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Neighbours Episode 0438 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0438
Australian airdate: 04/03/87
UK airdate: 12/07/88
UK Gold: 06/07/94
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jim telling Henry that there's a shed at work that needs cleaning; and Henry offering to help Jim clear No. 26's garage.
Mike telling Des, Daphne and Jane that he's going to live with his mother and will defer university to support the two of them.
No. 28
As Des, Daphne and Jane stare at him, Mike says:
MIKE: She's my mother - and she *needs* me right now.
Des comments that things are never quite as bad as they first seem: *he* can help with the financial problems; there's always a solution. He goes on that Mrs. Young could sell the house and buy a small unit somewhere. Mike, however, retorts that he's not going to put his mother through that: she's pretty shaken up at the moment. Des goes on that if Mike's father left some debts, he could talk to the creditors and buy Mrs. Young some time. Mike just says he doesn't think they're going to wait until he's finished a university course; he's got to get a job. Daphne suggests that they talk about this over dinner. Mike, however, says he's got to go and be with his mum. Daphne exclaims in astonishment:
DAPHNE: You're going *now*?
MIKE: Yeah. She *needs* me.
With that, he heads off to pack his things and Jane heads out through the front door. Left alone with Daphne, Des mutters:
DES: Geez, I hope that woman appreciates what he's given up for her.
DAPHNE (murmurs): I'm sure she does.
DES: She hasn't been exactly supportive or considerate of him in the past, has she?
DAPHNE (looking worried): No...
Garage of No. 26
Paul walks into the garage, where he finds Henry working, and he laughs that Henry got conned into sorting out for them, did he?! Henry explains that he's just helping out: Helen's gone inside to answer the 'phone and Jim's playing golf - and he's got nothing *else* to do. He adds that Helen's sorting out the paintings she wants for the exhibition and is going to paint over the rest. He adds that it's a shame, as the paintings are pretty good. Paul grins that Helen's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her art. Henry exclaims that it's crazy: people pay big money for stuff far worse. He then says:
HENRY: You don't think she'd be interested in selling these? I reckon I could get rid of a few, going door- to- door.
PAUL (grins): On commission, of course!
HENRY: A bloke's gotta eat!
Paul shrugs that Henry can try, but he doesn't think he'll talk Helen into it. Scott wanders in suddenly and stares at the piles of paintings. He groans:
SCOTT: Oh no... If this is moving day, I am not lifting another thing.
Paul asks how it went at Clive's and Scott replies that it was fine: *they* just did all the work while Clive sat around giving all the orders! Paul leaves him and Henry to it. After a few seconds, Scott says:
SCOTT: Henry... how's Charlene?
HENRY: Fine.
SCOTT: Could you give her a message for me?
HENRY: Why don't you tell her yourself?
SCOTT: She won't talk to me; just ignores me if I see her in the street.
HENRY: Come off it - I've heard all about the fights you two have. You'll patch it up.
SCOTT (glumly): Not this time. You know, I have tried to talk to her, but she just refuses to listen.
Henry says he'll have a word with her and see if he can talk her around. Scott thanks him. Henry asks what the message is. Scott shrugs:
SCOTT: Oh, just... just that I miss her.
Jane approaches them and calls to Scott, who joins her just outside the garage doors. He asks what's up. Jane says:
JANE: Do you want to come say goodbye to Mike?
SCOTT (exclaims): What?!
No. 28
Des is sitting on the couch, stroking Bouncer - who leaps up when he sees Mike emerge from his room, a large bag over his shoulder. Des joins him by the front door and asks him if he can give him a hand with anything. Mike says he'll be all right. He then holds out his front door key and says he won't be needing it anymore. Des, however, tells him to hang onto it - you never know... Daphne joins them and says sadly:
DAPHNE: You might want to come back and visit us sometime, Mike. As far as we're concerned, this is your home.
MIKE (murmurs): Thanks.
Daphne begins to sob that this is all happening so quickly... Des shakes Mike's hand and Daphne gives him a kiss. Mike then takes Bouncer by the lead and the two of them head out. Des puts his arm around an upset Daphne and pulls her to him.
Ramsay Street
As Mike steps out onto the street, Scott and Jane come along. Scott explains to Mike that Jane told him about his dad - it's pretty rough. Mike murmurs that he's not exactly cut- up about it - they didn't really have a terrific father- and- son relationship... Jane tells Mike that they'll miss him. Mike points out that he's only going to his mum's place - he'll still be going to the Coffee Shop for a while. Henry walks over and tells Scott that he'll let him know how he goes with what they talked about. He walks off again. Mike looks at Jane and tells her that he'll give her a ring as soon as he's settled in. Jane gives him a kiss and he walks off. Scott and Jane watch him go, sadly.
