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Neighbours Episode 0809 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0809
Australian airdate: 08/09/88
UK airdate: 15/12/89
UK Gold: 07/12/95
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beverly discovering from an angry Mrs.Mangel that the Erinsborough News has published an article about her being sued for malpractice.
No. 26
Beverly asks in despair Jim where the newspaper found out. Jim suggests that it was Mrs.Brownley's son, perhaps, but Beverly asks why he would do it; he may believe that she's negligent, but it's still got to be proved. Jim points out that he's grieving; striking out blindly. Beverly cries:
BEVERLY: Now everyone's going to believe I'm guilty before I've even been *tried*.
Jim tells Beverly gently that she's over- reacting; all the article actually says is that legal action is being taken. Beverly cries:
BEVERLY: Mrs.Mangel thinks that I'm a quack.
JIM: Well, I hardly think that Mrs.Mangel is a reliable yardstick of public opinion.
BEVERLY: It doesn't *matter*, Jim: some people are automatically going to think the worst. What am I going to do...?
She breaks down in tears just as the front door opens and Helen and Todd come in, Helen saying brightly that she's sorry they took so long. She then notices Beverly looking upset and she exclaims:
HELEN: Oh no... not *more* bad news?
Jim hands her the newspaper and she looks at the headline. Beverly sighs that she felt guilty enough *before* - and she *still* doesn't think she did anything wrong. Todd tells his aunt that she's the best. Jim assures Beverly that not everyone who reads the article is going to think she's failed. Beverly, however, sobs:
BEVERLY: It's not even a question of 'everyone', Jim. If just one person reads that and thinks that I've failed, then it's done its damage.
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane is working at her desk when Henry comes in. She thanks him for coming and he asks what's happening. Jane tells him that that she needs his help: it's to do with her nan:
JANE: I've talked to her about seeing Uncle Joe and I think I've persuaded her.
HENRY: Yeah?
JANE: They might even go as far as to kiss and make up.
HENRY: Yeah?
JANE: All we have to do is get him onside.
HENRY (warily): What do you mean 'we'?
JANE: Well, you helped me *last* time; I thought-
HENRY: Yeah, but Joe didn't want to *know* about her.
JANE: He still doesn't - but I'm going to appeal to his sense of family.
Henry asks Jane what the plan is. Jane tells him that they ring Joe up and arrange a meeting between him and her nan. Henry chuckles:
HENRY: And where do *I* come in? First aid?!
Jane retorts that she wants moral support. Henry asks if she really thinks she can get them together. Jane replies:
JANE: I don't know - but my own sense of family is feeling a bit undernourished. My mum and dad don't care about me, so nan and Uncle Joe are all I've got.
HENRY: They're all each *other's* got, too. They haven't exactly bashed down doors to make up.
JANE: No. I think it's pride. And nan's regretting it all, I'm sure of that. And I think there's a lot of good in Uncle Joe.
Henry tells Jane that there's a lot of good in *her*. He then picks up the 'phone on her desk and tells her to dial away!
Coffee Shop
Nick and Sharon are practicing some dance moves on the floor of the Coffee Shop, the tables having been pushed to one side! Nick asks Sharon what she'll be wearing, and she beams that she's made an outrageous dress! All of a sudden, she spots her Aunt Edie approaching outside, and she quickly dashes back behind the counter. Nick goes and starts putting chairs up on the tables. Mrs.Chubb comes in, walks up to the counter and asks Sharon curtly where Mr. Bishop is. Sharon replies that he's sick. Mrs.Chubb tells Sharon to show her around, as she wants to make sure she approves! Looking taken aback, Sharon indicates the counter, the tables and chairs and the kitchen! Mrs.Chubb glances into the kitchen and then comments:
MRS.CHUBB: Ah well - at least it's clean and hygienic.
