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Neighbours Episode 0436 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0436
Australian airdate: 02/03/87
UK airdate: 08/07/88
UK Gold: 04/07/94
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Shane accusing Henry of stealing $100 from the room they're sharing.
No. 24
Henry snaps at Shane that he never *touched* his lousy money. Shane retorts angrily that it didn't just walk. Henry demands:
HENRY: Are you calling me a thief?
SHANE: You've been pinching stuff all your life. You haven't changed.
HENRY (furiously): You take that back!
The two of them start struggling with each other. Henry pushes Shane against the kitchen table. Harold dashes over and separates them, and Madge demands to know what this is all about. Henry snaps:
HENRY: He's saying I'm a thief and he's wrong.
Shane spits that he had a hundred bucks in his room and it's gone. Harold tells both men to calm down. Madge tells Shane that she's sure the money's in his room somewhere: they'll conduct a search later. She adds that she'll lend him some cash to take Kelly out. Shane glares at Henry as he snarls that he doesn't want her money, he wants his *own* - and he's going to get it if he has to *punch* it out of Henry. Harold snaps at everyone that there's to be no fighting in Madge's house. Shane retorts that it's half *his* house. Harold reaches into his pocket and holds some notes out to Shane. Shane, however, growls:
SHANE: You can keep your money - Kelly will just have to settle for a long ride on the bike. [Furiously, to Henry] That hundred bucks better be there when I get back, mate.
With that, he turns and storms out. Henry sits down at the kitchen table and sighs that he never *touched* Shane's rotten money. Charlene tells him:
CHARLENE: He's got a big mouth and a bad temper, just like his dad. He didn't mean it, Henry.
HENRY (mutters): Like hell he didn't. 'Once a thief, always a thief': that's what *he* reckons.
He turns to Madge and says:
HENRY: Mum, *you* don't reckon I took it, do you?
Madge just stands there looking worried.
No. 28
Des is talking on the 'phone, saying:
DES: Look, I know Larry Spencer should have been present when I opened the bank safe. The thieves didn't see it that way, unfortunately.
Daphne joins him as Des snaps down the 'phone:
DES: Look, I set the camera in motion; what more could I do? They were holding my wife as hostage. ... Yep. ... I would do it exactly the same way again, if it meant saving her life.
With that, he hangs up angrily. Daphne asks if that was the State Manager again. Des goes and sits on the couch and sighs that Hemmings would love to use this robbery to make waves at Head Office. Daphne comments that the police got the thieves and the bank got its money back; they ought to be giving him a *medal*. Des tells her that the way Hemmings sees it, the bank comes first: you can always get another wife. Daphne says in concern:
DAPHNE: What if everyone at the inquiry on Monday agrees with Gordon Hemmings? You're not going to get demoted or anything, are you?
Des looks at her fondly and tells her to relax: Hemmings is just trying to put the wind up him...
No. 24
Madge emerges from the bedroom area and announces that she's been through Shane's room with a fine- tooth comb and there is no sign of Shane's money anywhere. She turns to Henry and asks him if he's sure he didn't go through Shane's drawers for some reason. Looking annoyed, Henry retorts:
HENRY: Things may have been tough in prison, but I do have my own supply of socks and underwear, mum.
Harold suggests that they look outside: Shane might have dropped it or something. Madge, however, sighs that it was in Shane's *room*. Henry mutters:
HENRY: That's it, isn't it: you believe him; you think I'm lying.
MADGE (sighs): Henry, things just look bad for you, that's all.
HENRY (bitterly): 'Cos I'm fresh out of prison, right? I should've known better than to think that anyone around here would give me a second chance. I'm going to the pub.
MADGE: I thought you didn't have any money.
HENRY: Well according to you and Shane, I've got a hundred bucks.
With that, he storms out. Charlene looks at her mother and tells her that she doesn't get her: a while ago Henry was a hero and now he's a crim again. Madge tells her daughter that Shane wouldn't lie - but she doesn't know *what* to think. Charlene snaps:
CHARLENE: *I* do. Henry didn't take that money. I wouldn't blame him if he walked out for good after the way you just treated him.
She storms off to her room, leaving Madge to cry at Harold that she *wants* to believe him, but just doesn't know...
