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Neighbours Episode 0197 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0197
Australian airdate: 25/02/86
UK airdate: 05/08/87
UK Gold: 03/08/93
Writer: John Upton
Director: Julian McSwiney
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Max winning $500 on the horses.
- Scott telling Jim not to go off at him for being annoyed at the idea of Helen leaving.
- Nikki telling Jim that Scott is failing Maths and is really depressed about it.
- Rosemary and Jim arguing about how the Robinsons treat Helen. Helen interrupting them and announcing that she's made up her mind about the job.
No. 26
Rosemary stares at Helen and asks:
ROSEMARY: Why - what's your decision?
HELEN (hesitantly): I- I'm staying with Jim and the family.
ROSEMARY (angrily): But you can't *do* this to yourself.
HELEN (gently): I'm sorry, darling.
JIM: We really appreciate it, Helen, but we don't want you doing it for us because you're sorry for us.
ROSEMARY (contemptuously): Of *course* that's why she's doing it, as you're so very well aware, so spare us the hearts and flowers.
Helen, however, cries at them to stop it. She then admits:
HELEN: I *need* this family. I'm *part* of them.
ROSEMARY (mutters): Well if that's your decision, I'll just have to live with it.
With that, Rosemary turns and leaves. Helen sighs heavily.
No. 24
The Ramsays are all sitting having breakfast. Max is pointing out to Danny that he said every horse in the system won on Saturday. Danny warns his father that he can't put his whole $500 winnings on one horse, and Madge chips in that a fool and his money are soon parted. Shane points out that all these systems have drawbacks - otherwise they'd all be living on the Riviera. Danny stands up from the table and makes to leave. Max stops him, however, and tells him that the theory of making profits is that you plough money back in. Danny doesn't look convinced.
Coffee Shop
Daphne and Zoe are working in the kitchen, Zoe enthusing about a Bette Davis movie she watched last night. Ignoring this, Daphne says:
DAPHNE: Zoe, before you left last night, I asked you to switch on the timer for the coffee machine.
ZOE: Sorry - I thought I *did*.
DAPHNE: OK, I should've checked it, but it takes about half an hour to build up steam for a cappuccino.
ZOE: OK, well if anyone wants a cappuccino, I'll improvise!
Daphne smiles and tells Zoe to go and check the tables! Zoe heads out into the shop just as Paul is coming in. He orders a cappuccino and two croissants! Zoe smiles at him:
ZOE: Hello! I haven't seen *you* since the big night out with Nadine and Des! Got over it yet?!
In the kitchen, Daphne's face drops as she hears Des's name. She heads out into the shop and greets Paul, who asks how her holiday was. She replies curtly:
DAPHNE: Not as much fun as it was *here*, apparently.
Zoe explains quickly that Des was depressed about *her* and they were just trying to cheer him up. Paul adds:
PAUL: Shane was having hassles with a lady called Beth Travers, and to get him out of it Clive told her that he was getting married. Des found out about it and voila, big moody.
DAPHNE (looking surprised): Getting married to who?
PAUL: To *you*, actually.
DAPHNE (gasps in fury): I don't *believe* this. That'd be Clive's nerve... and what about Shane: he's completely innocent, is he?
Paul sighs that Des was devastated; she should be *flattered*. Daphne, however, retorts that she's *not*. Zoe quickly hands Paul two croissants and the tea of the day. Paul points out that he ordered a cappuccino. Zoe just smiles:
ZOE: It's Darjeeling - I made it specially for you. Just try it!
Daphne mutters that she's going to *kill* Shane and Clive!
Pacific Bank
Danny is typing on a typewriter when Des emerges from his office and asks him to 'phone Head Office about a loan application for a customer. As Des goes to walk off, Danny calls after him to ask if he can ask him something. Des turns back and Danny explains that he was sounding off to Max about computer betting on horses and how it reduces risk. Des just sighs:
DES: How much?
DANNY: Five hundred dollars.
DES: Well, you and Max live in the same house; can't he place his *own* bets?
DANNY: Well *he* thinks because I'm a banker I should invest people's money.
DES: Ah, that's the word: 'invest', not 'speculate'.
Danny suddenly notices Rosemary standing by the counter, and he stands up and heads over there. He introduces Rosemary to Des and the two of them shake hands, Rosemary telling Des that Mr. Johnson from Head Office gave him a glowing recommendation. She goes on that she may need to send some telex messages to New York - and while she's there, she'd like to discuss some financial transfers. Danny asks her if she's found a manager for her new business yet. Rosemary smiles at him:
ROSEMARY: Danny, if you were older, I wouldn't hesitate!
