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Neighbours Episode 0488 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0488
Australian airdate: 13/5/1987
UK airdate: 20/9/1988
UK Gold: 14/9/1994
Writer: ?
Director: ?
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Gail is just leaving to see Jeremy and Rob can't understand why - she's engaged to Paul now.
Harold and Mrs Mangel are still drinking the cider and slurring their words as they put the world to rights(!) Mrs Mangel reminsices about her debut - some said that she looked ravishing, apparently! Harold goes on to talk about dancing and how he likes old-fashioned ballroom dancing and gets up and demonstrates some steps(!) Mrs Mangel suggests that they put some old records on and Harold staggers over to the recod player.
Madge is feeling guilty for shouting at Harol and says she's going to make up with him. Charlene says Harold is an old fusspot who never compromises.
Henry comes in and says that Sue has gone over to Warren's. He says that he's been round to the fire at Charlene's old school to sell icecream(!) Madge is appalled and says he could just follow fire engines(!) The police think it's the same people who set fire to the other schools. Madge goes off to see Harold.
Harold and Mrs Mangel are dancing the waltz and Mrs Mangel falls over at the end. But Harold picks her up to do the tango(!)
At the door, Jane is just arriving home and lets Madge in. As they enter the room, Harold and Mrs Mangel have fallen on to the sofa in a compromising position. Jane and Madge are stunned. Madge picks up the bottle of cider and tells Jane that they're both drunk. Madge storms out.
Madge is upset about Harold being drunk but Charlene and Henry are giggling madly. She says Harold always moralises at her and now he's sprawling all over Mrs Mangel(!) Charlene says that at least they know that Harold is human(!)
Henry has to go out for a bit and asks Madge to save his dinner for him. He's mysterious about where he's going.
Mrs Mangel is asking Jane in confusion where Madge has gone. Mrs Mangel tells Harold that they never drink, but Jane says the cider smells pretty alcoholic. Harold is appalled to hear that he really is drunk and says he's going to confront Rob Lewis for giving him the cider. Jane helps Mrs Mangel to bed.
Harold comes in trying to punch Rob but falls drunkenly on to the sofa. Rob says he shouldn't have stolen the bottles of cider from the garage(!) He says it must have fermented in the bottle because it had been there for a while and promises to pour the rest down the sink tomorrow morning. When Harold has gone, Rob collapses in laughter.
Mangels, the following morning
Harold and Mrs Mangel are feeling very rough with hangovers. Jane reminds Mrs Mangel that she was drunk and Mrs Mangel is appalled - she says she never drinks. Mrs Mangel says her reputation has been destroyed by Rob Lewis!
Rob is telling Gail about the drunken incident with Harold and Mrs Mangel and she laughs. But she reminds Rob that Harold is his boss now - he and Jim have equal rights in the garage. Rob tells Gail that he hopes she knows what's she's doing with Jeremy.
Harold is pouring away Rob's cider, much to Rob's dismay.
Madge asks Henry what he was doing last night, but he is evasive on the matter. There a knock on the door and Madge opens it to Harold.
MADGE: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Rager of Ramsay Street!
Harold says that it was all an unfortunate accident and tells her about Rob Lewis' homebrew. Madge starts laughing and says that of course it was alcoholic - why would Rob make it otherwise?! Madge says she's never seen Harold so relaxed and says that he should do it more often(!)
Mrs Mangel is distraught and says that everyone will be laughing at her. Jane says that it will blow over soon enough. She asks Jane if it was very bad, and Jane says that when she and Madge came in, Mrs Mangel was lying on the sofa with Harold on top of her!
Rob is cross that Harold has poured away his homebrew. Gail says that Rob needs Harold and he's doing a good job of managing the garage. Charlene says that everyone has to put up with Harold. Rob says he might move her on from detailing to the pumps(!)
Mrs Mangel comes round and Madge delights in talking loudly to aggravate her headache. Henry can't stop laughing so Madge sends him off to do the dishes. Mrs Mangel begs Madge not to say anything, but Madge says that Mrs Mangel is always spreading things about other people. But Madge says she wasn't planning on selling the story to the Erinsborough News(!)
At that moment the police come to the door and ask Henry to accompany them to the station - there's been a robbery at the icecream depo. Henry says he hasn't done anything but they take him off. Mrs Mangel says that it was too much to expect that Henry would stay out of trouble(!)
<<0487 - 0489>>
Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0488
Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0488
Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0488
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Nell Mangel  Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0488
Nell Mangel Harold Bishop

Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0488
Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell

Harold Bishop, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0488
Harold Bishop, Rob Lewis

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0488
Nell Mangel

Rob Lewis, Harold Bishop, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0488
Rob Lewis, Harold Bishop, Gail Lewis

Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0488
Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel

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