Jim is standing at the bar with Paul, telling his son that he shouldn't worry too much: Rosemary seems to be fairly confident. Paul sighs that if that magazine prints anything about him, it could just put the skids under the Daniels Corporation. Changing the subject, Jim smiles that he was glad to get out of home, as Rosemary and Helen are organising Lucy's wardrobe for the trip overseas, and as fast as they pack, Lucy *un*packs: it seems that good old Aussie gear isn't good enough for France! Paul comments:
PAUL: Still, it's gonna be a good opportunity for her. You're gonna miss her, though, aren't you.
JIM (admits): Terribly, yeah - but how do I say no?
The two of them walk over to the dartboard and agree to have a small wager on the outcome of their game. Henry comes in and Jim offers him a drink, but he says he won't get into a round as he's a bit light on cash. Paul, however, tells him that he saved the bank from being robbed - the least they can do is let Jim buy him a drink! Jim asks Henry if he plays darts. Henry replies that it's been a long, long time. Paul suggests that he join in, and referee at the same time. Henry smiles and shrugs:
HENRY: OK - why not?!
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table, looking glum. Harold hands her a cup of camomile tea and then, sitting down, says he doesn't want to intrude on family matters, but, if she wants to talk, he's very good at listening. Madge says:
MADGE: Shane and Henry have never got along: even when they were kids, they were always at each other's throats. You know, it's funny: I always had a lot to say to Max about the way he was bringing up *his* boys, but when you look at them now - first Shane, and Henry - well... Shane's a hard worker and honest as the day; and Henry... well...
Harold tells Madge that she can't be too hard on herself: Henry's an adult and is responsible for himself now. Madge murmurs that she knows. She then exclaims:
MADGE: Maybe... Maybe if I'd been tougher on him when he was little, he wouldn't've gone off the rails. Do you know, he's been in trouble ever since he was able to go to the shop by himself? I can remember once - when he was 8 or maybe 9 - and he came home with his pockets stuffed with lollies. I'd only given him 20c. He tried to tell me the man in the shop gave them to him - but of course he was lying: he'd bought a few and pinched the rest. Well, naturally, I paid up, ticked him off, smacked his bottom and... it was like water off a duck's back - and that was just the start. By the time he was in his teens, he'd hit the Juvenile Courts. Eventually, I just stopped trying to cover for him. He went to prison.
HAROLD: Well, perhaps that's finally taught him a lesson?
MADGE (sadly): I'd like to think so... He's only been out five minutes and it's starting all over again. [Tears welling- up] I don't think I can *take* any more.
HAROLD: Madge, you *want* to believe Henry, don't you?
MADGE (sobs): I want to know it's not *true*.
HAROLD: Well, would it help if I had a talk to him in private? He might find it easier to tell the truth to an outsider.
MADGE: Do you really think so?
HAROLD: Well, it wouldn't hurt.
Madge takes Harold's hand in hers and thanks him gratefully.
No. 28
Des is giving Daphne a foot massage as the two of them sit on the couch. His mind is clearly somewhere else, though, and so Daphne taps him on the shoulder and tells him to forget Gordon Hemmings and think of something more positive, like the baba! Des pats Daphne's tummy and asks if it's going to be a boy! Daphne smiles that all she wants is a happy, healthy baby. Mike arrives home from Clive's and Des asks her if Eileen's still over there. Mike replies that she's repacking all his belongings for the move! He heads over to the kitchen, where he absentmindedly starts preparing something to eat. Daphne looks at him and remarks:
DAPHNE: You're missing Bouncer, aren't you.
MIKE: Yeah, a little bit - though he's got a good home with Lucy.
DES: You know, after what happened today, I've been having second thoughts: maybe a dog isn't such a bad idea - especially with Daph being here on her own.
Daphne nods that it would make *her* feel a whole lot safer. Des comments that they'd have to get a dog they could train and it would have to be good- natured. Daphne, however, asks where either of them would find time to train a dog. Mike says quickly that *he* could walk it and train it when he has time off from uni. Des tells him that he'd have to be prepared to take it over altogether. Mike smiles that it's fine by *him*! Daphne declares:
DAPHNE: Good. Now all we have to do is find a dog that's gonna put up with us lot!
Henry throws a couple of darts at the dartboard, but keeps missing! Harold comes in and asks if he could have a quick word. The two of them head over to a table, where Harold tells Henry that Madge is pretty upset. Henry exclaims:
HENRY: *She's* upset?!
They sit down and Harold tells Henry that *he* believes he's going straight, but he has to ask - just once - whether he took Shane's money. Henry replies that no, he didn't; he doesn't have a clue what happened to it, but he did not take it. Harold smiles that that's all he wanted to know. Henry exclaims in surprise:
HENRY: You believe me?
