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Neighbours Episode 0790 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0790
Australian airdate: 12/08/88
UK airdate: 20/11/89
UK Gold: 10/11/95
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bob Hughes Jim Daly
Summary/Images by: Graham
Rosemary 'phoning and asking Paul to fax her a file which he's lied and said he's completed. Paul worrying that Rosemary's going to have his hide when she finds out he hasn't done the work and has lied to her.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Gail asks Paul if he's sure there isn't any way at all that they can have that information today. Paul, however, replies that they can't put together the sort of stuff *Rosemary* wants: Corporate Affairs is the only place that keeps the records they need, and they're not open until Monday. He sighs that he's going to have to ring up Rosemary and tell her that he lied. Gail suggests:
GAIL: Perhaps I could say you're not in and I don't know where the information is?
PAUL: No, no, no, no, I don't want you covering for me; we're in deep enough. I'm just going to have to face up to it.
With that, Paul picks up the 'phone.
No. 28
Mike is showing Bronwyn photos in an album. He turns the page to one of Jamie's christening, in which he's being held by Des and Daphne. Bronwyn comments that Daphne looks like a really nice person, and Mike nods that she was great. Bronwyn goes on:
BRONWYN: You're a terrific photographer - you ought to take it up professionally.
MIKE: No, it's just a hobby! I want to be a teacher - that's what I've always wanted to do.
Bronwyn says *she's* always wanted to work with kids, too; she guesses they've got more in common than they realise! Mike says it seems really unfair that Jamie's going to grow up without a mum, but Bronwyn points out that he's got a terrific dad - and big brother! The doorbell rings suddenly and Mike goes to get it. He opens the door and Sharon comes in. She asks if Bronwyn's there and Mike lets her through. She walks over to her sister and asks her tersely what she's doing. Bronwyn replies:
BRONWYN: Just babysitting Jamie until Des gets back.
SHARON (snaps): The old dragon's gone off to bed for a rest, but she's given me a pile of stuff to do before she gets up again. I reckon you ought to give me a hand.
BRONWYN (exclaims): Why *should* I?! I've done my *own* chores.
SHARON (bitterly): Not as much as *I'm* stuck with.
BRONWYN: Yes it was. I just got them done quickly. The sooner you go back and get started on yours, the sooner you'll be finished them.
SHARON: It wouldn't hurt you to give me a hand, though, would it?
BRONWYN (retorts): I work all week, Shaz; I'm reckon I'm entitled to a *bit* of free time. Stop whinging and do your *own* chores.
Sharon snaps at Bronwyn that they'd be much better off getting a place of their own: Mrs. Mangel's as bad to live with as Aunt Edie was. Bronwyn, however, asks where they'd get the money for a place of their own. Sharon points out that they've both got jobs, but Bronwyn reminds her that neither of them is exactly rich, so they're going to have to make the best of things as they are. Sharon storms off, muttering that it's pretty hard to make the best of rotten housework.
No. 26
Helen is looking through a pot of coins in the lounge room. Jim emerges from his bedroom and asks her if she's all on her lonesome. She replies that Todd's at an athletics meeting and Nick's in the garage, painting. Jim heads through to the kitchen and muses:
JIM: On canvas or the wall?
HELEN: Garage door, actually.
JIM (horrified): What?!
HELEN (laughs): I'm only teasing! He's behaving himself!
She heads through and joins Jim in the kitchen, where she says she wishes Nick could capture on canvas the feelings he puts into his murals. Jim muses that, eventually, someone might come along and offer him a fortune for his workshop fence! Helen then says:
HELEN: You don't mind him being here?
Jim assures her:
JIM: No ... especially now that he and Todd seem to have ironed out their differences.
HELEN: I hope Beverly doesn't mind him when she gets back.
JIM: She will have *other* things on her mind - I have to give her my decision on us having a baby.
HELEN: And what have you decided?
JIM: Well... I haven't got that far, yet. I've given it some serious thought and... well, *maybe* I could cope.
