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Neighbours Episode 0806 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0806
Australian airdate: 05/09/88
UK airdate: 12/12/89
UK Gold: 04/12/95
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Graham
Helen finding Trixie the kitten in Katie's room and Beverly telling Katie that it'll have to go back to Bronwyn. Beverly taking a 'phone call from Margaret Brownley's son to tell her that he's suing her for malpractice.
No. 26
Looking shocked, Beverly explains:
BEVERLY: He accused me of killing his mother and said that I wasn't going to get away with it. He's going to try and get back at me by taking me to court.
Katie asks Beverly in concern if she's going to go to jail for murder. Helen, however, tells her quickly that it's nothing like that, and she suggests that she go and get her coat so that they can take the kitten back. Katie heads off to her room. When she's gone, Jim asks Beverly what the consequences are likely to be if it *does* get to court. Beverly, however, says she doesn't know: she supposes a lot depends on the result of the autopsy. Jim says he thinks they ought to talk to George Reed, a solicitor and friend of his. Helen asks Beverly:
HELEN: Have you ever been through anything like this before?
BEVERLY: No! It's the sort of thing every doctor dreads - you can't help asking yourself how much you were to blame.
JIM: *I* can't see how *anybody* can say you were responsible. You were trying to save the woman's life; even her son ought to realise that.
HELEN (points out): People aren't always rational at times like these.
Katie emerges from her room and asks Beverly if she's OK. Beverly assures her that there's nothing to worry about; it'll all just blow over. Katie smiles and asks if that means she has to take Trixie back! Jim tells her that she *does*; they'll talk about it later, but she has to prove that she can look after the guinea pigs over the next week. Helen tells Katie that Trixie will be missing her brother and sister. Katie retorts:
KATIE: She won't miss them with *me*. I'd play with her all the time.
With that, she and Helen head out, leaving Beverly to sigh at Jim. He tells her gently that they'll get through it.
No. 32
There's a knock on the front door and Bronwyn answers it to Helen and Katie. They step inside. Mike is at the house as well. Helen tells Bronwyn that Katie has some explaining to do. Katie says:
KATIE: I'm sorry, Bronwyn - I took Trixie before, when I went home. I wanted to keep her.
Bronwyn remarks that she hadn't even missed her! Helen explains that Katie may be able to have a kitten next week, but it hasn't been decided yet. Katie takes Trixie off to the laundry, leaving Bronwyn to comment to Helen that she can understand Katie wanting a kitten. Helen smiles that they're very appealing! Bronwyn says:
BRONWYN: *Mike* doesn't think so! Would you believe it? He doesn't like kittens!
Mike explains that he's more of a dog lover! Bronwyn says:
BRONWYN: I love dogs too! In fact, I love *all* animals - then I decided I like kids even better!
Katie rejoins them and murmurs that Trixie *cried* when she left. Helen assures her that the kitten will be fine with the other two. Bronwyn adds that she'll look after her. With that, Helen and Katie head out, leaving Bronwyn to comment to Mike that it's a pity Katie couldn't've had the kitten straight away. Mike remarks:
MIKE: You know, I didn't know you wanted to be a vet. You should've kept on with it.
The two of them head into the lounge room, where Bronwyn mutters that Jackie would've looked down her nose at her. Mike says he doesn't think she was doing that. Bronwyn goes on that she doesn't think *any* of them liked Henry very much. Mike points out that Henry tends to get on people's nerves every now and then, but Bronwyn retorts that she thinks Henry's a nice guy - and it was good of him to lend Mike his house for Mike to have his friends over. Mike says quickly:
MIKE: Now hang on a minute! Whose girlfriend are you anyway? It seems to me you're a bit keen on Henry!
BRONWYN: Henry's a good friend. Your friends could've been a bit nicer to him.
MIKE: Yeah, well, let's not argue about it.
BRONWYN: Mike, we're not arguing, we're discussing!
MIKE: Well, I can think of *better* things to do. Can't you?
BRONWYN: Nothing wrong with talking.
MIKE: Yeah, but this is more fun, don't you think...?
