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Neighbours Episode 0376 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0376
Australian airdate: 03/11/86
UK airdate: 15/04/88
UK Gold: 11/04/94
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Mark Callan
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Paul's office
Ruth is pleading with Paul that she wants to stay in Erinsborough with Jim. Paul is unconvinced by her arguments saying Jim doesn't love her and a relationship which is one-sided can never work. He knows - he has been there, if Ruth really loves Jim then she will leave and let him find someone else who he can really love.
Robinson House
Nicky complains to Scott that his guitar playing is interrupting her studying. Scott tells her it is his house and he can do what he likes, and what was she worried about anyway she was going to coast it. Nicky replies that so would he if he stopped worrying about Charlene and Lucy. Nicky offers to help Scott with his maths, but Scott whines that it is hopeless. The formulae might as well be in Russian! Nicky suggest that they take the formulae one at a time.....
Lucy arrives home from hospital with Jim still suffering from her blindness. Scott tells her that he has lined up her favourite soft toys and will read her a story. Jim tells Scott to back off and looks very irritated with him. Scott says it wasn't his fault, what happened was an accident and he feels terrible about it. Lucy replies that Scott shouldn't have sent her out when she had a temperature and it was a virus but not as bad as being blind. Scott replies he feels rotten about what happens and will never not believe her anymore...can they be friends. Lucy agrees and Scott offers to make her a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows...pink ones! Jim frowns and looks less than impressed with Scott.
Lassiter's Lake
Ruth is sitting throwing stones into the lake and is looking very forlorn.
Paul's Office
Madge is thanking Paul for keeping her on at the Waterhole. Paul replies that he would never have heard the end of it from Charlene. He then goes on to say that they will be selling off some of their assets and would Madge like to buy the house. Madge is shocked by the offer and feels that she couldn't raise that kind of money. Paul says that the Valuers have come up with a fair estimate of what the property is worth and he thinks Madge should contact her solicitor and the bank about the purchase. Madge is reluctant as she feels it is a king's ransom. Paul suggests she needs time to think about it and she should talk it over with her family and let him have an answer by early next week.
Robinson House
Scott asks Jim if the hospital gave any indication how long until Lucy will see again. Jim replies sharply "NO!" Scott says that for the hundredth time he is sorry about what happened. Jim snaps back that that is all very well but it is not going to help Lucy. Scott continues that he is sorry about what is happening to Lucy but he is under pressure as well with the exams. He knows of a dozen kids who aren't handling the pressure well...what with unemployment, competition to get into Uni...it was different when Jim was younger. Jim dismisses his argument saying he will get through it if he just keeps his mind on it. Scott replies how can he when his own father treats him like a criminal. Jim says if you expect me to forgive you with what you did to Lucy...Scott interrupts and replies he knows what a disappointment he will be to Jim, Helen and everyone if he fails his exams. If he does fail his HSC then he will have one person to blame and that is something Jim will have to live with.
Nicky is handing around Sandwiches to Lucy and Jim. She comments that she doesn't know who has the harder maths to cope with her or Jim. Jim replies that everything you do at school is useful. Nicky says maybe Jim should tell Scott that. Jim comments that Nicky thinks he is being too hard on him, other kids have problems and manage to cope. He has had all year to study. Nicky argues that anyone of them could have made the same mistake Scott did....Ruth thought it was Ok to leave Lucy with Scott. Jim says that that isn't going to help Lucy now. Nicky replies neither is anymore tension and that Scott was disappointed with his English exam he really wanted to do well in that subject.
Paul's Office
Scott is asking Paul if he can borrow one of the caravans for a couple of weeks to get him out of the house while he is sitting the exams. Paul doesn't think that is the answer, that he should just tough it out at home. Jim will come around he is just upset about Lucy. Scott reminds Paul that Lucy is his sister too and no one feels worse about it than he does.
Robinson House
Clive is counselling Lucy about falling into the drain; he wants to know what it was about the drain that frightened Lucy. Lucy tells him that the drain was very dark and she thought she heard rats. Clive tells Lucy that sometimes when we are really scared we don't want to see anything...it is called blacking things out. But she is safe now so there is no need for her to be scared anymore. Lucy frets that she still can't see.
Ruth comes in and Lucy is distressed as she has been such a long time. Ruth tells her she has been shopping to buy her a very special present and gives her a jewellery box...a music one! Lucy gets more distressed because she can't see it. Ruth says that is why it is so special she can listen to the music until she can see it. Jim reassures Lucy that she will be able to see it. Nicky suggests that until she can see it she can imagine lots of things to go with the music. Lucy says she can see a ballerina, Ruth agrees that she had a lovely pink tutu.
So Clive tells the story of his Auntie Mabel who had a music box and when the William Tell overture reached its crescendo a little archer would pop up and shoot Aunt Mabel. Ruth laughs and says that she has a few bits of jewellery in her room that Lucy can have. Lucy wants to know if they are Rubies and Diamonds. Ruth says not quite and they go off to choose the pieces.
Clive whispers to Jim that they don't need him, that Ruth has done more good in two minutes than he could do in a week. Jim agrees that Ruth is good for Lucy.
Coffee Shop
The coffee machine is spurting vast quantities of steam out of it. Daphne is on the phone and moans to Madge as she comes in that they said they would send an engineer four hours ago. Shane has had a look at the coffee machine and can't fix it, she thinks it should be dismantled and used as a toaster.
Daphne apologises and asks Madge what she wants. Madge wants to know how tight Des is with money...officially speaking that is. Daphne offers to lend her some if she is short. Madge explains that she wants to buy the house. Daphne is sure if it is a bank loan that Des can help as he has arranged one for Clive.
Clive arrives wanting coffee and Daphne explains his "girlfriend" (the coffee machine) is on strike again. Clive examines the machine and says she is running quite a temperature. Daphne says never mind the diagnoses how do they fix her. Clive replies he is a mere doctor, Freud works across the road. He will check her out but psychoanalysis costs big "Bickies" and don't you forget it. He twiddles with the knobs as loads of steam gushes out.
Robinson House
Jim is peeling vegetables as Ruth comes in, he complements Ruth on giving Lucy the Jewellery box, and accidentally cuts himself. Ruth insists on looking at the cut, and then tells him that she has decided to fly home tomorrow and that she is looking forward to seeing her children. Jim asks Ruth if she is waiting for a reaction. Ruth replies no it isn't a trick they both know it is for the best, but that she hopes that they will part as friends. Jim agrees. Ruth says she is worried how Lucy will react to her going. Jim says that Lucy will have to face facts that Ruth's life can't revolve around her.
Coffee shop
Daphne and Des are in the kitchen discussing Madge and the loan. Daphne tells Des that she told Madge to come and see him to sort out all the paperwork. Des replies that it isn't that simple that he can't just hand out cash to anyone. Daphne says he lent money to Clive, Des says Clive is reliable. Daphne opens the hatch in the kitchen to reveal Clive examining the coffee machine with his stethoscope. Daphne comments that if "he is reliable, I am Chinese!" The man is talking to a machine. Des replies that Clive has a career earning potential. Daphne tells Des to be easy on Madge she is pretty desperate for the money.
Des and Daphne come out of the kitchen and Clive announces that the coffee machine is fixed. Daphne wants to know how it fixed it! Clive says it had a screw loose. Daphne says can't you be serious for one minute. Clive says he was and one trusty turn of his scalpel and he had fixed it then presents Daphne with a bill for $25.00 and leaves.

