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Neighbours Episode 0056 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0056
Australian airdate: 03/06/85
UK airdate: 15/01/87
UK Gold: 18/01/93
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Callan
Guests: Tom Warren: Michael Rowan
Mr. Novak: Macky Smatana
Mrs. Novak: Lucy Uralov
Mr. Collins: Normal Haddcock (perhaps meant to be Norman Haddcock)
Mrs. Collins: Marie Therese Byrne
Josie: Cindy Lee
Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
- Maria tries to interpret for a Czech couple.
- Danny and Max chat about why Shane might have gone away.
- Daphne's new boss recognises her from her stripping days.
- Kim tells Scott that she's pregnant.
Scott asks Kim what Brad, the baby's father, wants. She says he wants her to get rid of the baby. Kim doesn't know what to do, and Scott is the only person she could think of who would help her - she can't tell her parents. Scott says she should talk to someone, like a counsellor. Kim refuses to let anyone else run her life. She says she's in a mess - never been so alone in her life. Scott agrees to try to get her some money so she can get somewhere to stay. He goes off to find Paul.
Lucy is trying to decide whether to take Basil for a walk or not. Helen says that she should. Paul comes in from mowing the lawn, quite exhausted. His training as an air steward is going well though.
Helen tells Paul that Maria didn't enjoy herself at the Community Justic Centre. Paul says that Helen is a very good citizen.
Paul is looking forward to seeing a bit of the world as part of his job.
Scott comes in for a word with Paul.
Scott's room
Scott asks Paul to lend him some money. He offers to lend him $20. Scott tells him about Kim - that she's in trouble. Paul says Kim won't pay him back. Scott knows she won't, but he'll pay Paul back.
Paul says Scott has done all he can for Kim - she needs to go to her parents now. He's also worried about Scott getting hurt again. Paul gives him some money anyway.
A horrible rented room
Scott and Kim come into the room. It's dark and dingy. Scott invites Kim over to the Robinsons for dinner, but she says she's fine. Scott says she can ring him if she needs anything.
Maria is getting ready to go out when Max comes in. He's come to pick up some piping. He asks her if he can leave his van in the garage at night - some stuff has been stolen from it outside the bedsit. Maria agrees he can use the garage.
Maria is off to the Community Justice Centre again. Max says that people are always fighting - they say things they don't mean and then pride takes over. They are about to talk properly when they are interrupted by Helen. Maria invites Max to help himself to food from the fridge while she's out, but he says he'd better be on his way.
Maria tells Helen that she wishes she'd never told Max the truth about Danny. She wants Helen to find another interpreter for today, but Helen isn't having any of it. She drags Maria off.
Community Justice Centre
The Novaks and their neighbours, the Collins, have both arrived. Helen, Tom and Maria are also there. The Novaks and the Collins eye each other warily.
Helen sits down to sort out the problem. Apparently each neighbour wants the other to move out. Apparently they used to be friendly neighbours until the car incident though (they used to smile at each other). Then Mrs Collins was cleaning the car when Mrs Novak turned the hose on it. Mrs Novak says via interpreter that it was an accident. Mr Collins says that doesn't explain why Mr Novak started shouting. He said Mr Novak kept saying "Prepachde" which he took to be a swear word.
Maria explains that the word "Prepachde" means, "I apologise".
The Collins look stunned.
Maria is sorting out the finer details - Mr Novak offered to pay for the damage but he couldn't make himself understood. Apparently Mr Novak and his wife have been working night and day to afford the house they are living in and haven't had time to go to English classes yet. The Collins say that it's fine, the car soon dried out. They ask Helen what the next step is.
HELEN: Well, you know one word of their language, why don't you try that?
MR COLLINS: (to the Novaks) Prepachde.
They shake hands.
Kim's horrible rented room
Kim's mate, Josie, from the squat, comes round to see her. Her mate is heavily pregnant. She says she's only having the baby because she left it too late to get rid of it. Josie says that being pregnant does have its advantages.
Just then, Scott comes round. He's brought Kim some food. Josie decides to head off.
Lucy comes in with Basil. She gives him to Paul to hold while she gets her food ready.
Community Justice Centre
Jim comes to find Helen. She tells him about Maria's success that afternoon. Jim says he'll be home late - he's going to go and see Max. Helen says that Jim is doing the right thing. She wishes him luck.
Max's bedsit
Max is opening a tin when Jim arrives.
JIM: Max, I've made a stupid mistake. I've had some words with Shane. Max - we've been mates ever since we were at school and you know I wouldn't deliberately hurt you or your family. I misunderstood something Shane said.
Jim goes on to say that he accidentally got the impression from Shane that Max had told Shane about Danny's paternity. So he accidentally let it slip.
Max says it's no wonder that Shane shot through.
JIM: I am sorry, Max.
MAX: Oh, it's alright. I mean, probably done me a favour, actually. Shane's family, he deserves to know what caused all this.
JIM: And Danny?
MAX: Danny's Maria's problem.
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Scott Robinson, Kim Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0056
Scott Robinson, Kim Taylor

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0056
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0056
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Kim Taylor, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0056
Kim Taylor, Scott Robinson

Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Maria Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0056
Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Maria Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Maria Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0056
Helen Daniels, Maria Ramsay

Tom Warren, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0056
Tom Warren, Helen Daniels

Mr Novak, Mrs Novak, Maria Ramsay, Mr Collins, Mrs Collins in Neighbours Episode 0056
Mr Novak, Mrs Novak, Maria Ramsay, Mr Collins, Mrs Collins

Kim Taylor, Josie in Neighbours Episode 0056
Kim Taylor, Josie

Kim Taylor, Josie, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0056
Kim Taylor, Josie, Scott Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Basil in Neighbours Episode 0056
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Basil

Paul Robinson, Basil in Neighbours Episode 0056
Paul Robinson, Basil

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Tom Warren in Neighbours Episode 0056
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Tom Warren

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0056
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0056
Max Ramsay

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0056
Jim Robinson

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