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Neighbours Episode 0541 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0541
Australian airdate: 27/07/1987
UK airdate: 02/12/1988
UK Gold: 28/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Madge is cleaning the remains of the pavlova from the wall, it's still stained after two days. Henry thinks Mike is an idiot for raving about his new girl in front of Jane. Madge says that kids their age fall in and out of love all the time and Henry tells her not to let Scott and Charlene hear her say that.
Madge: Scott and Charlene are different. Even dynamite wouldn't break those two up.
Henry says now that Jane's free he might give her a call. Madge wonders about Melanie and Henry says she's terrific but Jane's a friend. Madge asks when they can meet Melanie and Henry says he will bring her to dinner in a few days. He assures Madge that she will love her.
Mike is on the phone to Megan and is telling her how much he loves her. Daphne tells him to put a sock in it as she's going to throw up! Mike ends the phone call and Daphne gives him hassle about Megan. Mike asks if Megan can come to stay for a while but Daphne says it's awkward with the baby about to arrive. Besides it wouldn't be fair on Jane. Mike says she's had her revenge but Daphne thinks that's rubbish; he broke her heart. Mike leaves for work and Daphne asks to give Harold a message; she wants to see him tonight as she wants to talk to him.
The Office
Gino is waiting with flowers behind his back. Jane arrives and he asks if it's true that she dumped a pavlova on Mikes head. Jane tells him she and Mike are finished. Gino gives her the flowers and asks if she'd like to see a film with him tonight. Jane asks if she can think about it and Gino says that's fine. As Gino leaves Mike arrives and Jane makes a point of telling Gino she'll let him know about the movie. Mike tells Jane he thinks they should talk and says he still wants them to be friends.
The Coffee Shop
Mike tells Gino he didn't waste his time on asking Jane out. Mike passes on Daphne's message to Harold. He tells the boys they will prove that the new menu is successful and tells them to be positive.
Henry arrives and Harold tries to tempt him with some healthy food. Henry starts talking about his business and Harold admires his get up and go. He asks for some advice and Henry tells him what The Coffee Shop needs is promotion.
The Office
Paul notices the flowers on Janes desk. He asks her to go to The Coffee Shop and get some morning tea for both of them. Jane is reluctant and tells Paul that she and Mike have split up. He says if she'd rather avoid him then she doesn't have to go and get tea. Jane is about to leave but stays and tells Paul about Megan. She explains that she and Mike were happy and says she thought one day they'd get married. Paul says these things happen but Jane doesn't understand how it can happen over night. She has come to the conclusion that Mike never loved her. Paul tells her she has so much going for her and says she should try and get Mike out of her system.
PAUL: Don't trust your heart too easily.
Paul tells her to be more guarded and Jane comments that he and Gail are really close. Paul says they are but says before Gail came along he played the field and now she's here he's ready to be with her. Jane thanks Paul for his advice.
The Coffee Shop
Mike and Gino are talking about Jane and Mike assures him he and Jane are finished. Harold arrives with a box full of costumes. He hands one to each of them; a carrot and a pumpkin. Harold is very excited but Mike is not willing to participate.
Madge arrives with a quiche for Daphne. Daphne is on the phone resuming all of the old Coffee Shop orders. Madge overhears and tells Daphne that changes take time. Daphne wonders if she and Harold are an item again but Madge assures her that aren't. Daphne asks if she can resume making her meat pies and Madge says she can so long as Harold knows.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Gino are dressed up and rehearsing their speeches when Henry arrives. He promises to help in exchange for a free lunch. Jane comes in and tells Gino she'd love to go and see a film with him. Mike tries to talk to her but she doesn't want to know and walks out. Paul comes in and wishes Harold luck with his new venture.
After lunch Harold begins to face the fact that the promotion may not have been a success. Harold begins to count the takings and Mike reminds him that the cost of the costumes has to come out of the takings.
Daphne tells Harold they are going back to serving meat. Harold says he can't stand the smell nor sight of it. She tells him he won't have to handle it but says they have to broaden their range. She tells him she'll understand if he wants to resign. Harold says no and they start to discuss how they can get customers back. They decide to try an Italian week with Gino as the chef. Daphne says if he's half as good as his references then they'll be onto a winner.
Jane and Gino are back from the film and Jane is making coffee. Gino tells her he likes her and Jane thinks he makes everything sound so simple. She says she had a great time however she's not ready for a relationship. They agree to be friends.
The Coffee Shop
Mike hangs up a sign for the Italian week. Madge arrives with her meat pies. She apologises to Harold and says she wishes his venture with Harold had worked out. Gino arrives and Harold tells him he will be the chef for Italian week. Gino is shell-shocked and confesses that he can't cook.
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Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0541
Daphne Clarke

Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0541
Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0541
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Gino Rossini in Neighbours Episode 0541
Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Gino Rossini

<<0540 - 0542>>
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