Jim goes on that you have to be totally committed to bringing a new life into the world, but if he says yes to Beverly having a baby now, it'll be just to make *her* happy, not because he thinks they ought to have a baby, and that doesn't seem very fair to the child. Helen agrees gently:
HELEN: No, it doesn't. See, a child needs to know it's wanted by *both* parents.
Jim tells Helen that he doesn't know *what* he's going to say; he only hopes that if the answer's 'no', it doesn't destroy his marriage...
Reception area/Office of the Daniels Corporation
Gail is standing behind the reception desk when Madge comes in, wearing normal clothes rather than her Waterhole uniform. Gail comments on this and Madge explains that that's what she came to see Paul about: she knows how upset he was about the prospect of a strike, so she's told the bar staff that they don't have to wear their uniforms. She adds
MADGE: If I've exceeded my authority, I'm sorry - and if Paul wants to make an issue of it, I suppose I'll just have to bear the brunt of it; but I was not going to have my staff harassed any longer.
Gail tells Madge that she's sure Paul will accept what she's done: he's got too much else on his plate at the moment to be getting himself in a knot over the uniforms. She adds that the lawsuit won't help matters, if it goes through, though; she wishes there was something they could do about it. Madge sighs and then says:
MADGE: Well... Bob Hughes is a fairly regular customer. Maybe I could talk him round? I could go and see him: now he's calmed down, he might be prepared to let the whole thing blow over.
Gail tells Madge that she'd be grateful for anything she can do to help. Madge nods that she'll see what she can do, and she heads out. When she's gone, Gail goes and opens the door to the office. Paul is talking on the 'phone, saying glumly:
PAUL: Yes, I understand... All right, then... OK. Goodbye, Rosemary.
With that, he hangs up. Gail comments:
GAIL: She was pretty angry, huh?
PAUL: She was *furious*. The worst part is she was made to look a fool in front of a client. Rosemary does *not* like that.
GAIL: No, I suppose not. Didn't it help when you explained you could've had it done by Monday?
PAUL: No. It's the fact that I lied to her. She feels that I betrayed her trust in me.
GAIL: That's understandable, but it's-
PAUL: Yeah, I know. I know I did the wrong thing. God knows why - I'm not *usually* given to lying.
Gail points out that it wasn't so much a lie as an exaggeration: all the work was done except for getting the searches. Paul, however, sighs that as far as Rosemary's concerned it was a barefaced lie and nothing he says is going to undo that. Gail asks if Rosemary's going to take it any further. Paul replies that she said she'd be in touch - and by the tone in her voice, she doesn't look like she's going to let this pass. Gail exclaims:
GAIL: But she's your aunt! I mean-
PAUL (retorts): That doesn't make any difference, Gail: she's a tough business- lady. No, she'll take whatever steps she feels necessary to reprimand me - and quite frankly, I'm pretty scared as to what that might be...
No. 28
Bronwyn hangs up the 'phone. Mike, who's sitting at the table, asks her:
MIKE: What did he say?
BRONWYN: He said that the distributor of the toy drums will be back in town on Monday. He gave me his number; I'll call him back then.
MIKE (warily): I don't know how much notice he'll take...
BRONWYN (curtly): *Someone's* got to tell him he's putting babies' lives at risk. All kids mightn't be as lucky as Jamie; some of them could *choke*.
Mike smiles that at Bronwyn that she's a real spitfire, isn't she! The front door opens suddenly and Des and Jim come in, Jim helping Des carry some bags of shopping. Des apologises to Bronwyn for being late. Bronwyn smiles that Jamie's been asleep most of the time. Des then asks Bronwyn and Mike if they could stay a bit longer, as he's got to go out again. Jim, however, says *he's* got nothing much to do this afternoon, so why doesn't *he* babysit? Des asks him if he's sure. Jim smiles that he wouldn't mind spending a bit of time with his Godson; it's been a long time since he spent any time with a baby!
No. 32
Sharon opens the front door to find Helen standing on the step. Helen asks her how she is and she replies coolly that she's fine, other than all the chores she's got to do. Helen then explains that she dropped in to see how Mrs. Mangel is. Sharon, however, explains that she's lying down at the moment. Helen tells Sharon not to disturb her. She adds:
HELEN: I hope you finish your chores. It would be a shame to have to spend the weekend in the house.
