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Neighbours Episode 0399 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0399
Australian airdate: 04/12/86
UK airdate: 18/05/88
UK Gold: 12/05/94
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Mark Callan
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
- Dan Ramsay persuades Shane to continue with the fight for the sake of Ramsay family name, much to Clive's dismay and horror!
Ramsay House
Charlene is looking out the window yawning as Dan waffles on about the good old days of his younger days with the boxing troop. Dan wants to know if he is boring her, Charlene replies that she was waiting for Madge to get home she wants to go and see Scott. Dan thinks the young have no patience as Scott is due out of hospital the next day.
Madge arrives home and is surprised to see Dan there; Dan tells her that he has come to give Shane the benefit of his boxing experience. Madge tells him that she doesn't want him encouraging Shane.
As Shane comes and flops in a chair, Dan tells him to get his tracksuit on then.do 30 push-ups and a five mile run. Shane isn't interested, saying that he has only just got in from work and he is beat. Madge tells Dan to "Stop it" then asks Shane if he is going ahead with this ridiculous fight. Shane replies "Too right I am... and if Granddad can help me win it I am glad he is sticking around...maybe a quick jog around the block isn't a bad idea. Dan says "That's the spirit we will show the world we Ramsays aren't to be messed with". Getting up from the chair Shane and Dan start to spar around the room much to Madge's annoyance.
Robinson House
Helen is telling Jim that it is a shame Jane couldn't start in the office and she wonders how Mrs Mangel is. Jim thinks it certainly is a weird business, as Clive arrives through the backdoor unannounced. Helen says that Susan had told her that Clive had seen Mrs Mangel and enquires how she is. Clive tells her that it is hard to say, he hopes that she calms down enough for Jane to find out what the problem is. That is all they can do for the time being.
Clive continues that they have a bigger problem; the fight of the century is getting completely out of hand. Jim says that Des explained the whole thing to him and by the time they have been put though their paces they will be too exhausted to stand up let alone hit anyone. This is the only reason why he agreed to train Mike. Clive tells him that he isn't so sure, Dan Ramsay has arrived and he has stirred Shane up with a lot of talk. Jim thinks for a moment and then says that if they won't see sense the only alternative is to put them in the ring together. Helen is horrified by the suggestion.
Lucy pipes up that she thinks Mike should win because Shane stole his girlfriend. She continues that Jim told her that people should fight for what they want and she would want Bradley to do it for her. Clive corrects her says that fighting doesn't have to mean bashing one another up. It means standing up for yourself, speaking your mind arguing your rights. Lucy just shrugs and says they have already done that and that is why they want to bash each other up now and walks away.
Ramsay House
Madge is yawning in the kitchen as Charlene comes in and wants to know what is for breakfast. She thinks that with Granddad staying bacon and eggs might be on offer. Madge tells her quite bluntly that if he wants that he can make it himself. Charlene wants to know why she is so grumpy. Is it still over them digging up old Mangel back garden? Madge replies as a matter of fact it is - trespass is trespass. Charlene then launches into her defence saying that Kelly thinks Mrs Mangel has bumped him off. Madge rolls her eyes and tells her that Mrs Mangel may be a lot of things but a murderess she isn't.
Shane comes in via the backdoor with his skipping rope and starts skipping in the living room, as Dan collapses on one of the chairs in the kitchen. Still irritable Madge asks if Shane could please do that outside. Dan tells her to leave him alone he has to get to peak fitness. Madge is not impressed and replies that she doesn't see why. Shane says so he can make mincemeat out of Mike. Madge tells him that she doesn't want him talking like that in her house. Dan replies that the family honour is at stake, he can't have a grandson of his beaten in the ring by a Robinson. Madge corrects him and says that Mike isn't a Robinson. Dan acknowledges defeat but says that as he is being trained by one it is the same difference. Shane and Dan go off to get changed for the gym.
Clarke House
As Daphne and Mike have breakfast Mike is moaning that the fight is now unfair as Shane is being trained by Dan Ramsay who used to fight with the Jimmy Sharman troupe. Daphne says that Mike now has Jim training him, isn't he any good. Mike doesn't know as he hasn't had a training session with him yet.
As Jim arrives, Daphne tells him that Mike is worried about Shane's new trainer. Jim shrugs and tells that Dan isn't too much to worry about but it not too late he could always call it off. Daphne says that no one would think less of him if he did. Mike was "What is this? First Des wants me to call it off now you two...No way!" Jim admits defeat and says if that is the case they might as well get down to the gym.
As Mike goes off to get his gear, Jim says "Well at least we tried" Daphne shrugs and replies "Good Luck, I think Mike is going to need it"
The Gym
Dan and Shane are in the gym doing bench push-ups. Dan is counting the push-ups 26...27. He looks up as Mike and Jim arrive and continues to count...228 Shane looks confused and looks around to see them...Dan continues to count ...229...230...231
Mike looks concerned by the 231 push-ups but Jim tells him that it is rubbish, that is just for your benefit. As Shane gets up and starts to use one of the punch bags, Dan says that he has nothing to worry about he has seen jelly fish like "him" before they wear themselves out just climbing into the ring. You only have to breathe on them and they fall down.