With that, Mike leans forwards and he and Bronwyn start kissing!
No. 22
The next morning, Paul comes downstairs sneezing loudly. Gail is standing by the kitchen table, opening birthday cards, and she remarks that he had an awful night last night. Paul hands her a red case and she exclaims:
GAIL: Another present?!
She opens it to reveal a necklace, and she exclaims that it's beautiful. She hugs him and tells him that it's lovely having a husband who gives her gifts, even if he does toss and turn in bed all night! She then suggests that they should postpone her birthday dinner for a while. Paul, however, insists he'll be all right. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Gail tells Paul that that'll be Beverly: she asked her to come over and have a look at him. Paul insists that he doesn't need a doctor - just as he lets out another loud sneeze!
No. 28
Des is humming cheerfully as he gets ready for work. Mike comments to him that he and Penny had a good time last night, then, and Des nods that it was *very* good: he found out how wrong first impressions could be. He then asks Mike how he went with his visitors. Mike replies:
MIKE: Great. We've got a Psychology exam later this week.
He then asks if it's all right if Brad and Jackie come over this afternoon to study. Des replies that it's fine, as long as Bronwyn doesn't feel it interferes with her looking after Jamie. Mike says he's sure she wouldn't mind. At that moment, Bronwyn comes in, carrying the box of kittens. Mike tells her about Brad and Jackie coming over this arvo, and Bronwyn nods that that's fine. He then asks her curtly what she's brought the kittens over for. Bronwyn explains:
BRONWYN: I have to feed them during the day and I can't leave Jamie while I do it.
MIKE: Couldn't you take Jamie over *with* you? I mean, that'd be easier than setting up camp *here*, wouldn't it?
DES (looking surprised): Won't be a problem, Mike.
MIKE: It's *Jamie* I'm worried about - I mean, cats have got fleas and all *sorts* of things.
Des suggests to Bronwyn that she keep the kittens out of Jamie's reach - more for their sake than his! Bronwyn asks where Jamie *is*, and Des explains that he had a bit of a restless night and is making up for it now. Bronwyn says she'll pop the kittens in the laundry. Des gets ready to head off, but Mike stops him and says he'd like to hear a few more details about last night. Des tells him:
DES: Penny is a lovely person. It's been a long while since I've taken the time to get to know someone new. It can be a very rewarding experience.
As Des walks over to the front door, Mike murmurs:
MIKE: Yes... *very* rewarding...
No. 22
Gail opens the front door at No. 22 and lets Helen in. She asks how the patient is and Gail smiles that he'll live if he does as he's told! She adds that Beverly has ordered him to say home for the day - not that he wants to. Helen comments that she'll be able to do his portrait then - as long as Gail doesn't mind him with red eyes and a wet nose! She then holds out a small gift to Gail and wishes her a happy birthday. Gail remarks in surprise:
GAIL: I thought you were giving me the painting!
HELEN: It isn't ready yet, is it?!
GAIL: You shouldn't have!
Gail opens the gift to reveal some earrings. She thanks Helen and then asks her if she can look after Paul while *she's* at work. She adds that she thinks they should put off that dinner. Paul, however, insists:
PAUL: No, look, I'll rest up; I'll be fine by then. You just go ahead and ask Des and Penelope.
HELEN (queries): Des and Penelope... Are they, er...?
GAIL: They could be, with a bit of encouragement!
Helen comments that it would be marvellous to see Des with a nice girl again - but Penelope seemed a bit severe... Gail, however, insists that she's lovely! Helen remarks:
HELEN: Romance is rearing its head in Ramsay Street once again!
PAUL: Isn't it always?!
With that, he lets out another large sneeze!
No. 28
Bronwyn is making a cake in the kitchen area as Mike stands behind her, nuzzling her neck. He thanks her for making the cake and she explains that she knows *she* always used to get hungry when she studied. Mike then says to her that she *will* try and keep Jamie quiet today, won't she? Bronwyn replies that she'll do what she can, but she's not going to be shushing him *all* the time: he's got a right to play. She adds that she'll be doing some housework around them, too. Mike, looking slightly irritated, says:
MIKE: Do you *have* to? Couldn't you give it a miss for today?
