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Neighbours Episode 0823 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0823
Australian airdate: 28/09/88
UK airdate: 08/01/90
UK Gold: 27/12/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
A police officer telling Jim and Helen that Beverly's car has been found by a cliff but that there's no sign of Beverly.
No. 28
Bronwyn opens the front door at No. 28 to find Henry standing on the step. He tells her hesitantly that he wondered how the patient was coping. He glances round the door to Des, who tells Henry that he thought he was a prospective tenant for No. 30: the 'phone's been ringing hot! Henry steps inside and explains that he came to see if Des needed a hand with anything, but Des assures him that he's all right with Mike and Bronwyn around. Henry then tells Bronwyn that he's brought her a present: he brings out his hand from behind his back and beams:
HENRY: Ta da - the latest 'Amazing KangaMan'!
Bronwyn takes the comic excitedly and asks Henry why he didn't tell her there was a new one out! Henry grins that KangaMan always appears without warning! Mike looks at the two of them and asks Bronwyn sullenly if he's lost his helper in revising. He turns to Henry and explains that Bronwyn was supposed to help him study. Henry tells Bronwyn to go ahead; he'll see if he can bludge a cup of tea from Des! Des takes the hint and he and Henry head over to the kitchen area. As they do so, Des asks Mike if he hasn't been overdoing it: why doesn't he take half a day off and go for a spin on his bike? Henry smiles:
HENRY: That's good thinking. I'll tell you what: all work and no play makes for very low grades!
MIKE: You know? You could be right. I might just take a leisurely burn out of town; check out some countryside. How about it, Bronwyn?
MIKE: Yeah. Well, you were saying that you were missing the country, and you deserve it after all the help you've given me.
BRONWYN: But I have to help out with Jamie.
MIKE: Henry can do that. [To Henry] He's not working today, are you?
HENRY (admits): No.
His face drops, though. Bronwyn tells him that she'll have to read the comic later. As she stands up, the doorbell rings. Des goes to get it. Bronwyn says she'll help him. Mike grins snidely at Henry:
MIKE: A couple of hours in the bush, eh? Just what I need...
Car park
Jim and Paul roar up to a car park by the cliffs, in Paul's car, and climb out. Jim dashes over to where Beverly's car is parked and checks the passenger- side door. It's unlocked. He murmurs:
JIM: What the hell did she come *here* for?
He and Paul turn and start walking at speed along a nearby footpath.
No. 26
Helen sits down on the couch with an upset Katie, telling her that Beverly has just gone somewhere to be alone. Katie asks why the policeman came, then. Helen replies:
HELEN: To tell us that they found her car. I mean, she must have left it and gone for a walk.
KATIE (pointedly): Gran, she was out *all night*.
Gail, who's standing with them, assures Katie that Beverly will be all right. Helen adds that she's sure she'll be home soon. Gail then suggests to Katie that she go outside and play. Katie does as she's told and heads out. Gail sits down with Helen, who thanks her and apologises for burdening her. Gail, however, says she thinks the IVF can take a back seat today and Jane will ring if anything comes up at the hotel. She adds:
GAIL: I just can't help thinking that I could've *prevented* all this.
HELEN: You can't blame yourself.
GAIL: I should've kept her there and 'phoned Jim, or-
HELEN: But you had no way of knowing that she'd take off like that. I mean, she's never done anything like this before.
GAIL: I could see what it meant to her, thinking that Jim didn't want the baby.
HELEN (sighs heavily): Yes, well, Jim will put her straight - when she comes home...
Cliff- side
Jim and Paul are walking along a path, but Jim comments that there's no sign of her; he doesn't think Beverly's *been* there. Paul suggests that they could find a 'phone and call home - there might be some news by now. Jim, however, says he wants to look at the beach first. The two of them start heading towards the beach - but all of a sudden, they spot Beverly in the distance. They start running towards her. When they reach her, Jim gives Beverly a tight hug. Beverly, however, just asks flatly how they found her there. Jim explains that the police found her car. Beverly tells him:
BEVERLY: I had some thinking to do.
JIM: I'm just so relieved you're safe...
He hugs Beverly again, but she doesn't look happy.
No. 26
A while later, Beverly is standing in the lounge room at No. 26 giving Katie a hug and asking her why she's not at school! Katie tells her that gran said she could stay home because Beverly disappeared. Helen suggests to Gail, Paul and Katie that they leave Jim and Beverly to have a talk. The four of them head out to have some brunch, leaving Jim to tell Beverly gently that she gave him a scare - and it was all so *pointless*. Beverly turns away and says coolly:
