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Neighbours Episode 0244 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0244
Australian airdate: 01/05/86
UK airdate: 12/10/87
UK Gold: 07/10/93
Writer: John Linton
Director: Paul Moloney
Guests: Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Mrs Mangel: Vivean Gray
Barbara: Rona McLeod
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 24
The next morning, Danny sits down to breakfast wearing a new shirt, and Madge smiles that he looks the young executive! Max asks what they stung him for it and Danny replies that it was $97. Max splutters that you could buy a couple of pairs of overalls for that! Shane chips in that clothes aren't cheap. Max tells Danny not to chuck his money around. Madge, however, points out that appearances are very important. At that moment, Helen comes in through the back door. She comments to Max that she thought he would have been at work by now. Max, however, tells her that he thought he'd have his first pancake lesson this morning. Madge glares at Helen and exclaims that she's not teaching Max how to make pancakes, is she? Helen asks if that's a problem. Madge replies that Mrs. Mangel is already telling everyone that the draw was rigged; surely teaching Max would constitute cheating? Helen shrugs that she doesn't care what Mrs. Mangel thinks. Madge mutters that if that's the way she feels... Helen nods that she does - and she tells Max to come over when he's ready.
No. 22
Nikki has turned up at No. 22 and Clive tells her to take a seat and tell him and Daphne what's new. Nikki sits down and asks if there's been any news about Mike getting money from social security. Clive tells her that there hasn't. Daphne snaps that it makes her so mad: it would take Mike's father two minutes to write and explain Mike's situation, and then he'd be entitled to the benefits. At that moment, Mike comes downstairs and asks Nikki how she likes his shirt, explaining that he got it at the place Lennie took him to: it only cost 50 and Daph sowed the buttons on, and the pocket. Nikki, however, doesn't look impressed. Daphne declares suddenly:
DAPHNE: I've got it! [Looking at Clive] Why don't *you* write the letter and pretend you're Mike's father?
Clive asks what happens if Social Security call Mr. Young for details. Daphne, looking annoyed, sighs that there must be *something* they could do. Mike thanks them, but says he might just get his bag. While he does this, Nikki looks in one of his textbooks, in which he's written his address. Mike comes back and asks her if she's ready. They head out.
No. 26
Helen is talking on the 'phone, telling the person at the other end that their chauffeur will be waiting outside. Shane comes in through the back door at that moment and Helen hands him details of the job. He puts a large bag down on the kitchen table and tells Helen that his dad won't be long - he's got a plumbing job a couple of streets up. Helen looks at what Shane has brought over: a frying pan... icing sugar... brown sugar... and exclaims that they're making pancakes; she's beginning to wonder what she's taking on with his father! Shane laughs:
SHANE: You don't really think you'll be able to *teach* dad, do you?
HELEN: I like a challenge!
SHANE: Yeah, well, I remember his cooking from when we shared that bedsit. Talk about 'experimental'!
HELEN: He was very lucky when you moved in.
SHANE: Yeah. I didn't think he'd ever walk out on mum like that. Still, you never know what's around the corner, do you?
HELEN: No. You just remember that when you're driving the Merc!
Outside the Young house
Barbara Young emerges from the house and walks down to the street - where Nikki is standing waiting for her. She introduces herself and tells Mrs. Young that she'd like to talk to her about the way she's treating Mike. Mrs. Young walks off down the road. Nikki walks alongside her, asking her what's wrong with giving Mike the letter he needs; he could finish his studies and become a teacher. Mrs. Young just retorts that it doesn't concern Nikki; they've made their decision. Nikki persists:
NIKKI: Don't you realise what you're doing? You're destroying his whole future. Jobs are hard enough to come by *with* qualifications. My mother's worked as a barmaid for years, just so she can afford to keep me at school. She cares enough to want me to make something of myself. All Mike asks is that his father writes the letter. Is that too much to ask?
No. 26
Helen opens the front door to Madge, who explains that she thought she should use the front door in case Helen and her student were cooking. Helen tells her that Max 'phoned: he's taking a little longer over his job. Madge explains that she just came over for her frying pan - Shane said it was there. Helen laughs and asks what possessed Max to send over all that stuff. Madge replies:
MADGE: Ignorance. As a cook, he's a very good plumber!
