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Neighbours Episode 0421 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0421
Australian airdate: 09/02/87
UK airdate: 17/06/88
UK Gold: 13/06/94
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
As Gerard and Helen arrive back from lunch Paul tells them that he has a surprise for them, Rosemary will be arriving tomorrow, neither if them look pleased.
Robinson House
Scott thinks that there will be a lot of big shot's at Gerard's exhibition. Lucy wants to know what an exhibition is and Helen explains that it is when a artist hangs a lot of his paintings up and lets a lot of people look at them. Lucy thinks it is like showing off, Scott feels she would know all about that. They start to squabble and Jim stops them. Helen says the Gerard had said that it was no different to a butcher putting his display in the window except it is the artist who has their neck is on the chopping block.
Scott considers this point and feels that he should be there after all as Gerard is a pretty important guy and any journalist worth his salt would be there. Jim thinks that Gerard could probably do without one of Scott's exposés into his private life. Lucy volunteers to do the dishes and Scott almost faints in shock, Lucy tells him superiorly that it so that Gran can get ready for the exhibition. Helen thanks her for the offer but tells her that there is no need as she has decided not to go. They are all shocked, but Helen says that she has far too much to do with Rosemary coming home tomorrow and that she doesn't really enjoy those gala affairs. She will go and look at the exhibition tomorrow.
Jim says to Scott that he wants to have a word with him about the articles, but Scott has a suddenly overwhelming desire to help Helen with the dishes. Lucy climbs onto Jim's lap and asks why Gran doesn't want to go to the gala evening. Jim replies that the reasons she gave were reasonable. Lucy then wonders why with Rosemary coming tomorrow and with Mr Singer already here that Gran isn't happy (Out of the mouth of babes!)
Gibbons House
Clive is cooking some awful concoction with what looks like mince, he mumbles that it isn't burnt enough and then has a sudden thought of adding peanut butter to eat (Yukky). Des comes wandering down the stairs and smelling something awful, tells Clive that he might have a dead pigeon in the roof. Clive tells him that it is the tucker (Food), Des thought Clive could cook. Clive says that it tastes a lot better than it smells; just don't breathe while you are eating it. Des looks into the pan and curls his nose up at the unappetizing concoction and thinks it is a bit black, Clive says that it was black to start with the rest was Soy sauce. Besides which charcoal is good for you that is a doctor's opinion. Des thinks he might give it a miss for a while, as the news is on anyway and goes off to turn on the TV. Clive however stops him saying that he wouldn't want to miss his German lesson would he and switching off the TV puts on his tape of German. Des is a little dismayed as to why he is learning German but Clive tells him that if they have another war the German might win. As the tapes for German for Beginners starts Clive starts answering the tape in not very convincing German sounding gobbledy gook.
There is a knock on the door and Mike comes in, he wants to know what the awful smell is. Clive explains that it is ratatouille with real rats...he then says he is joking and offers Mike some. Mike is not impressed and declines the offer saying that Daphne is doing a roast with all the trimmings at home. Des' mouth is watering at the thought, Mike tells him that he shouldn't be here, he loves Daphne and Daphne loves him, he should be at home. Des replies that it is none of his business. Mike feels that it is crazy, Des agrees and he has done nothing to make Daphne jealous. He refuses to go back there until Daphne apologises in writing. Clive thinks once a bank manger always a bank manger and that he is cutting his nose off to spite his face. Des disagrees saying that a man has to stand up and be counted. He then continues that he is going down the road to get some food...no offence but....your food is a little bit....err....fancy for his taste.
After Des has gone Mike, says that they tried. Turning the spoon over in the horrible concoction Clive says that they better put this mess in a carry bag and bury it....and bury it deep! Mike thinks that they aren't going to put Des off, it is his pride and Daphne is just as bad. They used to be so close, what is he going to do if.... Clive interrupts him tells him not to let it get to him. Mike says that it matters to him; Clive replies that it matters to him as well but feels that the situation is not beyond repair yet. He continues that even the smallest of misunderstandings can split a marriage apart for keeps. Mike moans that he hopes not and wonders how they are going to get them back together now. Clive tells him to keep working on Daphne he hasn't even started to fight Des yet. If Des thought Dinner was bad wait until he smells breakfast....kippers...very old kippers!
Clarke House
Daphne is feeding Bouncer his dinner...roast. She tells Bouncer that he can't expect roast like that every night especially as it is only her and Mike now. But Mike isn't here is he...typical...men think they can come and go as they please and we are just here to serve them. Continuing to give Bouncer advice, she tells him not to make the same mistake as she did... If you ever meet a dog who says he has to go to Tasmania on business don't you believe a word of it.
