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Neighbours Episode 0182 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0182
Australian airdate: 04/02/86
UK airdate: 15/07/87
UK Gold: 13/07/93
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Nikki: Charlene Fenn
Jane Hughes: Jodi Monro
Douglas Blake: James Condon
Burt Rawlings: Neil Thompson
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Paul telling Daphne that Des almost went to pieces when he thought she'd stood him up. Daphne snapping that she *didn't* stand him up.
- A tramp asking Des for his suit, watch and shoes if he's thinking of jumping into the river.
- Sergeant Harris asking Max if Danny wears a gorilla suit and revealing that Danny is down at the police station with Clive.
No. 24
Madge is pottering around in the kitchen as Max yells furiously at Danny:
MAX: You name me one day - *one day* - when you haven't landed this family in strife.
DANNY (glibly): It was a Thursday, wasn't it?
MAX (roars): Don't you get smart with me.
Danny apologises but retorts that he *was* a victim of circumstances; he was only trying to earn a few extra dollars. He adds bitterly that the *cops* gave him a fairer go than this.
MAX (angrily): Yeah, well they don't have to *live* with you, do they?
He storms out. Danny tells Madge that he doesn't think he could go to work today: he might see Marcie there... Madge sighs:
MADGE: Not if you're unwell. I'll 'phone them.
As Madge heads off to get Danny some breakfast, a sly smile crosses his face.
No. 26
Helen and Jim are by the kitchen counter and Helen asks Jim what he makes of Clive Gibbons. Jim just smiles that he tries not to make up his mind overnight about a man who earns a living in a gorilla suit! Helen says:
HELEN: I don't *mind* him, but there's something about him: I think there's a lot more to him than just the clown.
Jim warns her not to say that too loudly in front of Max! Changing the subject, Jim says he'd better make a move. Helen reminds him that Nikki's bringing a friend over later. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Helen answers it. She listens and then exclaims:
HELEN: Scott!
She listens further and says more warily:
HELEN: Oh, I see... Well, dad will be there to meet you... OK... Bye.
With that, Helen hangs up and tells Jim that Scott will be home today: the school tour's been cut short. Jim smiles that that's great: with Scott home, things will be almost back to normal. Helen, however, looks worried.
JIM: Nothing wrong, is there?
HELEN: I think there might be...
No. 24
Danny is tucking into breakfast at the kitchen table as Madge tells a person on the 'phone that she thinks it might even be gastric. She adds that she's sure Danny will be back at the bank tomorrow. She hangs up and then tells Danny curtly:
MADGE: Now listen to me, young man: you are going to have to end your association with Clive Gibbons.
DANNY (looking surprised): Hang on - I thought you were on *my* side.
MADGE: Your father may have his faults - well, there's no 'maybe' about it: he certainly *does* have his faults - but he is still your father.
DANNY: But what's wrong with Clive? *You've* been taking 'phone bookings for him.
MADGE: That is another matter entirely, Danny. You work in a bank: that is a position with a certain amount of prestige - and it also carries responsibilities.
DANNY: He's the only chance I have to get extra dough. I *need* it.
MADGE: Oh really? You should be investing in your future, Danny, not fast money for God-knows-what. Now, you go in and rest [she indicates the bedroom]: you're supposed to be *ill*. And get those priorities straight, Danny.
Driveway of No. 24
Max is loading some metal pipes onto the top of his van as Clive pulls up in the driveway of No. 22 in his car. Clive climbs out of his vehicle and, turning to Max, says warily:
CLIVE: Morning.
Max turns to glare at him and snaps:
MAX: Just a *game* to you, *isn't* it?
CLIVE (subdued): Not after a night in jail, Mr. Ramsay.
MAX: You're no stranger to *that*, I reckon.
CLIVE (warns): Watch it.
The two men approach each other and end up face-to-face on the lawn of No. 22 as Max retorts:
MAX: No, *you* watch it. Why don't you pack up and move out? Then maybe the street will get back to normal.
CLIVE: What's 'normal', Mr. Ramsay? You?
Max just glares at him and threatens:
MAX: You get my son mixed up in any more of your cock-eyed schemes, I'll run you out of town.
Clive doesn't respond. He looks at Max and then heads off up the driveway of No.24.
No. 24
A few moments later, there's a knock on the front door of No. 24. Madge - who was watching the goings-on outside through the window - opens it and says to Clive hesitantly:
MADGE: Hello, Clive. I'm really sorry, but after what's happened I'm afraid you're not welcome here.
CLIVE (quietly): Really?
MADGE: Well... the mess Danny's in, what attitude do you *expect* me to take?
CLIVE: You're on Max's side?
MADGE (nods): Reluctantly, yes.
CLIVE: Sorry to mention this, but I do employ you to take messages for me.
MADGE: You have up until now. I think that now I'll have to reconsider my position.
CLIVE (shrugs): That's your privilege. Water under the bridge, as far as I'm concerned: the police have temporarily impounded all my costumes. I'm out of business.
Madge then tells Clive that if he wanted to see Danny... Clive, however, replies that he came to see *her*. He goes on:
CLIVE: There was a young bloke at the police station - he'd been waiting in court all day. They postponed his trial and they took him back to the remand centre. Said his name was Henry.
Madge looks away, apparently distressed. Clive continues:
CLIVE: When I gave my name and address, he overheard and he gave me a message for you: 'No more letters, no more 'phone calls, no more visits'. I've delivered the message and I intend to forget I ever heard it.
MADGE (looking upset): I suppose you realise that Henry is my son...?
Clive looks at her, apparently startled.
No. 26
Jim is asking Helen how he can go to work when he's got to contact the school. Helen points out that Scott said not to *do* that; he asked for a chance to explain first. Jim gives in and goes to head off for work. As he does so, he tells Helen that he'll be back to pick her up before he goes to the bus. Helen, however, calls after him:
HELEN: I might not be... here. I have to be somewhere else...
No. 24
Madge and Clive are sitting in the lounge room, Madge saying:
MADGE: I did my best for Henry - so don't expect me to take any responsibility for what he did: I've no intention of doing that. Some stupid women might. Parents let their children run wild these days. I *worried* for mine; I tried to protect them. Lot of thanks I got for *that*.
CLIVE (gently): You don't have to tell me this, Madge.
MADGE: I don't know why I *am*. I suppose I trust you.
CLIVE: Yeah?
MADGE: Anyway, Henry's taking the blame for the people who led him into this mess - not that I'm excusing his part in it; I *love* him. Now he won't even *see* me.
Madge sniffs as tears well-up. Clive tells her softly that he hopes things work out. Madge replies sadly:
MADGE: Likewise - you're out of work.
CLIVE (shrugs): Oh well: when one door closes, another door slams! That's my motto. I don't believe in setbacks.
Clive then stands and tells Madge that he's next door if he's needed.
No. 26
Helen opens the front door to Mr. Rawlings. She invites him in and he tells her:
RAWLINGS: I think I've found him, Mrs. Daniels. He's staying in town at the Regal Hotel. There's a park nearby: he sees a woman there every day. The sketch you gave me wasn't first class, but I'm sure this is him.
He hands Helen a file. Looking pensive, she thanks him and tells him that she'll send him a cheque. He heads off and Helen looks through the file until she finds the sketch that she drew of Douglas...
No. 22
Danny heads up to the front door and knocks. Clive opens it and Danny heads inside. He says to Clive in relief:
DANNY: I'm glad they let you out. They charge you?
CLIVE: Worse than that: they kept the costumes as possible evidence. [Turning suddenly cheery] But it's fate, Danny, fate! You gotta ride with the punches. You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs!
DANNY (looking taken aback): What's *that* supposed to mean?
CLIVE: It means the last job put me out of business.
Sounding suddenly hesitant, Danny says:
DANNY: Yeah, the last job... we had a deal?
CLIVE (assuredly): And we still do. A bargain's a bargain. Now, you're a good worker, and as soon as I'm into something new, you're on the payroll.
DANNY: That's why I'm here - about being paid, Clive.
CLIVE: Ah, I like your style, mate, but we can't negotiate salaries 'til I know what I'm into!
Clive then guides Danny towards the door, saying:
CLIVE: Thanks for coming over to boost me up, kid. As soon as I'm into something new, you're back on the payroll.
DANNY: Uh, yeah...
CLIVE: Don't worry, Danny: you're in!
With that, Danny heads out!
No. 26
Helen is sitting on the couch, looking at a magazine, when there's a knock on the front door. Helen answers it to find Nikki on the step with a friend who she introduces as Jane Hughes. The two girls head inside and Helen asks how the test was. Jane replies in a posh voice that it was awful - but at least they've got the afternoon off to recover. Helen offers them some morning tea, and she goes to the kitchen. Jane and Nikki sit down and Jane picks up a photo and asks Nikki:
JANE: Is that the one you were telling me about? Scott?
NIKKI: No, no, that's Paul, his brother. He doesn't work for the airline anymore, but he loved travelling.
JANE (snootily): So do I - but first class, thanks; not as a glorified waiter.
NIKKI: Of course...
JANE: That's why we go to Europe in the winter: you avoid the tourists.
Helen comes back in as Nikki tells Jane:
NIKKI: *We* can only travel in the *summer*. Mummy's so tied-up in committees and so forth. Fortunately, we have close friends over there.
Helen, looking annoyed at what Nikki is saying - which is clearly untrue - puts a tray of tea things down noisily. She murmurs pointedly:
HELEN: How clumsy of me...
She then announces that she has to go next door for a moment or two. Looking at Nikki, she adds:
HELEN: I'll be looking forward to having a long chat with you...
No. 24
A short time later, Madge is pouring tea for herself and Helen, saying:
MADGE: Oh Helen, I really don't know if I can spare the time.
HELEN: I can use the company.
MADGE: But *why* do you have to go to town?
Before Helen can answer, though, Danny comes in through the front door. Looking surprised, Madge remarks that she thought she told him to rest. Danny shrugs that fresh air is good for him. Helen then tells him that Scott is coming home this afternoon.
DANNY: Oh good. He's a week early, though, isn't he?
HELEN: Yes - we're not sure why...
Madge tells Danny that Nikki is visiting next door with a schoolfriend, and she suggests he invite them over for a swim. Danny, however, mutters:
DANNY: That's *all* I need today: Princess Di and one of her stuck-up schoolmates.
He heads out nonetheless. Helen then says to Madge:
HELEN: Well?
MADGE: Oh yes, of course I'll come, if it's so important. As long as you tell me *why* it's important.
HELEN (quietly): Well, this man upset me very much, and I have to decide what I'm going to do about it.
No. 26
Danny is standing in the lounge room at No. 26. Nikki is putting a record on the stereo and saying to Jane:
NIKKI: Danny lives next door. Poor Aunt Helen: you can't pick your neighbours.
JANE (in a stuck-up tone): *My* parents certainly do. [To Danny] I suppose you're on the dole?
DANNY: I work in a bank.
NIKKI: Well why aren't you there, then?
DANNY: I've got the day off.
NIKKI: *I'll* bet. Probably got sacked after spending the night in jail.
JANE (aghast): *Jail*?
NIKKI: Someone robbed a bank in a gorilla suit and Danny's a suspect.
JANE: *Why*?
DANNY (glumly): I was in a gorilla suit.
NIKKI (to Jane): Making a fool of himself.
DANNY: Trying to earn a few extra bucks, doing gorilla impressions so I can take my girlfriend to Surfers. Is there anything wrong with that?
JANE (airily): Oh, Surfers is all right. Daddy's got a penthouse suite and we usually go up at Easter.
DANNY (mutters): Big deal.
Turning to Nikki, Danny demands:
DANNY: What are you picking on me for?
NIKKI: I'm not; I'm just explaining you to Jane.
DANNY: Well I came here to invite you for a swim.
JANE (sounding surprised): You've got a pool?
DANNY (sarcastically): No, we dog-paddle up and down the birdbath!
Nikki and Jenny head off to get changed.
Helen's car
Helen is sitting in her car with Madge in the passenger seat. Madge asks Helen what she's going to do if Douglas doesn't show up.
HELEN: I'll cut my losses and buy you lunch - and then I-
Helen breaks off as she looks in her rear-view mirror and sees someone in the distance. It's Douglas, walking slowly over to a park bench. Madge turns round to look and comments in astonishment:
MADGE: Helen, he looks very respectable.
HELEN (grimly): That's what *I* thought.
As they watch a woman walk over to Douglas and kiss him, Madge asks:
MADGE: What are you going to *do*?
HELEN (coldly): I'm going to make him *pay*...
No. 24
Danny is preparing lunch in the kitchen when Nikki and Jane come in from their swim. Jane picks up a jar from the counter and comments:
JANE: This isn't whole-egg mayonnaise.
NIKKI: Typical.
Jane then asks Danny why his mother isn't at home.
NIKKI: Actually, she's in Hong Kong.
DANNY: My parents are separated.
JANE: So what? Half the families I know have split up. That's life, isn't it?
Nikki picks up a sandwich that Danny has made and comments that it's gross. She adds that things will be a little more entertaining when Scott gets back next week.
DANNY: Next week? Scott's coming back *today*, Nikki; don't they tell you *anything* around here?
Jane then comments that the street is like a morgue. Nikki asks Danny what happens this afternoon. Danny suggests they all go out somewhere.
JANE (sarcastically): Where did you have in mind: the pinball parlour?
Helen's car