Sharon then tells her aunt that she and Nick have just been practicing for the dance. Mrs.Chubb, however, tells Sharon curtly that there's no way in the world she's going to a dance. Sharon exclaims that it's at school, and everyone will be there. Mrs.Chubb just says:
MRS.CHUBB: No, my dear, you are not going anywhere without a chaperone.
SHARON: The *teachers* do all that.
MRS.CHUBB: Mmm... they seem to do *everything* these days except set a good example to the young... [Turning to look at Nick] ...and there are *some* young people who are desperately in *need* of that example.
She then tells Sharon not to be late for dinner and she heads out. Sharon walks over to Nick and tells him glumly that he'll want to get another partner. Nick, however, tells Sharon to forget the old fossil - they'll come up with something!
Outside the Waterhole
Henry and Jane are sitting at a table outside the Waterhole, Henry trying to assure Jane that things will work out. Jane murmurs that it could be their last chance. Henry spots Joe approaching and Jane stands up to greet him. Henry shakes Joe's hand and Jane suggests that they sit down. As they do so, she tells Joe:
JANE: I'm really glad you came.
JOE (bluntly): Well, don't get carried away. I can nick off just as easy, right?
Henry tells Joe that there's no need to give Jane a hard time - she's only trying to help. Joe hesitates before saying to Jane:
JOE: You told the old girl about the gun?
JANE: That's right - and she feels really guilty about having the wrong idea about you and everything.
JOE (coldly): Good.
JANE: She even wants to start again; make it up to you.
JOE: Too bad - I've given her all the chances *I'm* going to give her.
JANE: She *is* your mother.
JOE (indignantly): Some mother! Doesn't speak to me for twelve years, takes me for some kind of crim, then when I do show up it's on again.
JANE: She really regrets it, though - honestly.
Henry points out to Joe that Mrs.Mangel is getting on: she's wasted all this time and has only got herself to blame; she's been pretty cut- up... cries herself to sleep every night...(!) Joe mutters that that's bull. Henry insists that it's true - he can practically hear her over at *his* place! Jane tells Joe:
JANE: She felt really bad when you left last time; she still *does*. You know, we were looking through an old photo album the other night and they were nearly all photos of *you*.
HENRY (to Joe): Why not give her another chance?
JANE: I'm sure it'll be different this time.
JOE (warily): Different or *better*?
JANE: Different *and* better.
Joe pauses before sighing:
JOE: All right - I'll give her one more go.
JANE (smiling in relief): Thanks, Uncle Joe.
JOE: On one condition.
JANE: What's that?
JOE: She apologises for all the misery she's put me through.
JANE: She will - you take my word for it.
Coffee Shop
Sharon is pacing the floor of the Coffee Shop, complaining to Bronwyn that it's not fair: she and Nick have been practicing and *everything*. Bronwyn just reminds Sharon that she knows what Aunt Edie's like: she should have *expected* something like this. Sharon sighs that she and Nick were getting on really well, too. Henry bursts in suddenly and suggests that they lock up and he'll walk the two of them home. He then notices Sharon's expression and asks:
HENRY: Why the long face?
SHARON (glumly): Aunt Edie. Get this: she won't let me go to the dance without a chaperone.
HENRY: What's she on about?! The place will be crawling with teachers!
SHARON: That's what *I* said.
Henry then suggests that maybe *he* can help. Bronwyn comments that she doesn't think he's quite the kind of chaperone Mrs.Chubb had in mind! Henry, however, replies:
HENRY: Perhaps not - but I reckon *you* would be.
BRONWYN (exclaims): It's a school dance. I'm a *worker*.
HENRY: So am I - in fact, I'll be working at the dance. I'll be DJ, so why don't you be my partner?
Bronwyn says warily that she doesn't know. Sharon, however, beams that it's a fantastic idea. Bronwyn tries to protest, but Sharon tells her excitedly that she'll love her forever, and so Bronwyn gives in and sighs that she guesses it won't kill her!
