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Neighbours Episode 0423 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0423
Australian airdate: 11/02/87
UK airdate: 21/06/88
UK Gold: 15/06/1994
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Helen arrives home and Rosemary tells her that Gerard loves someone else and that he has left her. Helen gives her a hug and tells her that she is sorry, so very very sorry.
Madge is not having a good day while carrying a tray to behind the counter she slips on something spilt on the floor and the glasses on the tray smash on to the floor...Madge curses the broken glass as she sweeps it up. Charlene comes in calling Madge's name; she wants to know where Madge is. Madge calls back from behind the counter, Charlene wants to know what she is doing down there. Madge sarcastically tells her she is praying! Ignoring her comments Charlene excitingly tells her that she got the job as a mechanic with Mr Grainger. He had told her that she knew more about engines than one of his second year apprentices. Madge is hardly excited by the news.
Charlene continues that she is only on a weeks trial but should be no problem. Seeing that Madge is hardly impressed by the news, Charlene tries to encourage her to be pleased for her. Madge feels that it isn't really her first choice for a young lady; she should have put her foot down. Charlene tells her that it is too late now she has the job. Madge tells her that she is proud of her. Charlene replies that she can't wait to tell Scott he will be rapped, Madge grunts in response. Charlene wants to know what is wrong, Madge hands her the newspaper and tells her to read Scott's latest article before she goes rushing off to the Robinsons. At a nearby table Charlene sits down to read the paper, then her eyes widen and she cries "Charlotte Matthews!"
Robinson House
Rosemary is telling Helen that the worse thing is that she feels so stupid. All this time Gerard has been conning her, she thinks that the affair must have been going on for ages. She knows that they didn't have the most passionate relationship in the world but it was hardly her fault, they were both busy with their lives...Gerard had his teaching and his exhibitions and she had her business commitments. She really thought they had something special she thought this one was for keeps.
Helen feels that she should calm down. Rosemary continues that she is good at what she does, people say that she has a nose for a good deal then along comes Gerard Singer and knocks her for six. Rosemary can't understand why he waited until he came to Australia to tell her. She thinks that the other woman is probably one of the arty set, some trendy red-head who could spout on about the Philosophy of Art. Helen is looking very uncomfortable and suggests that Rosemary lie down for a while it will make her feel better. Rosemary insists that nothing can make you feel better when you know you have been made a fool of. Helen insists that she needs her rest; she has had a long trip. Reluctantly Rosemary agrees, she thanks Helen for being there, she doesn't think she could have got through this without her. Helen's head slumps back against the couch as she tries to cope with the situation.
Outside the Waterhole
Charlene is giggling outside the Waterhole at the article in the paper, as Madge chalks something up on the board. Madge wants to know what is funny as Charlene reads out part of the article:
Mavis Matthews the buxom barmaid, with a heart of gold plonked herself onto Roy's lap and said lets talk turkey with a wicked grin.
Madge mumbles that she is going to kill him, but Charlene thinks it is a hoot. Madge is obviously hurt and asks if Charlene realises what Scott is suggesting in his article. Without waiting for a response, she continues that Scott is suggesting that she gave Ray certain...favours to get the money for the house. Charlene feels that she is over reacting like Des and Daphne and that the article is only fiction. Madge says fiction is it, what about this:
Horace the delinquent son doing time.
Madge wants to know if it is just coincidence that that description fits Charlene's brother to a tee. She feels that this rubbish isn't fiction it is libel. Charlene doesn't see the problem even if it is loosely based on them; Scott has changed the names so know one will ever know. Madge replies that sometimes the depth of her stupidity staggers her. That is why Eileen Clark was around at the crack of dawn. Charlene didn't know she had been there. Madge assures her that she was, Eileen had said she wanted to sympathise with her for the lost of her family's reputation. Madge feels by now Eileen is probably out with a bell and a sandwich board telling the whole world.
Charlene argues that isn't it her that is always telling her not to listen to gossip. Madge doesn't feel that it is just gossip, pointing to the paper she angrily says that it is there in black and white! She picks up the paper and throws it in the bin saying she is going to put it with the rest of the rubbish. Charlene doesn't understand why she is so worried; she feels that no one else will be. Madge wonders, how Harold will react if he reads it. He doesn't even know that she works at the waterhole, she finally get a chance with a nice, honest decent man and her ex-boyfriend has to tip a slop bucket over the entire family. Charlene replies that Scott isn't her ex-boyfriend. Madge says he is from now, Charlene thinks she must be joking but Madge forbids her to see Scott from now on. Madge walks off to clear tables and Charlene runs after her pleading not to start all this stuff again. Harold who is walking across the Lassiters Bridge is surprised to see them and calls out to Madge.