SHARON: That's what *I* reckon. Oh, I'll be finished them soon - then I'm going to spend some time with that real spunk!
HELEN: Which 'real spunk' is *that*?
SHARON: Mike Young! Don't you reckon he's terrific?!
HELEN (muses): Oh yes, definitely! A real spunk!
Garage of No. 28/Ramsay Street
Mike is getting ready to take Bronwyn out for a ride on his motorbike. As he hands her a helmet, she comments that Jim spent a bit of time with Jamie last night, too; she reckons he's getting a bit clucky! Mike, however, says he doubts it: he's had four kids already! Bronwyn tells Mike that their neighbours back in Narrabri had *ten* kids! Mike looks aghast! Bronwyn climbs onto the bike and Mike tells her to hang on tight. He starts the engine and rides out of the garage and down the street - where Sharon and Helen have emerged from No. 32. Sharon watches the bike roar down the road, a look of disappointment on her face.
Countryside/By the sea
Mike rides his bike through the countryside and eventually stops on some cliffs looking out to sea. He and Bronwyn climb off and Bronwyn stares at the sea and comments sincerely:
BRONWYN: It's lovely.
MIKE: Yeah. I just like to come up here sometimes and sit and think.
BRONWYN: What do you think about?
MIKE: Lots of things. Daphne... the way things used to be...
BRONWYN: You've almost taken her death as hard as Des, haven't you, in your own sort of way.
MIKE: Well, she was like a combination of a big sister and a mother, I guess. I'll never forget her.
BRONWYN: Suppose not.
Bronwyn pauses before then saying:
You're a really nice guy, Mike, you know that?
MIKE (sighs): I've been a bit heavy on you lately. I'm sorry.
BRONWYN: It's all right. I can understand how you felt - but I never intended to take your place with Jamie.
MIKE: No, I realise that now - and I'm glad you're there to look after him.
BRONWYN: I'm glad I came to Erinsborough too. I've met so many great people; I feel like I've made a whole lot of new friends.
MIKE: Yeah, you can never have too many of *those*, eh?
Outside the Waterhole
Madge is clearing some glasses from a table when she spots Bob Hughes approaching, his hand held to his back. He says gruffly that the missus told him Madge called round at home. Madge replies coolly:
MADGE: Yes, that's right. I wanted to apologise about what happened. I thought perhaps we could talk it over.
BOB: I was at the chiropractor. I'm having a bad time with the back, Madge, after being manhandled, like.
MADGE: Henry didn't mean for you to fall. He's very upset about it. And he said he'll take care of all your medical bills.
BOB: Oh, it'll cost a lot more than *that*. My solicitor wasn't kidding when he said he was going to sue the owners of this place. He says I can get big bucks for this sort of injury.
MADGE (snaps): Oh come on! You didn't fall *that* hard. Just how much of this are you putting on?
BOB (warns): I'd be careful what I say, if I were you, Madge. If you're accusing me of faking it, I'm sure my solicitor would like to know about that too.
Madge backs down and murmurs that he doesn't have to make a legal case out of it; why doesn't he have a talk with Paul Robinson and they can sort it out without taking it any further? Bob, however, retorts that he's not going to be bought off for a few dollars - and anyway: his solicitor can do all the talking, and he'll be talking big bucks; no one's going to get out of this lightly. With that, he walks off, leaving Madge looking worried.
No. 28
Jim is lying on the lounge room floor and he lifts Jamie up above his head! Des arrives home and grins at the sight that greets him, commenting that Jim's clearly an old hand at that sort of thing! Jim asks Des how he's *managing* with Jamie, and Des tells him:
DES: No worries - especially now we've got Bronwyn; and Mike's always been terrific.
JIM: You don't have any regrets about starting a family?
DES: Of course not! [Taking Jamie] He's all I've got left of Daphne, isn't he...
JIM (murmurs): Yeah...
