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Neighbours Episode 0880 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0880
Australian airdate: 20/01/89
UK airdate: 28/03/90
UK Gold: 15/3/96
Writer: ?
Director: ?
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Harold is horrified as the bubbles continue to rise. Des comes in and tries to restrain Harold, but he can't stop him from leaping into the bubbles to look for Madge. Des decides to help him out and dives in after him! Together they claw their way to the back door.
Back of Coffee Shop
Madge is innocently putting out the rubbish when Harold emerges from the kitchen absolutely covered in bubbles! He's relieved to find Madge is OK. The back door opens again and a hand of bubble claws its way out - it's Des who has been crawling on the floor to find more air! He too is completely covered in bubbles! Madge just looks at them.
Harold asks Madge how much detergent she put it - she put about four times as much by mistake. Harold is cross that Joe has provided them with faulty goods and stomps off.
Beverly is fitting Lucy's school dress and being directed by Helen. When Lucy goes to change Helen and Beverly chat about kids growing and Helen wishes she could give Beverly a hand with the dress. She's also worried about her balance but Beverly is confident that it'll right itself in time.
Todd and Katie arrive home from the airport with Jim. Katie hugs Helen and says she's glad that they're all back together again.
Madge is referring to Harold as "Frosty the Snowman" much to Harold's annoyance. He is scratching his limbs while he moans that they may have to replace their entire food stock due to the chemicals in the food. Madge is unmoved and snaps at him to go and have a shower.
Beverly unpacks a jug made by Katie's mother and the whole family chat about Todd and Katie's family. They seem to have enjoyed themselves and things are clearly going better at home.
The Coffee Shop
Des is moping up bubbles in the kitchen when Paul comes in. He too is casually scratching himself. Paul asks Des if he can talk to him about money - he's found out that Derek Morris is going to buy Lassiters and he needs to mortgage his house to raise the funds. Des isn't listening though - he's busy rubbing his back up against the fridge. Then he realises he's covered in little bumps and runs out.
Harold is itching badly. Beverly thinks it must be an allergy to the detergent because it was industrial strength. Des comes in and is itching madly now. Beverly says there's no treatment - they'll just have to wait a few days. But she does write them a prescription for a relief cream. Des and Harold drag Paul off to the chemist. When they've gone Beverly tells Madge mischievously that the cream has a side-effect!
Lucy tells Beverly that she's not looking forward to going back to school. Jim comes in and Lucy asks if she can go back a week later. Then she says she doesn't ever want to go back.
Harold runs in with the cream and Madge reads the instructions while Harold jumps about. When he rubs it on it gives Harold relief but it smells foul.
Jim is demanding to know why Lucy doesn't want to go back to school. Everyone is very concerned but Lucy shouts that they can't make her go back and runs off to her room, slamming the door. Everyone is bemused. Jim decides to ring the Headmaster and ask him.
Des is rubbing on the stinky cream much to Paul's discomfort. It does give him some relief though. Paul braves the smell to ask Des about mortgaging his house to raise the money to buy Lassiters. Des says it shouldn't be a problem, but he'll need Gail's signature. Paul says it's not a problem but Gail has come round to the idea of re-mortgaging. Des is surprised at this as Gail was previously dead against the idea, but he tells Paul to come round and sort out the paperwork.
Paul says he'll need a bit more than 80% - more like 95%. Des is worried Paul is stretching himself, but agrees - he has discretion as bank manager. Paul is very pleased.
Jim is just finishing his conversation with Lucy's headmaster. He calls Lucy in.
Lucy is horrified that Jim has spoken to her headmaster. Apparently Lucy cheated on her year-end assignment. She bites her lip and is silent. Lucy then says she didn't tell them about the situation because she didn't think they'd believe her. Jim manages to calm his temper and Lucy explains. Another girl copied her assignment and handed it in but won't admit it. Unfortunately it looks bad for Lucy because the girl who copied it is intelligent and got into the school on a scholarship.
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0880
Harold Bishop

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