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Neighbours Episode 0799 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0799
Australian airdate: 25/08/88
UK airdate: 01/12/89
UK Gold: 23/11/95
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Outside the Coffee Shop
Madge asks a seated Harold in concern what's wrong with him. Harold sighs that it's this awful headache. Beverly asks Madge how long he's been ill and Madge explains that he's had an awful migraine for almost a week; he's been seeing Beverly's locum. Beverly tells Harold that she'll take him home and check him out. Harold cries that he can't leave the Coffee Shop. Madge, however, spots Henry approaching and tells Harold that he'll take over. Henry joins them and asks what's going on. Madge explains that Harold isn't well and she asks Henry to run the Coffee Shop. Harold murmurs that he feels like such a fool. He climbs unsteadily to his feet.
No. 28
Bronwyn and Mike are pashing on the couch. Bronwyn, however, pulls away and tells Mike that this isn't right: he's supposed to be at a lecture and she should be looking after Jamie. Mike smiles that he thought she *liked* kissing him. Bronwyn replies that she *does* - but she feels awkward about doing it during working hours. She then asks Mike if he wants to help her feed the kittens. Mike comments:
MIKE: You know, you're pretty good with babies and stuff, aren't you. I once had a girlfriend who hated them. Couldn't stand Jamie. We broke up over it.
BRONWYN (astonished): How could anyone not like Jamie? He's adorable!
MIKE: Yeah. Well, so are you!
BRONWYN (smiles): You too!
They kiss again.
Coffee Shop
Scott is in the kitchen with Henry, who's saying he could tell that his mum was really worried; she hasn't been very happy lately, what with Harold and his headaches and missing Lennie. They head out onto the shop floor as Scott says he got a letter from Charlene today: the new house needs work and she starts her new job next week. He sighs that he just wishes *he* could get a job up there; he's asked for some time off work and if they give it to him he'll go up to Brisbane to see what he can find.
No. 26
Jim heads into the laundry to put his coffee- covered jeans into the washing machine. Scott comes in and joins him, saying he heard about Harold from Henry; he was just on his way over there. He then tells his father that he's glad they've got the chance to talk: he's been doing a bit of thinking and it's pretty rough on him and Charlene being separated; maybe he should just throw it all in and move up to Brisbane? Jim tells him that he knows he and Charlene hate being apart from each other, but journalism is the only thing Scott's ever wanted to do with his life; he's got a cadetship which was hard to come by, so does he want to throw it away now? He tells Scott that he should hang on in there until he gets a break in Brisbane. Scott exclaims that that could be months or even years; he couldn't stand to be away from Charlene for that long. Jim says:
JIM: I know it's hard on you, but being up there and out of work wouldn't be easy either. I think you should hang on at the Erinsborough News until you get a cadetship in Brisbane. I mean, you and Charlene are so young, you've got the rest of your lives to live together.
Scott, however, points out that anything could happen; look at Harold. Jim reminds him that he's a lot younger than Harold - and even Harold hardly has one foot in the grave.
No. 24
Beverly is checking Harold's blood pressure and she tells him that it's very high. Harold nods that her locum said he'd probably been suffering from hypertension for some time without knowing about it. Beverly asks him if he has a family history of hypertension. Harold hesitates before replying:
HAROLD: Yes, my father had it... and his father and brother. They both died of strokes.
Looking shocked, Madge exclaims that Harold doesn't drink or smoke and he's a vegetarian. Beverly replies that, even so, a history of hypertension does put him into a high- risk group; he could be a candidate for a stroke too.
Coffee Shop
Henry serves a customer who then walks out, leaving the shop empty apart from Sharon. As the two of them head into the kitchen, Sharon mutters that Ian Quinn - the winner of the ice- cream competition - just ignored her today; she's gone off him. She then goes on that she never worries about the one who's just gone; she always looks forward to the next one. Henry asks if she's got someone in mind. Sharon beams:
SHARON: Sure have: Nick Page. He doesn't know it yet.
Henry points out that he's still pretty down about his grandmother's death. Sharon smiles that she'll cheer him up! She goes on that she knows what it was like when *her* mum died; she wants Nick to see he's got someone to lean on if he needs to. Henry muses:
HENRY: I bet Aunt Edie wouldn't approve!
SHARON: She'd flip! It's been terrific to get away from her nagging me all of the time. She's *never* liked any of my boyfriends; Bronny's either. If Aunt Edie had *her* way, we'd both end up as old maids!
HENRY (laughs): Somehow, I can't see that happening to you two!
SHARON: Me either - especially not now we've got away from *her*. Now we can really enjoy life - *and* boys!