BEVERLY: I overheard what you said to Helen: you don't want the baby. You call that pointless?
JIM: But I *do* want the baby. You don't know how *much*.
BEVERLY: Oh Jim, don't pretend - it just makes it worse. You *never* wanted it.
JIM (insists): I want the baby as much as *you* do. It's ours; it makes it very special.
BEVERLY: I heard what you said to Helen.
JIM: You didn't. If you'd have stayed around, you'd've heard it properly. I told Helen that the news took me by surprise - but that didn't mean I didn't want it.
BEVERLY: You've already *raised* a family.
JIM: I want to start again - with *you*.
BEVERLY (uncertainly): You're not just *saying* that?
JIM: It's the best thing that's ever happened to me; to *us*; the most wonderful thing that *could* happen - and we're going to have the most beautiful baby that ever was.
Looking relieved, Beverly throws her arms around Jim. She kisses him and hugs him tightly.
No. 22
Gail, Paul, Helen and Katie are at No. 22. Sitting on a couch with Paul, Gail comments that she's so glad Beverly's back. Paul says he just hopes his dad makes a good job of convincing her how he really feels. He then stands up and joins Helen on the opposite couch, saying as he does so:
PAUL: Gran, you know, they're not the *only* ones with problems. You see, you could help somebody *else* in the family achieve happiness. How about painting over my portrait?!
HELEN: Certainly not. I happen to like it, even if you don't. If you could just swallow your pride and look at it as a work of art, then you could get to like it yourself.
PAUL (firmly): Sorry, gran. No way.
GAIL: Paul, it's a good portrait.
PAUL: Yeah - so was the Mona Lisa; but for all *we* know, she may have *hated* it. Now, doesn't the subject have *any* rights?
HELEN (smiles): This is the first time my paintings have been compared with Leonardo da Vinci!
PAUL (sighs): Gran, if I don't want the picture displayed, or even preserved, surely that's up to *me*.
GAIL: Helen did it as a present for *me*, if you remember, and I happen to want it.
PAUL: Yeah, well, *I don't*. Look, gran, I've always supported your art in the past - you *know* that - but I thought a portrait was supposed to be a nice, rounded picture of the subject, not a glimpse at just one aspect.
GAIL (mutters): Oh, suddenly we're an art critic.
PAUL: Gail, I may not know art, but I do know what I don't like.
GAIL: Well, *I* think you're being plain unreasonable.
Realising he can't win, Paul mutters that he might go and burn some energy off at work. He heads out. When he's gone, Katie asks Helen if she can have another look at the painting. Gail says she was about to say the same thing; it looked perfectly good to *her* and she can't imagine what there is about it that Paul doesn't like. Helen says it's in the garage, so they won't disturb Jim and Beverly. As they head out, she adds:
HELEN: I wonder what he meant: a 'rounded' picture...
No. 28
Des, Henry, Bronwyn and Mike are standing by the kitchen counter, and Mike tells Bronwyn to come and try on the spare jacket he's got. He leads her off to the bedroom area. Henry stares at them, looking unhappy. The front doorbell rings suddenly and Des goes and opens it, saying to Henry as he does so that it must be Mr. Pike: he sounded a possible. He opens the door to an elderly man with five small dogs on leads! The man tells Des that he's come about No. 30. Des, however, just says warily:
DES: Oh. Um... did you tell me that you had dogs?
MR. PIKE: Aren't they cute little babies?! I was going to leave them behind, but they cried so much I had to bring them with me!
Des tells Mr. Pike that he'll show him around. He turns to Henry and asks him to tell Mike that the spare crash helmet is behind the couch. With that, he heads out. As soon as he's gone, Henry dashes over and picks up the helmet. He's about to find somewhere to hide it, but Mike emerges from his room at that moment and smiles:
MIKE: Ah, there's the other helmet!
Henry has to hand it over. Bronwyn asks him if Des went out, and Henry nods that he had somebody to see next door. Bronwyn then says she thinks Jamie's waking up. Henry assures her he can manage, and he tells her and Mike reluctantly to go out and enjoy themselves.
Garage of No. 26
Helen, Gail and Katie head into the garage of No. 26, Helen sighing:
HELEN: Now, let's see what all this fuss is about.
She removes the sheet covering her painting of Paul and Katie comments that it's good. Gail nods that she agrees: it's an attractive painting and a good likeness. Helen queries:
HELEN: Then what did Paul see that *offended* him so much? He said I should paint 'a rounded portrait of the person, not just a quick glimpse'. I think that's what I've *done*.
