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Neighbours Episode 0303 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0302 - 0304>>
Episode title: 0303
Australian airdate: 23/07/86
UK airdate: 05/01/88
UK Gold: 29/12/93
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/David
At the Robinsons
Paul is telling Helen about the new barman and Scott chips in that he won't keep him long if Paul treats the barman the same way he treats him. Paul smirks that he won't have to - with any luck he'll be disciplined, hard working and know who's boss. Scott protests "well you're not mine". Jim comes in and asks Scott why doesn't he go and help Clive set up for the bbq. Paul jumps in and says Scott wants to stay home and finish his homework. Seething, Scott agrees and says he might not be able to make it at all. Jim leaves and Paul and Scott start to argue again. Helen answers the telephone and tries to placate the client Shane let down, while Paul and Scott continue to bicker. She hangs up and tells them Shane has nearly had another accident.
At Lassiter's Lake
Jim meets Shane looking like he's about to drown himself in the lake. He asks whether he wants to go for a drink with him but Shane replies that he's giving up the grog. Besides, he needs to talk to Helen.
At Clive's
Vicky and Lucy are looking at pictures of Vicky's horse. They both love horses and wish there were some they could ride around here. Kate and Clive talk about Linda in the kitchen and Kate promises that although Graham still doesn't fully understand why Clive no longer wants to practice medicine he will come round in time.
At the Robinsons
Paul is praising Helen's baking and comments on how long Shane is taking to come round. Scott is still complaining about not being able to go to the bbq. Helen tries to send Paul off to Clive's to keep the peace but he won't go, preferring to stay and wait for Shane. Luckily Shane's here now. He apologises to Helen then asks if Paul is going to rub his nose in this now. Helen sends Paul off to the bbq with her cake and he departs with a last warning to Scott not to get any ideas about seeing Lennie. Helen and Shane go through to the lounge and she asks him what happened. He apologises again and says he can't handle driving anymore. He's lost his nerve. She reminds him that Jean's accident wasn't his fault and he should get straight back onto the horse. He is worried because he's had 2 major accidents and doesn't want there to be a third. Helen reminds him that neither accident was his fault but he argues that with him on board as he is they're going to end up ruining the business. He's going to have to quit. She refuses to accept this and says for now she will do the driving herself.
Outside Clive's
The bbq is in full swing. Kate asks Paul if he's found a new secretary yet and Vicky tells Paul he should hire Kate. Clive interrupts and says Paul can't steal his help from the coffee shop, besides - who would look after Vicky after school? Paul suggests Charlene could do it, she did a good job looking after Bradley (and it would keep her away from Scotty, right Paul??) . Worried now, Clive calls in Graham as back up. Surely he has some old fashioned, chauvinistic view about his wife working? Nope. Clive resorts to begging and points out Paul's a terrible boss, just ask Zoe. Paul says that as Zoe is coming to the bbq she can tell Kate all about the job herself. Vicky and Lucy chorus "Poor Clive".
At the Ramsays
Not just poor Clive, Madge is dressed in her Sunday best in order to impress Paul - she wants the secretary job herself. Tom teases her that Paul won't go for an old chook like her when he can hire a zippy young spunk with a body like dynamite. In the living room Charlene uses the distraction as a chance to call Scott.
At the Robinsons
On the other end of the phone, Scott tells Helen it's a kid from school - sneakily omitting which kid from school. In the kitchen Helen tells Shane she's had enough drama for one day. They discuss her taking over Home James and she attempts to reassure him again that he won't go to jail. He's not convinced. Without the man who gave him the booze he's got Buckley's.
At the Waterhole
The man who gave Shane the booze is serving Tom, Clive and Graham who've come to pick up booze for the bbq. They chat away about his past and give him lots of information about themselves in the process, considering they've only just met. Deciding to have a quick drink before heading back to the bbq they raise a toast to Jean.
At the Ramsays
