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Neighbours Episode 0184 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0184
Australian airdate: 06/02/86
UK airdate: 17/07/87
UK Gold: 15/07/93
Writer: Ginny Lowndes
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Douglas Blake James Condon
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Sanderson telling Shane that they've found the limousine - but he's dismissed.
- Zoe finding the takings still in the Coffee Shop till late at night - and not spotting Mike asleep at one of the tables.
- Jim telling Helen that Scott has disappeared - and has been accused of rape.
- Paul mouthing off at Jim about the fact that he expects his sons to follow in his footsteps.
No. 24
Madge is serving Max with some tea and cake when Shane wanders in through the back door, looking aimless. Max turns to him and mutters:
MAX: Oh what? Haven't you got a job to go to no more, eh?
SHANE: As a matter of fact, *no*.
MADGE (looking worried): Oh Shane...
MAX (angrily): You mean to say they *fired* you?
SHANE (sighs): Yeah.
Max explodes that he's got a good mind to go round there and give them a piece of his mind. Shane sighs that he'll only make things worse. Madge points out that Shane didn't ask permission to use the limousine. Max, however, just growls that she's sticking up for the rich bloke. He adds angrily that if it wasn't for Clive, his kids wouldn't be in this mess.
SHANE: It wasn't Clive's fault, dad.
MAX (snaps): Yeah? You wait 'til I get my hands on him.
MADGE (warns): You keep your hands to yourself, Max Ramsay.
SHANE (points out): Besides, you've never won *yet*, dad.
Madge then asks Shane when he's going to start job-hunting. Shane, however, sighs that it's really difficult without a reference. Madge tells him to get tucked into his cake; things will be better tomorrow.
No. 26
Helen sits down at the kitchen table as Daphne comes in through the back door. Helen looks at her in surprise as she explains:
DAPHNE: When I got up this morning I thought: 'there's no use hiding; I've got to get out sooner or later', so I took the chance you'd be home. That's all right, isn't it?
HELEN: Well, if you hadn't come over here today, I was going over to *you*.
Helen then tells Daphne that she just missed Paul. Daphne remarks that he seems pretty fired-up about something. Helen explains that it's another fight with Jim - but she adds that that's not why Daphne's there... Sitting down at the table, Daphne sighs:
DAPHNE: It's not as if I'm upset or anything; it's just I didn't want to run the risk of running into Des.
HELEN: Oh, I don't think anybody's either seen or heard of Des since the wedding, so you would have been safe enough.
DAPHNE (pointedly): I'm not here to talk about him; that's *old* news. When does Scott get back from his school safari?
HELEN: We don't know at the moment. He was supposed to have caught a bus, but he didn't turn up.
DAPHNE: Well where is he?
HELEN: Jim's gone up to find out.
DAPHNE (remarks): Scott's normally pretty reliable. You'd expect that sort of behaviour from *Des*, though, wouldn't you: some men *never* grow up.
HELEN (sighs): It's understandable that you feel that way, but when you've both calmed down-
DAPHNE (snaps): He could've at last 'phoned, couldn't he?
HELEN: He *did*.
DAPHNE (angrily): Yeah, to speak to his mum, not to *me*. That would be right.
HELEN: Eileen was the only person in the house; you were over *here* - and in all fairness to Des, he doesn't know where you are.
DAPHNE (mutters): How can you be fair to Des?
HELEN: I'm *not*; I'm just saying-
DAPHNE (angrily): If he was at all interested, he could have come around here to find out where I was...
HELEN: Well, perhaps.
DAPHNE: ...he could have 'phoned the Ramsays; he could've checked to see if I was all right, but he just didn't care.
HELEN: Perhaps when he comes home-
Daphne, tears welling in her eyes suddenly, sobs:
DAPHNE: I don't care if he *does* come home. I never want to see him again.
No. 28
The front door of No. 28 opens and Des comes in. He calls for Daphne, but there's no answer. He's still wearing his wedding shirt and trousers. He's holding the jacket, which he throws on the couch. He then notices the loud drumming of water dripping from the kitchen tap into the sink, and he glares at it in annoyance.