Harold opens the door for Madge who is carrying a tray of glasses. Madge says that she supposes that she owes him an explanation. Harold replies that she has put him into rather a spin, looking around he continues that this is the last person in the world to be working in a place like this. Charlene makes her excuses and leaves saying she has to go and check on her supply of overalls. Out of Harold's hearing she whispers "See you Mavis" Madge seems reluctant to be left alone with Harold.
Madge apologises to Harold and said she should have told him, Harold says that there is nothing to be sorry for, Dan had told him that she had it tough he just didn't realise how tough. What a rotten world when a lady like her has to work in a place like this. Madge thanks him for being so understanding but one does have to work to pay the bills. Harold feels that a lady should never have to work she should be cared for by gentlemen. Madge thinks it is a nice thought but gentlemen are a bit thin on the ground around here. Harold says that he doesn't know he had always considered himself to be a bit of a gentleman.
Madge gives Harold his mineral water and Harold tells her that he has picked up the local rag and there is an article in it by Scott Robinson...isn't that the chap who lives in your Street. The look of horror flashes across Madge's face as Harold starts to read the article. Madge pulls the bar towel which makes Harold's water spill all over the bar to stop him reading the article. Madge apologises for being so careless as Harold dries himself off saying that it is alright his suit needed dry cleaning anyway and the paper is alright. Madge sarcastically says that that was lucky.
Ramsay Street
Charlene is walking across the street as Scott drives up and beeps at her, she runs after the car and jumps in. Scott immediately starts to apologise for the article but Charlene assures him that she isn't angry at him. Scott is rather surprised and pleased when she tells him that she thought his story was a real hoot. He wants to know which bit she liked the best, Charlene doesn't think it was perfect, he had spiced things up a bit much and feels that Madge is really going to let him have it the next time she sees him. Both barrels between the eyes, but her favourite part, was about Charlotte the beautiful daughter. Scott goes all coy; Charlene thinks it was really romantic how he describes the two of them as Romeo and Juliet. She thinks it was very special, Scott says that she is very special and they kiss. Charlene tells him that Madge had banned her form ever seeing him again. Running a finger down her nose Scott tells her that she had better close her eyes then and they kiss again.
Charlene tells him that she thinks Madge means it this time. Scott tells her that he had tried to apologise but Madge had "cracked a mental" and had not let him say a word. He feels that the Romeo and Juliet stuff might be closer to the mark than they realised. Charlene disagrees and says that now she is a working girl she will see who she likes. She continues that she is of tomorrow the new apprentice over at Grainger's Garage in Elliott's Park. Scott is thrilled and congratulates her and gives Charlene a big hug.
Scott goes all huffy and says that will mean you will be working with a lot of guys. Charlene says that they will be a couple and then accuses Scott of being jealous. Scott denies it and says that he is just interested. Charlene says that one of them is ok but guess who the other one is? When Scott can't Charlene tells him that it is Darren Porter. Scott starts to make Piggy noises as he remembers Piggy Porter. Charlene starts to tickle Scott until he begs her to stop, he finally shouts out for her to stop as he sees Mrs Mangel crossing the road to the Robinson house. He shouts put your seat down as both of the back of their seats fall flat down so they can't be seen as Mrs Mangel passes by. After Mrs Mangel has gone by Scott raises his seat again and starts to shake his head saying "Oh No....she has got the paper in her hand!"
Robinson House
Mrs Mangel marches into the House and demands to see Scott; she feels that this piece of torrid gutter journalism has bought aspersions on her good name the length and breath of Erinsborough. Helen calmly tells her that Scott isn't there, Mrs Mangel replies that she intends to take legal action over this. She feels that the article indicates that she virtually murdered her husband. She feels that the damage to her reputation in the community could be irreparable. Helen urges Mrs Mangel to keep her voice down, as Rosemary has had a very tiring trip and is trying to sleep. Mrs Mangel wishes that they were all asleep then this whole mess would be little more than a bad dream. She is surprised at Helen for allowing her grandson to write such lies, let alone have them published.
