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Neighbours Episode 0831 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0831
Australian airdate: 10/10/88
UK airdate: 18/01/90
UK Gold: 08/01/96
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Paul Moloney
Guests: John Worthington: Brian James
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beverly telling Jim and Paul that she has to get over to Lassiter's because one of the guests is ill. Paul commenting to Jim that Beverly is one in a million.
Beverly being followed, attacked and punched in the gut by a man who tries to steal her medical bag in the car park at Lassiter's.
No. 26
Helen is ironing in the kitchen as Jim sorts out washing at the table. Helen remarks to him that there are times when she wonders why *anyone* would want to start a family. Jim smiles that it's amazing how much work a couple of kids can make! Helen goes on that it's sad about Paul and Gail; she just hopes Paul isn't worrying. Jim insists that Paul and Gail want this child too much to let anything stand in their way. Helen comments:
HELEN: Something they have in common with your wife!
JIM: You know as well as I do that I'm as pleased as punch that Beverly is pregnant!
Helen points out that it did take him some time to adjust to the idea: his biggest fear was that he was too old to raise another little Robinson. Jim smiles:
JIM: Surprising as it might seem, now that number five's on the way I feel about ten years younger!
HELEN: And Beverly's obviously thriving: she looks wonderful!
As he finds a pair of soccer socks in the washing basket, Jim remarks that he wonders how Todd will take the news. Helen assures him that he'll be as thrilled as Katie: he'll soon see how close this has brought him and Beverly. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Jim gets up and answers it:
JIM: Robinsons' home for wayward children!
His face falls as he listens, though. He then tells the caller that he'll be right there. He hangs up and says to Helen in horror:
JIM: Beverly has just been attacked in Lassiter's car park. She's been taken to hospital.
HELEN (looking worried): Is she badly hurt?
JIM: I don't know yet. I'm going to get over there.
Helen tells Jim that she'll come with him after she's rung Paul and Gail to sit Katie.
No. 32
The lounge room at No. 32 is filled with boxes containing Joe's belongings. Jane carries in another box from outside and comments to Joe that she thinks it's the last one. Joe, however, says he's still missing one dozen tinnies: he can't remember which box he put them in! Jane tells him that the box *she's* carrying is pretty heavy. She puts it down, Joe looks into it and exclaims:
JOE: You little beauty! Still cold, too!
Jane starts to tell him that they should really clean some of the stuff up - but there's a sudden clash of metal out in the hallway, as something is hit and falls over, and Mrs. Mangel and John come in! Joe says he was going to tell them about that, but he didn't want to interrupt their party! Mrs. Mangel glares at the beer Joe's drinking and tells him tersely that *tea* is the strongest beverage she allows in her house. She orders him to take the beer to the kitchen. John, however, says:
JOHN: Now, now, Nell, a man deserves a beer or two after a hard day's work.
Joe hands John a beer, leaving Mrs. Mangel to mutter at him and Joe not to leave any of those silly little ring pull things lying around the furniture. She adds that she wants all the boxes put in Joe's room. Jane, however, has to tell her that it's already up to the ceiling in there. Mrs. Mangel asks what's in them and Joe explains that it's just stuff he's collected over the years; you never know when some of it will come in handy. Mrs. Mangel tells him curtly that she will not have her home turned into a scrap- metal heap: first thing tomorrow morning, she wants it all removed to the tip. Joe retorts:
JOE: Right- o. Right- o - I'm not staying either, because this stuff's important to *me*.
Mrs. Mangel frowns at her son. John tells her that there *are* some useful bits and pieces in there. Mrs. Mangel exclaims that there's simply nowhere to store it. Jane suggests that they put it under the house, but Mrs. Mangel retorts:
MRS. MANGEL: Certainly not - Bouncer likes to sleep in there sometimes.
JOE: Oh, that's that, then: we don't want to cramp the *dog's* style, do we?!
Jane says quickly that she's sure there's enough room for Bouncer *and* Joe's things. With that, she and Joe head out to have a look. Left alone with Mrs. Mangel, John smiles:
JOHN: Come on, Nell, it's a small price to pay for having him home, isn't it?
MRS. MANGEL (tautly): Yes...
No. 26
