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Neighbours Episode 0396 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0396
Australian airdate: 01/12/86
UK airdate: 13/05/88
UK Gold: 06/05/94
Writer: Ginny Lowndes
Director: Mark Callan
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Kelly Morgan is in the Coffee Shop alone; she opens the till and takes out a wad of $50 notes and smiles.
Coffee Shop
Madge comes into the coffee shop and greets Kelly. Kelly quickly puts the money into her back pocket. Madge asks for a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake. Kelly who is acting rather nervously tells her she doesn't know how to use the coffee machine. Madge shows her, telling her that you are never too old to learn something new. She continues that she admires Kelly the way she came back and faced the music, it can't have been easy for her. She tells Kelly that if she ever wants anyone to talk to she is always there, but only if she wants to. Madge gives her the money for the coffee and Kelly puts it in the till, she also returns the money from her back pocket into the till.
Mike comes in and looks at Kelly, rather defensively she says that she was just putting Madge's' money in the till and that he can check it if he likes. Mike replies that Daphne and Des trust her so he does as well; Kelly looks rather sheepish at this.
Ramsay Street
Daphne is washing the car as Jane approaches, Jane wonders if Daphne should be washing the car. Daphne laughs and says that Des is doing the pregnant wife stuff for her so she doesn't have to worry too much. Daphne wants to know how Jane is. Jane replies despondently that between looking for a job and stopping her grandparents from fighting she doesn't know if she is coming or going. She continues that she has a another job interview in a few minutes but she knows what they are going to say, you can't have a job without experience and you can't get experience without having a job...it is a classic Catch 22 situation. Daphne suggests she asks the neighbours to give her a job for a couple of months to give her some work experience, Daphne suggests asking Paul. Jane is unsure, but Daphne says that she would ask for her.
As Shane's van pulls up, Jane makes her excuses and leaves and gives a slight wave to Shane as she goes. Shane crosses the road to talk to Daphne and asks her if she knows of any good labourers to help him with the blackberry bushes he has to clear. Daphne wants to know if he can't manage with Kelly and Charlene. Shane explains the problems he had with them and that Kelly pushed Charlene into the blackberry bush, and the resulting fight, so he sacked them both. Daphne wants to know where Kelly is she will sort her out. Shane replies not to bother- Charlene was just as bad and he doesn't want either of them back. Daphne is dismayed and feels that Kelly is going to ruin her chances in court if she doesn't have a job. Shane feels that it isn't his problem. Daphne pleads with him to give her another chance but Shane is not interested and wants nothing more to do with her and the same goes for Charlene.
Coffee Shop
Kelly is helping Mike in the Coffee Shop clearing tables. Mrs Mangel comes in and asks Madge to sign her petition to get Kelly evicted from the Street. Madge refuses saying that Kelly is trying to rehabilitate herself and has an honest job that she is even helping out at the Coffee Shop. Mrs Mangel feels that she is no more than a common criminal and they don't want her in their street and they will be murdered in their beds if she is around. Madge snaps back that people like her do more harm than a hundred Kelly Morgans. Mrs Mangel points out that Charlene was only too willing to sign and that she obviously has more concern for the neighbourhood than Madge. Madge feels that Mrs Mangel probably got Charlene to sign the petition under duress. Mrs Mangel assures her that Charlene signed under her own free will and continues that she takes it take Madge won't sign. Madge tells her not until hell freezes over. Mrs Mangel shrugs and says that there are plenty who will and goes off to hassle the other customers.
Kelly returns from the kitchen and asks Mike what Mrs Mangel is up to. Mike says he doesn't know but he intends to find out and he drags a protesting Mrs Mangel into the kitchen. Mrs Mangel feels that Mike has no right to treat her this way; he should be watching Kelly and the till rather than stopping her gathering signatures for her petition. Kelly comes into the kitchen and wants to know what petition. Mrs Mangel tells her it is the one to flush out undesirables from the neighbourhood.
Mike tries to intervene and politely insists that Daphne does not like anyone, using the Coffee Shop for this kind of thing. Mrs Mangel argues that Daphne would prefer her customers and Mike to consort with criminals. Kelly wants Mrs Mangel to take that back. Mrs Mangel looks down her nose at Kelly and replies that she is surprised that Kelly has the gall flaunting herself at the scene of her crime, she assumes that the Clarkes are encouraging her. Kelly just shrugs and replies that Mrs Mangel can't stop her.
Mrs Mangel insists that she isn't the only one who wants to se the back of her. Kelly feels that no one will take notice of her anyway she is just a rotten old busybody anyway. Mrs Mangel bites back that "You...you my girl are rude, crude and unattractive. People are much more open to the opinions of a woman like myself rather than riff-raff like you"
Kelly is hurt and says that Mrs Mangel should watch herself. Mike tries to intervene saying that Kelly isn't helping and why doesn't she go outside and let him sort it out.
