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Neighbours Episode 0036 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0036
Australian airdate: 06/05/85
UK airdate: 15/12/86
UK Gold: 21/12/92
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Colin Budds
Guests: Mr. Arnold: John Murphy
Greg Arnold: John Higginson
Mrs. Forbes: Gwen Plumb
Marilyn Temple: Kassie McLuskie
Iris Gough: Maggie Steven
Mrs. Oakleigh: Norma Brown
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
- Daphne asks Des to ask the bank manager if she can have a loan to buy No.28.
- Helen tells Paul that Jim will have to put Anna behind him now that she is married to someone else.
- Mrs Forbes goes a bit crazy and threatens Scott and Danny with a gun.
Mrs Forbes' kitchen
Scott tells Mrs Forbes calmly that she has a very old gun. She says quite good-humouredly that it is. She seems to recognise them now and tells them to go back to work.
Danny is petrified and wants to do a runner, but Scott says they can't leave Mrs Forbes on her own. Danny thinks they should call a doctor. Scott says it might just be a temporary thing. Danny says she might need professional help. Scott says OK, but they'll wait until after the funeral.
Julie comes in and Helen shows her her new hoover. Julie is in a mood - Des has been offered a job in Canberra. Paul overhears and is dismayed. Julie says that Des is very important to "the bank" (yeah right, Julie!)
Des comes round and Helen congratulates him on his promotion. Paul wants to know what's going to happen with Daphne. Seeing that Julie is earwigging, Des takes Paul off outside.
Ramsay Street
Des tells Paul that Daphne wants to buy the house - but he can't front the manager and ask him for a loan for a stripper who is living in his house.
PAUL: Oh, well, if that's the problem, maybe you should just come clean to Daphne and tell her that you're ashamed of her.
Des splutters and says that he thought Paul would understand. Paul says that he isn't being a very good friend to Daphne. He tells Des he's very disappointed in him.
Des comes in and tells Daphne that he hasn't seen about the loan yet. Daphne says it's just as well, she has been working out the money she'll have to pay every month. Des says that it's a lot of money. He agrees to see the manager in the morning.
The Bank, the following morning
Mr Arnold calls Des into his office. His son Greg is already there - he's starting work there today. He asks Des to keep an eye on him.
Des asks Mr Arnold if he can talk to him later about a new client. He goes off to show Greg around.
Front desk at the bank
Des is introducing Greg to the staff. He is clearly a bit chauvinistic and perves at Julie and Marilyn.
Mr Arnold's Office
Des has told Mrs Arnold that Daphne is an "entertainer". With further probing, he is forced to admit that Daphne is a stripper. Mr Arnold wants to know how a stripper has come to be in the market to buy Des's house. Des says that Daphne is a friend of his, and he wouldn't be recommending her if he didn't have confidence in her ability to repay the loan. Des admits that Daphne is his lodger.
MR ARNOLD: Are you telling me that as an employee of this bank, you are living with a stripper?!
DES: Well, that's not exactly the way it is, Mr Arnold.
MR ARNOLD: Then tell me, exactly, how is it?
Front desk at the bank
Marilyn is showing Greg some of the books. He is more interesting in perving though.
Marilyn tells Julie quietly that she thinks Greg is a creep. Julie says that first impressions aren't always right.
Greg comes up and perves on Julie a bit. He invites her out to dinner and she accepts.
Mr Arnold's Office
Mr Arnold says that Des is sharing a house with a woman of doubtful morals. Des protests that they have a landlord-tenant relationship. Apparently Mr Arnold has been on to head office and says that Des has a too permissive attitude in his private life - it casts doubt on Des's character. They're reconsidering him for the Canberra position. Des gets cross and tells Mr Arnold not to push his luck, or he'll threaten him with legal action. Des stalks out.
Mrs Forbes' kitchen
Scott and Danny are dressed up ready to go to Mrs Forbes' husband's funeral. Mrs Forbes is dressed up too. She is quite touched by Scott and Danny coming along to the funeral.
Mrs Gough is gossiping to Helen about Max Ramsay - she says she's never really liked him, but that Maria is a credit to her country(!) Helen says that Maria is Australian, just like them.
The phone rings and it's Julie ringing from the bank. Helen tells Julie that Mrs Gough is there. Julie groans and says that Mrs Gough is a dreadful gossip. She tells Helen that she won't be in for dinner because she's going on a date.
Helen tries to get rid of Mrs Gough, but she won't stop gossiping - this time about Daphne!
Eventually Mrs Gough heads off. Helen shuts the door behind her, saying "Good riddance" quietly to herself.
From a distance, we see a short service going on. There are only a handful of people there as the coffin is lowered into the ground.
Mrs Forbes cries as she puts flowers on to the coffin, telling her husband that she loves him.
Mrs Forbes' kitchen
Mrs Forbes, Scott and Danny are having a cup of tea. She can't understand where Danny and Scott their shirts and ties from. Scott tells her that they went to the shop this morning. She is quite touched that they spent some of the money they earned on clothes for the funeral.
There's a knock at the door and it's a Mrs Oakley. Apparently she lives about a mile or so down the road. Mrs Forbes says she doesn't like strangers. But Mrs Oakley says she's come to see if there's anything she can do - she's so sorry to hear about her husband. Mrs Forbes goes a bit batty again and says that her husband will be home soon.
Scott offers Mrs Oakley a cup of tea. Mrs Forbes introduces Danny and Scott. Suddenly she remembers the funeral and starts to cry again. Scott suggests that she has a lie down.
Mrs Oakley tells Scott that Mrs Forbes needs help. Danny quickly says that Mrs Forbes is their aunty and they are looking after her. Mrs Oakley says that Mrs Forbes needs professional help.
Paul and Helen are washing up. Jim comes in and tells Helen that he's busy at work. Helen tells Jim that Julie has gone out on a date with a chap from the bank. Jim says it's a shame about Peter Kirk, he thought he was right for Julie. Helen mentions that Mrs Gough called round to catch up on all the gossip!
A letter has come for Jim from an Estate Agent. They want Jim as a reference for Max Ramsay in renting one of their apartments. Jim says he was hoping it would blow over, but it looks like Max is definitely leaving Maria after all.
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Mrs Forbes in Neighbours Episode 0036
Mrs Forbes

Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes in Neighbours Episode 0036
Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes

Julie Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0036
Julie Robinson

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0036
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0036
Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Des Clarke, Mr Arnold in Neighbours Episode 0036
Des Clarke, Mr Arnold

Greg Arnold, Julie Robinson, Marilyn Temple in Neighbours Episode 0036
Greg Arnold, Julie Robinson, Marilyn Temple

Greg Arnold, Marilyn Temple in Neighbours Episode 0036
Greg Arnold, Marilyn Temple

Julie Robinson, Greg Arnold in Neighbours Episode 0036
Julie Robinson, Greg Arnold

Des Clarke, Mr Arnold in Neighbours Episode 0036
Des Clarke, Mr Arnold

Mrs Forbes in Neighbours Episode 0036
Mrs Forbes

Helen Daniels, Iris Gough in Neighbours Episode 0036
Helen Daniels, Iris Gough

Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0036
Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0036
Scott Robinson, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Joyce Oakleigh, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0036
Scott Robinson, Joyce Oakleigh, Mrs Forbes, Danny Ramsay

Joyce Oakleigh in Neighbours Episode 0036
Joyce Oakleigh

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0036
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

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