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Neighbours Episode 0378 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0378
Australian airdate: 05/11/86
UK airdate: 19/04/88
UK Gold: 13/04/94
Writer: Penny Fraser
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Nicky is shocked that Scott is going to cheat in the maths exam. She stresses that there is no way he is going to be able to smuggle a book into the exam. Scott replies he isn't going to; he is going to take the formulas on his wrist. He continues that it isn't really cheating it is just a safety measure, she said herself that he knew the formulas. Nicky insists that the supervisor won't think so if he catches him. Nicky pleads with Scott. Unknown to both of them the whole conversation has been overheard by Sue who smiles vindictively.
Charlene is walking down the steps and asks Sue sarcastically if "Daddy is going to make sure that they pass her" Sue replies at least she has a father...Charlene charges up the steps to thump her but is held back by Mike and Jane who think it isn't worth it.
Shortly after they meet up with Nicky who is looking rather despondent, she explains that Scott has finally flipped out and about his intensions to cheat in the exam. They are dismayed by his intended actions. Charlene feels that there is no way she is going to let him do that, but Nicky replies that Scott won't listen to Charlene and stops her from going to see him. Nicky thinks Mike is the only one who could talk some sense into Scott and that Scott has a lot on his mind at the moment. Charlene whines that they shouldn't all look at her she wasn't the one to break it off. Mike doesn't answer her but rushes off to talk to Scott.
Outside Lassiters
Mrs. Mangel is walking over the bridge at Lassiters and meets Clive and comments on him all dressed up in a suit. He replies that he doesn't know how long it will last. She feels it is better to be a doctor that a lunatic! Clive then notices that Mrs. Mangel is carrying a newspaper which is folded to the jobs section and asks her if she is looking for a new job. Mrs. Mangel walks off in a huff saying she certainly isn't.
Erinsborough High
Sue is telling Mr. White (teacher) about Scott writing the formula on his wrist and that he is going to cheat in the exam. Mr. White replies that these are serious allegations. Sue feels that it is for Scott's own good as how will he feel for the rest of his life if he knew he only got through his HFC by cheating in the exam. Mr. White comments that Sue doesn't get along with Scott's friends. Sue replies that that has nothing to do with it and no one should he allowed to get away with cheating. Mr. White agrees and says he will check it out. Sue walks away looking very smug with herself.
Mike finds Scott in the corridor and tells him he knows what he is going to do. Scott accuses Nicky of having a big mouth. Mike argues that if he gets caught he won't be able to sit for any more exams. Scott replies that it is none of his business what he does.
As Scott turns the corridor he encounters Mr. White who asks him to roll up his sleeves for him.
Paul's Office
Mrs. Mangel walks into Paul's office and asks to have a word with him. She continues that she realizes that it must be some kind of mistake but a very embarrassing one for the staff to show you an advertisement for your job. Paul replies that it is no mistake. Mrs. Mangel then concludes that she is going to be retrenched (made redundant) and continues that it is no matter than she has worked her fingers to the bone...She is interrupted by Paul. Paul reminds Mrs. Mangel that she knew that the job was only temporary. Mrs. Mangel sneers that she knew that but only until Madge had completed her course and Madge had chosen her family over a career. Paul interrupts her again and tells her that Madge's reasons are her own and if she wants to apply for the job she can. Mrs. Mangel is far from happy and continues that if he wasn't happy with her work he should have said so. Paul explains that he is looking for the best applicant for the job and that may turn out to be her. Mrs. Mangel bites back that he is probably looking for some young bright thing, Paul smiles and ponders that thought but continues that is not necessarily so and if she wants to apply then she can add her name to the list and that they will waive the interview for her as he doesn't see it is necessary. Mrs. Mangel replies that is exactly what she has been saying.
Outside Lassiters
Mrs. Mangel is walking back to Lassiters when Shane rides up on his motor bike. Mrs. Mangel accuses him of trying to kill her. Shane doesn't think that is likely as he was hardly going fast enough. Mrs. Mangel continues to tell Shane off by saying that he shouldn't be riding that great big noise thing around here and that people are trying to have a quiet cup of coffee. As she turns around there is no one at all outside the Coffee Shop! To cover up she continues - "You see they have all had to go inside because of the noise." Shane is not impressed. Mrs. Mangel continues that this is not the place for a noisy bike. Shane points out that this is a delivery path and his bike was delivering him to work. Mrs. Mangel is far from happy and tells Shane that in future he must use his delivery van and not his bike. Shane points out that Mrs. Mangel is not in charge of him; his contract is with Paul. Mrs. Mangel then informs Shane that she hopes that Paul docks him for being five minutes late and she will inform Paul of the fact.
Erinsborough High
Mr. White is apologizing to Scott, saying he was sorry he had to do that, he was obviously misinformed. Scott wants to know by whom but Mr. White says he can't tell him that but he will be having words with the headmaster about it. That he realizes that Scott has been under pressure that is why he took the accusation seriously, but he didn't feel that Scott was not the type to take the easy way out. Scott replies that it is all very well but he is feeling a bit shaky. Mr. White suggests that he takes some deep breaths and walks slowly to the exam room.
Walking to the exam room Mike says to Scott that he thought he was sprung then. Scott explains that he was going to cheat but when it came down to it he just couldn't do it, but when he finds the person who "dobbed" him in, then there life isn't going to be worth living!
Paul's office
Susan is rather subdued and tells Paul that she had finished sending out the letters for the unsuccessful applications and that there are two more interviews. Paul comments that the last one was bit of a dragon and could have out-Mangeled Mrs. Mangel. Susan apologizes if she should have given her an interview. Paul says that it wasn't a criticism; Susan feels that maybe she has been a bit too sensitive at the moment and should have been more understanding. Paul accepts the apology and asks her out to lunch but makes it clear that he only wants to be "friends" He doesn't want to get her hopes up. Susan declines the offer and looks very downhearted.
Erinsborough High
