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Neighbours Episode 0430 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0430
Australian airdate: 20/02/87
UK airdate: 30/06/88
UK Gold: 24/06/94
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Henry returns from prison. After having paid off his $1,000 gambling debts Madge wishes him well and tells him that he is no longer welcome in her home.
Mitchell House
Henry and Charlene look stunned as Madge walks away. Henry asks her if she really meant it. He explains that he is going to make a go of his life. He has no intention of going back to jail. He implores Madge that he needs her help to learn to lead a normal life again and will pay back every cent of the $1,000. Madge retorts that it was the humiliation of handing over the money for the gambling debt. Henry can see that his pleas are not going to be answered so he turns to leave, saying that he will always be grateful to them both. As he turns he coughs and Madge asks him if he has a cold. He smiles at Charlene.
Robinson House
Jim enters to find Bouncer pulling a cushion apart. The carpet is a mess with bits of stuffing everywhere! Helen comes out of the kitchen with a dustpan and brush and explains that Mike gave Bouncer to Lucy and she had come home at lunchtime to see if everything was alright as Lucy had locked him indoors. Jim smiles "I hope this is a satisfactory answer for you". Helen asks for a bag and Jim retorts "green plastic, brown paper, or doggie?"
Helen - "Hilarious. Just a bag. Any bag"
They agree that Bouncer will have to live outside in Basil's old kennel as soon as Jim has checked the fence for holes.
Changing the subject Jim cautiously asks Helen if she has heard from Rosemary yet. Helen drops the handfuls of cushion stuffing back down to the floor as she sits down an admits that she is not looking forward to it and keeps putting it off. She does not know what to say to her but Jim tries to reassure Helen that it is not a crime to fall in love.
Helen - "Yes but it is with your future son-in-law... for a moment in New York I was deliriously happy but I should have got out while the going was good".
She wishes she had never set eyes on Gerard.
Mitchell House
Henry Charlene and Madge are having dinner and Henry tells them how much he has missed his Mum's cooking. Mage tells him that he will have to get used to cooking for himself as he still has to go when he has finished. He reaches into a bag and gives Madge a purse that he has made. With a strain in her voice Madge thanks him and tells him that it was thoughtful.
When Henry asks if they have heard from dad, Madge tells him that they are now officially divorced. He reckons she is heaps better off without him as he was a no-hoper. Madge snaps back that it must be a family failing. Charlene jumps to Henry's defence. She pleads with Madge to let Henry stay just one night, but Madge is adamant. As Henry leaves Madge remains sitting. He tells her that he understands that she has enough problems without an albatross like him hanging round her neck. Charlene gets up and hugs him before turning on Madge and telling her that she cannot just let her son go. Madge looks away, trying not to cry.
Robinsons' garden.
Jim stands puzzled over his car. It won't start. He stubbornly refuses Helen's suggestion to call a garage as he is a fully qualified engineer and is convinced it is something simple. She tells him that she is returning to the office but she has left Bouncer a large supply of dog food to stop him from devouring any more cushions.
Jim sees Henry walking past and he welcomes him home. They talk about the problems that Scott's newspaper stories caused. Henry says that with Paul also doing well he himself seems to be going backwards. He tells Jim that he was always there for the Robinson children but his own father was never like that - he was too busy pipe-dreaming.
Jim suggests that Henry should come around and meet everyone that evening, but Henry says that he can't as he is not staying; he doesn't mind where he goes as long as he can get a foot hold and make a new start. Jim explains that he cannot give Henry a lift to the bus station as the car has broken down. Henry does a deal that he will fix the car in return for a lift.
Mitchell House
Charlene tells Madge that Henry is helping Jim to start his car and it is not too late to tell him that he can come back home. Madge wearily tells Charlene to save her breath as she stares at the purse that Henry has given her. Charlene rushes back from the window to report that they have got the car going and urges Madge to go outside. Madge sighs and gives in. She tells Charlene to run after him.
Ramsay Street
Charlene chases the car and shouts at Jim to stop. She tells Henry that it is ok, he can come back. Beaming, he can't believe it as he spins Charlene around. Jim leans over the roof of the car to shake Henry's hand and welcome him back a second time.
Mitchell House
Henry thanks Madge and tells her that she has done the right thing as he won't let her down. She warns him that if he makes one mistake he will be out.
Madge - "If you get into trouble, and I don't just mean police trouble, there'll be ...trouble"
Paul's Office
