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Neighbours Episode 0781 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0781
Australian airdate: 01/08/88
UK airdate: 07/11/89
UK Gold: 30/10/95
Guests: Pete Baxter: Tony Briggs
Summary/Images by: Graham
Sharon telling Bronwyn that she's in the big smoke to stay.
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel walks in and comments to Bronwyn that she sees her friend found her. Bronwyn introduces Sharon to Mrs. Mangel as her sister. Looking surprised, Mrs. Mangel remarks that they don't seem very alike. Sharon, however, insists that they are; it's just that Bronny takes everything so seriously! Bronwyn asks Mrs. Mangel if Sharon could stay there while she's in Erinsborough, but Mrs. Mangel replies that she couldn't possibly take another lodger at such short notice. Sharon insists that she really does need somewhere to stay. Bronwyn chips in their father would want to know that they're both staying with someone so upright and respectable as Mrs. Mangel. Mrs. Mangel sighs and gives in, telling Sharon that she *can* stay - but only for a day or two. Bronwyn assures her that she won't even know Sharon is there. Jane rolls her eyes!
No. 28
Des and Mike are clearing up after Jamie's birthday party. As they do so, Des tells Mike that Harold was saying Lisa Owens has resigned from Lassiter's and isn't going to stay on at the Coffee Shop either. Mike remarks that that's been coming for a while; he just hopes they find someone good to replace her. Des tells him that Harold's got in touch with the CES to find a replacement - and they could put a sign in the window. Changing the subject, Mike remarks that Pete kept a low profile at the party. Des says he'll have a word with him at the bank tomorrow and make him see that it's not the end of the world.
No. 24
Pete is sitting on the couch. Scott walks over from the kitchen with drinks. They two of them are eating pizza and Scott remarks that that's Pete's third piece; he wants to keep in shape in case he changes his mind. Pete, however, retorts that now that he's made up his mind, it's like a gigantic weight has been lifted off him. Scott tells him that even if he doesn't want to go into competition anymore, there's heaps of ways he can use what he's learnt: he could help coach Todd's athletics club at school. Pete mutters that they'll just laugh at him - and he's not going to encourage any kid to go through what *he* did.
No. 32
Bronwyn and Mrs. Mangel are in the lounge room and can hear Sharon talking to Jane in the kitchen. Bronwyn tells Mrs. Mangel that it's really good of her to let Sharon stay. Mrs. Mangel decides it's a bit chilly and she goes to get a blanket to put on Sharon's bed. As she leaves the room, Sharon and Jane come in and Sharon tells Bronwyn that she's arranged for the three of them to have lunch tomorrow. Jane, looking concerned, comments to Bronwyn that she doesn't think it's a good idea not telling her nan the truth about why Sharon is there. Bronwyn says she's sorry; if Jane feels that strongly, maybe they should tell her. Jane, however, gives in and sighs that it's only for a couple of days. Sharon has tipped a bag of earrings, nail polish and other accessories onto the coffee table. Mrs. Mangel comes back in and looks aghast at the mess. Sharon sweeps them back into her bag - but manages to tip a bottle of nail polish over, spilling it onto one of Mrs. Mangel's doilies and onto the carpet. Looking furious, Mrs. Mangel snaps that her mother crocheted that doily, and now look at it. Sharon and Bronwyn both murmur that they're sorry.
Ramsay Street/No. 28
The next morning, Bronwyn and Sharon cross the street and head into No. 28. Bronwyn asks Des if it's all right if Sharon stays for a while, for company. Des shrugs that it's fine. Bronwyn then asks Mike whether he could babysit while she, Jane and Sharon have lunch today. Mike smiles that he'd love to! Des goes off to wake Jamie, leaving Sharon to remark to Bronwyn that she's got herself pretty well settled in; *she* could live in a neighbourhood like this, no trouble! Bronwyn, however, retorts that they agreed two or three days and then it's back home.
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is complaining to Jane about the nail polish stain on the lounge room carpet. She mutters that she should never have agreed to let that girl stay. Jane then says:
JANE: One thing worries me, nan, having Sharon and Bronwyn in the house: what happens if one of them comes across the gun?
MRS. MANGEL (firmly): I've put it away where no one can find it.
JANE: Wouldn't it solve everything if we just handed it into the police?
MRS. MANGEL (snaps): I will not have the whole world learning the truth about your uncle.
JANE: But we don't know what the truth *is*. If we just found Uncle Joe and gave it back to him, at least we'd be rid of it.
MRS. MANGEL (coldly): Jane, I'd thank you not to mention that man's name in my presence again. The subject is closed.
Coffee Shop
Scott is sitting at the counter as Mike comments to him that he didn't think Pete would refuse to coach the kids. He then suggests that Pete likes a good practical joke: if they put something over on him, he's going to be so busy trying to get them back, he won't have time to feel sorry for himself. At that moment, Pete comes in and sits down next to Scott. Mike comments to him that he's back to work, then. Scott heads out as Pete mutters that he knows what everyone's going to be thinking. Mike insists that he's got to cheer up. At that moment, the 'phone rings. Mike answers it and apparently talks to Des. After a few seconds, he hangs up and tells Pete that Des wants him at the bank straight away. Pete asks what's wrong. Mike replies:
MIKE: Apparently they've just done this snap audit and, er, the money in your book before you went away... well, it's like $2,000 short or something.
Pete leaps up and dashes out, as Scott comes back in and he and Mike both laugh:
Pete glares at them and snaps that they nearly gave him a heart attack; he came there for food, not mucking around.
No. 28
Jamie is playing his toy drum, and Sharon smiles at Des that she thinks it's nice that he and Jamie are so close. She goes on that she and Bronwyn used to be close as well. Des suddenly finds that the rubber tip of one of Jamie's drumsticks pulls off, and he comments that that's dangerous. He picks up the drum and sticks and puts them on the mantelpiece above the fireplace to fix when he gets home from work. He then heads out, leaving Bronwyn to tell Sharon coolly to stop the lobbying to stay.
Coffee Shop
Mike sticks up a 'help wanted' sign in the window. Pete pays for his breakfast as Mike tells him that the joke was pretty stupid, but they were just trying to help him feel better. Pete just snaps at him and Scott:
PETE: You helped me once before, remember - to get to Canberra? That turned out *really* great, didn't it...
No. 32
Mrs. Mangel is dusting in the lounge room. She sits down for a rest as Sharon comes in, sighing that Bronwyn is like a hired housewife rather than a nanny at Des's. Mrs. Mangel retorts that a lot of people take *pride* in keeping their homes neat and tidy - especially when other people keep spilling things... Sharon smiles that she'll make it up to her: she'll do the dusting. She grabs Mrs. Mangel's duster and starts going round the lounge room, but Mrs. Mangel, looking perturbed, tries to stop her, worried about her heirlooms!
No. 28
Mike comes in and apologises to Bronwyn for being late. Bronwyn leaves him and Jamie to it and heads out. Mike suddenly notices that Jamie's drum has been moved onto the mantelpiece and he picks it up and asks Jamie what it's doing there. He places it on the tray of Jamie's high- chair and hands Jamie the drumsticks...
Lassiter's Complex
Jane and Sharon are crossing the bridge, Sharon smiling that she's never met a real model before! Jane tells her that she only got into it by accident, through Mike taking the shots of her at Lassiter's. They sit down at a table outside the Coffee Shop as Jane tells Sharon that you have to decide what you want and then go after it. Sharon sighs that there's *nothing* in the bush; the best thing for *her* would be to stay there in the city. Bronwyn joins them and overhears the end of the conversation. She tells Sharon that their dad will never consider letting her move away until she's finished school, so she should forget it. She then turns to Jane and thanks her again for not letting on to her nan about Sharon running away. Sharon suddenly notices the 'help wanted' sign in the coffee shop and a look crosses her face...
No. 28
Mike is sitting at the dining table, working, and notices it's gone quiet. He glances over at Jamie in his high- chair and asks him if he isn't going to play him a few rim shots! Des comes arrives home to grab some lunch before some appointments. He asks Mike how he went with the 'help wanted' sign at the shop, but Mike replies that there was no interest. Des looks over at Jamie and notices in shock that the drum is in front of him. He asks how he got it and Mike replies that *he* gave it to him. Des snaps:
DES: I took it away from him because the tip-
He picks up the drumstick and then exclaims:
DES: Hell, it's come off.
He starts looking on the floor for the little piece of rubber. Mike insists that he didn't know. Des sighs that it's *his* fault: he should have put it away properly. Unable to find the piece of rubber, Des cries:
DES: It's not here. He must've swallowed it. We'd better get him to a doctor fast.
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Nell Mangel, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0781
Nell Mangel, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0781
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Pete Baxter, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0781
Pete Baxter, Scott Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Sharon Davies, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0781
Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Sharon Davies, Nell Mangel

 in Neighbours Episode 0781

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0781
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0781
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0781
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Mike Young, Pete Baxter, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0781
Mike Young, Pete Baxter, Scott Robinson

Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0781
Jamie Clarke

Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0781
Bronwyn Davies, Des Clarke, Sharon Davies

Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0781
Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter

Nell Mangel, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0781
Nell Mangel, Sharon Davies

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0781
Mike Young

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0781
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0781
Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0781
Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke

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