BRONWYN: I won't be vacuuming or anything. I shouldn't disturb anyone.
MIKE: Yeah, but it's just really difficult to try and study when someone's moving around. Can you relax... reading a book or something like that?
BRONWYN: Mike, I *have* got a job to do.
She then asks Mike to check on Jamie, as he's sleeping really late this morning. Mike heads over to Jamie's room - and a few seconds later calls:
MIKE: Bronwyn.
Bronwyn asks in concern if Jamie's OK. Mike replies that he's fine - but he then emerges from Jamie's room, holds up one of the kittens and says it was in Jamie's cot with him. Bronwyn takes the kitten and smiles that she's a little devil! Mike, however, says tersely:
MIKE: Don't you realise how serious this is?
BRONWYN (to the cat): Oh, you're a naughty girl!
MIKE: Cats have been known to *smother* babies before.
BRONWYN: Not a *kitten*.
MIKE: Look, I don't *care*. It shouldn't've been-
BRONWYN: Look, you're getting all het- up over nothing. You said yourself Jamie's fine.
Mike sighs and tells her that she's right: they shouldn't be arguing. Bronwyn, however, points out that a good fight clears the air sometimes. Mike muses:
MIKE: Yeah, well, my mum and dad used to fight so much I'm not too *keen* on arguments.
He then asks Bronwyn to put the kitten down, adding that he'd rather she cuddled him than the cat!
Lassiter's complex
Des emerges from the Coffee Shop to hear Gail calling his name as she emerges from the office. She catches up with him and the two of them start walking across the bridge as she asks him if he and Penny can join her for dinner again tonight, as it's her birthday. Des wishes her a happy birthday, but then says he doesn't think it's such a good idea to go out with a bank employee. Gail comments:
GAIL: I don't see why it should matter. I mean, she's not going to be at your branch permanently, is she?
DES: No...
GAIL: Well, there you are, then: it's not as if you're really her boss. Even if you were, it worked out all right for Paul and me!
DES: Penny and I are just getting to know each other, that's all. It's just... casual.
GAIL: Yeah, course it is! That's how things start, isn't it?
Des sighs and says he'll ask Penny when he gets back to the bank.
No. 28
Mike, Brad and Jackie are deep in study. Bronwyn places the cake she's baked on the table, but no one responds to it. She announces that she'll leave it there and they can eat when they're ready. Brad looks up and thanks her and asks her if she baked it herself. Jackie says:
JACKIE: Course she did - she's quite the little housewife! It's probably an old country recipe.
BRONWYN (indignantly): Actually, it's one I got out a magazine just the other day.
JACKIE: Oh, I *hate* those magazines - you know: the ones that are full of recipes? As though cooking a meal is one of life's greatest achievements!
BRAD: I suppose it *is* for some people.
JACKIE: I'd rather *die* than be one of them!
MIKE: And what are you going to do when you get married? Leave all the cooking up to your poor old husband, eh?!
JACKIE: I intend to make enough money to be able to employ a cook - someone like Bronwyn, who enjoys domesticity. There are still a *few* around.
Bronwyn frowns as she heads back behind the kitchen counter. She then snaps:
BRONWYN: I'm not a total moron, you know? I've studied psychology too - did it as part of my nanny course.
JACKIE: I can imagine what sort of psychology *that* must've been. We're studying *adult* behaviour, not babies'.
BRONWYN (angrily): I still had to study and pass exams. I *can* do more than make a cake.
JACKIE: Well, yeah, I'm sure you can. I'm sorry - I didn't mean to upset you.
Mike suggests to Bronwyn that she make them a fresh pot of coffee. She glares at Jackie before muttering:
BRONWYN: All right.
