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Neighbours Episode 0240 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0239 - 0241>>
Episode title: 0240
Australian airdate: 25/04/86
UK airdate: 06/10/87
UK Gold: 01/10/93
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Richard Sarrell
Guests: Eileen: Myra De Groot
Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick
Jack: Alan Hopgood
Summary/Images by: Graham
Driveway of No. 22
Shane is washing the car when Daphne emerges from the house, and he offers her a lift from work. She declines. Shane smiles that he won't be able to tell her about the great idea he's got for her pancake competition. Daphne replies glumly that it's off. Shane exclaims that she's started giving out tickets. Daphne tells him coldly:
DAPHNE: That was to save the Coffee Shop - but last night I found out that your mate, Paul Robinson, and his firm are the mystery buyers.
Looking astonished, Shane says he'll have a word with him; tell him to back off. Daphne just shrugs that he's wasting his time: he knows how much Paul has changed since he teamed up with Rosemary Daniels. Shane murmurs that he'll still have a go at him. He then reminds Daphne that they've still got each other. Daphne, however, says:
DAPHNE: That's something else. Do you mind if we put the wedding off for a while?
SHANE (exclaims): What?
DAPHNE: Just until I get things sorted out. I 'phoned granddad this morning and he thinks we should cut our losses.
SHANE (angrily): To hell with your granddad. You can't be serious about cancelling the wedding.
DAPHNE (snaps): I am *not* cancelling the flaming wedding, Shane. I'm simply asking you to postpone it.
SHANE (mutters): Now it's a 'flaming' wedding, is it?
Daphne apologises. She tells Shane that she just can't believe what Paul's doing to her, and she appeals to him not to make things any harder for her.
No. 24
Madge is putting her furniture into place in the lounge room when Max comes in and calls to Danny, telling him he wants him to put *his* furniture back. Madge orders Danny to leave it where it is. Danny just mutters at them to let him know when they sort themselves out! He heads off to his room. Max suddenly spots their grandma's old vase. He rants at Madge that it was the one thing he always wanted and she told him for 15 years that it was *Tom* who pinched it. He picks it up and holds it over his head so that Madge can't get to it! Shane comes in and mutters that they've got great neighbours. He explains about Paul being the one behind putting Daphne out of business. Madge exclaims that she doesn't believe it - Paul's his *friend*. Shane retorts:
SHANE: Not anymore.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul is sitting at his desk, making a paper aeroplane. Zoe comes in and remarks in surprise that she didn't think he'd be in yet. Paul replies that he didn't think *she'd* be in at *all*. He tells her to sit down. She does so. He then explains that he went to see Daphne last night and he told her he was the one behind the takeover. Zoe replies that Daphne came to see *her* this morning to tell her what she thinks of her - which isn't much. She asks Paul what made him go and talk to Daphne. Paul explains that his dad had a few words - and he was right: he should have had the decency to be straight with friends. He then tells Zoe that he doesn't want her to go - she does a good job, and now that there's no secret about the Coffee Shop, if she'd like to stay he'd be happy. Zoe thanks him.
Pacific Bank
Eileen turns up at the counter and Danny comments to her in surprise that he thought she was in Perth. Eileen tells him that she came back early. She goes on that she believes Des is in a seminar and she asks Danny if he has a 'phone number, as she needs to speak to him urgently. Danny goes to his desk and picks up the 'phone. Meanwhile, Max comes in and chuckles at Eileen:
MAX: How's Ramsay Street's latest grandma, eh?!
Eileen replies coolly that she has no idea what he's talking about. Max tells her that Des has finally admitted that Bradley is his son. Eileen pays him no attention. Danny hands her the 'phone and Des comes on, saying tersely that this had better be important. Eileen tells him:
EILEEN: I want you to come home right away, please.
DES: No, I can't. Look, I'm in the middle of a seminar.
EILEEN: And *I'm* in the middle of saving you from making an utter fool of yourself. Please, come home.
DES (tersely): Mum, are you dying?
EILEEN: Well of course I'm not!
DES: Well, that is the only reason that I would leave this seminar - and then I'd have to think twice about it.
With that, he hangs up, leaving Eileen looking annoyed.
Lassiter's building site
Jack Lassiter joins Shane and asks how things are going. Shane replies that it's not bad. Jack asks if his mate's hand is still crook. Shane smiles that it is - although Clive fools around so much that you don't know if he's pulling your leg or not. Jack laughs that he still can't get over him being a doctor. Shane muses that you never really can tell with people: one bloke who he thought was a really good mate turned out to be a mongrel. Jack looks around at the work going on and remarks to Shane that it's going to look pretty good when he and Clive have finished with it.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul walks over the bridge and joins Jack outside the pub. Jack comments that's interesting that Paul should make an appointment to meet him when he lives right there in the hotel. They sit down and Paul explains that he thought it was so important that he thought it would be better if they could discuss business quietly. Jack asks what it's about. Paul tells him:
PAUL: I won't beat around the bush, Jack. Look, remember when we first met, you said you might sell up one day? Well, the firm that I work for is in a position to buy you out.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Zoe finishes a 'phone call to Helen just as Jim comes in. She asks him in surprise what he's doing there. He tells her that she can't expect to get away with a brief telephone call saying she's still working there; what happened? Zoe smiles that he can kiss her - Paul's out on a job! Jim obliges! He then asks again what happened. Zoe tells him that she doesn't know what he said to Paul, but he asked her to stay on, and then he 'phoned Rosemary and explained everything to her; *now* her only problem is *Daphne*. Jim muses that she'll come round. He offers to talk to her. Zoe suggests that it won't do much good, but Jim tells her to leave it to him! Zoe kisses him, smiling that sometimes she just doesn't know what she'd do without him!
Coffee Shop
Daphne looks at the poster she made, which is stuck on the wall, advertising the pancake competition. Eileen comes in suddenly and Daphne smiles that she *heard* she was back. She asks how Perth was and Eileen replies that she could write a book about it, but she doesn't think anybody would believe her! She then tells Daphne that it was a dark day when she and Desmond didn't get married. Daphne sighs at her to please not start all that again. Eileen comments:
EILEEN: I can't *help* myself. Of all the women he almost married, you were the best! As for that Andrea person, well...
Max comes in as Daphne climbs up on some steps to reach the poster. He comments that she's not taking it down, is she? Daphne retorts that there's no point running a competition for a place that's closing down. Eileen exclaims that it's *closing*? Daphne tells her that the whole *building* is. Max turns to Eileen and beams:
MAX: How's grandma?!
Eileen ignores him and asks Daphne to bring her a coffee over to a table. Max tells Daphne that the trouble with her poster is that she might get reported for advertising a competition that's not taking place; he might have come in just so he could *be* in the competition. Daphne declares:
DAPHNE: Max, if you want a ticket in the draw, you have *got* a ticket in the draw.
Max grins that he knew she wasn't a quitter. He then takes his coffee and goes to join Eileen!
Lassiter's Complex
Jack tells Paul that if he *does* decide to sell, he promises he'll give Paul first option. Paul says he'll draw up the papers for the option. Jack, however, tells him that if his handshake isn't good enough, they won't be doing business; he doesn't need to sign any papers to prove that he's a man of his word. Paul explains that the option is for *Jack's* protection, and Jack reluctantly accepts this. Paul thanks him for his time.
Building site at Lassiter's
Paul walks over to where Shane is working and smiles:
PAUL: Hey, Shane, if you play your cards right, one day you might be working for *me*.
SHANE (mutters): What the hell's *that* supposed to mean?
PAUL (tapping his nose): You'll see!
Shane asks angrily if it's another big secret - like the takeover of Daphne's building. Paul says he's sorry about that, but Shane snaps at him that he doesn't know the *meaning* of the word. He goes on that he doesn't like the way Paul did the dirty on Daphne; in fact, he doesn't like him very much at *all* lately. Paul retorts:
PAUL: Is that right? Tough!
SHANE: Everybody's always making allowances for you because of the fact that your marriage was so screwed up. I think you just like walking over everyone.
PAUL: Yeah, well, you can think what you like.
SHANE: The big businessman, Paul Robinson, hey? If that's what being successful is all about, you can have it.
PAUL (growls): You don't have to worry, Shane, 'cos *you're* never going to be successful at *anything*. You get upset too easily when things don't go your way - so why don't you just stick to what you're best at: labouring.
Shane suddenly swings at Paul and knocks him to the ground before storming off.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
A while later, Paul is holding a handkerchief to his lip. Zoe comes in and tells him that she got a first- aid kit while she was out, in case he gets into another fight. She asks Paul what Shane hit her with - a shovel?! She puts some cream on his lip as he mutters that this is what you get for apologising for something he shouldn't have apologised for in the first place. Zoe asks him what he means. Paul tells her that it was just a business deal; Daphne's no different from any of the *other* tenants who have to get out of the building. Zoe retorts that she *is* different: she's a *friend*. She then smiles:
ZOE: I don't know... you and Shane fighting like kids! When you came in holding your jaw, I thought old Lassiter must have decked you one!
She finishes putting the cream on his lip. As she smiles at him, Paul looks into her eyes. What appears to be a moment passes briefly between them...
Pacific Bank
Danny is at the counter and calls for the next customer - which is Madge. She asks him for her safe deposit box. Danny goes to find it for her. While she's waiting, Madge takes a small velvet bag out of her handbag and removes a ring from it. She's stares at it. When Danny returns with her safe deposit box, he comments that he *wondered* about that ring: it's been ages since she took it out of the box, and she never wears it. Madge tells him that she had to have the mounting fixed. She then says:
MADGE: Danny, this ring has great sentimental value for me. I'd be very grateful if you didn't tell the rest of the family that I have it.