Eileen arrives unannounced calling out for Des, on seeing Daphne she starts wittering on about her coming as soon as she heard and that she will standby her. Daphne is a little confused that she would be on her side. Not stopping for breath Eileen continues on about what are families there for and that Mrs Mangel had got in touch and read that disgusting article over the phone to her. Daphne suddenly realises she doesn't know about the current situation. Eileen still waffling goes on about scurrilous pack of lies but what can you expect from yellow journalism they will be raking up her past next but she hasn't got any skeletons in her cupboard. They will get a good lawyer and fight this better still they will get two good lawyers.
Eileen finally pauses for breath as Bouncer noses his bowl across the floor noisily. She looks down at Bouncer and says "That's a dog" Daphne thinks she is as sharp as a tack. Eileen replies that they can't have a dog; Daphne surprised wants to know why not. Eileen confused replies "But Desmond....where is Desmond!" Daphne looks down sadly and quietly tells her that he has left her and for all she is concerned it is good riddance.
A little later Eileen is sitting at the table saying that she doesn't know how she could face food after a shock like that. Daphne says that she won't have good food going to waste just because of Des. Eileen then says how good the roast potatoes taste and starts to tuck into the dinner, but is concerned about Des walking the streets alone. Daphne explains that Des is at Clive's; she doesn't expect her to see her point of view but begs her not to lecture her. Eileen insists that she wasn't taking sides but she feels she is entitled to know what went wrong. Daphne replies that Mrs Mangel read her the article she knows the lot. Eileen dismisses the article as rubbish but Daphne insists that she had to believe it she has proof. Daphne tells Eileen about Des meeting Lorraine Kingham in Hobart, the phone calls and the letter.
Eileen remarks that she never liked that girl she had told Desmond that she was only playing games with him. Daphne replies that she still is and it isn't Trivial Pursuit. Eileen questions that just because the girl set her cap at Desmond doesn't mean that he did anything wrong. Daphne replies "Do you want to a bet" and goes on to explain she had steamed open the letter. A shocked Eileen mumbles that one must do what one must do.
Mike returns from Clive's and apologises for being late, Daphne tells him the food is cold but it doesn't matter. Eileen mouths silently to Daphne "And the letter" Daphne says that Des had the cheek to tell her it was a business letter but does this sound like a business letter to you....the wonderful but brief time they had together...that is why they were in Hobart. I should have married you while I had the chance and them meeting again as a beginning not an ending. What does it sound like to her? Eileen is shocked and utters the Hussy. Mike insists that Des wouldn't go for someone like that; he thinks the world of you. Daphne tells him bluntly that it is no concern of his and to do himself a favour and keep out of it.
Eileen wants to know what Des had said about it. Daphne tells her that he denied it but he doesn't seem to mind her phoning or writing to him here. Close to tears she continues that maybe he just thinks that an affair is just part of the deal but she is sorry she is just a bit old fashioned. Eileen interrupts and says that an affair is such an ugly word. Daphne demands to know what she would call it. Shaking her head Eileen is worried that this would put her marriage at risk. Mike butts in and tells them that they are both crazy if Daphne would just go and apologise... Daphne interrupts him and starts to raise her voice "Apologise...to that two timing rat...He can apologise to me on his bended knees" Eileen is about to rush off and talk to Des, Mike tells her that he has gone to the hamburger joint. Eileen is horrified not only is he going to ruin his marriage he is also going to ruin his digestion.
Gibbons House
Clive is eating a sandwich and quickly shoves it into a draw as Des returns with hamburgers. Clive is looking longingly at Des' hamburger as Des comments that Clive must have a cast iron stomach to have eaten his dinner so fast. There is a loud knocking at the door followed by Eileen calling for Desmond she comes in and asks him how he could do it. Des tells her firmly to stay out of it. Turning to Clive she asks him how you could let him do this and you a doctor. Without waiting for a answer she turns back to Des and tells him that that poor girl is carrying your child ...my grandchild How could he let himself be swept up by that woman Lorraine Kingham. Angry Des tells her to stay out of it. Eileen is not to be put off and seeing what he is eating and drinking tells him bluntly that if he hasn't got a good woman to look after him he is a lost cause.
Des is not impressed and turns away, Eileen however is still on the warpath and turns to Clive and tells him that Des will now probably hold his breath; he used to do that when he was a little boy. Clive tells her that he appreciates her concern but he is handing this. Eileen sarcastically says to Clive "So I can see" and turning back to Des asks him if he is a man or a mouse are you going to apologise to the woman you love. Des holding back his anger tells her firmly that he has done nothing to apologise for. Eileen begs him to do it for her. Des insists that the stuff in the newspaper was a lot of "Bull" Eileen replies that where there is smoke there is fire. Confession is good for the soul. Des is standing there rolling his eyes as Eileen continues that if he won't tell Daphne he could tell her.