Gail is sitting on the lounge room floor, leaning against the couch, looking at a magazine. Paul emerges from the bedroom area and sits down on the couch as Gail asks if Katie is OK. Paul nods that a teddy fell out of bed - but she dreamt it fell off a cliff. Gail asks him if Katie was surprised to see *him* there instead of Helen, but Paul replies that he thinks she was so sleepy she didn't really notice. Gail comments:
GAIL: Let's hope she stays that way. I'd rather leave the explaining to *Jim*: she's very fond of her aunt.
PAUL (coolly): No need to rub it in, Gail.
GAIL (sighs): Paul, will you stop feeling so responsible? It wasn't our fault.
PAUL (tersely): It's not as if the attack just came out of the blue, Gail - I mean, we did have reports that somebody was hanging around the car park.
GAIL: Yeah. We put on extra security... we alerted the police... What *else* could we do?
PAUL: I know... I just... I just wished it hadn't been Beverly.
GAIL: Yeah - although she couldn't've been *too* badly hurt: she did manage to get herself to reception.
PAUL: Half unconscious, from what Prue said.
GAIL (moving up to sit next to Paul): Listen - she'll be all right, hm?
PAUL: You know, she was fantastic this afternoon - she really, really cheered me up. After all, I was feeling pretty low after letting *you* down.
GAIL: Hey, I told you: it's not the end of the world.
PAUL: Yeah... I just thought it might ruin any chances we had for the programme, that's all.
GAIL: There'll always be a next time. I really believe that, and I think you should too.
Paul smiles at her and comments that she always looks on the bright side. Gail tells him that it's better than tying yourself up in knots worrying about things.
Erinsborough Hospital
Jim is pacing the corridor at the hospital impatiently, but Helen, who's sitting on a chair opposite Beverly's room, tells him to try and relax: if Beverly was seriously hurt they'd have been told. Jim just retorts that he came straight away - that's what they said - so why the hell can't he see her? At that moment, a nurse emerges from Beverly's room and tells Jim that he can see Beverly now. Jim heads into the room, leaving the nurse to tell Helen that Beverly can only have one visitor tonight: the medication's made her very drowsy.
Beverly is lying with her eyes closed in a bed in her room. Jim kisses her gently on the forehead and tells her softly that they've been so worried. Beverly murmurs:
BEVERLY: All right, Jim? Did they tell you anything?
JIM: Nobody told me *anything*.
BEVERLY (whispers): I'm afraid I've lost the baby.
JIM (sincerely): Oh darling, I'm so sorry.
BEVERLY: He hit me. I fell. That was that.
She turns away from Jim, looking upset. Jim strokes her forehead tenderly.
No. 32
It's the next morning and the 'phone is ringing at No. 32. Jane emerges from her bedroom and answers it. Gail comes on. While Jane is on the 'phone, Mrs. Mangel emerges from her room and heads into the lounge room, where she says to Joe - who's lying back on the couch, looking at the newspaper - curtly that she thought she'd asked him to clean the place up. Joe retorts:
JOE: Don't panic - got all day.
MRS. MANGEL (warns): I won't have you taking sickies.
JOE: I told you yesterday: I'm on strike. All us brickies have gone out in sympathy with the metal- workers.
MRS. MANGEL: Yes, well, I have a day off too - a *rostered* day off - and I don't want you under my feet, so get on with the clearing up.
Joe grins:
JOE: Boyfriend coming over, is he?
MRS. MANGEL: Mr. Worthington *did* say he would call in...
As Joe stands up, Mrs. Mangel asks him if he can't get on with the Coffee Shop renovations. Joe, however, replies that Clarkey has to give him the go- ahead. Mrs. Mangel comments that Des must be losing money hand over fist while the place is closed. She adds:
MRS. MANGEL: Didn't I hear you say that you'd already asked Henry Ramsay to work with you?
JOE: Yeah. Good bloke, Henry.
MRS. MANGEL: Ha! A long- haired layabout. You won't get much joy out of *him*.
The doorbell rings suddenly and Mrs. Mangel exclaims that that must be John now. She snaps at Joe to clean the place up immediately. Jane goes to the door and lets John in. He heads into the lounge room. Joe heads out with a pile of his belongings and Mrs. Mangel, glancing round at what's left of the mess, tells John that her son is still trying to get himself organised. John just smiles:
JOHN: I have eyes only for *you*!
Mrs. Mangel asks Jane if she'd have a few minutes to help Joe with the mess before she goes to work, but Jane explains that she has to go *now*: Gail and Paul are going to be a bit late. Mrs. Mangel remarks coolly that that's most inconsiderate of them at a moment's notice. Jane explains that they were at the hospital last night: Beverly was attacked... John exclaims:
JOHN: Attacked? The poor woman.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, how dreadful - although, I must admit, not entirely unexpected... after the misfortune I saw in her tea- leaves, remember? Is she all right?
JANE: Well, there are no bones broken, but, er-
MRS. MANGEL (looking relieved): Oh, well, that's a blessing. It could've been something a lot more tragic according to my reading.
JANE (bluntly): Apparently, nan, she lost the baby. Is *that* tragic enough for you?
With that, Jane heads out, leaving Mrs. Mangel looking shocked.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul and Gail are in Beverly's hospital room with Jim, and Paul tells Beverly that they're sorry about her losing the baby. He hands her a fruit basket and smiles that maybe it'll help cheer her up and pass the time: she can eat the hours away - literally! Beverly, however, mutters that she's not staying. She then pushes the bedclothes back, adding that Jim was just about to go and see the Matron to organise the release papers. Jim retorts:
JIM: No I was not. I think you should *stay*.
Beverly insists curtly that she's a doctor and knows what is best for her; she'd much rather be getting on with a normal life than taking up a hospital bed when there's nothing wrong with her. Jim gives in and says he'll find Matron. He heads out of the room. When he's gone, Gail indicates to Paul to leave the room too. He takes the hint and goes. Gail then tells Beverly:
GAIL: Paul feels very responsible, you know?
BEVERLY: There's no reason he should.
GAIL: Well... it *did* happen at Lassiter's.
BEVERLY: The police will probably get the guy. They were here last night asking questions. I was able to give them quite a good description.
GAIL: Must have been traumatic - having to relive it so soon af-
BEVERLY (firmly): Gail, you can take off the kid gloves. Having a miscarriage isn't anything to be happy about but I'm not going to go to pieces about it.
GAIL: I know... It's just that I know how bad you must feel, that's all.
BEVERLY: Well, like you, I'm not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself.
GAIL: So long as you're not feeling strong for *Jim's* sake...
BEVERLY: There'll be another chance. Jim knows that.
Gail just looks at her warily.
No. 32
John and Mrs. Mangel are sitting on the couch at No. 32, John saying to an upset- looking Mrs. Mangel:
JOHN: What good would it have done to *alarm* Dr. Marshall?
MRS. MANGEL: They do say forewarned is forearmed. Oh, the poor, poor woman...
The two of them suddenly hear barking and Joe yelling out:
JOE: Mum, mum, call the hound off, will ya?
They see Joe running down the hallway with Bouncer in pursuit! Mrs. Mangel calls to Bouncer and he runs in. Joe follows him and snaps that he went to the 'fridge to get a beer and Bouncer nearly took his arm off! Mrs. Mangel remarks that it seems she's not the *only* one in the house to disagree with strong drink. Joe snaps at Bouncer:
JOE: Things are changing. You're just going to have to get used to it, *Muttley*!
Bouncer starts barking at Joe again, and he quickly edges out of the room! John remarks to Mrs. Mangel that she's certainly got Bouncer well trained. Mrs. Mangel muses:
MRS. MANGEL: It's a pity I can't say the same for my son...
With that, John finishes his tea and says he must be off: he's expecting a 'phone call from his daughter, Caroline, in England. Mrs. Mangel tells him to come back later for cottage pie - his favourite. John smiles that that would be terrific. Mrs. Mangel then thanks him for being so understanding, adding that she'll always feel partly to blame for not warning Dr. Marshall about what she saw in her tea- leaves; it means a lot to her to know that *he* doesn't condemn her. John assures her:
JOHN: No one could ever do *that*, Nell.
MRS. MANGEL: Hmm... There are plenty about who *would* jump at the chance.
With that, John heads out. He bumps into Joe outside the front door and Joe comments to him:
JOE: She's about to explode about all this stuff, isn't she...
John tells Joe that his mother is tickled pink that he's moved back home; she doesn't mean to be so critical - it's just that life hasn't always treated her kindly. Joe retorts that she always gives as good as she gets. John remarks:
JOHN: It's a pity she hasn't got a bit more love and understanding in her life. Your mother's a good woman, Joe - a *damn* good woman.
With that, he walks off, leaving Joe looking thoughtful.