DES: Wouldn't matter how much trouble he was - he'd be worth it.
JIM: It's different for *me*, though.
DES: Oh... you and Beverly thinking about starting a family, are you?
JIM: Well, *Beverly* wants it desperately, but... I don't know... I've had four; I don't know if I want to go through it all again. Not now.
DES: As you get older, it gets a bit harder, eh?
JIM: It's not that I'm old! Plenty of guys don't start a family until they're my age!
DES: I didn't say you're over the hill or anything!
JIM: No. You're right, though: at *my* age, I don't know if I *want* to go chasing around after a baby; I sort of feel like I've been there and done that.
DES: And Beverly hasn't.
JIM: No - that's the problem. Do I have any right to say a woman's not entitled to have a baby?
DES: I'm glad it's your problem, not mine, mate. All I know is that once they're here, you love 'em. I bet you love the fifth just as much you did the first four.
Jim smiles at Jamie, looking thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
Mike pulls up on his bike outside No. 28 and Bronwyn climbs off, smiling that it was the best fun she's had in ages! She invites Mike in for a coffee, but he tells her that he's got to go to the library. Bronwyn beams:
BRONWYN: It was great! I hope we can do it again sometime!
MIKE: In that case, we *will* - real soon.
BRONWYN: I'll look forward to it!
With that, Mike turns and heads off back down the street, leaving Bronwyn with a broad grin on her face.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul is sitting staring at his desk. Gail tells him that Rosemary will calm down: it mightn't be as bad as he thinks. Paul just retorts that Gail doesn't know Rosemary as well as *he* does. Gail points out that he's done a terrific job: he swung the Udagawa deal and handled all the problems with the building of the factory... Paul mutters:
PAUL: None of which will count for much in the face of *this*, Gail. I *lied* to her. That's something that Rosemary won't forgive easily.
Gail insists that Rosemary is too shrewd to get rid of one of the best people she's got working for her. Paul just murmurs that he hopes she's right. There's a knock on the door suddenly and Madge comes in. Paul asks her coolly what she wants. She sits down and explains:
MADGE: I've had a chat with Bob Hughes. I was hoping he might be more reasonable now.
GAIL: Was he?
MADGE: I'm afraid not. Originally, I think he was suing because he's angry - but now I think he's starting to see dollar signs. He sees a way of making some easy money.
Paul thanks Madge for trying. Madge then tells him that she wanted to speak to him about Henry, too: she doesn't think it's fair if he loses his job over this. Paul asks if they can talk about it some other time. Madge persists:
MADGE: All the same, Paul, I do think-
PAUL (snarls): Madge, I said can we *leave* it, please?
MADGE (looking taken aback): All right - but the rest of the bar staff will go on strike if you sack him.
Gail suggests that they discuss this on Monday; everybody might be less tense by then. Paul asks Madge suddenly where her uniform is. Gail says quickly that she spoke to Madge about that and suggested that the bar staff not wear them but keep them for public holidays and special events; she thinks that's a reasonable compromise. Paul sighs:
PAUL: Yeah, yeah, all right.
Madge leaves them to it and heads out. When she's gone, Gail tells Paul that she was right about it not seeming fair to fire Henry; Bob Hughes was obviously being obnoxious. Paul muses that the last thing they need right now is industrial trouble: that would *really* set Rosemary off. Gail says:
GAIL: You should've just told Madge Henry wasn't going to lose his job.
PAUL: Oh no, I think Henry should be left to think about this over the weekend. It might make him a bit more careful in future. In the meantime, I don't think I'll say anything to Rosemary about us being sued. I'm in enough trouble as it is.
No. 32
Bronwyn heads into No. 32 and walks through to the lounge room, where Sharon snaps at her:
SHARON: You're back at last.
Bronwyn retorts that she wasn't gone *that* long. Sharon mutters that it's lousy that she's stuck *there*, working, while Bronwyn's out having fun. She takes off her rubber gloves and adds that she's had enough of it for now; she's going out. She asks where Mike is, and Bronwyn replies that he's gone to the library. Sharon mutters:
SHARON: Rats. I wanted him to take me for a ride.
