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Neighbours Episode 0554 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0553 - 0555>>
Episode title: 0554
Australian airdate: 13/08/87
UK airdate: 21/12/88
UK Gold: 16/12/94
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker
Megan drives into the sunset and Mike is sad.
At the Clarkes:
Daphne is moaning about Mike leaving home. He comes in and tells them that he's not leaving. Megan was serious when she said now or never. He's upset that she couldn't understand how he feels about Jamie - kids are the most important thing in the world to him, that's why he wants to teach. Now he's worried how he can make things up to Jane (hang on, Megan's car is only just turning out of the street and he's moving back onto Jane?).
At the Robinsons:
Helen tells Jane how bad Madge is feeling about the argument she had with Nel. She tells Jane neither of them should be feeling guilty. She asks Jane whether she should get in touch with the family for her. Jane says there's no-one really. Helen is curious and asks what about her mother? Surely she'll be upset and want to be there? Jane says the only time her mother is upset is when she breaks a finger nail.
At the hospital:
Jim and Lucy have popped in to see Mrs Mangel but it's family only at the moment. Beverly tells them she's still in intensive care and Lucy asks eagerly "Is she going to die?!" Jim goes in to drop off the flowers with a nurse, leaving Lucy to invite Beverly to dinner that night - she's cooking a special treat for Helen's first night back. Bev says no, Helen will want to be with her family. Lucy tells her she's almost family now but Beverly warns her not to push it. She and Jim are enjoying each other's company and nothing else. Jane comes up and asks how Mrs M is - Beverly tells her she can see her but not to expect too much. Oh and by the way - she's asking for "Amanda", she wants her here very much. Jane is surprised - that's her mother.
At the office:
Gail is playing with kids toys and Paul warns her not to go getting all clucky on him. Jane sticks her head in and says she needs to keep busy. Is it okay if she calls her mum in Hong Kong? (Ah ha! So that's the reason she wants to work - much cheaper to call abroad from work than at home.)
At the Clarkes:
Helen has come to visit Daphne and Jamie and is discussing the way everyone's been treating Mrs Mangel. Mike is concerned to hear how upset Jane is, but he's worried she won't want to talk to him. Daphne tells him she needs all the friends she can get.
At the office:
Jane has left a message for her mum but can't get to speak to her in person. Gail points out that she wasn't to know her mum would have a heart attack but Jane is still angry with her. She tells Gail she was just an inconvenience to her mum when she was growing up - she's had only two letters from her in all the time they've been in Hong Kong - and she doubts she'd come all the way from Hong Kong now. Mike comes in to see how she is and she's polite but distant.
At the Robinsons:
Lucy is thrilled to see Helen back and fills her in on all the gossip. Unfortunately Helen appears to already know it all - except for the goss about Jim and Bev. She thinks it's wonderful, especially that Lucy's taking the relationship so well.
At the Clarkes:
Gail has come visiting with toys for Jamie. Along comes Lucy to join the party with a cake from Helen. Daphne extols the virtues of living in Ramsay Street with such good neighbours and Gail agrees. Lucy coos over baby Jamie and Gail looks sadly into the crib.
At the Robinsons:
Helen is showing Jim her picture of the Bungle Bungles and praising her tour guide Frank Darcy. Jim detects romance but she deflects the conversation onto his own romance with Beverly. He wriggles out of it saying they're just friends then tells her how much they've all missed her being away.
At Paul and Gail's:
Gail has got a postcard from her dad and is relieved he's alright. Paul has more cheerful news for her - he wants them to have a house of their own (They're renting this one). She tells him she doesn't want to move out of Ramsay Street but he needs somewhere bigger to entertain clients. He's surprised that she doesn't want to leave but she tells him she's never stayed in one place for a long time and likes it here. He points out that they can stay in the new place as long as she likes - he'll ring the estate agent tomorrow.
At the Robinsons:
Helen is still talking about Frank Darcy when Beverly arrives for dinner (looks like she accepted Lucy's invitation after all). Jim goes to get them all drinks and Helen and Bev discuss Mrs Mangel - Helen is praying she gets well again.
At the Clarkes:
Des is fussing over Jamie. Mike comes home still depressed about Megan and Des tells him sometimes these things are for the best. He's also upset that Jane wouldn't talk to him but Des points out it's hard to make polite conversation when you're worrying about someone you love. Jamie cries and everyone rushes to him, Mike getting their first. He stops crying straight away and Des and Daph are impressed.
At Paul and Gail's:
Lucy is visiting and talking about Jamie. She tells Paul and Gail she wants to be an Aunty - when will they have a baby? They tell her they want time to themselves first. She spots the house brochures and tells Paul she doesn't want him to move out of Ramsay Street - and she bets Gail doesn't want to either. She calls Paul insensitive and lets him know what Gail had said to Daphne earlier about this being the first real house she's ever had.
At the Robinsons:
It's breakfast time and Jane is making a brew while Helen stirs Jim about Beverly again. Lucy runs off to answer the doorbell, quickly coming back in and announcing that it's a pretty lady asking for Jane - and she says she's her mum...
<<0553 - 0555>>
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0554
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0554
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0554
Paul Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0554
Jane Harris

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