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Neighbours Episode 0841 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0841 (Mrs. Mangel marries John Worthington)
Australian airdate: 24/10/88
UK airdate: 01/02/90
UK Gold: 22/01/96
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Mrs. Mangel developing hiccups shortly before her wedding!
No. 26
Jim is putting on a tie in the lounge room, and he comments to Helen that he wonders if old Worthington has any idea what he's letting himself in for! Helen muses that you can't blame either of them for wanting a bit of companionship. Beverly comes in through the front door at that moment and Helen tells her that she's just in time to get ready for the wedding. Beverly, however, sighs:
BEVERLY: I'm bushed. I think I'll give it a miss.
JIM (looking disappointed): But Mrs. Mangel is expecting us to *be* there.
BEVERLY (mutters): She won't even notice. Jim, *you* go.
With that, she heads to her room. Helen tells Jim that she'll see if she can persuade her. Jim, however, mutters:
JIM: What is the point? She can't even bring herself to say *hello* to me.
Helen suggests that he give her the dress. Jim, though, throws the bag with the dress in it down on the couch and mutters that he's beginning to wonder if it's all worth the effort...
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is holding her breath again, and Joe tells her not to breathe out. She has to eventually, though - and it appears that the hiccups have stopped - but only momentarily! Joe says he's going to get some ice to put down her back! Mrs. Mangel snaps that he'll do no such thing! She then cries:
MRS. MANGEL: Oh Jane, Jane, the wedding... what's going to happen?
Joe tells her that she'll make it; they'll fix her up. Mrs. Mangel asks *how*. Jane says suddenly:
JANE: Hey, when David Bishop was staying here, he got the hiccups and he cured himself.
JANE: He stood on his head!
MRS. MANGEL (aghast): I can't do *that*!
Joe wanders round the room - and suddenly shouts at his mum:
Mrs. Mangel lets out a horrified scream! Jane asks Joe what he did *that* for! Joe says he thought he'd give her a fright. Jane tells him that her nan's got a bad heart. Mrs. Mangel's hiccups begin to increase in frequency. A car horn sounds outside suddenly and Jane says it'll be Mr. Bishop. She heads out to tell him to wait, but as she does so Mrs. Mangel cries:
MRS. MANGEL: It's no use. We'll have to cancel the wedding.
JANE: Nonsense, nan. Now, you just hold your breath again and I'll speak to Mr. Bishop.
Ramsay Street
Harold is giving his car a quick polish outside No. 32 when Jane runs out of the house. He comments to her brightly that it's a perfect day for a wedding: absolutely gorgeous. Jane, however, says:
JANE: I don't think there's going to *be* a wedding...
HAROLD (exclaims): You don't mean John's having second thoughts?
JANE: No, it's nan.
HAROLD: What - she's changed *her* mind?
JANE: She's got the hiccups - great big ones. They won't stop.
Harold chuckles that *that's* not too bad a problem. Jane, however, tells him that he hasn't *heard* them: she won't go to the church until they're gone. Harold, looking thoughtful, says he's got a feeling there's something in his medical encyclopaedia about that sort of thing. Jane asks him if he'd mind checking. He smiles:
HAROLD: Of course. Now, don't you worry - she'll be as right as rain.
With that, Harold heads off to No. 24, just as Paul approaches Jane. He smiles at her:
PAUL: How's it all going?
JANE: A few hiccups!
PAUL: Ah, don't worry - there always are!
He goes on that Gail gives her apologies: she won't be able to make it to the ceremony, but she'll try and get to the reception. Jane tells him that it was really good of him and Gail to let her nan have Lassiter's: it's one less thing to worry about. Paul remarks that things aren't *that* bad, are they? Jane sighs:
JANE: Oh Paul, I don't know who's more frazzled: nan or me!
PAUL: Don't worry - at least she'll be there at the church to say 'I do'.
JANE: Hmm... as long as she can get the words out!
No. 24
Harold is standing in the lounge room, looking at his medical encyclopaedia, as Madge laughs:
MADGE: Hiccups?! Oh, that's poetic justice! Harold, you've made my day!