Reception area/Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane is sitting in the coffee area in reception when Paul and Gail arrive. She asks how Beverly is and Paul tells her that she's bearing up pretty well: his dad's just taken her home. He then asks if there are any messages and Jane replies that there's hundreds of them. She hands over some sheets of paper Paul and Gail head through to the office as Jane says she's glad Dr. Marshall is OK. Paul replies that she's a tough lady. Gail, however, closes the office door and says to Paul:
GAIL: She's *not*, you know?
GAIL: Bev. She's not as tough as you think.
PAUL: You keep saying that, Gail, but she's handling it.
GAIL: She is not handling it at *all*; she's shutting it out - and your dad's probably a lot more upset than *he's* letting on.
PAUL: Yeah, well, he was looking forward to being a father all over again, but what can *we* do?
GAIL (sighs): Nothing. Just be here if they need us, that's all.
PAUL: I always thought getting married and having a child was the easiest thing in the world.
GAIL (smiles): Yeah, well, maybe you married the wrong girl, eh?!
PAUL: Ha ha! All I'm saying is there's a lot more to having a child than simply *wanting* one. I mean: who would've thought something would go wrong with dad and Bev?
GAIL: Yeah...
No. 26
Helen is doing some cooking in the kitchen as Jim sits on the counter with the spice rack and asks if any of the herbs act as a sedative. Helen replies that she doesn't think so, and Jim remarks that it's a pity. Helen asks him what he's planning to do. Jim tells her:
JIM: Keep Beverly resting.
HELEN: She seemed quite relaxed when *I* looked in on her.
JIM: Yeah, well, it won't last. She insists she's all right.
HELEN: Jim, I hate to bring this up, but when are you going to break the news to Katie? I mean, she was so excited about that baby.
JIM: Oh please, one problem at a time, huh?
The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Jim answers it. He listens and then snaps:
JIM: Oh great, that's *all* I need. ... Oh, it's just bad timing, George: Beverly's not very well at the moment. ... I understand that. ... All right I'll get back to you. ... This afternoon - I promise.
With that he hangs up and tells Helen that the malpractice suit is scheduled for court the day after tomorrow. Helen groans and tells him to get straight back to George and tell him that his wife is in no state to face a court case. Jim nods that it's certainly not what she needs. He asks Helen not to say anything - Beverly will only worry. Helen assures him that she won't say anything to *anyone*, least of all Beverly. Beverly appears in the kitchen at that moment, though, and says:
BEVERLY: Won't mention what? Well, go on, Helen, what did you mean 'least of all me'?
Helen stares at her in horror and then looks at Jim.
No. 32
John has arrived back at No. 32, where the lounge room is now almost tidy again. He comments to Joe that he's made real progress and Joe explains that his mum threatened to set Bouncer onto him! He then asks John if his daughter 'phoned and John replies:
JOHN: Oh yes, with very good news: she's getting married again.
JOE: Good one! What - are you going to go over for the wedding?
JOHN: I think I might.
Mrs. Mangel emerges from the kitchen and stands in the hallway, listening as John goes on:
JOHN: It's a lovely place, England. My late wife and I toured all over there years ago. We even thought of living there. I've always had a yearning to go back, and now... well, what more excuse do I need?
Mrs. Mangel's face drops as Joe says to John:
JOE: Mum'll miss you.
JOHN: Where is she, by the way?
JOE: Oh, busting over the stove, as usual.
John emerges from the lounge room and finds Mrs. Mangel standing there. She tells him quickly that lunch won't be for half an hour yet. She goes to head back into the kitchen, but John stops her and tells her that he wants to talk to her: it's important. Mrs. Mangel says she'll just give the gravy a stir. John, however, insists that it won't wait: something's happened; something that could affect their entire relationship. He puts his arm round Mrs. Mangel and leads her into the lounge room. The two of them sit down as Mrs. Mangel says uncertainly:
MRS. MANGEL: I don't see why anything need change it. We're happy as we *are*, aren't we?
Joe comes in and hands John a beer. He then sits down and says:
JOE: I'm not butting in or anything, am I?
MRS. MANGEL: No, no, not at all.
John, however, tells him:
JOHN: You *are*, as a matter of fact.
JOE (to Mrs. Mangel): Oh, well, you wouldn't want to know about all that goo running all over the stove!
MRS. MANGEL (exclaims): The gravy!
She gets up to see to it, but John says quickly:
JOHN: *Blast* the gravy. I want to *talk* to you, Nell.
Joe says *he'll* look after the gravy. John tells him that, in the meantime, he and Nell are going out for a walk for some peace and quiet. Mrs. Mangel tells Joe to turn off the stove!