No. 26
Daphne is wiping her eyes and apologising to Helen, saying she hasn't stopped crying since Des left. She then asks sadly:
DAPHNE: What am I going to do if I run into him?
HELEN (points out): You're bound to at some time or other.
DAPHNE: I should move away from here, shouldn't I?
There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Des's voice calls out:
DES: Helen? Are you home?
Daphne looks at Helen in horror and cries that she can't let Des see her like this. Helen calls to Des that she'll just be a moment. Daphne then sobs:
DAPHNE: You see, he's come to see *you*; he didn't come to see *me*.
She then pleads with Helen not to tell Des where she is, and she runs off. Helen lets Des in and he says uncertainly:
DES: Hi, Helen.
HELEN: Hello, Des.
DES: Listen, can you tell me what's going on? Mum seems to have moved her stuff into my place and Daphne's stuff has just disappeared.
DES: Do you know where Daphne *is*?
HELEN (tersely): More to the point, where have *you* been?
DES: I needed to think.
HELEN: For *two days*? Without so much as even a telephone call?
DES: I couldn't bear the thought of coming home, and seeing we were booked into the hotel for the honeymoon, I stayed *there*.
HELEN (aghast): You spent the night in the honeymoon suite?
DES: Yes. Look, I know I made a complete fool of myself-
HELEN (coolly): Have you any idea how you made *Daphne* look?
DES: I want to tell her that I'm sorry.
HELEN: But the poor girl's heartbroken; you should be ashamed of yourself. Whatever possessed you to go leaving her like that?
DES: I thought she'd stood me up, and when I found out she hadn't-
HELEN (coldly): If you had any backbone at all, you would've come straight back and not leave the poor girl stranded.
DES: Doesn't she want to see me?
HELEN: What did you *expect*: a welcome-home party?
DES: Do you know where Daphne *is*?
HELEN (asserts): Yes I do - and you're the last person I'd tell. Apart from the fact Daphne's requested it, you don't deserve it.
DES (mutters): Thanks.
Des then walks off glumly.
No. 24
The 'phone rings and Max answers it. He listens to the caller and then asks the person if he can't fix it himself! With that, he hangs up, leaving Madge - who's pottering around in the kitchen with Shane - to comment in annoyance that that's hardly the way to speak to his customers. Max, however, explains:
MAX: That wasn't a customer; it was Des Clarke.
SHANE: Is he home?
MAX: Yeah, looks like it.
SHANE (coolly): Just the man I want to see...
MAX: So do *I*.
Madge, however, tells Max that he's not going *anywhere*. Max laughs that Des will have to endure Chinese water torture! Madge just glares at him and snaps:
MADGE: I think you've got your priorities all wrong.
MAX (retorts): And what would *you* know about it, eh?
MADGE: Fred and I were in business together for over twenty years, and there's one thing I learned: if someone is black, white or brindle, business is business.
MAX: Not with Des Clarke it's not.
MADGE (pointedly): I trust you haven't forgotten the considerable amount of money you owe me?
MAX: I can't wait to pay you back - believe me.
MADGE: Good - then I suggest you take any job you can get.
No. 28
There's a rapping on the front door and Des answers it, shaving foam all over his face. Shane marches in and mutters;
SHANE: I'd try and cut my throat *too*, if I was you.
Des just retorts that if Shane's going to throw in his two bob's worth, he doesn't want to know about it.
SHANE (sighs): You've got to admit it, Des: what you did to Daphne was pretty lousy.
DES: I tried to call; look, what difference does it make? I mean, it just leaves the runway clear for *you*.
Shane starts fiddling with Des's dripping tap as he points out:
SHANE: Des, *you're* the only bloke that she's wanted to marry.
Des pleads with Shane to tell him where Daphne is. Shane, however, mutters that he can't. He adds that Des has done enough damage for the time being: Daphne doesn't want anything more to do with him.
DES (angrily): You mean *you* don't want me to.
Shane says curtly:
SHANE: She made up her *own* mind about you; *I* didn't do or say *anything*.
DES (softly): I just gotta *talk* to her.