Helen informs her that they are not in the habit of practising censorship in this house. Mrs Mangel thinks it is more the pity, Helen tells Mrs Mangel that she has no reason to take offence that the piece was purely fictional, as for scandal mongering she feels it is a case for the pot calling the kettle black. She must expect people to talk they are all curious, Len did vanish over night. Mrs Mangel goes white and looks like she is going to faint, Helen looks most concerned and then Mrs Mangel asks if she may sit down.
Mrs Mangel starts to explain about Len but Helen tells her that she doesn't have to. Mrs Mangel feels that she must as the truth is far less dramatic as has been painted in the article. Mrs Mangel says that Len has left her; he had been carrying on with some jezebel for years before she found out. She was outraged and she had ordered him out of the house and he went. It was all so sudden, so painful, she is afraid that she didn't react quite rationally. She just wanted him out, him and everything that reminded her of him. So she buried his belongings in the back garden. She may have even forgiven him in time, but he wanted to go, he had told me that he loved her and not me.
Helen feels that it is terrible; Mrs Mangel says that it is the most dreadful situation in the world. Finding out the one you have chosen to spend your life with doesn't want anything more to do with you. The phone rings and Helen rushes to answer it, it is Gerard he tells her that he is catching the evening flight to LA and that he must see her before he leaves. Helen doesn't think it is a very good idea. Gerard insists that if she doesn't come to meet her than he will come to the house. Helen reluctantly agrees and they arrange to meet at the restaurant at Lassiters in half an hour.
Coming off the phone Helen starts to gather her bag and coat and tells Mrs Mangel that something has come up and they will have to continue their talk some other time. Mrs Mangel having now recovered from her confession replies that it is Scott who needs the talking to not her. If she won't do something about it then she will and she walks out forcefully. Helen says that she will certainly have a word with him.
Ramsay Street
Still sitting in the car Scott is fretting about Mrs Mangel being in the house with Helen. Charlene wonders what would be the worst that Mrs Mangel could do. Scott replies that she is always threatening to run to the police maybe this time she will. Charlene sarcastically says what is she going to tell them....I am Thelma Ripper from Diary of a Teenager. Scott corrects her and says Ringer; Charlene replies "whatever" and feels that the police will think Mrs Mangel was cracked. Scott agrees with her but says that he feels bad about Gran copping the flak. He continues that he should have just gone up to her and said that the story was completely fictitious he is sorry if she took offence. As they see Mrs Mangel and Helen come out of the house Charlene tells him here is your chance. Scott says that he feels sick, Charlene gently kisses him on the cheek and tells him to be a brave Romeo and that she is going to leave him to it. He should let her know what happens. Charlene gets out of the car and makes a run for it.
Scott also gets out and takes a deep breath and walks over to where Mrs Mangel and Helen as stood talking. Scott starts to explain about the article, Mrs Mangel sees him and forcefully throws the newspaper at him as she walks past him without uttering a word. After she has gone Scott says she has really flipped, Helen tells him that she is very upset. Scott replies that it was just a story; Helen explains that Len has left Mrs Mangel for another woman and she is hurting very badly. His story had only succeeded in rubbing salt into the wound. Scott says that he didn't know. Helen replies that none of them did, but would that have changed anything, be published and be dammed wasn't that his attitude. She continues they will talk about this later and he must try but to worry about it, what is done is done. He will have to fix her own lunch she is going out for a while.
Outside the Waterhole
Harold is finishing reading the article and says it certainly made an interesting read. Turning to Madge he tells her that he is glad that she had clued him up on a few things he is not sure what he would have made of it otherwise. He feels that young Robinson seems to have a very fertile imagination. Madge thinks it is more like rampant! Harold comments that the bit about Roy or Ray is a bit of an eye brow raiser. Madge apologises and says that she should have told him about Ray, Henry and working here. Harold replies that she is her own woman and she doesn't have to tell her anything unless she wants to. Unfortunately there will be some small minded people who will want to believe this kind of gutter press, but she has friends.... real friends and he is proud to stand up and be counted amongst them (Aww bless how sweet) They can look the world in the eye and they can treat this sort of smear campaign with the contempt it deserves.
Madge is rather shocked that he is going to stand by her. Harold says that he doesn't care what they say they have truth on their side and that makes them a powerful team. Madge says that he is right and why should she lose any sleep over this trash. She picks up the paper and rips it in half. Harold laughs as she throws the paper down telling her that she is a good girl.