But Mrs Mangel won't let it alone and continues to lecture saying "Better still why don't you go back to where you came from and leave decent people alone" She turns to leave but Kelly gently pulls her back and says "why should I" Mrs Mangel tells her that if she doesn't then she won't rest until she makes sure that she does. Kelly tells her threateningly that if she doesn't lay off, she is going to make sure she is one sorry old lady!
Ramsay House
As Shane comes off the phone, he says to Charlene that he will try again later there must be someone who wants a job. Charlene offers to make him lunch, but Shane tells her that she can't get around him like that she is still fired. Charlene pleads to be given another chance Madge is going to kill her when she finds out. Shane thinks she should have thought of that before she opened her big mouth. Charlene argues that it was Kelly who pushed her over. Shane reminds her that she was hardly the innocent bystander and the lesson number one of business is give less lip and do more work, that you have to get along with the people you work with no matter how crabby they are to you. You have to get along with everyone. Charlene scoffs and says "All this carry on about brotherly love. What about the way you are carry on about Mike and Jane" Shane thinks that it has nothing to do with the way she was acting and besides which lesson number two is don't argue with the boss.
Coffee Shop
Kelly is moaning to Mike about Mrs Mangel and the petition as Daphne comes rushing in. They tell Daphne about their run in with Mrs Mangel and her petition. Daphne is furious and says that she is going to give Mrs Mangel a piece of her mind. Mike tells Daphne that Kelly has already done that, he feels that they should leave it she might forget about it. Daphne is incensed that she would come into her Coffee Shop like that. She could use the petition against Kelly in court. Kelly has the right to live wherever she likes and it has nothing to do with Mrs Mangel. If anyone is going to be moving out of the street it is going to be her not us! As Daphne goes towards the door she stops and looks back and tells them that if Mrs Mangel comes into the Coffee Shop again they are to throw her out. Mike looks shocked by the outburst.
Mangel House
Daphne arrives at Mrs Mangel's and she reluctantly lets her in. Daphne tells her that she knows that Mrs Mangel and Kelly don't see eye to eye...Mrs Mangel interrupts and says that is putting it mildly and that Kelly had earlier threatened her. Daphne trying to hold back her anger points out to Mrs Mangel that Kelly felt the same way about her petition. Mrs Mangel explains that Kelly threatened her, Daphne assures her that Kelly wouldn't harm her But Mrs Mangel isn't so sure what assurances does she have after all Kelly has already committed robbery with violence the sooner she leaves the better.
Daphne looks around the Mangel house at the Christmas decorations and points out that she should have a heart it is almost Christmas. Mrs Mangel argues that what better way to for the people in Ramsay Street to celebrate than to see that "ruffian" gone for good. Still very angry Daphne says that it might be easier for her to sort out if she could just see the petition. Mrs Mangel hands her the petition and Daphne reads it and is horrified, she is not surprised that Kelly was upset. Daphne rips up the petition much to Mrs Mangel's disapproval. Daphne points out that she has been in trouble before with the police for spreading malicious gossip and if she doesn't stop with the petition she will contact them.
Mrs Mangel angrily replies that if Daphne doesn't get rid of Kelly, then she will tell Des' employers, they are unlikely to approve of a bank manager who is harbouring a convicted criminal and she shows Daphne the door.
Coffee Shop
Mike is counting the money in the till and Kelly wants to help but Mike insists he can do it and suggests that she clears the table. Kelly tells him that if she wanted to rip off the Coffee Shop she could have done it when he was clearing the bins, in fact she almost did. Mike wants to know what stopped her, Kelly explains that Mrs Mitchell did, she had such faith in her. She felt that shooting through, seemed a good idea at the time. Mike says Des and Daphne would have been disappointed. Kelly replies that she can't understand them, no one has cared for her before so why should they now. Her father did but then he died and her mother blamed her. Mike says that she can't believe that, Kelly replies that she has no reason not to.
Ramsay House
Madge arrives home and wants to know what Charlene is doing home so early. Charlene makes some lame excuse about knocking off early but Madge wants to know the real reason. Charlene comes clean and tells her about the fight with Kelly and that Shane fired them both. Madge says how disappointed she is in Charlene, and how she feels that they should give Kelly some support after all she is trying to turn her life around otherwise she will end up in jail like Henry. Charlene feels that Henry is different and she wants to know why she is sticking by Kelly all of a sudden. Madge replies because they did it for Henry time after time at least Kelly is trying to turn her life around. Charlene gives in and sees Madge's point of view and says she will ease up on Kelly. Madge insists that she could start by taking her name off Mrs Mangel's petition. Charlene says she will do it later. Madge says, "You aren't scared of the old boiler are you?" Charlene is incensed and goes off to see Mrs Mangel.
Mangel House
The front door is open and Charlene overhears a conversation between Mrs Mangel and Len:
MRS MANGEL: "What do you think it has been like for me being left alone week after week...and I was fool enough to believe everything you told me...while all the time you were...how could you do this to me doesn't our marriage mean anything to you...I could kill you for what you have done Len Mangel...I could kill you!"
Coffee Shop
Kelly tells Mike that if there isn't anything he wants her to do she will be off; Mike wants to know where she is going. Kelly replies that it is OK she isn't going to get into any trouble. As Kelly goes out, Jane comes in, Mike wants to know how the job hunting is going, Jane is rather down hearted she has three interviews but no job offers. Mike says that at least she has got her foot in the door; there are a lot of people these days that can't even get that far. Jane thinks maybe it is better at least they don't get their hopes up. Mike offers her a cup of coffee on the house but she insists on paying.
Charlene comes in and Mike asks after Scott, she tells him that he is getting better. Charlene asks after Kelly and Mike says that she has just left, a little confused, he continues that he thought Charlene and Kelly weren't getting on. Charlene explains that that was this morning. Charlene then tells Jane she had gone over to her house to take her name off the stupid petition and had heard Jane's grandparents arguing from half way down the street. Jane looks concerned and says that she should get home immediately. Both Jane and Charlene leave, leaving Mike with two cups of coffee in his hands.
Ramsay House
Shane comes in from his boxing training run and Madge tackles him about giving Charlene and Kelly the sack, she feels that he has double standards considering his fight with Mike. Shane replies that the pair of them had already cost him a packet with their fighting and he would take Charlene back but not Kelly. Madge thinks this is unfair.
During this whole conversation, Shane is stripping off various items of clothing from his run and giving them to Madge...sweatshirt...towel...trainers...socks.....jogging bottoms...tee-shirt!
Clarke House
Daphne is sorting out Christmas decorations out when Kelly arrives home with a small bunch of picked flowers and gives them to Daphne. Kelly says that she thought she would use them to say she was sorry like they do in the movies and that she supposed Daphne has heard that she got the sack. Daphne replies that she had and was going to ask her about it before but she got so steamed up about Mrs Mangel. Kelly explains that it wasn't all her fault, Charlene was giving her a hard time; she is worried what Des will say when he finds out. Daphne says that she has already told him, and that they will find her another job but only if she doesn't lose her temper this time otherwise she will have no hope in court. Kelly agrees and didn't realise that Des was on her side. Daphne tells her that he is now especially when she told him about her run in with Mrs Mangel. Daphne tells her about Mrs Mangel's threats to tell Des's bosses about him harbouring a convicted criminal. Kelly wants to know what it has to do with them, Daphne explains that bank managers are supposed to be as pure as the driven snow. She guesses that it is because we trust them with all that money. Daphne tells her that Des has been called into Head Office and she hopes it is nothing to do with this. Kelly replies that she hopes it isn't otherwise she will make that old bat suffer for it.
Mangel House
Charlene and Jane quietly open the door and go into the hallway. Jane whispers that it seems very quiet now as she quietly pushes the door shut. Charlene whispers back maybe they have run out of things to argue about. Jane says that she doesn't know if she can stand much more. Charlene wants to know what they fight over and Jane tells her mainly about Len leaving Mrs Mangel on her own. Charlene tells her that all she wants to do is get her name off the petition and leave. Jane suggests that she comes back tomorrow and to sort that out. Charlene offers to stay but Jane insists she will be all right. Charlene leaves.
Jane walks into the living room....the room is a mess with broken furniture and upturned pot plants all over the room. Mrs Mangel is sitting in a dazed state on a chair....Jane says "Nan...Nan...what happened...are you all right" gently trying to arouse her but Mrs Mangel is in a trance-like state and too dazed and shocked to reply...
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Madge Mitchell, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0396
Madge Mitchell, Kelly Morgan

Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0396
Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0396
Daphne Clarke, Shane Ramsay

Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0396
Madge Mitchell, Nell Mangel

Mike Young, Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0396
Mike Young, Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel

Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0396
Kelly Morgan, Nell Mangel

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0396
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Nell Mangel, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0396
Nell Mangel, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0396
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0396
Charlene Mitchell

Mike Young, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0396
Mike Young, Kelly Morgan

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0396
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0396
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0396
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0396
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0396
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

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