HENRY (sighs): You'll never convince mum.
HAROLD: I'll do my best. I'll see you later.
With that, Harold heads back out. Henry rejoins the darts match and takes his turn. Jim tells him to try and hit the board this time! Henry lines up his dart, throws it - and it hits the bullseye! Paul grins that it was beginner's luck - he bets he couldn't do it again. Henry remarks:
HENRY: Probably not! All the same, I'm gonna risk a dollar!
He takes a coin out of his pocket. Paul comments that he's getting a bit cocky on the strength of one lucky shot, isn't he? Henry just shrugs and asks Paul and Jim if they're in. They both put money on the table. Henry throws another dart - and again it hits the bullseye! Jim removes the two darts and asks Henry if he thinks he can make it a hat- trick. Henry hesitates before grinning:
HENRY: Oh what the hell. Double or nothing!
PAUL (warily): Come on, you said you were short. Just take the money and run. Go!
Henry pauses again, but then insists that he wants one more try. He looks around at some other guys in the pub and asks if they want to be in it. They all take money out of their pockets. Henry lines up the dart...
No. 24
Harold and Madge head into the lounge room from the kitchen, Harold saying as they do so that Henry told him he didn't take that money and he believes him. Charlene, who's sitting on the couch, painting her toenails, beams at Harold that she *knew* he was on their side. Madge sighs that it's not a question of sides; she just wants the truth. Charlene heads off to her room, leaving Harold to tell Madge:
HAROLD: I *am* a good judge of character, Madge, and that boy looked me in the eye and he told me the truth.
MADGE: Hm. Many the time's he's looked *me* in the eye and told me a whole load of garbage.
HAROLD: Well, not *this* time.
Madge asks what happened to Shane's money, then. Harold replies that they may never know, but, sure as eggs, Henry didn't take it. Madge shrugs that if Harold is satisfied... Harold adds that he'll have a word with Shane and make him see reason. Madge thanks him for stepping in. Harold rubs her hand gently and says:
HAROLD: You've been going it alone for too long, Madge. You're a fine woman and a good mother - but, um, well, you need someone to back you up - like we *all* do from time to time.
MADGE (muses): It's been a long time since there's been anyone there to back *me* up.
HAROLD: I want to change all that. You do realise that you're the reason I'm staying in Erinsborough, don't you?
Madge nods her head fondly and then kisses Harold on the cheek. After a few moments, they lean towards each other and start kissing properly...
No. 24
The next morning, Henry is lying asleep on the couch when Madge emerges from her bedroom. She stares at her son and then notices a wad of notes sticking out of the pocket of his denim jacket, which is draped across him. She lifts out the notes and sighs:
MADGE: So you *did* take it. You were lying. Oh Henry, how could you...?
Shane emerges from his room and asks what's for brekkie. Charlene follows him and, seeing the expression on Madge's face, asks what's wrong. Madge joins Shane in the kitchen and tells him that she's sorry: Henry *was* lying. She hands over the money, and Shane murmurs that he was sort of hoping he was wrong. Charlene mutters at them that they *are* wrong. Shane counts the notes and comments that there's only $60 there. Charlene asks Madge what makes her think it's Shane's money. Madge retorts:
MADGE: Henry left here with nothing - or he *said* he did - and he comes back with *that*. What do *you* think?
Charlene stands there looking worried. Madge tells Shane that she'll make sure Henry pays him back the other $40. She then announces that she's going to go to church, and she heads out. Charlene goes over to the couch and shakes Henry awake. He stirs and asks groggily what's happening. Charlene says to him in concern:
CHARLENE: I want to know where you got that money.
HENRY (blankly): *What* money?
No. 26
Jim is sitting at the kitchen table as Lucy crouches on the floor, trying to get Bouncer to eat. She asks who's going to look after the dog while she's away, and Jim tells her that they *all* will. Lucy asks who's going to play with him. Jim sighs at his daughter to stop fussing: Bouncer will be fine! There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Madge comes in. Lucy takes Bouncer outside. Madge asks Jim if Helen is around, but he tells her that she and Rosemary are having a snooze, as they're wrung- out from trying to organise Lucy's trip. He asks if *he* can help. Madge, sitting down, says:
MADGE: It's Henry - I'm worried about him.
JIM: Ah. Come home a little the worse for wear, did he?