Harold tells Madge seriously that it's no laughing matter: prolonged hiccups can be very dangerous. Madge just grins:
MADGE: But on her *wedding day*! She probably won't be able to say anything at *all*! What have I done to deserve this?!
HAROLD: You're being a little uncharitable, you know...
MADGE: You just think back to *our* wedding: the old biddy insisted on playing the organ and then what did she do? She deliberately played out of tune.
HAROLD: Oh, it was *not* deliberate.
MADGE (insists): I know what I know.
She then suggests to Harold that he look up *snoring* while he has the encyclopaedia out! Harold, however, mutters that he does wish she would drop that subject: it's been more than adequately dealt with - and besides, they have to devote themselves to Mrs. Mangel's hiccups, otherwise she might have to postpone the wedding, not to mention her overseas honeymoon. Madge realises:
MADGE: You mean she may not go anywhere after all...?
Looking suddenly thoughtful, she heads to the front door without Harold noticing: he's too busy reading about hiccups in his encyclopaedia!
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is sitting on the couch with a brown paper bag over her head! She's still hiccupping. Madge comes in with Jane and grins:
MADGE: Ah, the blushing bride!
She looks at the bag and adds:
MADGE: John insisted on that, did he, before he'd marry you?
MRS. MANGEL (removing the bag): How *dare* you! [Hiccup]
MADGE: I'd put it back, if I were you: it was an improvement!
Jane starts to tell Madge curtly that this is hardly the time-. Madge interrupts her, though, and retorts:
MADGE: She's going overseas tomorrow; I won't have many *more* chances.
MRS. MANGEL (tersely): Mrs. Ramsay, if you've come here to insult me-
MADGE: *Bishop* is the name.
MRS. MANGEL (snaps): Once a Ramsay, *always* a Ramsay.
MADGE: Yes, well, you'll always be a Mangel to me, too. I just came over to see if I could help you with your beauty treatment, but obviously you don't need me - that paper bag suits your complexion perfectly!
Joe warns Madge that she wants to watch it; he's not one to *hit* a lady, but-
Mrs. Mangel interrupts and growls:
MRS. MANGEL: This is no lady. [To Madge] Of all the taunts and jibes that I have endured from you, I would've thought that you'd never be so unfeeling as to... as to badger me on my wedding day.
MADGE: Oh *you* should talk! You're about as sensitive as a blowy at a barbie!
MRS. MANGEL: And you're as vicious as a scorpion.
MADGE: Oh well, come on, come on, how about some *more* insults before you say thank you?
MRS. MANGEL (gasps): *Me*? Thank *you*?
Harold bursts in at that moment, holding his encyclopaedia and beaming that he's found it! Madge, however, tells him to forget about it: she's already taken care of it. Mrs. Mangel demands:
MRS. MANGEL: What do you mean?
MADGE: Haven't you noticed? You haven't hicc'ed or cupped for the last five minutes. I came over here to cure you and it *worked*!
Jane tells her nan that Madge is right. Joe grins at Madge and asks her if she did all that on purpose. Madge smiles that it was her pleasure! Harold beams that that's good news, and he asks Mrs. Mangel what she says. Mrs. Mangel admits reluctantly that she *does* seem better. Jane tells her:
JANE: Now you can go to the church and get married - all thanks to Mrs. Bishop. I think you should thank her.
A look of complete horror crosses Mrs. Mangel's face!
No. 26
Beverly is in the laundry. Helen approaches her and asks if they can sit and talk for a moment. Beverly joins Helen in the kitchen, saying grimly:
BEVERLY: I'll sit. I hope you don't have a lecture for me.
The two women sit down at the kitchen table and Helen says gently:
HELEN: You, er, you know that you can't change the past; you have to let it be.
BEVERLY (asserts): There's nothing wrong in grieving for a lost baby, Helen. We don't *make* our emotions; they *happen*.
HELEN: I understand what you're going through, but I'm concerned for Jim too: you're hardly giving him the time of day.
Beverly stands up and mutters:
BEVERLY: You're intruding, Helen. I'll handle my *own* relationship.
She goes to head through to the lounge room. Helen calls after her:
HELEN: I hope you *will* - oh, and one more intrusion, seeing you didn't give Jim the chance...