Paul is on the phone to Rosemary. He is frustrated that she has not given him an answer on a business deal and that she will give him bad news as soon as she has returned to America. Helen is about to leave to try and patch things up with Rosemary when Jim appears with a message about buying dog food. He offers to talk to Rosemary first, to soften things up now that she has had a chance to consider the facts about Gerard.
Rosemary explains to Jim that she is packing, her flight leaves early in the morning and she has booked into the airport hotel for the night. She warns him that if he tries to talk about Helen there is nothing to discuss. Jim tells her that she needs to open her mind and face up to what has happened. He explains that he understands that she felt betrayed when she found out that Helen was the other woman but it is not part of a giant plot against her.
He asks why she is taking it out on everyone else; Paul is a nervous wreck. Rosemary admits she was being irrational with Paul then asks Jim how he would have felt. She says that she does not care how Helen is feeling. Jim reminds her that it was fate (and Rosemary) that brought Gerard and Helen together in New York. Helen let go her feelings for Gerard because a mother's love for her daughter was the strongest force in her life. "And you want to turn your back on it..."
Paul's Office
Paul and Helen are anxious about the length of time Jim has been away. Helen is worried about losing her and Paul is worried about losing the business deal for the complex. Helen quips that she might make a few losses herself. Paul apologises and tells her that despite what everyone thinks he does understand what she is going through. Scott appears looking for Jim as he needs money to buy school books. Helen tersely replies that he should have saved some of the money from his stories. Paul lends him the money and quietly explains to Scott not to take Helen's reaction personally.
Ramsay Street
Charlene and Henry are walking down the street as Charlene explains who lives in each of the houses. She tells him that she should take him to the Waterhole. Henry sniggers at the thought of Madge as a bar maid. He reassures Charlene that as soon as he finds a job he will start to repay Madge. No sooner has Charlene said that everyone in Ramsay Street is so friendly then Mrs Mangel appears.
Henry offers to carry her shopping saying "Women are for beauty not burden".
Smiling at Henry she tells him that she does not believe they have met before. As soon as Charlene has introduced him Mrs Mangel replies "what, the criminal!" and snatches back her shopping. She hurries off muttering about the state of the world today.
She hurries to find Madge to complain that her son is walking down Ramsay Street. Madge is sarcastic. Mrs Mangel hopes Henry does not think he can stay. Madge backs him saying he has paid for his crime and is trying to make something of himself but Mrs Mangel dismisses that as "left wing fiddle-faddle". She tells Madge that convicts just plan bigger gangland jobs. Madge promises that if that is the case Mrs Mangel will be the first to know. Mrs Mangel retreats calling out that Henry will come to no good.
Outside the Waterhole
Sue Parker offers to buy Scott "Scoop" Robinson a drink. She apologises for being rude to him at school but accuses him of being rough on her as well. They sit down for a milk shake. Charlene and Henry, continuing their grand tour, appear. Charlene sees Scott and mutters that she is glad she does not go out with him anymore as he has really dropped his standards.
Paul's Office
Jim explains to Paul and Helen that Rosemary gave the impression that she will not change her mind. Helen thanks him and apologises as she leaves to try and talk to her. She opens the door to the outer office and comes face to face with Rosemary. Holding back tears Helen tries to explain that hurting her was the last thing she wanted to do. Rosemary steps forward, says that she knows, and hugs her mother as they both cry....
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Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0430
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0430

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0430
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0430
Henry Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0430
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0430
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Henry Mitchell, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0430
Henry Mitchell, Jim Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0430
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0430
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0430
Jim Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0430
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell, Nell Mangel

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0430
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Sue Parker in Neighbours Episode 0430
Scott Robinson, Sue Parker

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0430
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

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