Clive doesn't think she is helping, but Eileen tells him to be quite. Des says that he will tell her one thing, Eileen is all eager to know what, as Des continues he says that if he gets his hands on Scott Robinson he is going to strangle him!
Robinson House
Scott is busily working away as Jim practises his putting in the living room. Jim comments that if Scott is working on his next diary of a teenager, he hopes that it isn't going to upset anymore of the Neighbours. He continues that he hopes Scott isn't too upset about not going to the gala night but he didn't think Helen was up to it. They could go another time. Scott thinks it is a good idea; it would be good to get away from Ramsay Street. Jim thinks that he better stay away from the Clarke's unless he wants to be tarred and feathered and wants to know if his editor Mr Cutler had said anything about ethics.
Scott says that he just wanted it to be punchy. Jim remarks that it was punchy all right it certainly served up a left hook to Des and Daphne. He wants to know who the next victim is. Is it him or his grandmother? Scott is shocked and says that it isn't. Jim feels that they should be grateful for small mercies. Scott tries to leave to go to his room but Jim insists that he stays and sits. He then wants to know who the next articles are about. Scott who is now subdued tells him the Mitchell's and Mrs Mangel. Jim wants to know if he has something punchy for them as well. Scott tells him that the articles are from his point of view and they don't have to be accurate as they a subjective licence.
Jim scoffs and says that it is more like a licence to kill the truth. Scott wants to know why he is trying to kill his big chance. Jim says that he knows him better than that. He is talking facts, not rumours and not lies but facts that his editor isn't too concerned about. Firstly despite what he says he feels they could end up with a handful of law suits over these articles and secondly and more important is his integrity as a writer. Jim explains that sometimes when things go wrong and a country decides to throw the laws out of the window the only truth comes from the press. Journalists have been murdered for defending that right, telling the truth is a decision that they make everyday of their working lives. The awful truth of the matter is that people believe what you write and he is taking responsibly for all that integrity.
Clarke House
Daphne is sitting despondently in the living room and asks Mike about the letter. She feels that Lorraine wouldn't have written it if Des hadn't encouraged her. Mike feels that she has to ask herself if Des loves her or not. Tearful Daphne says that it isn't that easy people split up all the time nowadays. Mike wants to know who she is trying to convince herself or him. Sadly Daphne replies that he sees things in black and white and it is never that easy. Mike insists that if there was a real problem he wouldn't be saying anything, he would be upset but he would back off. Daphne wishes he would.
Mike wants to know what about his future; they used to be the most sensible people he knew; what he has got left now. Daphne smiles half heartily and says he is being selfish. Mike admits it is but feels that they should just sit down and talk about it. Daphne replies that she gave him that chance but he just got on his high horse... Mike interrupts and tells her you threw him out is this really what you want. Tearful Daphne says that it isn't just the letter and the phone calls. It is the article it wouldn't have been written if everyone hadn't known about it. They all knew before I did!
Robinson House
Helen is busily sewing when she pricks her finger; Jim wants to know if she is all right. Helen says that it is only her pride it must be twenty years since she had done that. Jim feels that she is probably just preoccupied and wants to know if everything else is all right. Helen insists it is as Rosemary hasn't arrived yet. Jim wants to what is going to happen when she does. Helen explains that Gerard is going to break off the engagement. Jim is surprised and wonders if he is forcing the issue, but Helen just insists that he wants to be honest with her. She continues that Gerard is a good man he isn't pressuring her but she feels that she is being torn in half. She doesn't want to lose him but she is terrified of losing Rosemary.
There is a persistent knocking on the door, Jim opens it and Eileen says she has come to defend her family and she wants to speak to Scott. Jim tells her that he has spoken to Scott about it but there is no point in flying off the handle. Holding back her anger Eileen demands to know if he thinks that Scott doesn't have to take responsibility for his actions. Jim starts to waffle but Eileen interrupts and says that he is a scandal monger, rumour monger...a home wrecker. Jim shouts that that is enough Scott pops his head around the door and finally comes out and says that he can speak for himself.
Eileen announces that as a direct result of Scott's article Desmond and Daphne have separated. They are all shocked at the news, Eileen continues that he said he could speak for himself she is all ears. A little later Eileen goes to leave; Helen says that she would talk to Des and Daphne. Eileen feels that if it is up to her she would sue. Scott isn't a child and even if he was he has no right to go around hurting people.