She picks up the bag with the dress in it and explains that it's from Jim: it was his idea and he chose it. She adds:
HELEN: Haven't you punished him enough?
BEVERLY (snaps): I asked to be *spared* the lecture.
Tears well- up in her eyes suddenly and she insists more calmly that she's not doing it on purpose. Helen tells her that Jim *needs* her. Beverly replies:
BEVERLY: There's a wall between us.
HELEN: Then break it down. You have a husband who *loves* you.
She holds the dress up against Beverly and pleads:
HELEN: Come to the wedding...
Outside the church
Mike is taking photos of the guests standing outside the church. A few yards away, Des is standing with Paul and Bronwyn, and he glances over at John and comments that the groom looks a bit pale! Paul smiles that that's understandable and he suggests to Des that they tell him a few wedding stories and help him unwind a bit. The three of them head over to where John's standing and Paul comments to him that it's a big day, eh? John nods that it's a bit overwhelming! Des tells him to just relax and enjoy himself: the main thing is to have a sense of humour. He goes on:
DES: I've had my share of disaster getting towards the altar. The first two girls I proposed to, we didn't even get to set a date.
JOHN (exclaims): Two girls at *once*?!
DES: Are you kidding?! After them, and before Daphne, I was engaged to this girl called Lorraine, but the night before, she chickened out.
JOHN: Good heavens!
Paul reminds Des about Joan. Des says:
DES: Oh yeah, Joan! After Lorraine, and before Daph, yeah... *she* gave me *two* days' notice!
JOHN: Well, *third* time lucky, I hope.
DES: No, no. Fourth. First time, *I* made it to the altar but Daph didn't!
Paul stands there smirking! John just says in concern the he hopes Nell doesn't keep *him* standing. Bronwyn assures him that of course she won't. Reverend Sampson joins them and John asks him if there's any sign of a car yet. The Reverend just pats him on the shoulder and tells him:
REVEREND SAMPSON: Oh, have no fears. If I know Mrs. Mangel, nothing short of Armageddon will stop her!
With that, he, John and Bronwyn head inside the church. Mike joins Paul and Des and tells them that he'll take a quick shot. They stand and put on an amusing pose!
No. 26
Helen is sitting with Madge, asking where Jim is, as they'll be late if he's not home soon. The front door opens at that moment and Jim comes in. Helen tells him that they were starting to worry, and he explains that he just had to cool down a little. He asks if they're all ready. Madge and Helen stand up, Madge smiling:
MADGE: Yes - let's go and enjoy ourselves!
Beverly emerges from the bedroom area, wearing the dress Jim bought her, and says:
BEVERLY: I'm ready too.
Jim, looking relieved, smiles that she looks lovely. Beverly tells him sincerely that she couldn't have chosen better herself. She thanks him and he tells her:
JIM: That's all right. The hardest part was *giving* it to you.
BEVERLY (murmurs): Sorry.
JIM: Hey, hey. I'm just pleased you're coming with me.
Madge and Helen look at each other in relief and the four of them head out.
Ramsay Street
Harold is giving his car a final polish when Jane, Mrs. Mangel and Joe emerge from No.32. Harold tells Mrs. Mangel warmly that she looks stunning. Mrs. Mangel smiles gratefully. Harold opens the back door of his car - and Bouncer suddenly comes bounding up and leaps in! Joe tells him to get out, but Mrs. Mangel smiles that he wants to come *with* them. Joe retorts that that's too bad. He starts ordering Bouncer out, but Bouncer doesn't respond. It takes Mrs. Mangel to coax him out - just in time to stop Harold from sneezing! Mrs. Mangel starts making a fuss of Bouncer, but Jane tells her nan that they've got to get her to the church. Everyone climbs into the car. Mrs. Mangel looks out the window at Bouncer lying looking forlorn on the pavement. Harold starts the car and begins driving down the street - but after a few seconds, the car stops, the back door opens and Mrs. Mangel calls out:
MRS. MANGEL: Come on, Bouncer. Come on!
Bouncer runs and leaps into the car! Harold begins sneezing as he drives off down the road!
