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Neighbours Episode 0208 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0208
Australian airdate: 12/03/86
UK airdate: 20/08/87
UK Gold: 18/08/93
Writer: David O'Brien
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Andrea: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley: Bradley Kilpatrick
Dr Carter: Andrew Gilmore
Summary/Images by: Paul/Graham
Zoe talks repeatedly about Jim to Madge unaware of Madge's feelings towards him too. Irritated Madge bluntly asks Zoe what she wants. Zoe gets Madge to agree to alter a dress for her but inadvertently calls her both god and old. Madge looks in the mirror feeling tired and worn. Max arrives and makes a joke about her appearance - Madge tells him angrily ''There's life in the old girl yet!"
No.26 driveway
Jim, Nikki, Mike and Scott arrive home from their picnic but a miserable Scott refuses to unpack the car, as he HAS to study. Mike and Nikki go to No.22 and Zoe appears and offers to help Jim carry stuff from the car. Jim asks Zoe out to dinner - Flattered, she agrees and they agree to meet at 8pm.
Mike tells Daphne and Nikki he's in fear of losing his new security when Daphne marries and moves out. Mike tells them he wants nothing to change.
Andrea tells Des that Bradley is too old to sleep in her room and he can sleep with Des until he gets Zoe to leave. Zoe having overheard tells her it won't be happening - Andrea bites her lip realising she has slipped up.
Later Zoe tells Daphne and Shane what she overheard from Andrea. Daphne is unimpressed at Des's apparent weakness. Shane tells them Max refuses to see a doctor about his chest pains. After Shane leaves Zoe tells Daphne she has a dinner date tonight but won't reveal his identity.
Nikki gets a party invite but despite both Helen and Jim asking her to take Scott with her, he refuses due to his study workload. Nikki is furious as one of her conditions she can go is she goes with someone else. Jim tells Helen he has a dinner date but Helen believing it is Madge is surprised to learn it is Zoe.
Learning from Shane about Andrea's plans for Zoe, Max suggests Andrea could be blackmailing Des - Max begins to get worked up over the situation but Shane asks his father to clam down.
Des discovers Bradley's only real interest is girls before Bradley throws a jigsaw Des was working on to the floor.
Clive arrives home to find Mike is feeling depressed because he has strong romantic feelings towards Nikki. Daphne joins Clive in getting Mike to call Nikki and ask her over to No.22
No.26 / No.22
Nikki is listening to music but Scott turns it off, unable to concentrate on his studying. They start to ague when Nikki gets Mike's phone call asking her over to No.22. Nikki agrees and Daphne & Clive congratulate each other. Nikki gets Helen to agree to let her over to No.22 after debating about being home by 10pm.
Mike is nervous but when Nikki arrives Clive and Daphne discretely leave the house too so they can be alone.
Jim and Zoe arrive home from their dinner date. Zoe thanks him for a wonderful evening; Jim kisses her goodnight and tells her he'd like to see her again.
At breakfast Madge is ironing and tells Shane Max has gone out for a walk. Shane tells her he's going to look for cars today with Helen for Home James. Madge tells Shane she noticed how quiet Max became when he read an article earlier about the death rate due to heart attacks.
Doctors Surgery waiting room
Max waits anxiously when Dr. Carter comes out of his office - surprised to see Max there he asks him what is wrong.
Des tells Zoe that Bradley's poor behaviour is only due to him having not settled into his new home yet. At breakfast Bradley scares Zoe with a plastic spider - Des promises he'll talk to Bradley again.
Doctor's office
Dr. Carter completes his examination of Max - Fearing the worst Max asks how long he has to live. Dr. Carter tells him he could suffer a heart attack only because of his poor diet but in fact his problems now are all down to severe indigestion.
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Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0208
Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0208
Madge Mitchell

Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0208
Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence

Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0208
Bradley Townsend

Shane Ramsay, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0208
Shane Ramsay, Zoe Davis

Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0208
Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0208
Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0208
Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend

Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0208
Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons

Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0208
Nikki Dennison

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0208
Madge Mitchell

Nikki Dennison, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0208
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young

Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0208
Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0208
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0208
Max Ramsay

<<0207 - 0209>>
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