No. 32
Mrs.Mangel is writing at the desk in the lounge room when Jane arrives home. She walks over to her nan and tells her that she spoke to her Uncle Joe today. Mrs.Mangel murmurs:
JANE: He's very keen to, um, clear the air as well.
MRS.MANGEL: Is he, indeed? With an apology?
JANE: Says he misses you a lot. Blood is thicker than water.
MRS.MANGEL: Yes, but there's been so much-
JANE: Nan, don't end up like Great Aunt Isabel, fighting with your child. You're not *like* that; you *love* Uncle Joe - deep down you *know* you do.
MRS.MANGEL: Well... he *is* my son...
JANE: Then *talk* to him.
MRS.MANGEL: Again? I *couldn't*, Jane; not by myself. It would be far too traumatic.
JANE: You don't have to be by yourself.
MRS.MANGEL: No, you would have to be with me - but where would we meet? I can't have him *here*; there could very well be a repeat of the *last* unpleasantness.
Jane suggests that they meet in Paul's office: Paul and Gail are still away and *she'll* be handy if her nan needs her. Mrs.Mangel sighs:
MRS.MANGEL: Very well - but just remember this is not easy for me; and this time there *must* be an apology.
Jane stands there with a wary expression on her face.
Ramsay Street
Nick kicks a football down the street towards Todd. Bronwyn and Sharon are walking up the road and Sharon starts running towards Nick, telling him that she can go to the dance because Bronwyn's going to be her chaperone! Nick smiles that that's unreal! Todd stands there looking glum and Bronwyn asks him if he's OK. He murmurs that he hasn't got anyone to take to the dance. Nick suggests taking Emma, but Todd replies that they're not like that anymore; they're just friends. Sharon then says to Bronwyn that she wishes she could convince Aunt Edie to let her chaperone her at home as well. Bronwyn asks:
BRONWYN: How do you mean?
SHARON: So she wouldn't stay up *here* forever.
BRONWYN: It's crazy - I thought she'd *love* Narrabri.
SHARON: She *does*.
Nick points out that Aunt Edie loves the two of them more than she loves Narrabri. Sharon exclaims that Mrs.Chubb would *hate* living in the city. She then starts staring at her sister, who says:
BRONWYN: Are *you* thinking what *I'm* thinking?
SHARON: Aunt Edie...
BRONWYN: Loves the country...
SHARON: Hates the city...
BRONWYN: Right! All we have to do is convince *her*!
No. 26
Beverly is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen, thanking the person on the other end and telling them that she doesn't know what this means to her. She hangs up and tells Jim and Helen that that was Muriel Thompson, a patient, who read the article and wanted to give her her vote of confidence. She adds that that's given her such a lift. Helen calls to Nick and Todd to come in for dinner. As they do so, Helen hands Nick a bag. He takes out the contents - a new shirt. He asks what the occasion is and Helen tells him:
HELEN: I thought you might like some new clothes to go into court. It's important to make a good impression.
Nick asks Beverly if *she'll* have to go court too, about Mrs.Brownley. Beverly, however, replies that it's a little too early to tell, but she's keeping her fingers crossed. Nick comments that that story in the paper was pretty rank. Jim queries:
JIM: You read it?
TODD: *Everyone* did.
BEVERLY (warily): What do you mean?
TODD: Well, a couple of kids at school have made cracks.
NICK: They're idiots. I mean, they read something like that and straight off they think you're a crook.
Jim tells Beverly gently not to get upset - she knows how cruel kids can be. Beverly, however, murmurs that it's not the kids she's concerned about; they get their opinions from their *parents*...
No. 32
Bronwyn is sitting on the couch with her Aunt Edie, helping her as she winds up a ball of wool. She says:
BRONWYN: You don't mind, then?
MRS.CHUBB: No. I'm sure you're quite capable of chaperoning your own sister.
Sharon, who's sitting in an armchair, thanks her aunt, happily! Jane comes in and Mrs.Chubb asks her if Mrs.Mangel is all right. Jane nods that she's just a bit tired; a good night's rest might help. She asks if everything with the dance is sorted out and Sharon smiles that it is. Mrs.Chubb says:
MRS.CHUBB: Of course, one can't be too careful in the city, can one?