Charlene hears Shane come in and, thinking he's Scott, calls for him to come through to the living room. Shane grabs a pot plant and presents it to her, telling her she's lucky he's not her mother. She's not worried - Madge is at the bbq and won't be back for ages. Shane shakes his head knowingly - Madge has got a nose on her like a bloodhound and will know the minute Scott gets there. So, in her absence he's going to take charge and forbids her to ever see Scott again. Unlike Scott, Charlene isn't quite so willing to take instruction from her elders and merely pulls a face at Shane before picking up the phone to Danny. He wants to speak to Shane and they chat for a while about how good his new life is. He's met a girl and will tell Shane about her when he writes. When Shane hangs up Charlene asks why he didn't tell him how much trouble he's in but Shane didn't want to worry him. He settles down into the armchair and Charlene asks isn't he going to the bbq? Won't be much fun hanging around here. Spying Scott enter the kitchen Shane quips that he's sure she and Scott can think of a way to entertain him. He laughs as Scott tells Charlene he's brought over the reference books she wanted then tries to get Charlene to pay him to keep quiet. She tells him to get out of it before pulling Scott towards her for a kiss. Shane groans that he's off to the bbq after all, has to be better than putting up with this! Charlene breaks away from Scott to ask Shane to tell Madge that she's studying hard and being a good girl. Shane agrees but warns her not to hold him responsible if Madge does find out. He goes out, encouraging Scott to "go on Scotty, pash!". Not that Scott needs any encouraging.
At Clive's
Madge tries to sell herself to Paul for the secretary job, until he tells her he's just offered the job to Kate. Shane comes in and Madge asks what Charlene's upto, perhaps she should go and check. Shane replies that there's no need, when he left she was hard at it...
At the Ramsays
Charlene and Scott are still hard at it until Charlene pulls away saying she needs to finish her homework. Scott is disappointed and wants to know what the sudden interest in her homework's about. She tells him she's trying to get Madge off her back - sometimes she wishes she'd been born a boy. Scott teases that some people can't really tell the difference... The phone rings and Charlene has a strange conversation with someone she hasn't seen in ages then hangs up saying she'll come over right away. Scott is intrigued and wants to go with her but she tells him no, she has to do this on her own. He agrees to do her homework for her on condition that she tells him what all this is about later.
Outside Clive's
Jim and Zoe have a quiet chat and she tells him about moving in with Tony. He tells her he'll miss her and that he hopes she'll be happy.
Run down street somewhere
Charlene pauses outside a derelict looking house, before walking through the gate.
Back on Ramsay Street
Zoe is saying goodbye to Paul and giving Kate tips on being his secretary. Kate goes inside leaving Paul free to say how much he'll miss Zoe. She cuts him short as she sees Tony coming and they drive off leaving Paul looking wistful.
At the Ramsays
Madge is searching for Charlene and twigs that Scott has been round when she finds his school book. She sees Shane's guilty look and yells that he should have told her that Scott was there. He laughs that he doesn't see what the big deal is and Madge storms off to the Robinsons.
At the Robinsons
Madge barges into the kitchen demanding that Scott tell her where her daughter is. He protests that he knows nothing about it. Madge accuses him of being a bare faced liar. Helen joins in the argument and says it's not fair for Scott to get the blame for this. Madge says she doesn't want to fight with her but Helen replies that if she's going to behave like this that's exactly what will happen.
<<0302 - 0304>>
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0303
Helen Daniels

Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Vicki Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0303
Lucy Robinson, Vicki Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0303
Clive Gibbons, Kate Gibbons

Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0303
Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay

Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson

Kate Gibbons, Graham Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0303
Kate Gibbons, Graham Gibbons

Tom Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0303
Tom Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Scott Robinson

Alex Carter, Tom Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Graham Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0303
Alex Carter, Tom Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Graham Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Tom Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0303
Clive Gibbons, Tom Ramsay

Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0303
Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0303
Danny Ramsay

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0303
Shane Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0303
Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0303
Charlene Mitchell

Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0303
Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis

Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0303
Charlene Mitchell

Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson, Kate Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0303
Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson, Kate Gibbons

Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0303
Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0303
Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0303
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

<<0302 - 0304>>
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