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Neighbours Episode 0485 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0485 (Paul Robinson proposes to Gail Lewis)
Australian airdate: 8/5/1987
UK airdate: 15/9/1988
UK Gold: 9/9/1994
Writer: ?
Director: ?
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Des guesses that it's Daphne blood pressure that's making her unwell. He wants to know why Harold knew about her blood pressure and he didn't. Daphne says that Des wasn't there - she admits that she had a go at Mike and she fainted. Des is shocked but Daphne says she'll be fine in a few days.
Gail has come round to borrow the hoover and Jim is only too pleased to stop hoovering himself and give it to her! A bloke called Mark Gibson comes to the door looking for Helen. He has come to talk to her about the painting that Paul submitted to the art competition. Much to Helen's surprise, Mark Gibson says she hopes she'll submit more of her work next year. She has won a letter of commendation from the competition judges and they rate her as a highly talented artist. Helen is very pleased and says she will definitely try again next year.
Charlene's caravan
Charlene isn't impressed at the amount of stuff that Sue has brought, so Warren suggests that she store some of the stuff at his place. When Warren takes a couple of cases out to the car, Charlene tells Sue that Warren is fond of her, but she's is love with Scott. She asks Sue to give them a few minutes to talk to each other.
When Warren comes in, Sue leaves and Charlene says she wants to talk to him. She tells him that she's found the right person for her - Scott. Warren takes this in his stride, but before Charlene can quiz him further, Sue calls Warren to open the car.
Daphne has just finished packing to go to the hospital. Mike has come home and she tells him what's happening. Daphne goes out to the car and Des shouts at Mike that he doesn't know what's got into him.
Paul passes a man in the corridor who introduces himself as Jeremy Lord. He congratulates him on his hotel and on "getting Gail". Paul says he just works with Gail. Jeremy persuades him to come into his hotel room for a drink. Over the drink, Jeremy flatters Paul about his business acumen and probes for details about Gail. Then he asks Paul if the Daniels Corporation would like some great publicity by sponsoring his racing car. Gail apparently hates the car - Jeremy's father was killed in it and it's said to be jinxed. However, Jeremy wants to confound the critics by winning the Classics 500. Paul says that the Daniel's Corporation only invests in certainties - he doesn't want to invest in the car.
Mike answers the door to Jane - Mike apparently called her. He tells her about Daphne going to hospital and Jane says he could have made more of an effort to help Daphne. Mike says that now he's at Uni he has to keep up with his new friends. Jane is unimpressed and says he shouldn't be forgetting his other friends.
Paul comes in and sheepishly congratulates Helen. She has warmed to him and sits him down. She says although she was upset when he submitted her painting to the awards people, now she's fine - she doesn't care if she's criticised or praised - she loves painting and she'll paint the way she wants to.
Scott comes in and hugs Helen and says she'll definitely win next year. Scott says maybe he should take up painting too!
Jim comes in and says he's asked Gail to come to dinner tonight to help them celebrate Helen's good news. But Paul says he can't make it - Mr Udigawa is in town. Jim and Helen suggest that they invite him round for a family meal. Paul is very pleased.
PAUL: Families mean a lot to the Japanese!
JIM: ...and the Australians!
Later at the Robinsons
Mr Udigawa has arrived and they make smalltalk about their respective families. Paul explains to Mr Udigawa about Helen doing well in the painting competition. They drink a toast to Helen and she gets quite tearful.
Des comes in to find Jane preparing dinner. He is distant with Mike and goes off to change. When he comes back, they all sit down awkwardly to eat dinner. Des tells Mike off for being wrapped up with his friends from University - he's been neglecting everyone else, especially Jane. Des says Mike is changing for the worse - he's late for work and doesn't do his share around the home. Des gets up and says he's going back to the hospital for a while.
Mr Udigawa is leaving and thanking the Robinsons for their hospitality. Paul goes out to take him back to his hotel while the Robinsons comment on what a nice man Mr Udigawa is. Jim says that Mr Udigawa is quite a matchmaker - he said three times what a lovely couple Paul and Gail would make. Helen tells Jim off for stirring, but Gail says it's fine - Mr Udigawa tells her the same thing every time she sees him! Scott teases Gail that something might be going on after all!
Charlene's caravan
Charlene sees a shape moving in the dark and screams. It turns out to be Sue going out to the loo.
The phone rings and it's Jeremy. He says he's ringing to talk about their relationship, but it's late and Gail doesn't want to talk about it now. He starts going on about their honeymoon and says that he misses her. Gail puts the phone down slowly.
There's a knock at the door and she answers it to Paul, surprised to see him there so late.
PAUL: Look, I know it's late, but I did something tonight that concerns both of us and I thought I'd better tell you before you see Mr Udigawa in the morning.
GAIL: Go on.
PAUL: Gail, he hinted at the most fantastic tie-up with Japan for me. And this could be good for you too.
GAIL: Well it sounds marvellous!
PAUL: Yeah...there's one little proviso, though. Well, he said he prefers all his business associates to be family men.
GAIL: And?
PAUL: And...I told him you and I are getting married!
<<0484 - 0486>>
Helen Daniels, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0485
Helen Daniels, Gail Lewis

Paul Robinson, Jeremy Lord in Neighbours Episode 0485
Paul Robinson, Jeremy Lord

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0485
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0485
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0485
Paul Robinson

Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0485
Gail Lewis

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