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Neighbours Episode 0670 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0670
Australian airdate: 26/02/88
UK airdate: 05/06/89
UK Gold: 26/05/95
Director: Chris Sheil
Summary/Images by: Graham
Eileen looking horrified as Des tips her pills down the sink.
No. 32
Harold is sitting at the writing desk in the lounge room, typing up his article on the typewriter, but he keeps making mistakes! Jane comes in as he reads to himself in frustration:
HAROLD: 'Cogs are allowed to goose in the feet'. I'll be here all night at this rate!
Jane walks over to him and asks him if he's having a bit of trouble. Harold tells her that he would've liked to have had the article ready for the next edition of the paper - but his typing leaves a lot to be desired. Jane says she's just off to Lassiter's to meet the gang - Paul said they could use the heated pool because the weather's so lousy outside - but if he can wait until she gets back, she'll type it up for him. Harold thanks her, but remarks that her earlier comments made it quite clear that she disapproves of what he's writing. Jane nods that she does - she thinks he's being unfair. Harold thanks her for her offer but says he can do quite well on his own. With that, Jane heads out, leaving Harold still struggling with the typewriter.
Indoor swimming pool
Scott, Charlene, Sally and Tony are playing with a large plastic beach ball in the pool. The ball is thrown out of the water, though, and Sally climbs out to retrieve it. She throws it back into the water and then joins Henry, who's lying on his front on a sun- lounger. She sits down with him and starts massaging his back, which he exclaims is great! Sally grins that he just likes being spoiled! Henry smiles that he'll be back to normal soon! Tony calls over suddenly to Sally:
TONY: Are you coming in or what? Thought we came for a swim, not to play nursemaid!
Sally walks over to the pool, leaving Henry looking disappointed! Meanwhile, Scott and Charlene climb out and sit on the side. Sally asks who wants a race, but Charlene and Scott decline! Sally insists that it won't hurt them: twenty laps or so... Tony taunts that she'll be flat out doing *ten*! Sally retorts that that's five more than *he* can do. Tony tells her that she's on - and if she does more laps than him, he'll clean the stove! Scott sets them both off on their race and the two of them begin swimming down the lanes. Jane arrives at that moment and asks what's going on: another Ramsay Street Olympics?! Charlene explains that Sally beat Tony at jogging this morning and she doesn't think his ego can take it! Jane asks Scott if he's seen Mike. Scott replies that he knows about it; he'll be there. The group start calling out to Tony and Sally in encouragement.
No. 28
Mike is laying the table as Des prepares dinner in the kitchen. Eileen is sitting on the couch, staring at the floor. She calls over to Des and asks him hesitantly if dinner's nearly ready. Des walks over to her and tells her gently to relax: they'll eat soon. Eileen murmurs that she couldn't eat a thing. Des asks in concern:
DES: You OK?
EILEEN: I'm just very tired. Maybe I should go to bed. Yes... yes, I think I will.
DES (looking surprised): Mum, it's only 6:30 and you were asleep most of the afternoon.
EILEEN: Well, I have to get my rest; I've got to keep up my strength - after all, I have to look after Jamie tomorrow.
She then looks at Des in concern and cries:
EILEEN: You *will* let me look after him, won't you? I'll be careful, I promise.
Des puts his arm around his mother as she sobs that she doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to their little boy; it was those tablets... Des assures her that it's all over: the tablets are gone and she's going to be fine. With that, Eileen heads off to her room. When she's gone, Des sighs at Mike that he doesn't know what to do with her. Mike assures him:
MIKE: She'll come round. She just got a bit of a scare today.
DES (sighs): She's not the only one...
Indoor swimming pool
It's quite a while later when Mike rocks up at the pool, but Tony and Sally are still racing. They reach the end of the pool where the Ramsay Street residents are gathered, Sally coming in just ahead of Tony. She grabs onto the side and pants that she's had it. Tony tells her that they've still got five laps to go. Sally pants that he can have it. Tony shrugs that he said he'd do twenty so he's *doing* twenty. He swims off again - but a few yards down the pool he starts yelling out in pain. Sally quickly swims to him and Scott dives in and pulls Tony back to the side. Tony insists that it's just cramp. He climbs out and everyone helps him to one of the sun- loungers. Tony mutters at Sally:
TONY: I could've easily done another five.
SALLY (snaps): Don't be stupid, Tony. Look, I'm fit, but at least I know when to stop - and if you grow up a bit, you might know too.