BRONWYN: He hasn't got time to be giving everyone joyrides, you know?
SHARON: He gave *you* one. Maybe if I walk down to the library, he'll give me a lift home?
BRONWYN (sighs): Don't bother him, Shaz. If he wants to take you for a ride, he'll ask you.
SHARON: Maybe you don't *want* me to go for a ride with him?
BRONWYN: What do you mean? What would *I* care?
SHARON (giggles): You might be... keen on him...?
Bronwyn mutters at Sharon to go and play in the traffic. Sharon, however, teases that if it isn't true, why is Bronwyn getting mad?!
No. 28
Sometime later, Mike opens the front door of No. 28 to find Sharon standing on the step. She asks him if he has time to take her for a ride on the bike. Mike, however, replies that she can't go *anywhere* at the moment, as he noticed that the chain was a bit loose on the bike when he came back from the library. Sharon says quickly:
SHARON: Maybe I could help you?
MIKE: No, it's OK - I'm going to leave it 'til tomorrow.
SHARON: Oh. Well, then, how about we just have a cup of coffee or something?
MIKE: I'll have to give that a miss too. I'm sorry. I was about to start studying.
SHARON: Oh. Well, maybe we could do something tomorrow.
MIKE: Yes. Maybe. I'll see you then.
With that, Mike closes the door. He walks over to join Des at the kitchen counter, and Des remarks that Mike has got a real fan there! Mike sighs that he could do without it: she just seems like a bit of a silly kid; it's a shame she hasn't got half the sense her sister's got. Des smiles:
DES: Oh, I see! Bronwyn really *is* in favour, is she?
MIKE: She's just a really nice girl!
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Gail tears a sheet of paper off the computer printer and hands it to Paul as he comes into the office. He takes it, commenting as he does so that first thing Monday morning he'd better get on to their solicitor and find out just how much strife they're in with Bob Hughes. Gail, however, points out that first thing Monday he'd better get those figures to Rosemary. The 'phone starts ringing and Paul comments that that'll probably be her. Gail says *she'll* get it. She picks up and says:
GAIL: Daniels Corporation, Gail Robinson speaking. ... Yes, Rosemary, how are you? ... No, I suppose not. ... Listen, Paul's very upset about it. ... The last thing he meant to do was cause you any embarrassment. ... Mm ... Well, the work you wanted was so close to completion, he didn't think there was any harm in saying it *was*; it would've been done by Monday. ... Yes, yes, he is. ... OK. Bye, Rosemary.
With that, Gail turns to Paul and tells him that Rosemary wants to talk to him - and she isn't happy. Paul reluctantly picks up the 'phone on his desk and says:
PAUL: Hello Rosemary.
He listens and then exclaims in shock:
PAUL: Rosemary, I knew I did the wrong thing, but don't you think that's going a little far? ... Yeah, all right. Bye, Rosemary.
He hangs up, slowly, looking shocked. Gail asks what Rosemary said. He tells her:
PAUL: I've been suspended from my job, pending an investigation.
GAIL: Investigation. What *sort* of investigation?
PAUL: Um... oh, she's sending a troubleshooter out from the States. Wants everything checked out. She doesn't *trust* me anymore.
GAIL: That's ridiculous. Just because you told her one little fib doesn't mean you're hiding anything *else* from her.
PAUL: Rosemary seems to think it *does*.
GAIL: If you're suspended, who's supposed to *run* this place?
PAUL: You. Rosemary will move you up to full managerial status and she'll confirm everything by fax. It looks like you're the boss now, Gail.
Gail stares at Paul in astonishment.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0790
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Sharon Davies

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0790
Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0790
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Des Clarke, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Helen Daniels, Sharon Davies

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Madge Bishop, Bob Hughes in Neighbours Episode 0790
Madge Bishop, Bob Hughes

Jim Robinson, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0790
Jim Robinson, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0790
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Mike Young, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0790
Mike Young, Sharon Davies

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0790
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0790
Gail Robinson

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