Shane, however, sighs:
SHANE: I'm sorry, mate. You probably think that you've got a really good reason for doing what you did, but you're going to have to convince *her* of that.
With that, Shane heads off. Des turns and stares at the tap, which is now dripping a continuous stream of water.
No. 26
Madge is sitting with Helen at the kitchen table. Helen is sketching Madge as Madge rants that she could *throttle* Max sometimes: those boys really need their mother, no matter *what* Max thinks of her. Helen points out that Max did everything he could to save the marriage. Madge, however, retorts that he didn't try hard enough.
HELEN: Maybe, maybe not - but when they *did* separate, Max made sure that Maria and the boys didn't want for anything.
MADGE (tersely): So he should.
HELEN: It left him struggling financially for a long time.
Looking taken aback, Madge remarks that she didn't know that. Helen points out that some men wouldn't have felt they had to.
MADGE (coldly): No - the first sign of trouble, they run off with another woman, usually someone half their age.
Helen, now looking taken aback herself, asks carefully:
HELEN: Have you and Fred separated, Madge?
MADGE: Would you be surprised if I said we *had*?
HELEN (nods): I thought you were *made* for each other.
MADGE (glumly): So did I - but Fred always said that his first priority was work, and I was always occupied with other things, and I didn't find out until it was too late.
HELEN (sincerely): I'm sorry.
MADGE: Charlene and Henry took it better than I did. Well, I was married to Fred for over twenty years, Helen.
HELEN: A long time.
MADGE: Yes. He ran off with a slip of a girl from the office: all legs and teeth.
HELEN: So what are you going to do with yourself?
MADGE: I don't know; not yet. I haven't thought about *me* for such a long time. It's quite a shock to realise that I exist!
HELEN (presses): You must have *some* ideas.
MADGE: Yes, but they're still in the planning stages at the moment.
HELEN: Well *I* have one, if you're interested...
MADGE (a glint in her eye): Does it have anything to do with our friend Douglas Blake?
HELEN (nods): Everything *does* these days.
Helen then goes to the kitchen shelf and takes down a pot out of which she removes a small piece of paper. Showing it to Madge, she tells her that it's a cheque she received for one of her paintings. Madge remarks that it's a tidy sum.
HELEN: Yes. I call it the Douglas Blake Fund.
MADGE: And what do you want *me* to do with it?
HELEN: Help me settle a few scores.
MADGE (smiles): I'd be delighted!
No. 28
Max is standing watching Des's dripping tap. He grins at a pained-looking Des:
MAX: Chinese water torture, eh?!
Des mutters at him:
DES: Can you just fix the tap? I've got *other* things to do.
MAX (snaps): Yeah, like run off at the mouth about my son.
DES: Yeah, well if it wasn't for Danny, none of this would've happened.
MAX (retorts): That's right, blame *us*, won't you.
DES: Yeah, well as far as *I'm* concerned, it could've been done *deliberately*.
Max slams down his tools and yells:
MAX: What are ya? I nearly busted a gut getting Daphne to that church; *you're* the wet that ran off.
Des quickly apologises and says he's not thinking straight. Max warns Des that if he's going to start insulting his family, he's going to have to find another plumber. Des shrugs that that's OK and Max storms off. He leaves his wrench behind, and Des picks it up. Max returns and grabs it from him, though, snapping:
MAX: Shane'd make *two* of you, any day.
Des looks grimly at his still-dripping tap.
No. 22
Daphne and Shane are sitting in the lounge room at No. 22, Daphne commenting that Des really has a lot to answer for. Shane points out that it wasn't *Des's* fault that he got the sack. Daphne then asks where Des has *been* for the past two days. Shane shrugs that he thinks he must have gone to the hotel.
DAPHNE (angrily): That'd be right: living it up in the honeymoon suite without me. I suppose he had a *great* time.
SHANE: I don't know about that...
DAPHNE: No, it's typical: only Des would go on a honeymoon without the bride. No doubt the suntan's looking good.
SHANE: I don't think he got out of-
DAPHNE: Here *I've* been, worried sick about him, while he's lazing beside the pool. I suppose he told you what a great time he had?
