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Neighbours Episode 0341 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0341
Australian airdate: 15/09/86
UK airdate: 26/02/88
UK Gold: 21/02/94
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Max Varnel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Dan proposes to Edna.
Mike is still in his 1930s clothes when Jane calls round. She says he looks cute.
Jane says she's going to tell the truth about what happened with Sue - she can't have it on her conscience and she's being sent away anyway.
Dan and Edna are sitting happily on the sofa and everyone is really pleased that they are getting married. It seems they can have a special license and get married away. Normally there's a cooling-off period, but apparently the bloke in the Registry Office said that fifty years was more than enough cooling off time! Clive says he'll make all the arrangements since he has a friend who's a minister. Dan says that he and Edna don't want to tell Tom and Max that they weren't married. They're a bit embarrassed, so they'll just say they're renewing their vows for their Golden Wedding.
The Office
A man called Peter Smith from "LSL Constructions" comes to see Paul. He says he's an old friend of Rosemary and says he's going to enjoy working with Paul.
Rosemary rings at that moment and tells Paul that the Robinson Corporation are going to set up a supermarket - with Peter Smith's help. Paul suggests that he and Peter discuss the proposal after lunch.
Ramsay Street
Jane tells Charlene that she's going to own up about punching Sue, but Charlene thinks it's a stupid idea.
Jim hears them shouting and comes over. Jane tells him straight that she was the one who punched Sue. Jim thanks her for being brave enough to own up.
Later at the Robinsons
Mrs Mangel has arrived and is extremely angry, saying that the others put Jane up to punching Sue! Jim tells her to calm down. Jane tells Mrs Mangel that she's not a kid anymore, but Mrs Mangel tells Jane to go home and start packing!
When Mrs Mangel and Jane have left, Jim tells the kids that noone can get through to Mrs Mangel.
MIKE:(thoughtfully) There might be someone.
The Coffee Shop
Clive tells Susan that the Great Jellybean draw will take place today.
Mike comes in and tells Clive he needs to ask him for a favour - well, a miracle, really!
Jim is helping Madge to put the furniture back after the 1930s party. They chat about the court case and are worried about it.
Dan and Edna come in all lovey-dovey and Dan says Jim should try some female company himself(!) Jim congratulates Dan and Edna on their engagement.
The Office
Paul and Peter Smith are talking about the supermarket deal. Paul says he wants to retain right of veto in the joint venture. Paul asks Peter to level with him - where is he going to find the land for a supermarket and 60 speciality shops? Peter says he'll take Paul to see the site.
The Coffee Shop
Charlene comes in and is spoken to by a shady bloke. He says he knows her name and who she is. He says he's a prison mate of her brother Henry. Charlene looks surprised and asks the bloke to come and talk to Madge with her.
Dan, Edna and Madge are eating tea when Charlene and the shady-looking bloke come in. He introduces himself as Mitch, a friend of Henry's. Obviously Dan and Edna don't know that Henry's in jail - they just think he's away - so they ask Mitch how Henry is. Unfortunately he gives the game away.
DAN: You mean Henry's in jail?
The Coffee Shop
Clive is about to draw the Great Jellybean draw. The prize is all the jellybeans and a month of free lunches at the Coffee Shop. A fair crowd has gathered and Jane makes the draw. Baby Sam wins the draw! Clive is delighted - it will be much cheaper to feed a baby for a month!
Mrs Mangel comes in to see Clive - apparently he telephone her to arrange to meet.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Mike tells Jane that he hopes Clive can talk Mrs Mangel around. Jane says that she really doesn't want to leave Ramsay Street.
Later at the Coffee Shop
Clive and Mrs Mangel are having tea and sandwiches. He tells Mrs Mangel that they must unite against Sue's lies. She agrees to attend the meeting with Mr Parker. Clive goes on to say that sending Jane away is tantamount to an admission of guilt. Mrs Mangel sees his point and agrees not to send Jane away. Then Clive goes on to say that Jane did the right thing in defending Mike.
CLIVE: Put yourself in her place. Something terrible had been done to someone she cared deal about. She had the courage to do something about it. She struck a blow for truth. She wouldn't be your granddaughter if she hadn't.
Mrs Mangel looks flattered.
Charlene is annoyed with Mitch for telling Dan and Edna about Henry being in prison. He asks Charlene for some money. She goes to give him ten dollars, but Madge says they're not in a position to give away money. Mitch starts getting shirty, but luckily Shane comes in at that moment and ejects Mitch from the premises.
Ramsay Street
Paul and Peter Smith drive up the street in a car. Paul is confused. Peter Smith says that this will be site of the supermarket - Ramsay Street will be knocked down to make way for it.
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Dan Ramsay, Edna Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0341
Dan Ramsay, Edna Ramsay

Clive Gibbons, Charlene Mitchell, Susan Cole, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0341
Clive Gibbons, Charlene Mitchell, Susan Cole, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0341
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Peter Smith in Neighbours Episode 0341
Paul Robinson, Peter Smith

Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0341
Mike Young, Charlene Mitchell

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0341
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0341
Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole

Jim Robinson, Edna Ramsay, Dan Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0341
Jim Robinson, Edna Ramsay, Dan Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Peter Smith in Neighbours Episode 0341
Paul Robinson, Peter Smith

Clive Gibbons, Mitch (Henry
Clive Gibbons, Mitch (Henry's mate)

Charlene Mitchell, Mitch (Henry
Charlene Mitchell, Mitch (Henry's mate)

Clive Gibbons, Mike Young, Jane Harris, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0341
Clive Gibbons, Mike Young, Jane Harris, Susan Cole

Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0341
Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0341
Madge Mitchell

Peter Smith, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0341
Peter Smith, Paul Robinson

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