SHARON: It's not like up home at *all*, is it, Aunt Edie?
MRS.CHUBB: Chalk and cheese, Sharon, chalk and cheese!
SHARON: No wonder you love the country so much: quiet... all that open space...
MRS.CHUBB: Fresh air...
BRONWYN: Birds and the trees...
MRS.CHUBB: None of this business of having to lock your doors every time you go out of the house.
BRONWYN: Or your car.
SHARON: Or your schoolbag.
MRS.CHUBB: Do you know, in the country you can even trust *strangers*; I mean, in the city, you can barely trust your *friends*.
Sharon tells her aunt that she'd never have worried about a chaperone in Narrabri. Mrs.Chubb shrugs that she *knows* everyone. Sharon says:
SHARON: Imagine, Aunt Edie, what it would be like for someone who had lived their whole life in the country having to move down *here* to live.
MRS.CHUBB: Hardly *bears* imagining!
BRONWYN: All the noise...
SHARON: Traffic...
BRONWYN: Pollution...
SHARON: Skateboards...
BRONWYN: Be an absolute nightmare.
SHARON: You'll *hate* it, Aunt Edie.
MRS.CHUBB: I certainly will.
Mrs.Chubb then looks at Sharon more closely and asks her what she's talking about. Sharon tells her aunt not to cut herself off from her roots and move down to the city. Mrs.Chubb says in surprise:
MRS.CHUBB: Move? To the city? Why on earth would I do *that*?
She goes on that nothing was further from her thoughts: she's back off to Narrabri first thing in the morning. Bronwyn exclaims:
BRONWYN: You *are*?
SHARON: For good?
MRS.CHUBB: Of course! It's my home!
With that, she gets up to go and put the kettle on, leaving Bronwyn and Sharon looking astonished!
No. 32
A short time later, Mrs.Chubb is pouring tea as she tells Sharon, Bronwyn and Jane that she never had any *intention* of living in Ramsay Street: No. 30 is an *investment*. Sharon asks her what she's going to do with it, and Mrs.Chubb replies that she'll rent it out; Mr. Clarke will act as her agent. Bronwyn warns her aunt that she has to be very careful with tenants in the city. Mrs.Chubb replies that she's aware of that, but she thinks Mr. Clarke's a very good judge of character. Bronwyn says:
BRONWYN: I think *I* know two people who could be interested.
MRS.CHUBB: Oh yes...?
BRONWYN: Two girls, actually - very mature... tidy... sensible...
MRS.CHUBB (nods knowingly): Sisters...?
BRONWYN (smiles): Yes, as a matter of fact, they are!
Sharon asks her aunt what she says. Mrs.Chubb, however, shakes her head and tells them that she never mixes business and family: it doesn't work - and they're both too young to be as independent as all that. Bronwyn says:
BRONWYN: Don't you *trust* us?
MRS.CHUBB: Oh Bronwyn, it's not a matter of trust; it's a matter of security, and at the moment Mrs.Mangel seems to be providing that.
She then adds:
MRS.CHUBB: I'm going to miss you both very much. I do love you, you know?
BRONWYN (smiles) Yeah, we know!
SHARON: And we love you too - even if it doesn't look like it half the time!
No. 26
The next morning, Beverly walks into the kitchen at No. 26, wearing her dressing gown, and says she's taken a couple of vitamin Cs; now she'll just have to hope for the best. Helen points out that that 'flu's going around: she could have caught it from Paul and Gail. Jim suggests to her that she hop back into bed; take a day off. Beverly murmurs that she'll 'phone the practice and organise her locum to come in. She heads off to the lounge room, leaving Helen to comment to Jim:
HELEN: Unfortunately, Beverly isn't the *only* one who looks ill today. Poor Nick is getting very nervous about going to court - he hardly ate a speck of breakfast this morning.