Nicky, Jane and Mike are coming out of school talking about the exam. Scott joins them and demands to know who else Nicky had been shouting her mouth off to. Nicky is reluctant to tell him but finally admits that the only people she told were Jane, Mike and Charlene. Scott thinks that it must have been Charlene who "dobbed" him in. The three of them defend Charlene but Scott whinges some more that she said she hoped he failed and rushes off to confront Charlene.
Mike goes off to see Mr. White to see if he can find out who it really was.
Coffee Shop
Susan comes into the coffee shop and finds Clive behind the counter serving. Susan looks very despondent and tells Clive that it is no good she is going to have to leave Erinsborough. Clive thinks it can't be that hopeless. But Susan asks him has he ever tried to spend a lot of time with someone who you are in love with and all they want to be is "good friends". Clive reminds Susan how hard it was to get the job in the first place. Susan agrees and replies she would have left before now if she had forgotten and that time will probably cure things. Clive suggests that they go out and paint the town "Green" Susan laughs and says isn't it supposed to be "Red" Clive replies that with hair his colour he likes to try something different. Susan doesn't think she is really in the mood for going out and suggests a night at home. Clive agrees but says that they have to dress-up.
Madge's House
Scott walks through the back door and immediately accuses Charlene of dobbing him in to Mr. White. As Charlene is denying it, Mike walks in and tells them that it was Sue Parker who told Mr. White. He then goes on to tell Scott that no one told Sue, she overheard Scott telling Nicky that he was going to cheat. Mike tells Scott that he should apologize to Charlene. Scott says that he can't be blamed for thinking it was Charlene. Charlene goes off in a huff and says it that is what Scott thinks of her then she doesn't want to see him anymore starting now!
Outside Lassiters
Nicky and Jane are walking back from the coffee shop when they meet Shane. He offers to take Jane for a ride on the bike, saying that he has to be back by 5 O'clock to meet Madge for the bank. Jane starts off being reluctant to go but Nicky persuades her that her next exam isn't until the next afternoon and Mike is in an exam all afternoon so she couldn't spent any time with him. So in the end she agrees.
As Jane speeds off on Shane's bike Mrs. Mangel comes out of Lassiters and demands to know if it was Jane on the bike. Nicky is reluctant to tell but finally admits it was. Mrs. Mangel goes off mumbling that she will have something to say to that young lady when she gets home tonight.
Paul's Office
Paul is finishing a phone call to Crystal as Susan comes into the office. Susan apologizes she didn't realize it was a personal call. Paul tells her that he has something he wants to explain to her. He wants her to know that he isn't just rushing from a relationship with her to one with someone else. The Crystals of this world are uncomplicated, if he doesn't call her for six months no harm is done and if she is busy then he just moves on to another Crystal....no commitment. He just isn't ready for the commitment he was heading for with her. Susan feels very low and replies that it sounds so very superficial and unfulfilled.
Robinson House
Nicky and Scott are studying, but Scott can't sit still. Nicky urges Scott to go over to the Ramsay house and sort it out. Scott whinges that why should he go...it was Charlene who said she never wanted to see him. Mike comes in and asks Scott if he had sorted things out with Charlene. Scott continues to whinge that it is up to Charlene to make up with him.
Mike then remarks that he thought Jane might be here studying and Nicky tells him that she had gone off on Shane's bike for a ride but that they should have been back by now. Scott remarks that it is just like Charlene off with another fella as soon as your back is turned. Mike replies that Jane is able to go off with whoever she likes. What is the point of going out with someone if you can't trust them? Scott thinks he is asking for trouble, especially with Shane. Mike goes home.
Nicky tells Scott that Mike knows how to treat a girl, But Scott continues that according to Shane's reputation so does Shane. He wouldn't let his girl go within ten feet of him. Nicky tells Scott that his ex-girl lives in the same house and that she thinks he should sort out his own relationship before giving anyone else advice.
Clive's House
Susan arrives home looking sad but starts laughing the minute she walks through the door. The whole of the living room has been decorated with streamers and balloons. She laughs as she walks around. She shouts up the stairs this is wonderful as Clive and little Sam come down wearing clown outfits. Little Sam looks so cute in his outfit and Clive had painted his little nose red for the occasion.
Susan thinks Clive is the best medicine and wants to know what she is going to be. She is frightened of heights and doesn't want to be the daring young girl on the flying trapeze. But Clive tells her that her clown outfit is waiting for her upstairs on her bed.
Clarke House
Mrs. Mangel is banging on the door; finally Mike opens it, as Mrs. Mangel demands to know where Jane is. Mike explains that all he knows is what Nicky told him: that Jane had gone off with Shane on his bike but no news is good news. Mrs. Mangel is not convinced and says she knows that something is wrong and that she is going to call the police.
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Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Nikki Dennison, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0378
Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell, Nikki Dennison, Jane Harris

Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0378
Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel

Mr White, Scott Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0378
Mr White, Scott Robinson, Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0378
Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0378
Nell Mangel, Shane Ramsay

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0378
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole

Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0378
Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell

Jane Harris, Nikki Dennison, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0378
Jane Harris, Nikki Dennison, Shane Ramsay

Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Susan Cole

Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole

Sam Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Sam Cole

Sam Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Sam Cole

Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0378
Clive Gibbons, Sam Cole, Susan Cole

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0378
Nell Mangel

Mike Young, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0378
Mike Young, Nell Mangel

<<0377 - 0379>>
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