Once Eileen has gone Jim wants to know from Scott if Des had mentioned anything about Des meeting his ex-fiancé. Devastated Scott replies that he made it up; he didn't know it was true. Helen has a go at Scott saying that he doesn't learn at all. No one is saying it is true, the only person who believes it is Daphne and that is because he wrote that it was. Scott wants her to back off, he feels bad enough as it is. Jim wants to know what he is going to do about it. Scott replies that they don't start printing the story until midnight he is going to go and see if he can pull the story and then he will go and see Daphne and explain. Jim offers to go with him but Scott feels that if he is going to "cop it" he might as well do it alone. Once Scott has gone Jim says that it is better late than never, Helen shrugs and feels that that is not going to help Des and Daphne the damage is already done.
Gibbons House
Clive is still trying to reason with Des over the article, he argues that Scott made it up and Des is the only one who can prove it. Des hadn't told Scott he had met up with Lorraine so how did he know unless he was psychic. Des says that Scott will be psychic when he gets through with him. He won't have to get in touch with the sprits he will be able to talk to them face to face. Clive insists that he goes back to Daphne; Des ignores him as he tries to watch television. Clive says that he is tense...very tense and goes off and starts playing his drums. As Des turns up the volume of the television, Clive drums louder saying it helps with the stress. Des wants him to cut it out so he can watch the TV. Clive comes back and says that he has to be patient with him it isn't that long since Susan left and he is still a bit uptight. Des apologises saying he had forgotten about Susan.
Laying the emotional aspects on thick Clive replies that you can play drums, you can watch TV but at the end of it when you switch off that set that is when the loneliness hits. There is no one to kiss you good-night and no one to give you a hug when, you are feeling down. Then that really bad moment when you turn off that last light and you know you are completely alone. Des tells him to cut it out, Clive replies that he is sure Daphne will be feeling the same way. Of course she won't be alone for long a beautiful girl like Daphne. Des is horrified and reminds Clive that that is my wife you are talking about. Clive tells him that it doesn't work that way when you are separated. Des demands to know who is moving in on Daphne.
Clive insists that there is no one he was just pointing out the possibilities. Des gets up angry and says that if Daphne wants to play the field then let her. If that is her idea of revenge, if she wants to throw all we had out the window then let her go. He insists that he is never going back and he storms off upstairs.
Clarke House
Daphne is saying her good-night to Eileen and Mike she is off to bed as she has to think of the baby. After she is gone, Mike thanks Eileen for being so terrific about all this, he thought when she turned up that she would be on Des's side and things would be even worse and he wants to apologise for that. Eileen says that he has nothing to apologise for, but she tells him that when Des and Daphne got married that she was frightened that she would be cut out. She was wrong; she would do anything she could to save their marriage. Mike shrugs and says that he doesn't understand oldies, they tell you what to do they tell you what not to do. They act like Gods sometimes. What is he to think when Des and Daphne split up over something as stupid as this? Eileen just shakes her head and tells Mike that it is the Clarke curse that she would have thought the Des might have broken it when he married Daphne but she can see she was wrong. Mike doesn't think it is a curse he just thinks it is people. Eileen agrees, adults have a lot to answer for.
Robinson House
Jim is peering out of the window waiting for Scott and Helen paces around. Jim suggests another cup of coffee but Helen doesn't think it is a good idea this close to bed time. Jim is surprised that she thinks she will have a good night's sleep considering everything that has happened. The phone rings and Helen goes to answer it.
Scott arrives home and immediately Jim wants to know how it went. Scott tells him that it was too late to stop the story. Jim says that he will deal with it, Scott stops him. Jim assures him that it isn't too late to stop the story Mr Cutler just doesn't want to. Scott tells him that he wants the story left in. Jim is surprised and asks if he had listened to anything he said earlier. Scott says that he did but there are two sides to every story. He continues that Mr Cutler had said that if he pulled out every piece that upset someone, all he would have left is the ads. Scott insists that it is his career and that you shouldn't censor the press. He wonders what would have happened if those journalists he had talked about hadn't published their articles because they were frightened of upsetting President Nixon, there wouldn't have been Watergate would there.
Jim insists that Woodwood and Burnstein were dealing with facts; you are mixing up lies and rumours to exploit friends and Neighbours. Scott is defiant and tells him that it is his decision and he is standing up for what he wrote. Jim is disgusted and says that he can't understand how he could. Helen intervenes and to Jim's horror says that they should try and see his from Scott's point of view. She continues that she supposes that the second article is as spicy as the first. Scott nods in agreement and says that Mr Cutler liked it. Helen continues and the Mitchell's are in it. Scott nods in agreement. Helen says to Jim, you have to admire the boy's convictions; he obviously is prepared to sacrifice everything for his profession. It suddenly dawns on Scott....Charlene! ...
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Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0421
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0421
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Daphne Clarke, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0421
Daphne Clarke, Bouncer

Eileen Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0421
Eileen Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0421
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Eileen Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0421
Eileen Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0421
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Bouncer

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0421
Daphne Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0421
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0421
Scott Robinson

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