON (looking astonished): *Me*?
BRONWYN: How am I supposed to compete with someone like *her*? I'd've been better off not knowing. If I lose Henry it'll be all *your* fault.
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Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros in Neighbours Episode 0951
Scott Robinson, Poppy Skouros

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0951
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Paul Robinson

Poppy Skouros, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0951
Poppy Skouros, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Liz Anderson, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0951
Henry Ramsay, Liz Anderson, Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel, Liz Anderson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel, Liz Anderson

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0951
Henry Ramsay

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Scott Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0951
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0951
Jane Harris

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0951
Joe Mangel

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Scott Robinson

Elizabeth Anderson in Neighbours Episode 0951
Elizabeth Anderson

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0951
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

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