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table, rolling a ball of wool from some knitting she's unravelling. Charlene is wiping up dishes in the kitchen as Madge says:
MADGE: Charlene, I've been meaning to ask you...
MADGE: Well, it's just an idea I had in mind...
MADGE: Well, I'll quite understand if you don't want to...
CHARLENE: Want to *what*?
MADGE: Do what I had in mind!
CHARLENE (frustrated): Mum!
Henry wanders in and tells Charlene not to get aggro! Charlene sits down at the table with her mother and says:
MADGE: Well... I was wondering if you'd mind sharing my room for a while.
Charlene asks what for, and Madge explains that she thought Harold might like to stay. Charlene asks why he has to have *her* room. Henry smiles at his mum:
HENRY: Yeah. Why can't he share with *you*?
MADGE: Oh Henry, Harold is a man of old- fashioned principles.
HENRY (to Charlene): Does that mean he's a prude?!
CHARLENE: It means that mum hopes that once she's got him in the house he'll get his finger out and propose!
She then adds that she'll move in with Madge - but she hopes it's not for long! Madge smiles that she'll ask Harold tonight when he comes for dinner.
No. 32
Jane is lying back on the couch in the lounge room. Mrs. Mangel sighs at her that she's only picked at her lunch. Jane just murmurs that she wasn't very hungry. Mrs. Mangel points out to her that it's not as if she'll never see Mike again. Jane, however, says it's just not going to be the same without him living in the street - and she's not the only one who's upset: Des and Daphne don't want to him to go either. Mrs. Mangel comments:
MRS. MANGEL: Well yes, of course, they'll be out of pocket now, won't they.
JANE (exclaims): How can you *say* that, nan?
MRS. MANGEL: I don't mean to imply that they don't care about him, but a few extra dollars a week makes all the difference. And as far as Mike's concerned, well, I'm glad to say that he's shown a great deal of responsibility moving back home to look after his poor mother.
JANE (smiling suddenly): That's it!
MRS. MANGEL (frowns): What?
JANE: That's the answer to your problem!
MRS. MANGEL: I'm not sure I follow...
JANE: Your money problem. We should get a boarder!
MRS. MANGEL (aghast): Jane, how could you suggest such a thing? Share our home with a stranger?
JANE: Why not? There's a spare room just sitting there and accommodation's a real problem these days. We'd have no trouble at all finding someone to pay... I don't know - fifty, sixty dollars a week; even more if you give them meals.
MRS. MANGEL: But this is our *home*, Jane. No, my days of running a boarding house are *over*.
JANE (shrugs): It's not different to Mike staying with Des and Daphne - and you said yourself the extra money came in handy for *them*.
MRS. MANGEL: That's different: it was their decision to open their door to Mike - and they're very lucky that he's such a nice, quiet boy; well, usually, anyway. No. No, I'm sorry, but I won't have my privacy violated by sheer monetary gain.
No. 24
It's evening- time. Charlene is lying on the lounge room floor, looking at the newspaper, as Henry sits in one of the armchairs, looking at a magazine. He tells his sister that he was over at the Robinsons' today, helping them clean out their garage and Scott asked him to give her a message. Charlene shrugs disinterestedly:
CHARLENE: So what?
HENRY: He misses you.
CHARLENE (sarcastically): My heart bleeds!
HENRY: He really meant it!
CHARLENE: Like I said: so what?
Henry tells Charlene that she could at least *listen* to Scott: he's really upset. Charlene retorts that *he* was the one who wrote the stupid article, not *her*. Henry pleads with her to give Scott one more chance. Charlene just asks him why he's so interested anyway. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Henry goes and answers it. Harold is standing on the step and Henry invites him in. Madge emerges from her bedroom, all dressed up, and Harold smiles that she looks delightful. She invites him to sit down. They both sit and Madge asks Harold how his day's been. He nods that it was fine. Madge smiles that hers was as well, rushing round as usual! She hesitates, awkwardly. Henry asks Harold how the house- hunting's going. Harold replies that he's seen a few, but these things take time. Madge says hesitantly:
MADGE: Yes, well, actually, um... I was thinking - in fact, we were *all* thinking; in fact, we've talked it over - that as you're so keen on staying in Erinsborough, and we've got a spare room - well, we will have when Charlene—
Harold interrupts and exclaims in horror:
HAROLD: Madge... Madge, you're not suggesting that I stay *here*?