Lassiters Lake
Helen looks far from happy, as she stops the car and thanks Gerard for the lunch. Gerard thanks her for agreeing to see him; Helen replies that she is glad that they finally managed to thrash things out. Gerard puts his arm around Helen and tells her that things have worked out very badly for everybody. Helen feels that it is the only way she could live with herself if...her words trail off. Helen continues that Rosemary has suffered enough all ready. Gerard feels that he can't go back to Rosemary now and if he can't have Helen... Helen interrupts and begs him not to go on. Gerard apologises and wants to know if she is going to tell Rosemary about them. Helen replies that she doesn't know, she can't see that it would help. Gerard agrees and feels that honesty is not always the best policy. He says that he better go...Helen nods silently and is close to tears. They kiss for the last time. Gerard tells her that he will always love her. He gets out of the car and walks away (Awww Sniff!)
Robinson House
Jim arrives home to find Scott playing his guitar; he tells Scott that he expected him to be hard at it on the next piece of character assassination. Scott says that he thought he might give it a rest for a while. Jim wants to know where everyone is and Scott explains that Rosemary is in her room and that Gran when into town. Jim offers to make Scott a sandwich but Scott feels that it would stick in his throat. Jim wants to know what is wrong, Scott explains that the article were only meant to be entertaining stories but everyone is taking them so personally, about the whole of Ramsay Street hates his guts.
Jim feels that he and his grandmother did warn him, Scott replies that he knows and that he isn't the hot shot author that he thought he was. Jim says that at least he has admitted he was wrong and he feels that a few apologies and time and the whole thing will blow over. Scott admits that today was bad the next issue is going to be the end. There is another story to come. Jim is shocked when Scott tells him that the next story is about Paul, Gran and him and everybody. He continues that he didn't write it to upset anyone but the way everyone has reacted to his other stories and Gran has been depressed lately.
Jim agrees that Helen has had a lot on her mind and reading an embroiled account of the Robinson life is hardly the best medicine for her right now. Scott moans that, he doesn't know what to do. Jim argues that has to talk to Mr Cutler and persuade him not to print. Scott tells him that he has already tried with the story about Mrs Mangel. Jim thinks that he may listen to them if the both of them when down there. Scott isn't convinced, but Jim isn't so sure they go off to try and sort it.
Ramsay Street
Helen gets out of the car as Scott and Jim come out of the house; she wants to know where they are going. Scott explains that they are on the way to try and stop the next article being published. Jim seeing Helen's tearful face wants to know she is Ok, she just shrugs it off as hay fever. Jim asks if she is worried about Rosemary, Helen replies that Gerard has just broken off the engagement and that she is terribly upset.
Scott who is by the car calls for Jim as he is wants to get to the paper, Jim starts to go but Helen asks if Rosemary is still asleep. Jim tells her that she is and it is probably the best thing for her and they will talk when he gets back.
Instead of going inside the house Helen walks next door
Ramsay House
Madge opens the door to a still tearful Helen and asks if she can come in. Madge tells that if she has come to talk about Scott that she is warning her that she has had a cow of a day and that she is in no mood to be civil. Helen apologises and starts to go but Madge stops her and apologises too she thinks it is a sad old day when two friends can't sit down and have a chat.
Robinson House
Rosemary picks up the phone and calls Gerard, she just wants to know one thing...Who is she? Gerard tells her that there is no point in her knowing. He continues that he is flying back to LA tonight. Rosemary wants to know if it is anyone she knows. Gerard starts to get irritated at the other end insisting that who she is doesn't matter. Rosemary firmly tells him that it matters to her and one way or another she is going to find out....
Ramsay House
Madge is surprised that Gerard is the man from America Helen ran away from. Helen looks uncomfortable and replies "Yes my own daughter's fiancé" Madge wants to know what she is going to do. Helen cries that she can't go on like this; she doesn't know how she can be a comfort to Rosemary when all the time she is the cause of it. Helen insists that she will have to tell her, she knows what it will do to her but she just has to tell her. Madge doesn't think it is good idea at all. Helen says "I am ashamed to even go into my own home. I can't look her in the face knowing what I have done to her"...
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Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0423
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0423
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0423
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0423
Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0423
Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Gerard Singer in Neighbours Episode 0423
Helen Daniels, Gerard Singer

Gerard Singer, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0423
Gerard Singer, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0423
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0423
Rosemary Daniels

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0423
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

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