Mike shouts across the gym sarcastically "His breath would knock anyone out!" Jim reassures Mike and tells him not to let them get to him they are just trying to stir him.
Still hitting the punch bag, Shane shouts across the gym that he hopes that Mike has got his medical insurance all paid up. Dan smugly says that it is a waste of time going into the ring the fight is over before it is began.
Mike walks over the Shane and Dan and says "What would you know fossil face when you learnt to box the Christian's were fighting the lions" Shane tells him to "Shut his face" and they start pushing and shoving each other. Jim intervenes and pulls them apart telling them to cut it out. But Dan still stirring it suggests they get in a bit of sparring practice. Shane asks Mike if he is up for it and Mike snaps back "anytime you like"
Jim says to Mike "This has gone far enough....Mike...Don't let them get to you" as Mike gets in the ring with Shane and they start sparring. Dan still won't let up he continues to stir it with Jim saying that he isn't surprised that he doesn't want him in the ring, with Jim training him he doesn't stand a chance. Jim gets annoyed and tells Dan to stop stirring and for Mike to get out of the ring.
Shane and Mike continue to spar and dancing around each other, and then Shane gets in a lucky punch and hits Mike of the chin. Clive who has just arrived sees what is happening and jumps immediately in the ring and grabs Shane and pulls him to the far side of the ring away from Mike. Jim runs into the ring and grabs Mike and pulls him to the opposite side of the ring. Clive still holding Shane tells him through gritted teeth, that as of now the fight is off. Shane growls back you have to be kidding I want to kill him. Dan looks on smugly at his handiwork.
Mike still fighting to get away from Jim tells Shane that he is scared that is why he wants to call it off. Shane says to Jim "Let him go Jim and I will show him just how scared I am" Dan gets into the ring and says to Shane "That a boy Shane...don't let them talk to a Ramsay like that" Jim snaps at him again to give it a rest.
Clive suggests that they shake hands and forget about it. Dan is disgusted and says "who do you think they are a couple of kindergarten kids fighting over a lolly...let them go for it." Clive says that no one is going for it as Mike and Shane push threateningly towards each other again. Clive separates them again as Paul arrives and wants to know if they are squaring up for the big event.
Dan wants to know why they can't settle it here and now. Clive is very firm and says "No way" Dan gives in and indicates for Shane to leave the ring, he has a few pointers to show him. As they are leaving the ring Clive says "Hang on a minute I am his trainer' Dan tells him he was but now he is sacked. Shane just shrugs; Clive replies "Well there's gratitude for you." And goes to see how Mike's cheek is.
Paul unhelpfully suggests that maybe they should just let them go for it. Jim replies bitterly "What and stand around and pick up the pieces" Clive tells Mike that he will live this time. Jim tells Paul to take Mike home he wants to have a word with Clive.
Ramsay House
Madge is giving Dan a hard time about him sticking his nose in and she isn't interested in hearing any rubbish about family honour there is no honour in brawling with the neighbours! Charlene argues that fighting is as good a way as any of settling their differences. She asks Dan for the job section and continues "Look at that time I punched Scott we were the best of mates after that" Madge tells her that it was hardly lady-like and talking about being lady like a secretarial job would be more suitable.
Charlene insists that she wants to do a motor mechanic's job. Madge reminds her that even with her HSC one of those jobs might not fall at her feet with typing and shorthand she will never be out of work. Charlene insists that she wants to work with her hands. Madge replies "What do you think you type with...your feet!"
Shane who has been slowly falling asleep at the table gets up and stretches. All the exercise is obviously having some effect of him and says he is going for a shower. Dan gets up to speak to Madge telling her to put a sock in it if she had her way the Ramsay's would all be walking around being lady-like. Charlene pipes up "Not me gramps" Dan laughs and goes off.
Clarke House
Daphne is examining Mike's cheek demanding to know if Shane did this to him. Paul tells her to be fair Mike did give as good as he got, he is going to be pretty sore for a while. Daphne is not impressed, Mike thinks it isn't his fault Shane is the one who muscled in on his girlfriend. Daphne snaps back that the way they are going there won't be enough for Jane to worry about. Paul smirks that he doesn't think she has much to do with it anymore it has developed into a bit of a grudge match. Daphne is even less impressed and orders Mike to the shower telling him the liniment is in the bathroom cabinet.
Daphne turns on Paul and tells him that she really doesn't find this very funny. Paul laughs it off saying that boys will be boys. Daphne replies that Shane is hardly a boy and he should know better at his age and she intends to tell him so. Paul suggests that she keep out of it. Daphne replies that she won't she is responsible for Mike and maybe she can talk some sense into Shane. She walks purposefully towards the door. Paul is shocked and asks "What now" Daphne replies sarcastically, "When did you think, next Easter?" After she has gone Paul raises his eyebrows and says, "You are making a big mistake Daph."