She then heads over to Des's office, leaving Des to say to Danny quietly:
DES: If you're going to computer-check those horses, do it in your lunch hour, OK?
No. 24
Helen is talking to Madge as Madge potters around dusting and cleaning. Helen says:
HELEN: You think I should've taken it, don't you?
MADGE: Oh... I probably would've made the same decision myself - but yes, I think deep down I was hoping you could get out and start a new career; do it for *both* of us. But I suppose that's all daydreams.
HELEN: I hope this doesn't come *between* Rosemary and me.
MADGE: Oh she's sensible; she'll understand.
HELEN (shaking her head): No - she sees it for what she believes it is: a rejection.
MADGE: Well, it won't be the first or the last: she'll have to get over it.
HELEN (muses): New challenges... someone with all that faith in me... Was it for Jim and the family or was it because I was frightened of change?
MADGE: There's a lot to be said for a family.
HELEN: Yes, but they grow up.
MADGE (insists): Don't worry - it'll all work out for the best.
Coffee Shop
Zoe tells Daphne that the small-goods van is outside. The shop door opens and Shane and Clive come in, Clive smiling that he can offer problems solved, saucepans mended and provide advice for the lovelorn all for the price of a pasty! Daphne, however, snaps;
DAPHNE: You two have got a damned hide. We're getting married, I hear - or is it a *different* lie this week?
CLIVE (quickly): That was a special situation; a one-off concerning a lady called Beth Travers-
DAPHNE (coolly): I know all *about* Beth Travers.
ZOE (interjects, looking at Clive and Shane): It's Des: she wants to sort things out-
Zoe breaks off as Daphne glares at her, and she heads off to the kitchen. Clive then tells Daphne that Shane had a heavy problem with Beth, and while they shouldn't have dragged her into it, Shane was under colossal pressure. Shane mutters at Clive that he's making it sound like it's all *his* fault. He then turns to Daphne and tells her:
SHANE: This woman's a man-eater. I tried to give her the elbow but the message just didn't seem to get through - so bright-eyes here [he indicates Clive] invented the whole stupid story.
DAPHNE (retorts): So it's all *her* fault, is it?
SHANE: No, but it's wrong and I'm sorry. I've talked to her and explained the true situation. It won't happen again.
DAPHNE (mutters): Just leave me *out* of it in future.
No. 26
Helen is doing some sewing in the lounge room when Jim joins her from the kitchen and tells her quickly that *he* could do that. Helen, however, retorts that if she's to stay there, she needs to feel useful. Jim sits down and asks gently:
JIM: Are you *happy* with your decision?
Helen pauses before replying:
HELEN: Last night, I was looking through some old photos. There was one taken when Bill was still alive. It was a family group: there was Bill and myself... Anne and Rosemary... beside our old Morris. We were all waving and laughing and everybody was very, very happy. Well, that was Rosemary's family background and it's always stood her in good stead. And when Anne died and I came to live here with you, *her* family became *mine* as well - and I want *them* to be *just* as happy.
Changing the subject, she adds:
HELEN: Now, what about Scott: why is he so jumpy? What's at the bottom of it?
Jim starts to explain that Nikki says he's falling behind in his Maths. Helen asks him if he has an answer. Jim tells her that he's going to hire a Maths tutor. Looking dubious, Helen says:
HELEN: Oh I don't think so, Jim. I mean, the bigger you make the problem seem-
Jim interrupts, though, and retorts:
JIM: He needs hard work; hard work and perseverance - and speaking of hard work, I'd better get back to the books.
With that, Jim heads back through to the kitchen, leaving Helen to sigh heavily.
Coffee Shop
Beth walks into the Coffee Shop and looks around. Daphne emerges from the kitchen and Beth tells her that it's a nice place: someone's got style. Daphne smiles and thanks her. Beth then asks:
BETH: Are you Daphne Lawrence?
DAPHNE: Yes, that's right.
Beth sits down at a table and continues:
BETH: I met a friend of yours: Shane - Shane Ramsay: he's a nice guy.
DAPHNE (shrugs): Yes, he's OK.
Beth orders raisin toast and a cappuccino. She then tells Daphne:
BETH: He's stuck on you, you know?
DAPHNE (blankly): Sorry?
BETH: He's mad about you. He told me.
DAPHNE: I'm sorry - you're...?
BETH: Beth Travers
DAPHNE (looking surprised): Oh - I see.
BETH: Look, I had no intention of having this conversation with you, but to be honest, you're not what I expected.
DAPHNE (admits): Neither are you!
BETH: You probably think I'm predatory, but it's not that way. I *like* Shane, but since he told me about *you*, I've backed off.