Outside the church
The car pulls up outside the church and Des and Mike open the door for Mrs. Mangel. Mike looks at Bouncer in surprise and asks what *he's* doing there. Mrs. Mangel explains that he *wanted* to come. Des tells Mrs. Mangel that she looks lovely. Mike says he'd like to take a family shot. Jane, Mrs. Mangel and Joe line up - and Bouncer joins them! Mike takes several shots of them. Joe then smiles:
JOE: Geez, I'm proud of you, mum.
JANE (warmly): Yeah, I'm proud of you too, nan.
Mike takes one more photo and then everyone heads towards the church. Mrs. Mangel crouches down to Bouncer and tells him that she's sorry, but he has to stay outside.
Inside the church
John is standing with Charles, his best man, at the front of the church. Mrs. Mangel, Jane and Joe come into the church at the back and the organist starts playing the Wedding March. Madge looks at Harold pointedly and uses her hands to make out that *she's* playing the keyboard, in an allusion to Mrs. Mangel's mangling the tune at *their* wedding! John smiles at Charles, who gives him a wink. Joe escorts Mrs. Mangel down the aisle, with Jane in front of them. When they reach the altar, Mrs. Mangel hands Jane her posy of flowers. Joe takes a pew next to Des and Paul, causing them to have to budge up! The ceremony begins.
A few minutes later, John is saying to Mrs. Mangel:
JOHN: With this ring, I thee wed.
REVEREND SAMPSON: To be my wife from this day forth.
JOHN: To be my wife from this day forth.
REVEREND SAMPSON: I now pronounce you, John, and you, Eleanor, man and wife. May love and trust be with you all of your days.
Beverly and Jim look at each other. Reverend Sampson tells John
REVEREND SAMPSON: You may now kiss the bride.
John and Mrs. Worthington kiss and Madge comments to Harold in relief:
MADGE: Amen!
Sometime later, the reception is underway. Jim and Beverly are standing with the happy couple and Beverly smiles:
BEVERLY: Congratulations, Mrs. Worthington!
MRS. WORTHINGTON: Oh goodness. I shall have to get used to my new name won't I! But you know something? Nothing could make me happier than to be Mrs. John Worthington.
JOHN (warmly): Oh, *I'm* the lucky one.
Across the room, Harold comments to Reverend Sampson that it was a lovely service. The Reverend thanks him and then tells him that he has a message for him from the a cappella group: they would like him to re- audition. Harold thanks him, happily. Des is standing holding Jamie, who's fidgeting a bit. Beverly walks over and offers to take him off Des's hands, saying they'll go outside for a walk. Des thanks her and hands over his son. Jim watches Beverly as she walks out. Jane joins Des and Paul and Des asks her how she is. She smiles in relief:
JANE: Good, now that it's all over!
Des tells her that she looks really beautiful. Jane thanks him. Mrs. Worthington walks over and says to Des:
MRS. WORTHINGTON: Oh, Mr. Clarke, I had a telephone call this morning, from your mother, in England.
DES: Is that right? What did she say?
MRS. WORTHINGTON: Well, actually, she even hinted that if we were going to extend our honeymoon in England, *I* might be attending *her* wedding!
DES: Is that right?! From her letters, I knew she was pretty keen on some bloke over there.
Across the room, Madge is standing with Helen and she muses:
MADGE: Well, she's done it. Like the mountie, she got her man.
HELEN: Hmm... Goodbye, Mrs. Mangel, hello, Mrs. Worthington.
MADGE: Hmm... What a shame.
HELEN: What - your old feud?
MADGE (grins): Hmm... Maybe just one last time...!
Madge walks towards where Mrs. Worthington is standing with John and Paul. She offers John her congratulations and tells him that she'd like to wish him all the best. John thanks her. Madge then turns to Mrs. Worthington and says:
MADGE: And, um, I'd like to wish you all the best too. We're old sparring partners and I've enjoyed our little bouts - but I'd like you to accept my best wishes for the future.
MRS. WORTHINGTON (sincerely): Thank you.
MADGE: I'm really going to miss you... Mrs. Mangel!
With that, she walks off, leaving Mrs. Worthington to snap at John:
MRS. WORTHINGTON: Did you hear that Ramsay woman? She called me 'Mangel'!