Robinson House
Jim is giving Lucy a piggyback as Ruth arrives. He says he will go out and get some icecream. Lucy is worried she will be left alone. But Ruth arrives and says she will stay with Lucy then starts telling her about her daughter Diana and how it is her birthday in a couple of days and that she doesn't like to be left alone either and that why she is going to fly home. Lucy is distressed because Ruth promised to stay until she could see again. Reluctantly Ruth agrees to stay until Lucy's eyesight returns.
Des walks into the Waterhole and awkwardly tells her that unfortunately the bank would not be lending her any money. Madge replies "but Daphne said"...Des interrupts and says that Daphne should have discussed it with him first and that she is what the bank classes as an unacceptable risk. Madge assures him that she would pay all the money back, Des says he knows she would and if it was up to him he would lend it to her but it isn't and the bank would not be lending it to her.
Robinson House
Ruth is telling Jim that she chickened out and that she had agreed to stay until Lucy's sight returned. Jim says he is relieved for Lucy's sake, Ruth agrees but says she has to go sometime. Ruth takes Lucy some icecream. As Lucy looks down she starts to see the bowl. She jumps up and drops the bowl on the floor...she calls for Ruth and Jim. But Ruth misunderstands why she is distressed and tells her not to worry that accidents like this will happen until she gets her sight back. Lucy continues to pretend that she can't see so that Ruth will stay.
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Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Ruth Wilson

Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0376
Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0376
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson

Nikki Dennison, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Nikki Dennison, Jim Robinson

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Clive Gibbons, Lucy Robinson

Ruth Wilson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Ruth Wilson, Lucy Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0376
Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0376
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke

Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Jim Robinson, Ruth Wilson

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0376
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0376
Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0376
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0376
Lucy Robinson

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