MADGE: Yes. How do *you* know?
JIM: Paul and I were at the pub too. He may be a reformed character, but he's still got a trick or two up his sleeve!
MADGE (groans): Dare I ask what he was up to?
JIM (explains): He played possum. He let Paul think that he couldn't play darts, then took him and the rest of us at the pub for about sixty bucks - and more booze than he could consume!
MADGE (gasps): You mean he *won* that money?
JIM: Fair and square - well, almost!
MADGE (groans): Oh Jim... what have I done...?
No. 28
Daphne is serving breakfast for herself, Des and Mike when Lucy comes in with Bouncer. Daphne asks her if she's had breakfast yet. Lucy replies that she has, but Bouncer didn't eat *his*. Mike says *he* knows what he likes! Des comments to Lucy:
DES: So, it's off on the big silver bird tomorrow, right?
LUCY (grins): Yep! All packed and ready to go.
DAPHNE: You remember to say Hi to Bradley.
DES: Tell him that we miss him - a *lot*!
DAPHNE: And say Hi to Jack and Andrea.
DES: And tell Bradley we get a real kick out of his letters - only we'd like more than one every six months!
Mike comments to Lucy that Bouncer's going to miss her. Lucy, however, says flatly:
LUCY: No, not really. That's why I came over. Would you like to take him back?
MIKE: You want me to look after him while you're away?
LUCY: No... I mean for good. He doesn't really like being with us - keeps trying to come back to *you*. Besides, I can come and visit him all the time; take him for walks while you're at uni.
Mike asks Des what he thinks, as he did say it would be a good idea having a dog. Des comments that he was thinking more of a guard- dog. Lucy points out that he's only a pup - he'll soon be a *big* dog. Daphne smiles at Mike that of *course* he can keep Bouncer!
No. 24
Henry has packed a kit- bag and is standing with Charlene by the couch in the lounge room. Madge walks in sheepishly through the back door and tells her son that he doesn't have to go. Charlene snaps:
CHARLENE: What do you *expect* him to do? You've accused him of being a liar and a thief. Why would he stick around for another serve of *that*?
MADGE: I was wrong. Henry, I'm very sorry.
CHARLENE: That's what you said *last* time. Five minutes later, you're calling him a crim again.
Henry puts his arm around Charlene and murmurs that it's all right. She walks off to the kitchen, leaving Madge to say to Henry:
MADGE: I know where you got the money - Jim Robinson told me.
HENRY (coldly): You couldn't take *my* word for it, could you? You'll listen to Shane... you'll listen to your neighbours... but me? My word's not good enough.
MADGE: Henry, please - I've treated you very badly. I just... I want you to forgive me for misjudging you.
HENRY: One thing I did learn in prison, mum, is how important the little things seem. Just having your own comb, your own piece of soap... you wouldn't believe how important those things are; and you hang onto them because... I don't know... that's all that's left of you as a person - and that's why I could never take something that wasn't mine; not anymore. Can you understand what I'm trying to say?
MADGE (sniffs): Do you know what I think the biggest mistake we've made is? Not talking to each other enough. It's all very well to go on about making a fresh start, but a lot's happened to all of us. We can't really pick up the threads unless we understand each other properly. That takes time.
HENRY (murmurs): I know.
MADGE: So, um, why don't you stay and we'll all try together?
Henry throws his arms around Madge, happily. Charlene walks over and says:
CHARLENE: Can we make this a threesome?
The three of them all hug tightly, as one happy family.
No. 28
Des is talking on the 'phone, saying warily:
DES: Yeah... I really think you should tell Mike yourself, Mó. Mó. Yeah, I know you're upset, but ... Yeah, OK, I'll tell him.
He hangs up and Daphne asks if that was Gordon Hemmings again. Des replies that it wasn't. He goes on that he's got a message for Mike, and he asks where he is. Daphne tells him that he's out the back, playing with Bouncer. She then looks at the expression on Des's face and asks if it's bad news. Des replies glumly:
DES: Yeah - it's *very* bad.
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Henry Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Henry Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0436
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Henry Mitchell, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0436
Henry Mitchell, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0436
Mike Young

Harold Bishop, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Harold Bishop, Henry Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Henry Mitchell, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0436
Paul Robinson, Henry Mitchell, Jim Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Henry Mitchell

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0436
Shane Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0436
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Bouncer

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Madge Mitchell

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0436
Lucy Robinson

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0436
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0436
Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0436
Des Clarke

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