Paul says quickly that he thinks it was just a slip of the tongue! Madge rejoins Helen, but noticing a grim expression on her face asks what's up. Helen explains that it's Beverly and Jim. Madge comments that they went outside together, didn't they? Helen, however, replies:
HELEN: No. That's the trouble: they went out separately.
MADGE: Oh, don't worry - they'll find each other.
HELEN (warily): If they *look*...
Outside Lassiter's
Beverly is sitting cuddling Jamie. She has tears in her eyes, and she doesn't notice Jim standing behind her as she sobs:
BEVERLY: Oh Jamie... I wanted a baby of my own. So *much*...
Jim walks towards her and puts his hands gently on her shoulders. He kneels down and kisses her. She kisses him back.
Harold is making a speech to the guests at the reception, saying:
HAROLD: May I add that Mrs. Worthington's steadying influence will be sorely missed in our neighbourhood during her honeymoon in Britain - especially, I suspect, by the young people, to whom she's always given her advice so freely. As she, herself, has often said: you can't put an old head on young shoulders. Mind you, if you had a set of young shoulders, I don't know why you'd want anyone to bung an old head on it, eh?!
There's a ripple of laughter. Harold then continues:
HAROLD: That, of course, brings me to my next point, which is of course...
He starts looking through a set of cards he's holding, and he asks everyone to bear with him, as he appears to have lost his place! Jim and Beverly have come back inside and Jim asks Madge if her husband's boring her to death! Madge replies grimly that he's more *snoring* her to death! Beverly says she thinks she might just have the solution: hypnosis. She adds that she'll pop over later and explain. Madge exclaims:
MADGE: Beverly, if you can help me, I will speak to the Reverend Sampson about giving you a sainthood!
Harold finds his place in his cards and declares:
HAROLD: And I'd like to thank you all very much for coming!
That concludes his speech! Joe then takes Harold's place and addresses the gathering:
JOE: Look, I feel like a bit of a dill, but, um, I'd just like to take this opportunity to, well, welcome Johno into the family and just say how pleased I am that mum's married such a nice bloke. God knows mum deserves a *bit* of happiness in her life after the rotten trot she's had, because you've probably heard - being the sort of neighbourhood that it is! - that, er, you know, we haven't spoken to each other for, you know, it'd be donkeys' years, because mum reckoned I held up a service station with a gun and stuff...
Mrs. Worthington looks round at the guests in horror! Joe goes on:
JOE: Anyway, life hasn't been kind to mum, what with me not here, and Amanda, me sister, nicking off to get married when she got pregnant with little Janey. Oh dear! And that's why it's great to see mum smiling here today!
Mrs. Worthington turns to John and asks tersely if Joe *had* to say that about Amanda! Joe continues:
JOE: If I could also mention that Johno and me didn't get on too good when we first met - hard to believe! - but now we're close mates and, um, I'm just glad that, you know, you're going to look after mum and not nick off to Surfers Paradise with some young sheila like *my* dad did.
Mrs. Worthington lets out a wail of horror! Joe starts to say that there are some stories he could tell about his dad... but John approaches him and whispers in his ear. Joe then tells the guests that Johno has informed him that the management says they've got to get out of there, as there's another function coming in. He adds:
JOE: There's just one thing I'd like to say: good on ya, mum! Hip hip-
GUESTS: Hooray!
JOE: Hip hip!
GUESTS: Hooray!
JOE: Hip hip!
GUESTS: Hooray!
Mrs. Worthington looks round at everyone and smiles in delight!
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Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0841
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Jane Harris, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jane Harris, Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0841
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Nell Mangel, Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0841
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson, John Worthington, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0841
Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson, John Worthington, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0841
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel, Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel, Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0841

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0841
Mike Young

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Joe Mangel

John Worthington, Charles Spencer in Neighbours Episode 0841
John Worthington, Charles Spencer

Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Charles Spencer, John Worthington, Reverend Sampson, Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0841
Charles Spencer, John Worthington, Reverend Sampson, Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jane Harris

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Reverend Sampson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Reverend Sampson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Harold Bishop

John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Madge Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0841
John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Madge Bishop, Paul Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0841
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jamie Clarke

Harold Bishop, John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
Harold Bishop, John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Joe Mangel, John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0841
Joe Mangel, John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0841
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

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