She then smiles that Helen really has taken on the impossible task, trying to teach Max to beat *her* at cooking. Helen just muses that they'll see. Madge says she think she'd better warn Helen that she's won competitions in cooking at home. With that, they hear a car horn sound outside and Helen comments that that must be Max now. Madge tells her to make sure he washes his hands: he's usually very greasy after doing these jobs!
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul walks into the office and apologises to Zoe for being late - he had to go and see a client. Zoe, however, smiles at him that the birds are singing, the sun's shining and all's right with the world again! Paul asks coolly why she says *that*. Zoe explains that Mr. Lassiter has offered Daphne the lease of the Coffee Shop in his complex - it means she'll go quietly. Paul growls that he wanted Jack to sell up, but it doesn't sound like he is if he's taking on new tenants. He goes on that the projected profit on that deal runs into *millions* over the next five years; Andrea's going to have to start working fast. Zoe muses:
ZOE: I doubt if a nice salt- of- the- earth type of guy like Mr. Lassiter could be taken in by someone like Andrea and her cheap tricks.
PAUL (pointedly): He *is* a man, isn't he?
ZOE: So that automatically makes him a fool?
Paul snaps at her to take care of *her* work and he'll take care of business *his* way. He storms out.
No. 26
There's a knock on the back door of No. 26 and Mrs. Mangel calls out for Helen. She steps inside and Helen asks her in surprise what she wants. Mrs. Mangel explains that she just saw Mr. Ramsay leaving - he said it was all right to come on up. She then remarks that there's a strange smell; did something burn? Helen just says coolly:
HELEN: Mrs. Mangel, you haven't told me what you want.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, er, sorry. Mrs. Daniels, it's really none of my business, and we both know how things can get misconstrued when people gossip-
HELEN: I don't *listen* to gossip.
MRS. MANGEL: Ah, but other people do. Some people are saying that you're, er, teaching a certain party to cook.
HELEN: Max Ramsay. Yes. Yes, I am.
Mrs. Mangel asks her if she thinks it's fair that she's teaching a contestant. Helen replies that she looks upon it as training an athlete: when the big day comes, he's out there on his own to win. Mrs. Mangel goes on that people are saying that it's also causing a rift between her and Mr. Ramsay's sister. With a sudden glint in her eye, Helen says earnestly:
HELEN: A rift? Oh, that's an understatement.
MRS. MANGEL (intrigued): Really?
HELEN: Why - don't you know? Oh, no, I can't tell you. But please don't let people think it's just a rift. It's terrible when a grown woman nearly resorts to violence.
MRS. MANGEL (astonished): But I understood you were such good friends.
HELEN: What has friendship got to do with it when you have to get out there and fight? Um, you won't tell anybody about this, will you, Mrs. Mangel, but Mrs. Mitchell and I are at daggers- drawn over this competition.
MRS. MANGEL (smiles): No, no, of course not!
With that, she makes a hasty exit, leaving Helen with a broad grin on her face!
No. 28
Paul marches into No. 28 and snaps at Andrea that he thought he paid her to do a little job for her. He goes on that Lassiter isn't giving the slightest indication of selling; in fact, it's quite the opposite. He continues that he's paying her good money to make sure Lassiter sells up and goes bush. Andrea tells him that she needs more time - when she's worked out this thing between Bradley and his father, she can start on Lassiter. Paul, however, retorts angrily that that could take forever; he wants results *now*. Andrea insists that Jack is not going to make up his mind in five minutes - and she can't do anything today: she hasn't got a sitter for Bradley. Paul shrugs:
PAUL: OK - I'll just cancel the payment on your cheque and I'll find somebody a little more reliable.
He goes to head out, saying curtly that if she doesn't want to do the job, that's fine by him. Andrea, however, stops him, sighing heavily, and says she'll do it.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Zoe is attacking the filing cabinet in annoyance at it not opening when Jim comes in! He smiles that he was just passing and he thought he'd drop the bracelet off for her - the jeweller said it needed a new clip. He puts it round her wrist as she rants that she's a disaster - machines hate her: alarm clocks... coffee percolators... not to mention what she can do to a telephone! Jim points out that she's a very efficient secretary. Zoe smiles:
ZOE: Someone's idea of a cruel joke! Apart from work, I'm a walking, talking disaster area.
JIM: That's not the impression *I* get. From where *I* sit, I see a bright, very attractive, highly original young lady.
ZOE: Oh Jim, don't!