No. 22
Helen is mixing some paints on a palette as Paul sits on the couch, sneezing several times in succession. She asks him if he can't keep still for a few minutes, but he sighs that he's not really in the mood for this today. Helen accepts that that's fair enough - he's not well; Gail will just have to wait for a week or so. Paul asks if he can have a look at the portrait now, but Helen reminds him that she told him: not until it's finished. Paul comments that it had better be flattering. Helen says:
HELEN: It *was* until today - but, er, I had to put a lot more red into the face, and making the eyes bloodshot was quite a challenge!
She then offers to make some lunch. Paul, however, says he's not hungry; he might just lie down again. Helen asks if she can stay there for a while, as Beverly and Jim are talking to Jim's solicitor and she doesn't want to interrupt. Paul asks if there's some sort of trouble. Helen murmurs:
HELEN: I'm afraid there *is*...
No. 26
Beverly hangs up the 'phone and tells Jim and George Reed that that was the hospital with the autopsy report. Reed asks what the verdict is. Beverly tells him:
BEVERLY: Mrs. Brownley died from an overdose of Aminophylline caused by a combination of Theophyllines she'd been taking orally and the injection that *I* gave her.
REED: But as *I* understand it, the asthma attack was life- threatening anyway.
Beverly sits down and replies that if she'd given Mrs. Brownley a different medication, she may have pulled through. Reed comments that, as he sees it, she took all reasonable care. He asks Beverly if there were any witnesses to her checking Mrs. Brownley's handbag. Beverly replies that there was Jim and Mike, who works at the Coffee Shop. Reed asks if Mike would be willing to testify in court. Jim says he's sure he would. He then asks what happens now. Reed says:
REED: Well, there are several possibilities. It looks like Andrew Brownley is going to hit you with a civil malpractice suit. The Medical Registration Board could also take disciplinary action. A criminal negligence charge is a further possibility, but I doubt that the police would be prepared to act under the circumstances.
JIM: What *about* the malpractice suit? What chance does Beverly have of winning?
REED: Probably a fairly good one - if we can prove that she did what most other doctors would've done in the same situation.
Jim comments that it sounds very positive, and he tells Beverly that she can stop worrying. Beverly, however, retorts:
BEVERLY: It isn't going to be that simple, Jim. Obviously, Mrs. Brownley's son isn't going to give up that easily, and I know what'll happen if the Medical Registration Board think I've been negligent.
Jim scoffs:
JIM: What? What could they do?
BEVERLY (seriously): I could be struck off; never allowed to practice again.
She sighs heavily.
No. 28
Mike, Brad and Jackie are still studying and Jackie sighs:
JACKIE: Thank goodness he's gone back to bed.
Bronwyn emerges from the bedroom and snaps that Jamie slept late this morning; she couldn't put him down any sooner. Jackie then asks Mike if she can have a look at his notes, commenting that Psychology's not her strong point. Bronwyn mutters:
BRONWYN: I don't believe *that*.
She heads over to the kitchen counter and switches the blender on, but Mike turns to her and asks her if she can't leave that 'til later: it's a bit too noisy. Bronwyn retorts that she has to prepare Jamie's food. Mike asks in irritation if she can't wait until they have a break. He then asks if the coffee's ready. Jackie says:
JACKIE: Got any biscuits?
BRONWYN (exclaims): You've already eaten a whole *cake*.
JACKIE: Well, I like to have something to nibble on while I'm studying.
BRONWYN (sarcastically): You could have a baby rusk.
Mike suggests to Bronwyn that she go down to the shop to get some biscuits. Bronwyn retorts that she'll go when Jamie wakes up - she doesn't want to go now, as she's got other things to do. She adds in annoyance:
BRONWYN: You can't still be hungry. I'll get your biscuits later.
With that, she storms off to Jamie's room, leaving Mike to comment to Brad and Jackie that Bronwyn *is* in a touchy mood.
No. 26
Helen exclaims:
HELEN: Struck off? Surely not.
As Jim and Beverly clear away tea things in the lounge room, Jim replies that Reed thought it unlikely. Beverly adds that it *is* a possibility: if the Medical Registration Board considered her negligent, so would a jury in a malpractice suit. As they head through to the kitchen, Jim points out that it may never come to that: George Reed pointed out that once the relatives begin to fully accept the death, they lose the need to punish the doctor. Beverly says she's going to fight things every inch of the way - and she'll have to have a word to Mike: ask him if he'll be prepared to testify, as she'll need all the back- up she can get. Jim puts his arms round her, lovingly.
