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Neighbours Episode 0516 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0516
Australian airdate: 22/06/1987
UK airdate: 28/10/1988
UK Gold: 24/10/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Mrs Mangel's
Mrs Mangel tells Jane that she has found a letter from Len and from it's content she knows that Len was aware of his fate. She reads Jane the letter. Len talks about moving on and making new starts, as well as not blaming anyone for what has happened. Mrs Mangel tells Jane there could never be anyone else in her life but Len and asks Jane if there has been over the past two years. Jane says there hasn't been any man in her life - except for Harold.
Des is on the phone to his solicitor whilst Daphne and Mike try and think of ways to stop Mrs Mangel from suing them. Jane arrives and says she hasn't had the chance to speak to Mrs Mangel as she was upset about Lens letter. Jane still can't bring herself to tell Mrs Mangel the truth about Len and Daphne's asks that she try and talk to Mrs Mangel about the accident.
Paul and Gail arrive and apologise to Madge for not inviting her to their wedding. They are making their way round Ramsay Street because they feel so bad. They tell Madge they decided to have a small ceremony so that Scott and Charlene could take the limelight at their own wedding. They tell Madge about the party they are planning and she accepts their invitation. She gives them a wedding present and wishes them the best of luck in their marriage. Paul tells her there is another reason for their visit; they want Madge to manage the new bar area when the complex development is finished. Madge is overjoyed.
Mrs Mangel's
Jane is trying to get Mrs Mangel to change her mind about suing Des and Daphne. Mrs Mangel tells her the subject is closed. Daphne arrives and Jane tells her she had no luck. Daphne tells Jane to get Mrs Mangel - she has something to say to her.
Mrs Mangel tells Daphne she is going ahead with the lawsuit and will inform her solicitors of her behaviour. Mrs Mangel tells Daphne it's wonder she can bring a child into the world when she has a house and shop full of waifs and strays. Daphne is furious and tells Mrs Mangel that everyone in Ramsay Street went out of their way to help her after the accident despite the fact she is the most disliked member of Ramsay Street.
Des is unhappy when he finds out Daphne has gone to see Mrs Mangel. Daphne arrives home in tears and tells Des that Mrs Mangel said they wouldn't be good parents. Daphne is distraught and Des if furious, he says the niceties stop here - they will take her to court. Mike says if Mrs Mangel wins he will give them the money from his trust fund, but Des says that's not enough. If Mrs Mangel wins they can kiss goodbye to living in Ramsay Street.
Mrs Mangel's
Madge is talking to Mrs Mangel about procedures at Lassiters. Mrs Mangel thanks Madge and says she's been a real friend. She tells Madge what Daphne said to her, Madge says that sometimes people can say things they don't mean when they are angry. Mrs Mangel says she feels alone and is scared of being left alone. She says she is glad that Madge is here because there are things she can't talk to Jane about. Mrs Mangel wants to talk about men and wonders if she is still desirable, Madge says she shouldn't rush into anything since Lens departure. Mrs Mangel tells her it was Lens dying wish for her to find someone else and she is keen to honour it.
Mrs Mangel's Front Yard
Mrs Mangel is watering the rosebush where Len is 'laid at rest'. She tells him that she doesn't feel alone when she's near him. She asks Len to give her a sign that she should move on.....at that very moment Harold walks up the drive and wishes her good morning. Mrs Mangel is moved and gazes at the rose!
The Office
Paul and Gail arrive and Jane presents 'Mrs Robinson' with a bouquet of flowers. She congratulates them on the wedding and Gail goes to start a conference. Madge arrives to talk to Paul. She tells him she feels like a hypocrite because Mrs Mangel is confiding in her so much. She tells him about Lens 'dying' wish and Paul tells her to keep an eye on Mrs Mangel and ensure she doesn't propose to any of the guests!!
Mrs Mangel
Mrs Mangel shows Harold into the house. He tells her he is glad she is starting back at Lassiters as the place hasn't been the same without her. She tells him she still hasn't decided whether or not he can move back in. He says he doesn't just miss the room but her company. Mrs Mangel agrees he can move back in.
Coffee Shop
Jane arrives as Daphne and Mike are cleaning up. Jane tells Daphne she shouldn't have said those things to Mrs Mangel and asks that she stay away from her in the future. Daphne tells Mike to sort out Janes order and walks away. Mike tells Jane she shouldn't have spoken to Daphne like that, and says Des and Daphne have to fight to keep their house. Jane says Mrs Mangel isn't herself at the moment and still doesn't know that Len is alive and living with another woman. Mike tells her it's she who lied about that and says it has nothing to do with Daphne. Jane walks out and Daphne tells Mike she wishes he didn't have to get involved. Mike says Jane is sticking up for her family and he is sticking up for his.
The Office
Mrs Mangel has come into the office on her first day back at work. She is nervous and confused about whether she can handle the job. She wants to talk to Paul but Jane says she can't, he's in a private conference with Gail and the company solicitor.
Paul and Gail are signing the marriage contract. The solicitor says this is the strangest contract he has ever drawn up.
As the solicitor leaves Mrs Mangel asks him for some assistance. He agrees to have a coffee with her so they can talk about her accident.
Paul and Gail talk about the contracts. Gail thinks it's so romantic and says she will hang hers over the bed, Paul tells her to lock it away because if anyone finds out about this their lives won't be worth living.
Outside The Coffee Shop
Mrs Mangel is talking to the solicitor and Mike overhears their conversation. The solicitor warns Mrs Mangel that she may lose and ends the conversation with her when Des arrives, as he doesn't offer free advice.
The Coffee Shop
Des wants Daphne to go home but she wants to see the solicitor with him. She tells him she feels bad about Mike and Jane's fight, she doesn't want people to take sides. Mike tells Des and Daphne the solicitor has told Mrs Mangel she could win $60,000.
<<0515 - 0517>>
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0516
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Nell Mangel, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0516
Nell Mangel, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0516
Nell Mangel

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0516
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

<<0515 - 0517>>
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