As Helen and Madge watch Douglas sit down on the bench with the woman, Helen says sadly:
HELEN: He told me he was an art dealer. I believed him; I *wanted* to believe him. No fool like an old fool...
MADGE: How much money was involved?
HELEN: Well, between Jim and myself, dear Douglas walked away with nearly $60,000.
MADGE (gasps): Sixty--; oh Helen, go to the police.
HELEN: It's too risky. If he suspects, he'll disappear the way he did before. That woman may be an accomplice, but more likely she's another victim.
MADGE: Helen, you didn't come out here to do nothing.
HELEN: Well I can't *follow* him - he'll *recognise* me.
MADGE: He doesn't know *me*...
A smile of delight crosses Helen's face!
No. 24
Danny is standing alone in the kitchen when Madge and Helen arrive back. Madge asks where the girls are and Danny replies that they've just left. Looking horrified, Madge gasps that she's not surprised, considering the mess. She tells Danny to clean up outside and then he can start in the kitchen. Danny heads out the back. Madge and Helen sit down at the kitchen table, Madge saying:
MADGE: Helen, I still think that you should go to the police: let *them* investigate this man.
HELEN: I thought I really cared for him; that was the *real* twist of the knife: I thought I was *safe* from that kind of emotion. But he made a complete fool of me. I *could* go to the police - maybe they have enough on him to charge him - but that kind of revenge isn't enough. I want Jim's money back. I have to fool *him* the way he fooled *me*.
MADGE: You can't do that on your *own*.
HELEN (pointedly): I know...
Madge smiles at her and says:
MADGE: What are friends for?
HELEN (looking relieved): Thank you, Madge. I have an idea, but it needs thinking out. I'll come back later.
Danny comes back in and Madge muses that next time, perhaps he'll think twice before trying to wriggle out of a day's work!
No. 26
Helen is standing at the dining table, ripping up some large sheets of paper. Nikki joins her and remarks:
NIKKI: I never pictured *you* as a temperamental artist!
HELEN: I'm just burying a bit of the past, that's all!
NIKKI: Can you *do* that?
HELEN: You throw away the souvenirs and you learn to live with the memories. [Pointedly] You *bury* it, Nikki; you don't *lie* about it...
NIKKI (mutters): I don't want to talk about this now.
HELEN: Overseas trips... Is it just Jane you've been lying to or *everyone* at school?
NIKKI: If I didn't say things like that, no one would want to know me.
HELEN: But that's ridiculous: you have no reason to be ashamed of your mother.
NIKKI: She's *poor*. To girls like Jane, that's like a *crime*.
HELEN: You realise it's only a matter of time before your friends find out that you've been lying.
NIKKI (snaps): Look, mum pushed me into that boarding school - I never *wanted* to go - but I know how to survive there, Aunt Helen, so if you want to blame anyone, blame mum, not me.
Helen sighs heavily.
Bus station
Jim is at the bus station with Lucy. A bus pulls in and Lucy exclaims excitedly:
LUCY: It's here, daddy, it's here!
The bus comes to a stop, the doors open and the passengers start disembarking. Jim and Lucy watch them. Scott isn't among them, though, and Lucy asks in surprise:
LUCY: Where is he, dad?
Jim goes and checks the inside of the bus. It's empty. Lucy stares at him and demands:
LUCY: Where's Scott?
JIM (looking concerned): I don't know, Lucy. I don't know...
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Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0182
Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0182
Helen Daniels

Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0182
Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0182
Clive Gibbons, Max Ramsay

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0182
Madge Mitchell

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0182
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Madge Mitchell, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0182
Madge Mitchell, Clive Gibbons

 in Neighbours Episode 0182

Danny Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0182
Danny Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0182
Nikki Dennison

Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0182
Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell

Nikki Dennison, Jane Hughes, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0182
Nikki Dennison, Jane Hughes, Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0182
Helen Daniels

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0182
Lucy Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0182
Jim Robinson

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