No. 28
Bronwyn is sitting on the couch as Brad and Mike stand by the kitchen counter, Brad commenting that he gets a real crick in his neck when he studies too long. Bronwyn says:
BRONWYN: They reckon you should stop swotting all together for the last hour or two. You either know the work by then or you don't. Last- minute swotting only tends to confuse you rather than help.
Jackie joins them and exclaims that that's a load of garbage: if she didn't swot right up 'til the last minute, she'd never pass. Mike says he feels the same. Bronwyn insists:
BRONWYN: I'm only saying what the teachers told us.
JACKIE: Well, that might be all right for school, but not for the kind of stuff *we're* trying to cope with at *uni*. Anyway, hows about going for those biscuits now? I can't do any more study without them. I need them to help me concentrate.
Bronwyn stands up and snaps:
BRONWYN: If your stupid biscuits are so important, I *will* go and get them. [To Mike] Listen out for Jamie.
With that, she storms out, leaving Jackie to comment to Brad that she's never met anyone so temperamental.
Driveway of No. 28/Ramsay Street
Bronwyn puts on her cycling helmet and is wheeling her bike up the driveway when Mike emerges from the house, catches her up and asks her what's wrong. Bronwyn retorts that Jackie gets right up her nose. Mike insists:
MIKE: She doesn't *mean* anything.
BRONWYN: And I don't like being treated like a servant. I know I work for Des, but I'm supposed to be looking after Jamie, not you and your uni mates.
With that, she gets on her bike and rides off. Mike runs after her and says:
MIKE: Hey, listen.
BRONWYN (gruffly): What?
MIKE: I didn't think you'd *mind* getting us coffee and things.
BRONWYN: I *didn't* - until I started getting ordered around.
MIKE: No one was doing that. Look, I think you're being a bit over- sensitive - you know: you think that they look down on you because you didn't go to uni... well, they *don't*.
BRONWYN: *Jackie* does. She thinks I'm an idiot.
MIKE: No she doesn't!
BRONWYN: Stop sticking up for her. You're supposed to be my boyfriend - you should be on *my* side.
MIKE: Bronwyn, there are *no sides*.
BRONWYN: Well, then, you should be-
MIKE: Look, you're making a big deal out of nothing. Let's make up again.
He goes to kiss Bronwyn. She pushes him away, though, and retorts:
BRONWYN: You think that's the answer to *everything*, don't you: kiss and make up. You never want to talk anything through properly.
MIKE: What's there to talk about? You got a little bit upset about a couple of things that Jackie said. It's not worth worrying about.
BRONWYN: It is to *me*. You don't understand how I feel. In fact, you don't really know me at *all*.
MIKE: What do you mean?
BRONWYN: How much real talking have we ever done, about how we feel... what we think. Practically none. It was all kissing and stuff, right from the start. Well, it's not enough, Mike. I think it's time we cooled it, don't you?
MIKE (frowns): You mean break up?
BRONWYN: Yeah, that's *exactly* what I mean.
MIKE: Bronwyn...
BRONWYN: Look, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing more to say.
With that, she rides off down the street. She pauses and turns to look back at Mike, saying:
BRONWYN: Please - go and look after Jamie.
Mike stands there, looking upset.
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Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0806
Katie Landers

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0806
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0806
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0806
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0806
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0806
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
Des Clarke, Gail Robinson

Brad Fuller, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Jackie Vidor in Neighbours Episode 0806
Brad Fuller, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Jackie Vidor

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0806
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
Jim Robinson

George Reed, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0806
George Reed, Beverly Robinson

Mike Young, Jackie Vidor, Brad Fuller in Neighbours Episode 0806
Mike Young, Jackie Vidor, Brad Fuller

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0806
Bronwyn Davies

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0806
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0806
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0806
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0806
Mike Young

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