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Neighbours Episode 0319 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0319
Australian airdate: 14/08/86
UK airdate: 27/01/88
UK Gold: 20/01/94
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Alex the attacker calls to Graham's surgery.Graham's SurgeryGraham tells Alex that he knows he robbed his house and he's responsible for the recent burglaries. Graham goes to ring the police, but Alex punches him and he falls to the ground. Vicky sees this through a crack in the door.
Charlene takes Sam off to feed him, leaving Madge and Susan to have a chat. Susan offers to help more around the house, but Madge tells her she must rest. Susan says she doesn't blame Madge for not wanting her round the house. She says that she couldn't help what happened with Fred - he told Susan that he and Madge were getting divorced. Madge agrees that Fred always did know how to string a line. Susan said that she fell in love with Fred and he promised her they'd marry once the divorce came through. But when Susan fell pregnant everything changed - Fred went out chasing other women. Madge doesn't say so but she seems fairly sympathetic.
Mrs Mangel tells Clive that she's been waiting ages for Graham and the door was unlocked when she arrived. Kate knocks on Graham's door. There's no answer, but then she opens it to find Graham on the floor with Vicky sitting by him in shock. Kate calls an ambulance.
The Coffee Shop
Daphne sees Jane who gives her a poster for the school dance to put up. Daphne asks Jane if she's going to the dance, but Jane says she probably won't. Jane says that her parents are both overseas so she's staying with her Nan until they get back. Jane says lots of people don't understand Mrs Mangel - she's actually lonely.
Jane asks Mike if he's going to the school dance but he doesn't know who he's taking yet.
Graham is taken away on a stretcher and Clive tells Kate that it's serious. Mrs Mangel is making a nuisance of herself.
MRS MANGEL: Such a nice man. Is it likely he'll survive?
Clive stops her coming to the hospital and tells her to go home.
The Waterhole
Shane asks the biker lady out tomorrow night and she agrees. Alex comes in in some agitation. When noone is looking, he empties the till. Before he can leave, Paul comes in and Alex tells him the doctor has told him to have a holiday, so he's off to the Gold Coast for a couple of days.
When Alex has gone, the biker lady tells him that she doesn't like Alex, but Paul thinks he's an OK bloke.
Helen is comforting Vicky on the settee. Clive says that Graham has got to have a serious operation. He tells Helen about how Graham used to stick up for him when they were kids - even taking a thrashing for him once. Clive starts to cry, saying Graham has been a great brother to him all his life.
The Waterhole
The biker lady is talking to a bloke at a table and Paul comments to Shane how well she gets on with the customers - he's going to offer her a permanent job. Shane scoffs, saying the biker lady has no looks on the boss!
Tom comes in and says that Madge has cooled off on the house war.
Paul looks in the till and is perplexed to find it empty.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jane asks Mike if he's done his history assignment yet but he doesn't make much conversation with her. She gets up and goes back to school.
The Coffee Shop
Daphne suggests that Mike takes Jane to the dance, but Mike refuses saying she's not good-looking enough(!) Daphne is appalled, but Des agrees with Mike(!) Daphne and Des start flirting however.
Kate comes home and Vicky hugs her tightly. Kate says that the doctors haven't got any news about Graham yet. Helen says she'll pray for Graham.
Kate explains to Vicky that Graham is still very sick. She asks Vicky if she was with Graham when he got hurt but she clams up. Clive says he could have a go and Kate gives her permission - they need to find out what happened.
The Pub
Paul says that the money must have been stolen and it must have been a member of staff. He says that there's noone to suspect expect the biker chick. Paul accuses her and she denies it. Paul says he can't prove it, but fires her anyway!
Clive sits on the floor with a puppet.
He starts talking to her through the puppet. Vicky smiles and talks back with her own puppet.
Clive's puppet tells Vicky that he knows a secret - that Clive loves her very much.
Clive's puppet asks Vicky's puppet if it knows any secrets. Vicky's puppet tells him about her last birthday.
Clive's puppet says that is a wonderful secret, but not all secrets are wonderful - some are horrible. Clive's puppet asks if Vicky's puppet knows any yukky secrets.
Vicky says no, but Clive's puppet says that yukky secrets are like a splinter - they need pulling out. Horrible secrets are the same - they hurt inside, and you take them out by telling someone. Noone has to go round with yukky secrets inside.
Vicky starts to panic, but Clive's puppet reassures her - nothing will happen if she tells yukky secrets. When grownups say bad things will happen it's just tricks.
VICKY: That's not true! I told the secret and the man hurt Daddy and he'll hurt Mum too!
The Caravan
The biker chick is packing up furiously. Shane tells her he knows she didn't take the money - he was in the same situation as her once, but he stayed and proved everyone wrong about him. The girl reluctantly agrees to stay, but doesn't know how she'll prove her innocence.
Speedy the puppet is telling Vicky a story about a lion and a mouse and how they became friends. The lion spared the mouse because he wasn't a big meal. Then later when the lion was in a net, the mouse chewed through it to release him. And they remained friends forever.
Vicky likes that story and Clive explains that even tiny people can change things that happen and Vicky can change things too.
Clive says suddenly that he knows Vicky knows the name of the man who hurt her father. If Vicky tells them who it was, they can get the police to catch him and put him in jail.
VICKY:(reluctantly) Alex Carter, the man from the pub.
Kate hugs Vicky and tells her she's a good, brave girl.
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Graham Gibbons, Alex Carter in Neighbours Episode 0319
Graham Gibbons, Alex Carter

Vicki Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Vicki Gibbons

Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0319
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Susan Cole

Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

Vicki Gibbons, Graham Gibbons, Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Vicki Gibbons, Graham Gibbons, Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

Graham Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Graham Gibbons

Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0319
Jane Harris, Daphne Clarke

Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

Shane Ramsay, Patty Collins in Neighbours Episode 0319
Shane Ramsay, Patty Collins

Alex Carter in Neighbours Episode 0319
Alex Carter

Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels, Vicki Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels, Vicki Gibbons

Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0319
Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0319
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Clive Gibbons, Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0319
Clive Gibbons, Vicki Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

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