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Neighbours Episode 0756 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0755 - 0757>>
Episode title: 0756
Australian airdate: 24/06/88
UK airdate: 03/10/89
UK Gold: 25/09/95
Summary/Images by: Jamie/Graham
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is talking about Jamie saying that he is a 'poor little mite' having to go to the adventure park. Jane tells her that her and her friends can go and put their heads into bags as she's going out. Mrs. Mangel asks her to stay as she's preparing a dinner for them but Jane says that she'll eat hers tomorrow. Mrs. Mangel tells her that she can't eat Yorkshire puddings cold so Jane recommends that she should invite over her boyfriend but Mrs. Mangel thinks she might be pushing things a bit as it would mean 'two night's in a row' however Jane assures her that John will be fine about it. Mrs. Mangel tells Jane that she hopes she is deluding her feelings over Des as the heart can play funny tricks on people but Jane says she knows what she's doing.
Des and Mike's
Henry and Harold 'barge' in to find Des taking care of Jamie. Harold tells Des that revered Sampson rang to tell him that he has been elected as the chairman of the entertainment committee at the church which leads him onto saying that they're having a 50s night with music and dancing. Des doesn't think he really want to take part as he's not really a singer or a dancer bur Harold and Henry manage to bring him round to playing some drums. Henry suggests that they should start practicing tonight but Des says that he can't because he's taking Jane out for a meal. Henry asks if Mike knows but Des just says. ". . . He's in Canberra."
The Institute
Mike is talking to Rachel about how good he is with Jamie but Rachel says that she'll believe that when she sees it so Mike suggests that she could visit him. Mike's reveals that it's his last day tomorrow and he wants to spend it with Rachel but Rachel has training to do. Pete comes in, wearing some very tight shorts with Scott rushing in behind him. He tells Pete that he should go and tell someone about his injury but Pete is being stubborn and doesn't want anyone to know.
Madge and Harold's
Harold is on the phone to Mrs. Mangel but is having trouble hearing her because Henry is playing the guitar and singing rather horrendously (For once, I think I'd rather listen to Hey, Mona!). Henry makes him way towards to door and shouts to Henry that he is going. Charlene comes in and heads towards the bathroom.
HENRY: Hey wait up!
CHARLENE: He's already talked to me about it.
HENRY: He's seen you after what I said to him?
CHARLENE: Harold...The 50s night I'm talking about.

Henry was of course, was talking about Steve. Charlene says he hasn't seen him in ages which Henry says is probably down to him.
Mrs. Mangel's
Jane is asking to read Mrs. Mangel's latest 'Dear Georgette' column and notices that it's the lonely widower (a.k.a John) who she is corresponding with again. Mrs. Mangel 'Georgette' is telling John that he must develop tolerance as his lady friend (Mrs. Mangel) may have had a hard life which he should help her get over. Jane tells her that she can't use the column to get what she wants but Mrs. Mangel insists that she would tell the same to anyone. John comes in as Mrs. Mangel scrambles to get the letter off of Jane who John says looks very nice. He feels flattered to be invited for dinner accompanied by two such fine ladies. Jane tells him she isn't staying as she's going to dinner with a 'special friend'.
Madge and Harold's
CHARLENE: How dare you say anything to Steve. It's none of your business and you have no right to interfere!
HENRY: I told you I'd figure some way out of it
CHARLENE: It was nothing to do with you.
HENRY: It was either that or tell Scott. You're my sister Lennie I can't just let you sit back and make a mess of everything.