DAPHNE (quickly): I think you should know there's nothing *between* Shane and me. There used to be, but not now; not for some time.
BETH (frowns): But he told *me*--
DAPHNE (curtly): Yes, well, that's men. I'll get you that coffee: it's on the house.
Beth, however, stands up looking annoyed and mutters:
BETH: No thanks. I'm sorry I bothered you.
As Beth goes to walk out, Daphne calls after her. Beth just turns back and says coolly:
BETH: It's OK. Thanks for everything.
Pacific Bank
Danny is typing figures into a computer and adding up numbers on an adding machine. The 'phone rings suddenly and Danny answers. He listens and then says:
DANNY: Dad... Yep, I've got a list of seven that should win... You there? Right, uh... 'Sweet Prince', 'Blazing', 'Honey Crunch', 'Strongman', 'Ancien-'
Danny breaks off as Max asks him to repeat 'Strongman'. He then continues:
DANNY: ...'Ancient History', 'Georgia' and 'Kentucky Maiden'. That's seven, but I'm not sure which ones to go for... Go for the lot? Yes, dad. OK. Bye.
With that, Danny sighs and hangs up, just as Des emerges from the office and joins him. He tells Danny that Rosemary called back and is sending her telexes. Danny smiles:
DANNY: Been evicted from your office?
DES: All for a good cause!
Rosemary emerges from Des's office and thanks Des. Des replies:
DES: Any time - you're a very important customer.
ROSEMARY: (smiles) Well good - because there *is* some other business that I'd like to discuss with you.
Looking interested, Des asks Rosemary if he could buy her lunch. Rosemary looks at her watch and tells him that she could manage a quick snack at that Coffee Shop round the corner. Des doesn't look very happy!
Beth Travers' back garden
Shane wheels a barrow over to where Clive is apparently testing the quality of the water in the pool. Shane mutters at him that he's supposed to be bending his back. Clive, however, replies cheerily that he's found an individual who will supply pool chemicals at bulk rates. Beth suddenly marches over and says coolly that she'd like to see the two of them. Clive smiles:
CLIVE: In the finest tradition of service, Beth, I can report that your pool has too much chlorine.
BETH: And *I'd* like to report that your mouth is your worst enemy, Clive. I've just been speaking to Daphne, and you two have never stopped lying to me. What's the *latest* story? That Shane's going to marry her? That he's not going to marry her but he's still in love with her? What's the latest instalment?
Shane looks away, but Beth snaps at him:
BETH: And *you*. What have I ever done to *you*? I pay you well. I'm a decent employer.
Clive says quickly that he admits they've made fools of themselves and she's every right to be angry. Beth, however, snaps at him to cut the sweet-talk: she just wants Shane to tell her *why*. Shane looks at Clive, who says:
CLIVE: Because we're idiots. That's all we can say. There was a misunderstanding and we let it get out of hand, whereas if we'd been honest and prepared to level with you-
BETH: Shut up! I'm sick of the pair of you.
With that, Beth storms off. Clive looks at Shane and tells him:
CLIVE: You damn near blew it that time, boy.
Shane stands there in looking astonished!
Coffee Shop
Daphne walks into the kitchen and tells Zoe curtly that she needs one quiche and one chicken salad. Zoe looks at her in surprise and asks her what she's so uptight about. Daphne snaps:
She then explains:
DAPHNE: When you went out to the street, Beth Travers called round. A lovely person, just trying to lead her own life - but two clowns called Shane and Clive make a fool of her - twice; *and* of me.
ZOE (sighs): All this aggro's pointless - just *talk* to Des.
DAPHNE (glaring at Zoe): And what's *Des* got to do with--; what is this thing that you've got about Des?
Zoe asks sincerely:
ZOE: Was it Des's fault? Is he anything like Clive? Is he anything like *Shane*? He's got some really special qualities - or don't you remember?
DAPHNE (shrugs): Of *course* I remember. With Des, there wasn't a mean bone in his body - and there'll never be another woman. It was just some sort of jinx; it wasn't meant to happen.
ZOE (muses): He doesn't lie, he doesn't cheat, there'll never be another woman... Gee, he should win an award!
Daphne just picks up a tray on which are some bowls of soup and mutters that she'd better take them to the customers. As she heads out into the shop, the door opens and Rosemary comes in - with Des...
No. 24
Clive and Shane are sitting on the couch. Max sits down in the armchair, teasing Shane that he *must* have led Beth on! Shane insists that it was only to spare her feelings. Madge comes in through the front door and smiles that she's just seen a lovely movie: she hasn't had such a good cry for ages. Max says *he's* got a race to listen to: Danny's got three winners up already, and if the rest come in it'll solve a lot of problems. He and Madge head through to the kitchen, leaving Clive to tell Shane:
CLIVE: Look, I'm genuinely sorry I got you into this mess.