Gail shrugs that *she* doesn't know. Katie says *she* likes it. She walks off and heads over to another canvas on the other side of the garage - the one Nick painted. She asks Helen if she did that one too. Helen, however, explains that it's one of Nick's. Katie suggests that maybe Paul would like that one instead - it's pretty funny. Gail goes to have a look and after a few seconds bursts out laughing. Helen stares at it as well and then says to Gail:
HELEN: Are you thinking what I'm thinking...?!
GAIL (grins): He must have seen this one and thought that it was yours!
Helen giggles that it's no wonder he was upset! Katie asks when they're going to tell Paul. Helen smiles that she's a good mind not to. Gail, however, says:
GAIL: We've got to put him out his misery - don't we...?
HELEN: How would you feel if we left it for a few days? Now, the church fête is next Saturday. As you know, I was going to exhibit Paul's portrait - so if we can get him there, he'll realise his mistake. That is if you think his ego can *take* it....
GAIL (grins): Oh, I think it can!
KATIE: Won't he be angry?
GAIL: No, no, Katie, he won't be angry; he'll just feel rather silly - but then if I know Paul, I think he'll probably see the funny side of it!
Helen tells Katie that they trust her to keep it a secret. Katie smiles back that her lips are zipped!
No. 28
Des returns to No. 28, telling Henry as he heads inside that Mr. Pike treated his five dogs like babies: he actually had a tissue to wipe their noses! Henry assures him that he'll find a tenant soon enough. Des grabs a beer and then, looking at the expression on Henry's face, asks if something's the matter. Henry sighs:
HENRY: I thought Mike and Bronny had split up. It looks as if they're back together.
DES: No - they're just friends.
HENRY: That's what *I'm* supposed to be: just a friend. Keep trying to kid myself that's all I want, but it's not true - I really l like her, Des.
Des asks Henry if he's tried *talking* to Bronwyn. Henry, however, murmurs that she's not interested. The two of them go and sit on the couch as Des comments:
DES: Sometimes people don't say what they feel.
HENRY: Yeah... but I'll just end up making a fool of myself.
DES: But you'll go *bananas* not telling her what's on your mind.
HENRY (sighs): It's finding the words. If this was a movie, I'd take her by the hand... walk off into the sunset...
Des remarks to Henry that he's got it bad! He then adds that he should do himself a favour and talk to her. Henry replies hesitantly that he will: as soon as he gets her out of Mike's clutches, he'll tell her exactly how he feels...
No. 22
Paul is back at home, where Gail is telling him tersely that Helen was thoughtful about what he said, so they went to have another look at the portrait - and she realised she was wrong in her opinion of it. Paul declares:
PAUL: About time! Now you can see why I felt insulted by it, hey?
GAIL: Oh no! No, no, you should be *proud*.
PAUL (frowns): What are you on about?
GAIL: Well, I said I thought it was good. Now I've had a proper look, I think it's *brilliant*.
Paul turns away in horror. Gail goes on that it's one of the best things Helen's ever done - it's as if all her experience has come together in the one masterpiece; it's certainly too good to be hidden away; it needs to be exhibited. Paul warns:
PAUL: Gail, there is no way I'm going to let you make that public.
GAIL: Oh, you're a bit late: Helen's going to display it the church fête and I'm right behind her.
PAUL (mutters): I don't *believe* this. Gail, I won't let you do it.
GAIL (shrugs): Well, it's *my* birthday present - and after all the trouble you went to, I reckon I can do what I want with it!
With that, she heads out, leaving Paul looking annoyed!
Overlooking a waterfall
Mike has stopped his bike by a pathway overlooking a waterfall. He and Bronwyn are staring out over the water and Bronwyn comments that it's nice there. Mike smiles that it's nice to have someone to *share* it with. Bronwyn looks at him warily. Mike then asks her how she's coping with living in the house. Bronwyn tells him:
BRONWYN: It's been really good. Like I said, I felt a bit awkward about things when we first split up, but, well, we're friends now.
MIKE: Yeah, of course we are! You know, it's been fantastic these last couple of days - just like when we first got together, hey?
BRONWYN (carefully): Let's not take any more chances...
MIKE: Yeah, I know what you mean - like the first time we didn't really know each other too well, hey? My fault: I think I rushed things too much.
BRONWYN (asserts): I meant I like the way things are *now*.
MIKE (quickly): Yeah, me too. Just spending time together: that's all I want.
BRONWYN: Don't say anymore.
MIKE: Look, Bronny, we messed things up; well, *I* messed things up last time, but-
BRONWYN (insists): Mike, there isn't going to be any 'next time'. I know that's what you're about to suggest: we try again. The answer's no. I've made a decision not to get tied down - I'm gonna stick to it.
MIKE (mutters): Good to see you can be so flexible.
BRONWYN: Don't take it so personally. The same applies to any guy around.