TONY (retorts): I'll tell you what I *do* know: I'm not in peak condition, but when I am you'd better watch out, because there's no way you're gonna beat me again.
SALLY (tersely): That's what *you* think, mate...
No. 24
It's evening- time. Madge is preparing dinner in the kitchen, but Harold is standing with her and asks if she can put it to one side for a minute, as he'd like a word with her. Madge just retorts sarcastically:
MADGE: Oh Harold, time is money. We mustn't let one second go unrewarded.
HAROLD (sighs): Oh now, *please* stop. That's just what I'm talking about.
Madge pushes the dinner to one side and asks Harold what's worrying him. He tells her:
HAROLD: As my bride- to- be, I expect your support in all of my endeavours - but instead I find you having second thoughts about our relationship.
MADGE: Oh Harold, I don't mean it like *that*. I know how hard you're working and I know *why*, but it's just beyond a joke. You used to be such a *generous* man - you were the kind of man that'd go out of his way to take a lost dog home - and now you're writing tirades about vicious, uncontrolled animals prowling the streets. Can't you see?
HAROLD: Well, maybe I see things *differently* now. I mean-
Before Harold can go any further, Scott and Charlene dash in through the back door and Scott tells Madge that they've invited the gang over for dinner. Charlene adds that Madge won't have to lift a finger. They dash back out again. Harold looks at Madge and mutters:
HAROLD: Haven't these young people got homes to go to? I mean, why should *you* have to feed them?
MADGE (snaps): There you go *again*. I don't *have* to feed them, Harold. Those kids are my children's friends and they're welcome in my home any time.
HAROLD (retorts): Oh, I see, yes, yes - and *I'm not*, I suppose.
MADGE (in exasperation): Harold, I haven't got *time* for this.
Scott and Charlene come back in, followed by Henry, Jane, Mike, Sally and Tony. Tony tells the gang that he'll stick to salad. Sally glares at him and mutters that he's taking this fitness thing too far. Tony points out that *she's* the one who's been telling him how unhealthy he is. Sally retorts that he's not going to get fit by starving himself. She adds:
SALLY: You know, if you're *really* keen, you should come to my aerobics class in the morning.
TONY (dismissively): What - with a bunch of girls in leotards?!
Henry chips in that it sounds good to *him*! Sally turns to Mike and Scott and says *they'll* be in it, won't they? They agree, and Charlene says she'll go as well. Tony gives in and agrees to take part. Sally then turns to Madge and says:
SALLY: What about *you*, Mrs. Ramsay?
MADGE: Oh, no, no, Sally, I don't think so.
CHARLENE (grins): What's the matter, mum - you scared of being seen in a leotard?
MADGE (tersely): Of course I'm not!
She then sighs and tells Sally that she's got herself a customer. Charlene smiles at her mum:
CHARLENE: By the time you marry Harold, you'll be the slimmest bride in Erinsborough!
HENRY (grins): By the time mum marries Harold, we'll all be walking round in spacesuits!
No. 22
Gail is sitting on one couch, holding Jamie, while Paul and Des sitting on the opposite couch, eating nibbles. Paul exclaims that he doesn't know what Eileen was thinking: fancy letting herself get into that state when she was looking after Jamie. Des explains that it was those damn tablets: she was so zonked that she didn't even know he was gone, let alone where he was. Gail remarks that Jamie seems to have come out of it without any emotional scars. Des worries:
DES: Yeah... but what happens the *next* time?
GAIL: Eileen won't let it happen again.
DES: Too right she won't: I did my block and chucked the tablets down the sink.
He adds that he wishes Bev was there to sort Eileen out. Paul, however, points out that Bev's got enough family problems of her own to sort out at the moment. Gail then suggests to Des that if he's really worried, maybe Paul could spare her from the office for a while? Paul nods that, sure, Gail could look after Jamie. Gail adds that she'd love to do it. Des thanks them, but says that if he takes Jamie off his mum, she'll think he doesn't trust her, and that's the *last* thing she needs. Gail asks Des if he should've left Eileen on her own tonight. Des replies that she went to bed early; whatever her problems are, it sure isn't lack of sleep.
No. 28
Eileen is walking zombie- like through the lounge room, towards the kitchen area. She picks up a glass from the counter, but then puts it down again. She suddenly lunges for the rubbish bin and starts rifling through it and tossing rubbish onto the floor until she finds her pill bottle. She takes off the lid, but the bottle is empty. She wanders slowly into the middle of the room, murmuring distantly:
EILEEN: Desmond...? Michael...?
There's no response.
No. 32