SHANE: I reckon we ought to cut our losses and *chuck* the job, mate.
Clive, however, replies:
CLIVE: Mate, the job's nearly finished and we've got nothing else: none of the other quotes came good. We'll just have to stick it out.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is clearing tables and overhears as Rosemary tells Des:
ROSEMARY: The fact is, you're exactly the kind of man I'm looking for.
DES (looking surprised): Yeah, well, you haven't known me that long.
ROSEMARY: Look, Des, I know what I'm after, and believe me, you're it.
Daphne walks over to them with a pad and says a curt:
DAPHNE: Afternoon.
Rosemary orders the salmon salad. Des just sits and stares at the menu. Daphne mutters after a few moments:
DAPHNE: We do a nice curry.
DES: Curry? Sounds nice.
Des goes to hand the menu back to Daphne, but she just walks away! She heads into the kitchen, where she throws the pad onto the counter and snaps at Zoe:
DAPHNE: Don't ever talk to me again about Des.
Des walks into the kitchen a few moments later and Zoe heads out into the main shop. Des says to Daphne curtly:
DES: Look, this is strictly business: she's trying to recruit me.
DAPHNE (snaps): *That's* pathetically obvious.
DES: She runs a financial consultancy.
DAPHNE (shrugs): You're a free agent - you can go out with who you like.
DES: Look, she's offering me a big deal: big salary... fringe benefits... travel...
DAPHNE (snaps): Oh, well, I think you should take it.
DES (yells): Yeah, well, I just *might*.
With that, Des storms back out to the shop, where Zoe stops him and says quickly:
ZOE: Don't be so honest!
DES (blankly): Eh?
ZOE: If she's jealous of Rosemary, it'll help you get her back.
Des smiles weakly and then walks back over to join Rosemary. He apologises for the interruption and then tells her that her offer sounds very interesting. Daphne stares at the two of them from the kitchen hatch.
No. 24
Madge is preparing dinner when a weary-looking Danny comes in through the back door. Max emerges from the bedroom and beams excitedly:
MAX: Is that the mastermind? How are ya, son? OK, eh?!
He goes on ecstatically that all those horses got up; every one of them; he couldn't believe it; honestly couldn't believe it! He adds:
MAX: So I rung the TAB - checked the winnings, right? $6,841! That's nearly seven grand for ten bucks! You'll do *me*, son, you'll do *me*!
Danny, however, stands there looking sheepish as Max goes on that they're riding a fortune. He says eventually:
DANNY: I didn't back the horses.
MAX (shrugs): OK, son, you're entitled to your discretion. I mean, you felt think one of them nags wasn't up to it, I accept your judgement.
Danny, however, admits:
DANNY: I got cold feet. I didn't back *any* of the horses.
Max's face drops and he glares daggers at his son.
No. 26
Rosemary has arrived at No. 26. As Helen lets her in, she apologises immediately for that morning. Rosemary says she couldn't leave things like that either. She adds:
ROSEMARY: I tailored that job especially to you, you know, because, well, I'm family too.
HELEN (hugging her daughter): Of course.
The front door opens suddenly and Paul comes in, smiling:
PAUL: Ah, another successful day in the insurance jungle. I've just signed up a big superannuation scheme. G'day, Rosemary.
ROSEMARY: Well, congratulations are in order!
PAUL: Thanks a lot!
ROSEMARY: Yes, superannuation's certainly where the future is. You know, I've still got some contacts from my old insurance days. I'll let you have a few names if you like.
PAUL: Thanks - I'd appreciate that. Now, if you two ladies will excuse me, first the sale then the paperwork!
With that, Paul heads through to his bedroom, leaving Helen to remark to Rosemary:
HELEN: You see - you two *can* get on.
ROSEMARY: Mm, I can get on with anyone!
HELEN: He's very good at his job. He'd make a much better manager than *I* would. [Pauses] Actually, that's worth considering.
Rosemary, however, replies:
ROSEMARY: I've already got my eye on someone, and if he accepts, I won't *have* any problems.
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Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0197
Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0197
Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence, Paul Robinson

Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Danny Ramsay, Des Clarke, Rosemary Daniels

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0197
Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Daphne Lawrence, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0197
Daphne Lawrence, Beth Travers

Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0197
Danny Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0197
Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers, Clive Gibbons

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0197
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Rosemary Daniels, Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0197
Rosemary Daniels, Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0197
Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0197
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

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