SHANE: I don't really think he had-
DAPHNE: Trust him to be the life of the party. What was he wearing?
SHANE: What he was wearing at the wedding, which is why-
DAPHNE (aghast): He was still in that shirt?
SHANE: I guess so.
DAPHNE: I *made* him that. How *dare* he go away on our honeymoon in my shirt without me?
With that, a faint smile crosses Daphne's face!
Driveway of No. 22
Clive climbs out of his car as Shane comes round the corner of the house. Clive asks how Daphne is. Shane just tells him that Des is back. Clive sighs:
CLIVE: It's *my* fault the wedding was ruined... Danny's in strife...
SHANE: *I've* been fired too.
CLIVE (sighs): Sorry, mate. Look, I'd employ you in the business, except the police impounded all my costumes.
Shane grins that singing chickens is more *Danny's* style. Clive insists that his mind is working overtime on new possibilities. Shane shrugs:
SHANE: There's only three things that I can really do: there's dive, drive and gardening. Not that much, is it?
CLIVE (insists): There must be *heaps* of people who don't have that much time to clean their houses, mow their lawn, stuff like that, right?
SHANE: Yeah. I've still got a list of contacts from the last time I did it.
Clive declares suddenly:
SHANE (blankly): I beg your pardon?
CLIVE: The name of our new business: 'Ramsay and Gibbons Gardening Services'. Huh?
SHANE: Now wait a minute, Clive...
CLIVE (uncertainly): What are you saying?
Shane hesitates before replying:
SHANE: Can I think about it?
CLIVE (beams): Sure. Take all the time you want.
No. 24
Max and Madge are looking at Max's company accounts and Max sighs that there's always more going out than coming in. Changing the subject, Madge says:
MADGE: I got a letter from Tom today.
MAX (mutters): Oh yeah? What's our no-good brother have to say?
MADGE: Oh, this and that.
Max then asks if Tom is coming down to claim *his* half of the land. Madge insists that she's sure Tom has got *other* things to think about.
MAX (grimly): Yeah - like teaching them kids of his how to goosestep...
MADGE: You're not behind on your repayments to him, *too*, are you?
MAX (angrily): Well what do you expect? I mean, I try to do me best by everybody and what thanks do I get? None. Besides, he doesn't need the money.
MADGE: Be that as it may, he's still got to be paid.
Max then sighs:
MAX: Look, Madge, I'm sorry I'm behind with the repayments, but I lost me driver's licence a few months back, so that put me all behind; then I had Maria and the boys to keep...
MADGE (gently): Yes, I know things haven't been easy for you.
MAX (looking surprised): Eh?
MADGE: Well, you would've been quite justified in letting Maria stand on her own two feet for a change, but you didn't.
MAX: What's got in to *you*?!
MADGE: I've decided to suspend your having to pay the house loan. You can decide yourself when you want to resume.
MAX: You little ripper!
MADGE: Well, I didn't understand before, but I do now ... I had a few problems of my own, but I had no right to take them out on *you*.
MAX (jokes): That's OK. I've been copping it from you and Tom all me life; got that used to it, probably miss it if it wasn't there!
MADGE: You just pay me when you've got it.
MAX: She'll be sweet.
MADGE: But I'd make sure I pay Tom, if I were you: you know what *he's* like about money.
MAX (mutters darkly): Yeah...
No. 22
Clive is painting a sign saying 'R.A.G.G.S' and telling Daphne that he and Shane will make a bomb: with Shane's brawn and *his* brains... in six months, they'll be rivalling the biggest landscape gardening firms around! Daphne asks if *Shane* agreed to this.
CLIVE: More or less - and I get on better with Shane than I do his old man!
DAPHNE: That's what *Des* used to say!
Daphne looks away suddenly, a downcast look on her face. Clive points out gently:
CLIVE: You can't pretend he doesn't exist.
Daphne, however, retorts:
DAPHNE: We were stupid to even *think* about marriage. How can you build a marriage when one partner doesn't trust another?
With that, she stands up. Clive asks her where she's going.
DAPHNE: Over to see Des.
CLIVE: What for?
