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Neighbours Episode 0102 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0102
Australian airdate: 06/08/85
UK airdate: 20/03/87
UK Gold: 23/03/93
Writer: Ginny Lowndes
Director: Russell Webb
Guests: Terry Inglis: Maxine Klibingaitis
Richard Morrison: Peter Flett
Mr McLean: Terry Gill
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- The Robinsons toast Paul and Terry's engagement.
- Scott thinks he's going to be the best man.
- Jim offers Terry Anne's engagement ring.
- Paul says that Shane will be his best man.
Scott stalks out, very upset. Jim twigs that it wasn't a school project at all - Scott was thinking he was going to be Paul's best man. Paul is surprised and upset.
Scott and Paul's bedroom
Scott is sulking. Paul comes in and he tells Scott that he wasn't insulting him - he just thought Scott would be too busy with his school work, and didn't want to give him too much responsibility. Scott admits he is a bit relieved, but he still looks disappointed. Paul asks Scott to be their official photographer instead - he can borrow Paul's camera. Scott is very pleased. Crisis averted!
Shane has come to visit. Maria is fed up with Danny - he's not talking to her at the moment. But she doesn't care.
Shane says that living with Max is driving him crazy(!) and Mrs Logan is still around. Also Max keeps him awake at night with his moaning in his sleep. Maria says that Max's teeth have played up for years - it's probably that, but Max is afraid of dentists.
Danny is still sulking in his room. Maria says Danny is stubborn and narrow-minded(!)
Paul comes in and Maria congratulates him on his engagement. Paul asks Shane to be his best man. Shane is chuffed. Paul says the best news is that Shane gets to escort Julie up the aisle(!)
Shane starts making an impromptu speech(!) and shakes Paul's hand.
Paul and Terry come in. Paul says that they've decided to bring the wedding forward - to have a double wedding with Des. He wants to use the Robinson back yard though, since it's bigger. Paul says he'll get catering in though so Helen doesn't have to work her fingers to the bone.
Shane and Daphne are having a cup of tea. Daphne is still looking for a flat. She is still wearing the same red earrings as she has for at least the last four episodes - must be her favourites(!)
Daphne suggests to Shane that they get a place together. Shane is shocked. He doesn't want to rush into things - he'd rather carry on as they are. Daphne is quite sad, but Shane explains that it might ruin their relationship. Daphne says Shane is already there every night too. Shane says he can't walk out on Max - he needs him. Daphne says she needs Shane too. He says he'll think about it.
Max's bedsit, middle of the night
Max is agitated by barking dogs outside. He opens the window and shouts at the dogs. Shane sits up and says Daphne's offer is starting to look good(!)
Max puts on his dressing gown and goes down to sort the dogs out.
Max bangs on a door to wake up the owner of the dogs. It's a middle aged man who isn't pleased to be woken up. He says the dogs are guard dogs and are meant to bark. Max says he isn't exaggerating and says he'd better do something about the dogs. Otherwise he'll get the police. The bloke slams the door in Max's face. Max clutches his mouth - his teeth are clearly playing him up.
Next morning
Max is on the phone to Maria. He wants to speak to Danny to ask him a favour. But Danny has already left for school.
Shane tells Max that he needs to see a dentist. Max says he's going to sort out the bloke with the dogs.
Maria and Richard are having coffee and cake. She's telling him about the course at the Justice Centre which she's really enjoying. Maria says it's amazing what children of immigrants have to do in translating for their parents - sometimes intimate details at the doctors. Richard thinks Maria will make an excellent mediator - she's down-to-earth and intelligent.
Maria says that Richard seems widely-travelled.
Terry and Helen are fitting Lucy's flower girl dress. Lucy is interrogating Terry about her previous marriage. Terry says that Paul is different to her previous husband. Lucy says that she doesn't know what Terry sees in Paul(!) Helen has run out of pins, so Terry ges to borrow some off Daphne.
Shane is relating the previous night's events to Daphne - he says maybe Maria should mediate(!) Daphne asks if Shane has thought about moving in with her. He says he hasn't really had a chance.
Terry comes in to borrow some pins. She's clearly upset to see Daphne and Shane having a pash and quickly exits with the pins.
Helen is reminsicing about her own wedding dress. She wore blue - during the war it was difficult to get white. Lucy giggles.
When Terry comes in, she's in a bad mood and goes on a rant about "little Terry managing to hook someone". She says she's fed up of people's insinuations and storms out.
Maria says she suddenly feels homesick for Czechoslovakia because she and Richard have been talking about it. Apparently he's been there and appreciated the country. Maria says she misses her home country and people who speak Czech. Richard says that the Czech people are romantic and intelligent. He wants to give her a present - his friend has a cabin outside the city. He'd like Maria to spend the weekend with him.
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Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0102
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0102
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0102
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Shane Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Max Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Max Ramsay

Mr McLean, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0102
Mr McLean, Max Ramsay

Maria Ramsay, Richard Morrison in Neighbours Episode 0102
Maria Ramsay, Richard Morrison

Terry Inglis, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0102
Terry Inglis, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Terry Inglis in Neighbours Episode 0102
Terry Inglis

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0102
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

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