MADGE (shrugs): Well... yes.
Harold asks if that's wise: people know that they're courting and whatever would they think if they thought they were cohabiting? Madge says quickly that Harold's right: it's a ridiculous suggestion and she only asked because she promised Charlene she would! She then dashes off to the kitchen, saying she thinks the dinner's burning! When she's gone, Harold says to Charlene:
HAROLD: Don't think that I don't appreciate the offer, Charlene. It just wouldn't look right, all right? I know that young people today have got different values, but... well, people of *our* generation are bound by the moral standards that they were brought up with, I'm afraid.
No. 28
Des and Daphne are sitting at the table, having dinner, but they're just picking at their food. The front door bangs suddenly and Mike comes in. He explains that he just came to get the rest of his stuff. Daphne asks him if everything's OK. Mike replies that his mum's asleep finally - she's still in shock, though. Des asks Mike if he's eaten. He replies that he had some eggs before. Daphne says quickly that she cooked too much for her and Des - force of habit! Mike asks her if she's sure. Daphne tells him to sit down and she'll get another plate!
No. 24
The next morning, Charlene is sitting at the kitchen table. Henry joins her as Madge emerges from the bedroom area. He says to his sister
HENRY: Geez, that was a stupid idea you had last night, Lennie!
CHARLENE (blankly): What? [Looking at Madge] Oh, about Harold coming to stay? Yeah, I know, I just don't know what I was thinking of! Can you imagine what would've happened if he'd agreed? The whole neighbourhood would've been talking!
HENRY: The scandal! Our mother living in sin!
Madge mutters at the two of them to cut it out and do something a more constructive - like looking for jobs. Charlene retorts:
CHARLENE: What's the use? No one wants to give *me* a job - I'm unemployable.
MADGE: Oh rubbish. You'll get one sooner or later - just keep looking.
Charlene walks off to her room, leaving Madge to ask Henry what's got into her. Henry explains that she's just fed up getting knocked back all the time. Madge retorts that she should learn some patience. Henry muses:
HENRY: Like *you*?
MADGE (frowns): What do you mean by *that*?
HENRY: Well, anyone who's prepared to wait 'til the end of the century for Harold to propose has to be the most patient person I know!
Madge lets out a growl and slaps Henry round the back of the head! She marches over to the front door - and opens it to find Scott standing on the step. He asks if Henry's home and Madge invites him in. She then heads out. Scott joins Henry, who tells him:
HENRY: No luck, I'm afraid.
SCOTT: She didn't want to know?
HENRY: At the moment, I think she'd be happy if you disappeared off the face of the earth.
At that moment, Charlene emerges from her room - but seeing Scott standing there, she mutters at Henry:
CHARLENE: You choose the most revolting people as friends, you know?
She returns to her room. Scott sits down and thanks Henry wearily for trying. He adds:
SCOTT: Looks like my name's mud *everywhere* at the moment. Might as well hang a bell round my neck saying 'Beware of the leper'.
Henry muses that he could tell Scott all about that sort of stuff after all the trouble *he's* been in. Scott says:
SCOTT: I suppose you could. Hey, what's it *like* in jail, Henry? I've always wanted to know.
HENRY: Where shall I start?! The food? The glue they call porridge? The slops they call stew?
SCOTT: And you had to *eat* it?
HENRY: No, you didn't *have* to. You could leave it for the mice and rats if you wanted - *they* appreciated it; not that they were ever starving: they could always eat the straw we slept on. In fact, *we* had to eat it sometimes, just to keep ourselves going.
SCOTT (exclaims): You ate *straw*?
HENRY: Yeah! Quite tasty, really, if you're hungry enough. One poor bloke ate it *all*: figured it was better to sleep on a concrete floor than listen to his stomach rumbling all the time.
SCOTT (realising he's being had): Fine! You're kidding me right?!
HENRY: Yeah! I had you going, didn't I!
No. 28
Daphne is preparing breakfast in the kitchen area as Des asks her if she's OK. Daphne murmurs that she's just a bit sad - you could tell Mike didn't want to go last night. Des points out that it's his decision. Daphne retorts:
DAPHNE: Is it? Or has his mother got him twisted around her little finger?
Des points out that it's none of their business. Daphne, however, tells him that they've been like parents to Mike since he moved in - and she thinks it's wrong for him to give up his education and his whole future for some neurotic woman who's only going to use him. Des says he agrees, but Mike's got to make up his own mind. Daphne suggests that they could still talk to him and make him see that he's doing the wrong thing. Des, however, says he doesn't think Mike *is* doing the wrong thing: it *is* his *mother*. Daphne exclaims:
DAPHNE: Oh yeah, and *you'd* defend *mothers* of course, wouldn't you! They can't do any wrong, can they?!
DES (sharply): Hey! Hey! I'm on *your* side, remember?
Daphne murmurs that she's sorry: she's just worried about Mike. Des tells her that so is he - but it's his future and he has to be able to make up his own mind.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Mrs. Mangel is sitting with Paul in his office. He tells her that they've been through the books and he thinks they can go an extra $30 a week for her. Mrs. Mangel exclaims:
MRS. MANGEL: *Thirty?* That's not very much, is it?
PAUL: I'm sorry, but it's all we can afford.
MRS. MANGEL: But aren't you *happy* with my work?
PAUL: Of course we're happy with your work; it's a question of economics, that's all.
Mrs. Mangel comments that, after tax, that's less than twenty dollars. Paul shrugs that Australia *is* one of the most over- taxed countries in the world. He adds that she can complain to the Treasurer if she likes! Jane - who's sitting at the other desk - calls over and tells Paul that Rosemary's on the 'phone: she's on the way to see Mr. Ryder from 'Disclosure' magazine and wants to postpone the Elliott meeting until 4pm. Paul nods and asks Jane to 'phone Mr. Elliott for her. He then mutters:
PAUL: Damn magazine - I'm never going to talk to another journalist again.
Looking suddenly shifty, Mrs. Mangel tells Paul that the $30 he offered is very generous, and she stands up and makes a hasty exit. When she's gone, Paul comments to Jane that he can't work her grandmother out!
Lassiter's complex
Harold is busy looking at adverts in the newspaper as he walks through the complex and he doesn't notice Mrs. Mangel as she emerges from the offices of the Daniels Corporation. He bumps into her. Both of them start to apologise and Harold asks Mrs. Mangel if she's all right, as she looks a little harassed. Mrs. Mangel assures him that she's not. She then asks him what he's doing there and he tells her:
HAROLD: Checking the advertisements for some rooms in the area. It's very difficult to find something suitable, and I did want to stay in Erinsborough.
MRS. MANGEL: Yes it *is* a nice place, isn't it.
With that, Harold says he must be off, and he walks away. A look of realisation crosses Mrs. Mangel's face suddenly, though, and she calls:
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, Mr. Bishop. Mr. Bishop!
She dashes after him!
Madge is setting up the bar as Henry throws some darts into the board, sighing that he's beginning to understand how *Charlene* feels: there's at least twenty applicants for every job. Madge comments:
MADGE: At least you're *trying*, which is more than can be said for *her*.
HENRY: Oh, she'll come good. Give her a chance.
Mrs. Mangel wanders through suddenly, with some clean cloths. She's humming to herself and Henry muses to Madge:
HENRY: Hello - *someone's* happy. Boss must've given her a raise!
MRS. MANGEL (sharply): What do *you* know about that?
HENRY (blankly): About *what*?!
Madge explains to Mrs. Mangel that Henry was just commenting on her happy mood. Mrs. Mangel smiles:
MRS. MANGEL: Yes, well I *am* rather cheerful: I've just found someone to rent my spare room.
MADGE: Oh, I didn't know you were interested in taking in a lodger.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh yes, I've been considering it for some time - and he's such a nice, well- mannered gentleman: I'm very lucky to get him. But then of course you'd *know* that: it's Harold Bishop.
Mrs. Mangel walks off again, leaving Henry to smile at his mother:
HENRY: Well, there you go: can't see *that* causing much scandal in the neighbourhood!
Madge, however, growls:
MADGE: No way in the world. Harold is not moving into her house. I won't have it.
HENRY: Sounds like fighting words to me!
MADGE (declares): Them *is*!
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Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0438
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Paul Robinson, Henry Mitchell

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0438
Scott Robinson

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0438
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0438
Scott Robinson, Jane Harris, Mike Young

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0438
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0438
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Scott Robinson, Henry Mitchell

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0438
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0438
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0438
Paul Robinson

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0438
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0438
Nell Mangel

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0438
Madge Mitchell

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