DAPHNE: How can I trust someone who doesn't trust *me*? With my furniture, crockery, bonsai? I'm going to make arrangements for my things; I think it's the best thing to do.
CLIVE: Can't you get one of the others to do it for you?
DAPHNE: No, it's about time I got my life together.
CLIVE: Well I'll come with you, then.
DAPHNE (assertively): Oh, no need: I'm sure we can finalise our affairs in a mature way. It's about time we ended this so we can get on with our own lives, don't you think?
With that, Daphne heads out.
No. 28
Des is winding a roll of Gladwrap round the kitchen tap to try to stop it dripping! There's suddenly a knock on the door and he goes to answer it. Looking surprised to see who's standing there, he mouths:
DES: Daph...
Daphne just stares at him.
No. 24
Max is sitting watching television. Madge emerges from her bedroom, carrying a suitcase, and Max asks her in surprise where she's going.
MADGE: Away.
Looking slightly guilty, Max insists quickly that she's always *welcome* at the house. Madge, however, tells him that she's only going for the night!
MAX (slyly): Anyone I know?
MADGE: That's for me to know and you to find out.
With that, Madge heads out. Shane joins Max and asks where Madge is going. Max shrugs that it's a business trip. Shane then says:
SHANE: Actually, I'm thinking of going into business myself.
MAX: Yeah? What as?
SHANE: I've decided to get back into contract gardening.
MAX (points out): You'll need wheels...
SHANE (hesitantly): I'll be using Clive's car.
MAX (yells): *That* idiot? That's the last flamin'-
SHANE: Wait a minute, dad...
MAX: If you had any brains at all you'd stay right away from that bloke.
SHANE: He's all right.
MAX (snaps): He's a maniac. There's no loyalty in this family anymore; none at all.
SHANE: What's *that* got to do with it?
MAX: Well look what he does: I mean, he keeps me awake all night rehearsing his chooks; he gets Danny arrested and then loses you your job.
SHANE (sighs): Oh come off it, dad.
MAX (rants): No one in his right mind would work for Clive Gibbons. You watch: he'll take all your old clients off you and leave you out in the cold. You just can't trust a bloke like that.
No. 28
Des and Daphne are sitting silently at the dining table. Daphne looks around the house and says eventually:
DAPHNE: It didn't take you long to find someone else, did it? [She indicates Eileen's hat and some other items on one of the shelves]
DES: They're mum's: they won't be here long.
DAPHNE: It doesn't matter to me, anyhow.
DES (trying to place his hand on Daphne's): Oh Daph...
DAPHNE (pulling her hand away): It's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned, Des. It's obvious you never trusted me.
DES: That's not true. I didn't trust *myself*.
DAPHNE (sharply): Well there's no point in talking about it, is there?
DES (glumly): I suppose not.
DAPHNE: Good. The sooner we get things sorted out, the better.
DES: Daphne...
DAPHNE (ignoring Des's interruption): What about the furniture? Do you want me to move it? Or make an offer on it?
DES: Please, just let me explain.
DAPHNE (again ignoring the interruption): Look, I don't mind, as long as we get it sorted out sooner or later.
DES: *Mind*?
DAPHNE: I haven't got all day, Des. I *mean* it.
Des sits there glumly.
Hotel Reception
Madge walks up to the reception desk at a hotel and tells the receptionist that her name is Mrs. Mitchell. The receptionist tells her that she's in room 601. She then rings the bell for the hop to take Madge's bag. As she hands over the key, she says:
RECEPTIONIST: I hope your stay with us will be comfortable.
MADGE: So do *I*...
As Madge heads to the lift, she passes some comfy chairs, on one of which is sat Douglas Blake, reading a newspaper. As Madge walks by, he glances at her. He then takes off his glasses and sits there, looking thoughtful...
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Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0184
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0184
Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0184
Des Clarke

 in Neighbours Episode 0184

Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0184
Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0184
Des Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0184
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0184
Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0184
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Max Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0184
Max Ramsay, Des Clarke

Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0184
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0184
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0184
Clive Gibbons

Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0184
Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0184
Douglas Blake

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