No. 24
Beverly is telling Madge and Harold that worrying about the situation isn't going to help; Harold needs to take things more quietly and watch his diet. Harold exclaims that he's a vegetarian! Beverly tells him that he's also a little overweight - and she knows he's got a sweet tooth, so he does need to make some changes in his diet. She suggests that a holiday would be a good idea if he can manage it. Harold, however, insists that it's out of the question. Jim and Scott come in through the back door at that moment and Jim asks how Harold is. Beverly replies that he'll be fine as long as he follows doctor's orders. Harold reluctantly stands up and heads to his room for a rest. As he goes, Harold apologises to Jim for spilling coffee over him. When he's gone, Madge declares:
MADGE: I'm going to take him away on a holiday. I'm going to 'phone mum and dad and ask if we can visit them for a while.
JIM: It won't be easy to get Harold to agree.
MADGE: I'll make him. He's got to rest. I'm not going to run the risk of losing him *now*.
No. 28
Bronwyn and Mike have both fallen asleep on the couch. Des arrives home to find one of the kittens by the door and he picks it up. Bronwyn and Mike wake and Bronwyn asks in surprise if it's that late. Des comments to Mike that he thought he had classes at uni. Mike says he worked out that he could afford to miss this arvo. Des hands Bronwyn the kitten and goes to check on Jamie. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Mike opens it to Scott, who asks if Bronwyn's there. He dashes in and shows Bronwyn page 3 of the Erinsborough News. Bronwyn looks at it and exclaims that it's terrific! Mike asks what it is and Bronwyn explains that it's Scott's piece about safe toys. Mike takes the paper to have a look. Scott asks Des, who's returned, if he can have a word about Harold: he's pretty crook and Madge wants to take him on a holiday, but he's worried about the Coffee Shop. He asks Des to have a word with him and sort of encourage him to go.
No. 24
Madge helps Harold to the couch, saying she wishes he'd stayed in bed. Harold says he should go to the Coffee Shop and close up. Madge insists that Henry can take care of that. She adds that, whether he likes it or not, he's going to relax. Harold retorts that he can't just stop working. Madge tells him that for a couple of weeks he can; she's phoned her mum and dad and asked if they can visit them for a while. Harold tells her that a holiday isn't a viable proposition now that she's thrown her job in. Madge retorts:
MADGE: Harold, you are clearly not well. You need rest. I don't want you having a stroke on me.
HAROLD: Oh, there's no immediate danger; and I do plan to take things a lot quieter. I just don't see the need to go rushing off on a holiday.
MADGE: We're not going to rush *anywhere*; we'll fly quietly up to Brisbane.
Scott and Des come in through the back door at that moment and Harold starts apologising to Des for what happened this afternoon, assuring him that it won't happen again. Des tells him:
DES: Not for a couple of weeks, at least. You're going on a holiday.
Harold starts to protest. Des, however, tells him that he either takes a holiday or he's fired! Harold looks at him in shock, commenting that it feels like he's being blackmailed. Des assures him that it's for his own good. Scott says suddenly that he might give Sandra Lloyd a ring and see if he can come up *with* them!
No. 28
Bronwyn hangs up the 'phone and tells Mike excitedly that the company that made the drum have agreed to take it off the market now they know there's publicity about it! Des comes in as she and Mike kiss, and he remarks that they're at it again! Mike explains about the drum. Bronwyn chips in that Scott should get the credit - his article did the trick. Sharon beams suddenly that she's realised she knows a real, live journalist! Bronwyn, however, warns her not to get interested in Scott: he's well and truly married. Sharon suggests that there might soon be *more* spunks in the street: it depends on who buys No. 30. Des says that that reminds him: can Bronwyn babysit for a couple of hours in the morning, as he's going to the auction - he'll be bidding for a client. Mike asks if it's someone they know. Des, however, replies that he can't say - but whichever way it goes, it'll be a big surprise...
No. 28
A short time later, Sharon asks Des if he can't give them a clue. Des replies that he can't. Mike suggests that it could be Paul Robinson: he often buys properties for the Daniels Corporation. Des just insists that he can't tell: business ethics and all that. He then says he's going to go to the Robinsons' and see if Jim wants a beer. Sharon says she'll come with him and talk to Nick about her art assignment. Bronwyn grins:
BRONWYN: Any excuse!
When they've gone, she and Mike start kissing again!
No. 26
Beverly realises she hasn't got a dessert for dinner. Jim, however, tells her that they can survive without a dessert for one night! The doorbell suddenly rings and Jim goes and answers it to Des and Sharon. Sharon asks if Nick's at home, but Jim tells her that he's at art class. Sharon accepts this and heads off again. Des heads inside and says he reckons Sharon's got a bit of a crush on Nick! Jim grins that maybe they'd better keep an eye on them; they're both a bit wild; he hates to think what would happen if they teamed up! Des muses:
DES: Sharon's going to have to quieten- down a bit, soon.
BEVERLY: What makes you say that?
DES: Just a feeling I get.
He then invites Jim for a beer and the two of them head out.
No. 24
Madge is tossing a pancake as Scott tells her that Sandra Lloyd said he can call it compassionate leave. He adds that Charlene is going to be over the moon! From the couch, Harold says coolly that he's not sure he approves of the way Scott used his name to get the time off. Madge, however, just tells him that he's going to be treated like an invalid for a couple of weeks. Harold gets up to start packing, but Madge insists that she and Scott can handle all that. The front door opens and Henry comes in. He asks how the big guy is. Harold mutters that he's feeling much better and wishes everyone would stop fussing. Scott walks over to Henry slowly and says solemnly:
SCOTT: Henry, I've, um, I've got some really bad news, mate.
HENRY (looking worried): What... what *sort* of bad news?
SCOTT (grins): We're going to Brisbane! That means you have got the house to yourself for a couple of weeks! A couple of weeks, mate!
HENRY (nonchalantly): Oh, really?
He passes a surprised Scott and heads into the kitchen, only beaming in delight when Scott can't see his face!
No. 28
Mike puts some music on. Sharon is playing with the Jamie and the kittens, but Mike joins Bronwyn in the kitchen and murmurs that it would be much nicer if they were alone. Bronwyn calls over to Sharon and suggests to her that she go home and help Jane get dinner. Sharon says she'd rather stay there. Bronwyn tells her to help tidy up a bit then. Sharon picks up a pile of junk mail and asks what she should do with it. Bronwyn says she doesn't know if Des has looked at it yet, and she tells Sharon to put it on the kitchen counter. Sharon says she thinks Jamie needs to be changed and Mike says he'll do it. He heads off to the bedroom area. Sharon puts the letters down - and then notices another letter in an open drawer in the counter. She picks it up and stares at it before saying:
SHARON: Bronny, look at this. It's a letter to Mr. Clarke. I reckon that's Aunt Edie's handwriting.
BRONWYN (frowns): Aunt Edie? Are you sure?
SHARON: That's how she does her Ss, isn't it?
BRONWYN (looking at the envelope): Yeah, looks like it. Hang on - why would Aunt Edie be writing to Des?
Sharon takes the letter out of the already- open envelope and starts reading it. Bronwyn tries to stop her, but it's too late. Sharon goes through the letter and cries suddenly:
SHARON: Oh no...
SHARON: You know how Des said he was going to bid for No. 30? Well, it's for Aunt Edie: she wants him to buy the house for her.
BRONWYN (surprised): Why would Aunt Edie want to buy a house in *Ramsay Street*?
SHARON: I'll give you one guess: so she can keep an eye on us. Oh Bronny, that will ruin everything. She won't let me go out Nick and she won't like you seeing Mike.
BRONWYN: She'll make us go and live with her. It'll be just like it was at home: her breathing down our necks all the time...
SHARON: We've got to stop it, Bronny. Whatever happens, we can't let her buy that house.
BRONWYN: How *can* we stop her?
SHARON: I'll think of *something*...
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0799
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Beverly Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0799
Harold Bishop, Beverly Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0799
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0799
Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0799
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Madge Bishop, Beverly Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0799
Madge Bishop, Beverly Robinson, Harold Bishop

Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0799
Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay

Beverly Robinson, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0799
Beverly Robinson, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0799
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke

Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0799
Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0799
Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0799
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0799
Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0799
Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Sharon Davies

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0799
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Beverly Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0799
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0799
Henry Ramsay

Mike Young, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0799
Mike Young, Jamie Clarke

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0799
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0799
Sharon Davies

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