Danny assures her that anything to do with the bank's business is sacrosanct - it's more than his job's worth. He laughs as he asks if the ring was from a secret lover, but she assures him that it was nothing like that! Changing the subject, she takes a cheque out of her bag and asks Danny to cash it for her. Danny types into a computer - and a look crosses his face. Madge asks if anything is wrong. Danny tells her:
DANNY: You've only got $50 in your account.
MADGE: Yes, I know that, but I only want to draw out twenty.
She stands there looking slightly embarrassed.
No. 28
Bradley heads into No. 28 and Andrea asks him how school was. He smiles that it was good. He then notices the expression on his mother's face and he asks what's wrong. Andrea guides him to the couch and they sit down. She then says:
ANDREA: Bradley, you know that I've always tried to do what's best for you.
ANDREA: And when we came here, I really thought we'd be happy.
BRADLEY: I *am* happy, mum.
ANDREA: Me too - but Des's mother is back.
BRADLEY: Already?
ANDREA: Yeah. She came back early. She's been nosing around Perth and I would hate to think what she's found out about us.
BRADLEY (firmly): I won't go back to that house, mum.
ANDREA: I won't *let* you; but if Eileen Clarke knows something, we'll have to move on.
BRADLEY (cries): But I want to stay here with Des. I want *him* to be my father.
ANDREA: Oh darling, I know, I want him to be your father too.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Eileen walks in. She sits herself down on the couch and says:
EILEEN: Hello, Bradley.
BRADLEY: Hello, grandma!
Ignoring this, Eileen says she 'phoned Desmond at the bank, but they said he'd already left, so she decided to come over there and get this over with as soon as he comes home. Bradley mutters that they don't *want* her there. Andrea asks if they could discuss this first; if she could only explain... Eileen, however, holds up her handbag and says:
EILEEN: Oh no. What I have in here you have to explain to Desmond.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is sitting reading in a quiet Coffee Shop when Jim comes in. She smiles that she has a customer at last! Jim, however, says he thought she might have time for a quiet chat - about this business with Zoe. Daphne sighs:
DAPHNE: Oh Jim, not again...
Jim tells her that whatever she might think of Zoe right now, Zoe still thinks of *her* as her best friend. Daphne mutters:
DAPHNE: Some friendship.
Jim says if he told Daphne something in confidence, he's prepared to bet his last cent that she wouldn't betray it. Daphne admits that she guesses not. Jim goes on that that was Zoe's dilemma. He adds that Paul's his son and he's doing his very best to understand things from his point of view, but it's not easy. The shop door opens suddenly and Shane comes in. He asks for a word with Daphne and Jim leaves them to it. When he's gone, Shane mutters that he bets Jim was having a whinge about his little boy. Daphne asks why he should whinge. Shane explains:
SHANE: I just punched Paul out.
DAPHNE (exclaims in horror): You punched *Paul*? Why?
She then sighs:
DAPHNE: Look what's happening to us: you... me... Zoe... Paul... I don't want to lose my friends over all of this.
Shane pulls her to him and kisses her on the forehead.
No. 28
Nobody is talking when Des arrives home. He says hi to Bradley and then asks his mother what all this panic was on the 'phone. Eileen suggests to Bradley that he'd better go out to play. Andrea, however, asks him if he wants to stay. Bradley murmurs that he does. Des asks what's going on. Eileen says firmly:
EILEEN: Desmond, I cannot begin to understand what possessed Andrea to bring Bradley here-
Bradley runs over to Des at that moment, crying:
BRADLEY: He *is* my dad, he *is*.
DES (gently): Of course I am. Don't be upset, mate.
Eileen, however, walks over to where she's placed her handbag and tells him:
EILEEN: I'm afraid, Desmond, you are *not* his father - and I have the proof right here.
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Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0240
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0240
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0240
Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0240
Eileen Clarke, Max Ramsay

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0240
Des Clarke

Jack Lassiter, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0240
Jack Lassiter, Shane Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Jack Lassiter in Neighbours Episode 0240
Paul Robinson, Jack Lassiter

Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0240
Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson

Daphne Lawrence, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0240
Daphne Lawrence, Max Ramsay

Jack Lassiter in Neighbours Episode 0240
Jack Lassiter

Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0240
Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0240
Paul Robinson

Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0240
Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson

Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0240
Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0240
Madge Mitchell

Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0240
Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend

Jim Robinson, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0240
Jim Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0240
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0240
Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0240
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

<<0239 - 0241>>
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