MIKE: So you want to be a solo act, eh? You can't go on like *that* for the rest of your life.
BRONWYN: I could if I wanted to! I'm not saying it's forever; I just don't want to be committed again.
MIKE: You're not making any sense. What if some guy comes along that you really like? Do you miss out because you've made some stupid promise to yourself that you're not going to get involved?
BRONWYN (shrugs): I don't know.
MIKE: You're not going to find that special someone unless you look for him.
BRONWYN: I'm happy just to wait.
MIKE (coldly): Yeah, well, good luck - because the only thing I know about waiting is that it gets pretty damn lonely sometimes.
With that, he walks off, leaving Bronwyn staring out at the water.
No. 28
Des and Henry are sitting on the couch: Des is watching TV and Henry is staring into space, looking glum. Des tells him to grab himself a beer, but Henry says he may have one later - if he doesn't make a goose of himself. Des asks him if he's definitely going to talk to her. Henry replies that, like Des said, it's the only way to go. The front door opens at that moment and Mike and Bronwyn come in. Des asks how the ride was, and they both reply mutedly that it was great. Mike then says he'd better get back to his room and start cramming. Bronwyn sits down on the couch and Des says he's got to go to the toilet! He leaves the room. Before Henry can say anything, Bronwyn picks up the comic and smiles that she hasn't had a chance to read it yet - she can't wait! Henry goes and turns off the TV and asks Bronwyn if they can talk. He sits down next to her and goes on:
HENRY: Listen - I know what you said before, and don't think I'm trying to change your mind or anything, but just in case you didn't mean what you said, I think I need to say something, OK?
BRONWYN (looking puzzled): Um... I think I lost you!
HENRY: Oh! Well, er, what it is is this.
HENRY (clears his throat): We're friends, right? I mean, we like each other, don't we?
BRONWYN: Yeah. Yeah!
The 'phone starts ringing at that moment and Bronwyn goes to get it. Jackie comes on and asks for Mike. Bronwyn calls to Mike, who says he'll call back in a couple of minutes. She relays the message and hangs up. She then sits down again and Henry says:
HENRY: Bronwyn, I'm trying to say that I'd like for us t-
Jamie starts grizzling suddenly and Henry has to break off again as Bronwyn stands up to go and see to him. Des comes out from the bathroom, though, and tells Bronwyn that Jamie will want his dad. Bronwyn sits back down with Henry and smiles as she asks if he wants to try again! Henry smiles back weakly that this isn't coming real easy! He then tells her:
HENRY: What I'm trying to say is... is... that-
He's interrupted again by the doorbell ringing. Des goes to answer it to a young man, who introduces himself as Brian Shaw and says he rang about the house. Des tells him that he'll give him a butcher's. He calls across to Bronwyn that Jamie should be sweet, and he heads out. Henry starts trying to pour his heart out to Bronwyn yet again, but Mike emerges from his room at that moment and say s he might as well give Jackie a ring now. Bronwyn grins at Henry:
BRONWYN: Talk about a madhouse! Do you want to try again or shall we wait and make sure there are no more interruptions?
Henry, however, stands up and murmurs that it doesn't matter. Bronwyn comments that there must have been *something* he wanted to say. Henry just tells her that it wasn't anything important. He adds that he won't hang around - he'll see her later. With that, he heads out. Bronwyn sits on the couch, looking as if she's upset that he didn't say what she *hoped* he'd say.
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Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0823
Henry Ramsay

Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0823
Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0823
Gail Robinson, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0823
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0823
Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Prospective No. 30 Tenant in Neighbours Episode 0823
Des Clarke, Prospective No. 30 Tenant

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Gail Robinson

Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0823
Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0823
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0823
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0823
Bronwyn Davies

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0823
Mike Young

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0823
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Des Clarke, Prospective No. 30 Tenant in Neighbours Episode 0823
Des Clarke, Prospective No. 30 Tenant

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0823
Henry Ramsay

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0823
Bronwyn Davies

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