JIM: Why not? It's true. I mean, not many people have your gift. I mean, when you walk into a room, one way or another, people know you're there.
ZOE: Probably 'cos I've just tripped over!
They kiss and hug, happily.
Driveway of No. 22
Shane pulls up in Bertha, and Clive - in the passenger seat - comments that maybe he went back to work too soon. They climb out as Shane points out that he just stood around all morning. Clive retorts that his hand was throbbing! Danny walks up the driveway and joins them. He asks Shane if he's coming home for lunch and Shane asks what's on the menu. Danny tells him that it's pancakes - Madge's! They suddenly spot Paul driving off down the road. He waves to them and Danny asks in surprise what *he's* up to. They realise that Andrea was there alone and leers cross their faces! At that moment, Barbara Young walks up and Clive remarks that *here* comes trouble. Mrs. Young tells him tersely that she's got something for him to give to Mike: the letter he asked for. Clive comments that he thought her husband wasn't prepared-. Mrs. Young retorts:
MRS. YOUNG: My husband only signed this letter so we could be left alone, not harassed in the streets by Mike's girlfriend.
CLIVE (sarcastically): Well, I *am* sorry if the future of your son's caused you any inconvenience.
Mrs. Young glares at him and walks off. Clive then climbs into Bertha, looking delighted, and reverses down the driveway.
No. 24
Shane and Danny head into No. 24 and Shane sits down at the table. Madge starts telling them that she bumped into Mrs. Mangel down the street and she went on and on about this feud she's supposed to be having with Helen. She places a large pancake in front of each of them and Shane and Danny try them. They both then make a play of keeping Madge in suspense... but Shane eventually beams that they're great! Madge lets out a sigh of relief!
Coffee Shop
Nikki is sitting at the counter, Daphne telling her that she'd heard that Helen and Madge were feuding. Nikki tells her that Helen's helping Mr. Ramsay, but that's all. Daphne says she doesn't like the idea of Helen and Madge fighting, but it's not hurting business any! Some more customers come in and Daphne dashes over to serve them. Clive comes in at that moment and beams at Mike and Nikki that it's a wonderful day! Mike asks glumly what's so wonderful. Clive holds out the letter and tells him that it's from his dad. Mike exclaims in astonishment that that's unreal! Clive, however, tells him that the credit belongs to Nikki. Nikki smiles at Mike sheepishly as she explains that she skipped the first lesson to go and see his mum; she didn't tell him before because she thought he might think she was interfering. Mike throws his arms round her, telling her happily that he's glad she did!
No. 24
Danny finishes his pancakes and declares that that was the best lunch ever! Madge offers the boys some more, but Shane tells her that he's as full as a goog; he couldn't even stand up straight! At that moment, Max comes in and tells Shane and Danny that he wants them to try something. He tells them to close their eyes. He then puts a plate down on the table, removes a cloth on top of it and reveals a pile of pancakes, grinning:
MAX: Ta- da! Me first batch!
Shane stares at them and then puts his hand over his mouth, looking sick, and runs off! Danny smiles at his father and then runs after his brother! Max stands there looking nonplussed, and he asks in surprise:
MAX: What's the matter with *them*?
MADGE (grins): Oh Max... must be something they ate!
<<0243 - 0245>>
Helen Daniels, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0244
Helen Daniels, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0244
Daphne Lawrence

Nikki Dennison, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0244
Nikki Dennison, Clive Gibbons

Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0244
Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Nikki Dennison, Barbara Young in Neighbours Episode 0244
Nikki Dennison, Barbara Young

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0244
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0244
Paul Robinson, Zoe Davis

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0244
Nell Mangel

Andrea Townsend, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0244
Andrea Townsend, Paul Robinson

Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0244
Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0244
Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Barbara Young in Neighbours Episode 0244
Barbara Young

Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0244
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0244
Madge Mitchell

Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0244
Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Nikki Dennison

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0244
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

<<0243 - 0245>>
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