Charlene tells Henry that she is handling everything but Henry looks less than impressed. Harold enters in through the door and can hear them both shouting but asks if anyone has seen his notebook. Harold wishes that they wouldn't fight on Sunday 'The Sabbath' but Charlene says that there's no chance. She tells Harold not to leave her any tea as she's going out. Henry says to Harold that that's the last time he is going to try and help anyone.
The Institute
Pete comes in and says that the spa has really done him some good and that he knows his body better than anyone else does. Rachel says that if he's serious about competing at the Olympics then he should listen to his trainer and get more 'serious' about it.
Des and Mike's
There's a knock on the door - It's Jane. Des tells Jane how great she's looking tonight and how Jamie is feeling a bit grubby. Jane tells him not to worry and that she'll hold him so he can get changed. Des says that he's not sure about going out tonight because of what people might say. Jane tries to convince him but he insists that they order a pizza which Jane finally agrees to.
The Institute
Mike and Scott are about to go swimming when Pete angrily comes in claiming that Scott has ruined everything for him and everything has shot through because he's been dobbed in by someone. Sarcastically he thanks his 'buddy' as Scott stands there in confusion. Scott tells him that he did dob Pete into his coach but Pete isn't believing any of it. Apparently Pete's coach wants a full medical examination and doesn't want him to do any track work at all. Scott insists that he hasn't said anything and Pete begins to believe him by saying that he'll 'strangle the person that has'. Rachel comes in and admits that it was her who dobbed him in and she doesn't care. She tells him that he could ruin his chances at the Olympics if he carried on training in pain so she did it for his own good. However, Pete is not at all impressed.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is telling John how she has agreed to play for the church 50s night but lately she's been feeling a bit lost with it all. John offers to help her out as his deceased wife, Iris, used to play 50s music. John says how much Mrs. Mangel sounds like 'Dear Georgette' and he admits that he has been writing to her. Mrs. Mangel asks him if they've been any use and he says that they have. Mrs. Mangel says that she's sure Georgette has been enjoying writing to him. "Whoever she is. . . ".
Madge and Harold's
Charlene is peeping into the fridge as Harold comes out and asks her where she has been. She angrily tells him that she hasn't been with Steve and reminds Harold that it's none of his business. Harold says that he and everyone else are just concerned as she hasn't smiled in such a long time. He lets her know that if she needs any one to talk, he is here. As he leaves, she thanks him for his kindness.
Des and Mike's
Jane is waiting at the table as Des comes back out from Jamie's room after putting him to sleep. He thanks her for staying for dinner and says he's sorry that they didn't go out especially as Jane got herself 'dolled' up and everything. Unfortunately, Jamie starts crying again and interrupts Des and Jane's conversation. Des begins talking in an Italian accent which Jane laughs at as he walks towards Jamie's room.
Des comes out of Jamie's bedroom after getting him to sleep and finds Jane has began to doze off so offers her a cup of coffee. Des says that the candles he picked are meant to promote romance not sleep which puts a little glint in Jane's eye. Des is glad they're spending tonight together and there's something he's wanted to tell her. He says he knows exactly how she's feeling . . . sometimes he drifts off as well and thinks about Daphne. He says that sometimes, it's as if she's there but then he snaps out of it and realises that she's gone and it's all over. Des tells Jane that if there is anything left between her and Mike then she should just grab it as it would be a pity to let it go. Jane tells him that there are other men in the world which prompts Jane to bolt for the door. She says that she has to go but Des doesn't want her to so apologises if he upset her. Apparently he is very 'fond' of Jane. With tears in her eyes, Jane leaves.
<<0755 - 0757>>
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0756
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0756
Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Mike Young, Rachel Fraser in Neighbours Episode 0756
Mike Young, Rachel Fraser

Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0756
Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0756
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Nell Mangel, John Worthington, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0756
Nell Mangel, John Worthington, Jane Harris

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0756
Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter, Mike Young, Rachel Fraser in Neighbours Episode 0756
Scott Robinson, Pete Baxter, Mike Young, Rachel Fraser

Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0756
Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Jane Harris

Pete Baxter, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0756
Pete Baxter, Mike Young

Scott Robinson, Rachel Fraser in Neighbours Episode 0756
Scott Robinson, Rachel Fraser

John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0756
John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Harold Bishop, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0756
Harold Bishop, Charlene Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0756
Des Clarke

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0756
Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0756
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

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