No. 26
Beverly is standing in the kitchen with Jim and Helen, saying that she admits that a day in court to answer a malpractice charge isn't her idea of fun, but putting it off won't make it any easier. Helen points out to her that she's just been through *one* traumatic experience; she should give herself time to heal before she faces *another*. Beverly insists:
BEVERLY: Helen, I'm all right.
HELEN: Physically, yes, but these things take their toll emotionally - not always immediately, but the shock does catch up.
BEVERLY: Helen, I do know about shock, and I assure you: I'm over it.
JIM: Beverly, for crying out loud, you've just had a *miscarriage*.
EVERLY (tersely): Yes, Jim, I *have* just had a miscarriage, but there is nothing I can do except get on with my life. Now, are you going to ring George and tell him I'll be there?
Jim stares at her. Beverly looks at Helen. No one responds. Beverly mutters eventually:
BEVERLY: Fine. I'll do it myself.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Gail is sitting at her desk, staring into space. Paul, sitting at *his* desk, holds out some papers to her, but she doesn't respond. He therefore picks up the 'phone on his desk and dials Gail's extension. She answers it and Paul says:
PAUL: Ground Control to Lieutenant Robinson. We've lost contact! What have you been thinking about for the last fifteen minutes?!
Gail hangs up the 'phone and explains that it's the IVF and how much longer they're going to have to wait. Paul asks her if she's getting cold feet. Gail explains that it's just that what happened to Beverly made her realise that they can't afford not to think about all the options - not if they're serious about having kids. Paul walks over to her and says:
PAUL: Gail, it's not the *same* for us. Look, I know losing that baby must have been tough on dad and Bev, but there'll be a next time for them. *Our* only chance is the IVF programme - you *know* that.
GAIL: And what if that doesn't work?
PAUL (shrugs): Well... guess we learn to live with it, eh?
GAIL: Or we consider something else.
PAUL: Like what?
GAIL: Putting our name down on an adoption list...
PAUL (frowns): Are you serious?
GAIL (nods): Yeah.
A look of uncertainty crosses Paul's face.
John and Mrs. Mangel are walking through a park, John telling Mrs. Mangel that he loves the Australian bush, but a traditional English garden in full bloom... it's a sight *she'd* appreciate. Mrs. Mangel says coolly:
MRS. MANGEL: You'll have to send me some photos while you're over there.
John looks at her and she goes on sharply:
MRS. MANGEL: Oh yes - I heard what you were saying to Joe, and I'd much rather you stopped this shilly- shallying and come straight to the point.
JOHN: Sorry - I was trying to find the right atmosphere!
MRS. MANGEL: I'm a grown woman, not a silly girl with a head full of romantic notions. Naturally, I'm sad to say goodbye to a relationship I've come to hold very dear-
They stop walking and John, looking surprised, says:
JOHN: What do you mean 'say goodbye'?
MRS. MANGEL: Well, I suppose we can write, but things will never be the same; you've indicated as much yourself.
JOHN (smiles): Of *course* they won't be the same. Nell, I'm not saying goodbye; on the contrary - I want you to come to England *with* me - as my *wife*.
Mrs. Mangel looks at John in astonishment. She mouths:
MRS. MANGEL: Your *wife*?
JOHN: Yes. You *will* marry me, Nell - won't you...?
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Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0831
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0831
Helen Daniels

Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0831
Jane Harris

Joe Mangel, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
Joe Mangel, Nell Mangel

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson

John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
John Worthington, Nell Mangel, Bouncer, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0831
Joe Mangel, John Worthington

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0831
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Beverly Robinson

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
Nell Mangel

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0831
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0831
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Nell Mangel, John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0831
Nell Mangel, John Worthington

John Worthington in Neighbours Episode 0831
John Worthington

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0831
Nell Mangel

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