The Gym
Random boxers are working out in the gym as Clive and Jims sit on a step looking despondent. Clive doesn't know what they are going to do they can't let them get into the ring together they will murder each other. Jim suggests that as Clive is no longer Shane's trainer he nominates him as the referee that way if it looks like either of them is going to get hurt he can stop the fight. Clive says that he doesn't want either of them to get hurt. Jim reasons that if they don't fight they will end up scrapping in Ramsay Street.
Clive says that he is going to give them both time to cool off then see if he can sort things out. He is not sure how he gets himself mixed up in these things. Jim replies "I have been asking myself the same question."
Ramsay House
Charlene is complaining about the smell as she rubs Galah liniment into Shane. Dan insists that it is the best liniment you can get as he continues to give Shane boxing tips about footwork and balance and when you pull your punch you have to have all your weight behind it. Madge sarcastically says "Just listen to Muhammad Ali Ramsay" Dan insists that he knows what he was talking about he and Jimmy Sharman where like that and he crosses his fingers. Madge snaps back "Yes hoping you weren't knocked out"
Dan insists that there has never been a Ramsay carried out of the ring. Madge replies "There is always a first time!"
There is a loud banging on the door and Daphne arrives still very angry, she wants Shane to call off the fight. Six weeks ago they were the best of friends and now....Dan interrupts her and wants to know if Mike has a woman fighting his battles for him now. Daphne tells him that she isn't here to fight a battle she is here to stop one. Dan still stirring it says "Is he scared of getting hurt" Daphne insists that Mike can look after himself. Dan snaps "Let him prove it then like a man in the ring" Madge sarcastically chips in "Like a man with no brains like a couple others I can mention"
With the exception of Madge they all start shouting and arguing uncontrollably with one another until Madge shouts at them to stop. Dan tells Daphne that Shane will be in the ring on the night if Mike doesn't show up they will understand that he is a sissy all mouth and no action. Daphne gets angry and says, "To hell with the lot of you, I came here to try and talk some sense into the lot of you. You lot wouldn't know commonsense if you tripped over it" She walks angrily towards the door continuing, "Mike will be fighting Shane and I will be cheering him on. Because as far as she is concerned if he is fighting a Ramsay then he is taking on the village idiots" And with that she slams the door. Madge shouts at Dan "I hope you are happy now not only have you put Shane in the position that he might get hurt you have now started a feud with the neighbours as well"
Robinson House
Lucy, Paul and Helen are hanging a "Welcome Home" sign for Scott when Charlene and Madge arrive via the back door. Madge is ranting about Dan stirring up trouble and how Daphne is angry about trying to talk some sense into Shane and now that she is backing Mike all the way and hoping to take the Ramsay down a peg a two. Helen agrees with Madge about all the stupid violence and over nothing.
Paul wants to know as a matter of interest how Shane will do it the ring. They start to discuss Shane's merits over Mike's with Madge saying Shane will do better and Paul arguing for Mike. Helen is dismayed and wants to know what has happened to friendship these days when two neighbours can only sort out their differences by hitting each other.
Before anyone can answer her Jim arrives home with Scott. He hobbles in on crutches as they all rush to welcome him home. Scott says how great it is to be back in Ramsay Street. Paul smirks "Yeh... all the neighbours want to bash each other's heads in". Scott look a bit bemused.
Clark House
Daphne is ranting about the Ramsay's...who do they think they are just because the street was named after some distant relative they think they can run the whole neighbourhood. She tells Mike from now on she is going to take over his training program, high protein food, go jogging, and working out in the gym. Mike points out that she is pregnant and Jim is his trainer. Daphne tells him that she is fine; Des is the one with all the symptoms and she doesn't think Jim's heart is in it....her's is now!
Robinson House
Paul is bringing in the tea and Jim, Scott and Helen sit in the living room. Scott wants to know what happened at the Gym and Jim tells him about how Dan stirred up trouble between Mike and Shane. Paul and Jim start to discuss the merits of Shane against Mike. Jim thinking Mike has a better chance as he is younger and faster than Shane. They then move on to who is a better trainer Dan or Jim. Jim is insulted and tells Paul to put his money where his mouth is and so Paul bets him $10.00 that Shane will win. Jim doesn't think he has much faith in Shane and up's the bet to $100.00. Helen is shocked at the turn of events. Paul replies "OK if you really want to make it worthwhile how about $500.00.
Helen and Scott think they are going a bit overboard. After a pause Jim agrees to the bet and shakes hands with Paul to seal the bet.
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Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0399
Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0399
Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0399
Jim Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Mike Young, Dan Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Mike Young, Dan Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Shane Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Dan Ramsay, Mike Young, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Jim Robinson, Dan Ramsay, Mike Young, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0399
Shane Ramsay, Mike Young

Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0399
Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Mike Young

Dan Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Dan Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0399
Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0399
Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0399
Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0399
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

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