Jane is standing next to Harold at the writing desk in the lounge room as he says he doesn't know if she can make head nor tail out of his handwriting. Jane assures him that she's had plenty of practice at this sort of thing. She heads off to have a shower before she starts on the typing - but Harold stops her and asks if she'd mind if he asked her opinion on a personal matter. He goes on:
HAROLD: Um... do you think I've changed recently? I mean... do you think I've become mean?
JANE (hesitantly): Er... well, maybe a bit.
Harold goes and sits down on the couch and sighs:
HAROLD: It's not my fault. I've tried to be a decent man... I've tried to be fair in my dealings, honest with my neighbours...
JANE: Yes, I know.
HAROLD: ...but I've met opposition at every turn - and it's useless trying to be, well, *kind* in this very harsh world. But I won't be put off - I *won't* be. From now on, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy.
Jane sits there looking worried.
No. 28
Eileen is still shuffling around the lounge room floor, looking worried and upset and fiddling with the empty pill bottle in her hands. The front door opens suddenly and Des comes in with Jamie. Eileen walks over to him and asks him where he's been. Des retorts that she *knew* he was going to Paul's. Eileen says quietly:
EILEEN: Did you have to throw *all* those tablets away?
DES (firmly): Yes I did - and you know *why*.
EILEEN: Well, yes, I do, but you see, I need some help to get through the night. Maybe Beverly's got some...?
DES: She might, but she's away. Look, those pills are no good for you; you don't need them.
EILEEN (insists): Yes, I *do*. I- I can't sleep.
DES: There are other ways, rather than popping pills. I'll make you a nice warm glass of milk.
EILEEN (coldly): I don't want a glass of milk, I want my *tablets*.
DES (retorts): Listen to you - you sound like a *drug addict*.
EILEEN (yells): I do not!
DES (snaps): Well, if you keep this up, you'll turn into one.
Eileen turns away as Des says more gently:
DES: Look, mum, you had enough sense to make me throw those pills down the sink after what happened today. Can't we just keep it that way? For me? For Jamie...?
No. 22
The next morning, Gail is sitting at the kitchen table, telling Paul that Lucy wanted to go to the amusement arcade, but she said no: she didn't like her hanging round there. Paul muses:
PAUL: So you cracked the whip, did you? You going to be that tough on *our* kids?!
GAIL: Maybe - if they turn out to be anything like *you*!
Paul sits down at the table with Gail and tells her that, seriously, that was a nice thing she did last night, offering to look after Jamie like that. Gail remarks that she never really thought of herself as the clucky type, but she's enjoyed every minute with all the kids they've had round lately. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Getting impatient to have one of our own, are we?
GAIL (nods): Hmm. Keep trying to talk myself out of it, though.
PAUL: Why? You're not starting to have second thoughts, are you?
GAIL: Just being realistic. The IVF people did warn us the programme doesn't always work.
PAUL (insists): It'll work for *us*. Besides, look on the bright side: sometimes they reckon you get two for the price of one. How would you like *two* little mes running around the place?!
GAIL: What a horrible possibility, inflicting *that* on the world!
No. 28
Mike is playing with Jamie at the breakfast table. Eileen is also sitting at the table, but she tells Mike with a chuckle to stop tickling the child or he'll be sick all over him. Des joins them and says he'd better get cracking. Mike says *he's* got an aerobics class at Lassiter's to get to. He hands Jamie to Eileen, who tells the little one that it's almost time for his bath. Des says to his mother in concern:
DES: Are you sure you're going to be all right, mum? Gail said she'd take Jamie if you need any help.
EILEEN (firmly): I am perfectly capable of looking after my own grandson, thank you.
Mike says he'll be back at about 3pm. Eileen tells him to have a nice day and he heads out. Des says to Eileen:
DES: Are you sure? You weren't too good last night...
EILEEN: Well, I am today.
DES: No more tablets, promise?
EILEEN: Stop fussing, Desmond. The tablets are gone, and as far as I am concerned, that is an end of it.
With that, Des gives Jamie a kiss and tells him to be a good boy for grandma. Eileen smiles:
EILEEN: We'll be fine - won't we, Jamie. We'll be fine...
Lassiter's gym
Henry and Madge walk into the gym building, Henry in shorts and singlet and Madge in a tracksuit. She sighs at Henry that she doesn't know why she let him talk her into it: she feels like an idiot! Henry tells her that no one will recognise her under all those clothes! The two of them join the other class attendees, most of which are Ramsay Street residents, and Sally suggests that they get started. She asks everyone to form a few lines and adds that they'll start with a few warm- ups, beginning with a simple jog. Madge starts running on the spot and she murmurs to Henry and Charlene:
MADGE: Ha! It's a piece of cake - *anyone* can do this.
CHARLENE: Mum, they're just warm- ups. Don't burn yourself out.
With that, Sally turns on some music and a fast- paced track starts playing. Everyone starts running on the spot. Madge keeps going, but has a rictus grin on her face!
No. 28
Eileen joins Jamie in the lounge room and tells him that the bathroom's all clean, and now they'll do the living room: dust first and then vacuum. She adds:
EILEEN: Your daddy thinks we can't cope, but we'll show him, won't we. We'll show him.
Jamie suddenly begins grizzling, and a worried Eileen pleads:
EILEEN: Don't, Jamie, precious, *please*. Don't, dear. Grandma's got an awful headache. Please don't...
Jamie just keeps grizzling as Eileen begins to say in panic:
EILEEN: There... there, Jamie... please... please... please don't cry, Jamie, please...
Lassiter's gym
The aerobics class is in full swing. The women are taking it seriously, but Scott is mucking around a bit! Charlene declares that she's bushed and she steps to one side - joining most of the other Ramsay Street residents! Madge says she'll keep them company - not that she's tired! Scott walks over and comments that it's not as easy as it looks. Sally and Tony are still working out and Madge exclaims that she doesn't know how they keep going. Scott says:
SCOTT: Stupidity, I reckon! They're going to kill themselves one day.
CHARLENE: Or each other...
Tony and Sally face each other on the floor and carry on doing star- jumps to the music.
No. 28
Eileen closes the door to the bedroom area. Jamie is still crying, but Eileen has put him in his room and she murmurs:
EILEEN: Sorry, Jamie. Sorry to leave you alone. Grandma's got the most awful headache. Please... *please*, stop crying, Jamie.
She goes and grabs the telephone directory and starts looking through it, but she gives up trying to find a number and instead picks up the 'phone and calls Information. She asks for the number for Elliott Park Medical Centre. She's given the number which she then dials. When she gets through, she tells the person on the other end that she'd like to make an urgent appointment. She listens before saying:
EILEEN: No... no, I'm not a regular patient. ... No, I don't care which doctor. ... [Yells] Well what difference does it make who recommend-
She calms down quickly and says she's sorry; she didn't mean to snap: it's just that the baby is crying and she needs an urgent prescription. She listens again and smiles in relief:
EILEEN: Ten o'clock? That will be fine. Thank you. Thank you very much.
She hangs up, looking slightly guilty about what she's just done...
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Harold Bishop, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0670
Harold Bishop, Jane Harris

Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0670
Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells

Tony Romeo, Sally Wells, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0670
Tony Romeo, Sally Wells, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0670
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0670
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Jane Harris

Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0670
Tony Romeo

Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0670
Sally Wells

Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0670
Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Tony Romeo, Charlene Robinson, Sally Wells, Madge Ramsay, Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0670
Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Tony Romeo, Charlene Robinson, Sally Wells, Madge Ramsay, Mike Young, Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Madge Ramsay, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0670
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Madge Ramsay, Sally Wells

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Gail Robinson, Jamie Clarke

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Eileen Clarke

Jane Harris, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0670
Jane Harris, Harold Bishop

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0670
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Jamie Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0670
Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Eileen Clarke

Mike Young, Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0670
Mike Young, Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson

Tony Romeo, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0670
Tony Romeo, Sally Wells

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0670
Eileen Clarke

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