JIM: Well, they should go fairly easy on him, considering the circumstances.
HELEN: Easy or not, he'll have to be placed into the hands of a responsible adult.
JIM (grins): I wonder who *that* could be!
HELEN: Who else does he *have*?
JIM: Helen, you've been through all that *before*. Kids... grandchildren... It's time you started slowing down.
HELEN (frowns): You mean I'm over the hill?
JIM: Of course not! It's just that you're taking on a huge responsibility.
HELEN: For which life has prepared me very well.
JIM: Granted - but are you sure you can handle it?
HELEN: Oh Jim, I've had a very rewarding life. I'd like to pass on a *little* of my good fortune.
JIM: Fair enough. If you need me, I'll be right behind you.
Beverly comes back in and says flatly that she's postponed her appointments - all three of them: the rest cancelled. Helen exclaims that that's not very fair. Beverly mutters that they didn't cite her competency, or lack of it, but that's clearly the reason. Jim asks her what she can do. Beverly replies:
BEVERLY: There's only one thing *to* do: withdraw from practice until this whole business is sorted out. Hopefully, when I'm cleared, the Erinsborough News will publish *that* story, too.
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane is sitting at her desk, working, as Mrs.Mangel stands over in the coffee area, looking nervous. She straightens one of the paintings on the wall before telling Jane tersely that this is not *easy* for her. She goes on that they say time heals all wounds, but as far as *she's* concerned all it does is leave scars. Jane points out:
JANE: Nan, you and Uncle Joe had a misunderstanding. You both know it was over nothing.
MRS.MANGEL (retorts): He brought a *gun* into our home.
JANE: He was helping a *friend*. It shows you how loyal he can be. Why don't you give him a chance?
MRS.MANGEL: I've *always* been one to give another person a chance - as you well know.
JANE: Yes, nan.
MRS.MANGEL: We'll soon see how serious he is - when it comes time to apologise.
Jane stands up and tells her nan to stop worrying: there is nothing her Uncle Joe wants more than to make up with her. Mrs.Mangel stands there nervously.
Lassiter's Complex
Henry and Joe are walking across the complex, Joe snapping that this is ridiculous: he really doesn't want to talk to that stubborn old bag. Henry replies that Mrs.Mangel really wants to talk to *him*. Joe says:
JOE: She's never apologised to anyone in her *life*.
HENRY: Well, she's changed, OK? She really wants to set the record straight.
JOE (disbelievingly): Yeah. With *her* it's a *cracked* record. Hell... why did I let you two drag me into this?
HENRY: If you think it's such a stupid idea, there's really only one alternative.
Joe stops in his tracks and tells Henry that he's right. He then turns and starts walking back across the bridge. Henry quickly chases after him, though, and tells him that he can't just walk away from this now he's come so far. Joe mutters that if he goes in there, it'll be a total stuff- up. Henry says:
HENRY: You and Mrs M. are all Jane has. Don't you reckon she at least deserves *some* sort of family?
Joe hesitates before sighing:
JOE: All right. All right - but let me tell you: if mum doesn't apologise in the first thirty seconds, I'm outta here.
Henry assures Joe that he's got nothing to worry about. The two of them approach the office building and Henry opens the door.
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane and Mrs.Mangel both stand up as Henry and Joe come in. Henry smiles and asks if anyone's for coffee! There's silence. Mrs.Mangel then stares at Joe and says bluntly:
JOE (retorts): Well *what*?
The two of them stand there, each waiting for the other to make the first move...
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Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0809
Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0809
Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0809
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0809
Edith Chubb

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Joe Mangel

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0809
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0809
Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers

Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0809
Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0809
Beverly Robinson

Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0809
Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Edith Chubb, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0809
Edith Chubb, Sharon Davies

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0809
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0809
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Joe Mangel, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0809
Joe Mangel, Henry Ramsay

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Joe Mangel

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0809
Nell Mangel

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