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Neighbours Episode 0023 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0023
Australian airdate: 17/04/85
UK airdate: 26/11/86
UK Gold: 02/12/92
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Greg Shears
Guests: Eileen Clarke: Myra de Groot
Carol Brown: Merrin Canning
Dr Murray: Robert Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
- Shane suggests that he and Danny go into business.
- Scott has been to meet Kim, but she didn't show. He's really scared for Kim being in such an awful place.
- Eileen tells Des that she's leased her house so she can stay with him forever!
Shane and Danny are just going out and being mysterious about it.
Maria asks Max why he's so quiet. Max says he's going to follow Shane and Danny!
Julie is introducing Eileen to Jim, Scott, Paul and Helen. Eileen says that everyone in the street is very friendly and nice with one exception. Paul agrees that there's always one snag, even in the best of societies(!) Julie tells them all that Eileen is moving in with Des permanently.
HELEN: How does Des feel about it?
EILEEN: Well, he hasn't said much. He's very emotional you know, keep his feelings well hidden.
JIM: Yes, I can understand that(!)
The phone rings and all the boys try to answer it(!) but Scott gets there first. He takes the phone into his room.
Scott's room
It's Kim on the phone. Scott asks her why she didn't turn up. Kim tells Scott that she needs money. He says he'll try to get it and meet her later.
A road
Danny and Shane have noticed that Max is following them. They try to shake him off by running on ahead. They run through an abandoned building with Max in pursuit. Max can't keeps up though and soon loses them. He heads off dejectedly. Shane and Danny are hiding behind a sign!
Eileen is telling Des that she's had a lovely day visiting her "new neighbours". Eileen liked the Robinsons very much.
EILEEN: So sad, Jim losing his wife so young.
DES: How long were you in there?!
Eileen is knitting baby clothes. She says she never knows when Des might need them!
EILEEN: The right girl may not be far away.
Daphne comes in at that moment. She and Des are off out. They haven't told Eileen until this moment. Des tells Eileen not to wait up.
Eileen asks Daphne if she's heard she's moving in. Daphne tells her it won't put her out too much(!)
EILEEN: Where are you going?
DAPHNE: Oh, didn't Des tell you? He's coming to watch me work.
EILEEN: Work? Taking your clothes off?
DAPHNE: Yes, Mrs Clarke. I'd love to have invited you along...but it's only for men. Bye now!
Eileen has a little turn but this time they just hand Eileen her pills and a glass of water. Des phones Dr Murray up immediately and tells the doctor that Eileen is having a heart attack.
Des and Daphne head off. Des says if there's any trouble, the doctor will run Eileen to the hospital(!)
Max is mad about Shane and Danny giving him the slip - he wants to know what the big secret is. Maria rants at Max for interfering with the boys - the boys don't trust him anymore. Max tells Maria that he doesn't know what's happening to this family. He wants to sort it out.
The doctor has arrived and says that Eileen doesn't have a heart problem - in fact she's in perfect shape.
EILEEN: Well, there are some things that a cursory examination do not show up, doctor!
The doctor says that Eileen should come in to his surgery first thing on Monday morning, just in case.
When the doctor has gone, Eileen says there was no need to call the doctor. But Des is being over-protective as a joke.
Des heads off to join Daphne at her show.
EILEEN:(angrily) Daphne! She's got to go!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Daphne is out jogging and bumps into Shane. She says she's been asking about him. Shane says he's been a bit busy lately. He's a bit standoffish with her.
DAPHNE: See you sometime, Shane.
Danny's room
Danny thinks $50 is a lot for Kim to want from him. He says Scott should forget about Kim, but Scott can't - she's living in an awful place. He says he's the only person Kim's got. Danny hasn't got $50 to lend Scott. Scott says he'll have to get it - Kim said she was desperate on the phone.
Daphne is telling Helen about Eileen's hurtful words towards her. Helen tells Daphne that there's a campaign going on against her. She tells Daphne about the note slipped under the door and says that quite a few people in the street have had one. Helen thinks it's some cranky individual - most people in the street don't give a damn what Daphne does.
Daphne muses that Shane was very off-hand with her just then. She'd better get used to it.
When Daphne has gone, Scott comes in. He's a bit distracted. He asks Jim to give him a job every Saturday and Sunday for a month for $50. He says he needs $50 but he can't tell Jim why. Jim says he can't pay him in advance and has to know what Scott wants it for.
Garden of the Robinsons
Max has come to chat to Jim. He says that he's not getting on very well with Shane and Danny. He admits that neither of them listens to the other and they just yell all the time. Jim advises Max to give the boys time - Max does push them very hard.
Carol has come round to see Eileen. They immediately start bitching about Daphne. Eileen tells Carol that Des and Daphne have gone to the beach together. Carol says that Daphne won't be there much longer - steps are being taken.
Scott asks Paul to lend him the $50 to give to Kim but says he can't pay him back. Paul relents and gives him the $50 - as long as it's not for anything dangerous or illegal. Scott asks Paul not to tell anyone.
Outside the Robinsons
Scott sneaks away to see Kim, but Jim catches him on the driveway. Jim guesses where Scott is going. He says he won't let Scott go to that place at this time of night.
Eileen is watching television and eating chocolates. But when she hears Des and Daphene coming back, she turns of the TV and puts on a weak voice. Des says Eileen smells of chocolates and Eileen said she had one to take away the taste of her pills! She starts going on about her condition, but Des isn't having any of it - Dr Murray said she was fine. Also, he's got her test results and Eileen is fine. So all of Eileen's pills can go down the toilet!
EILEEN: I demand to see a specialist!
Julie is reading a note when Paul sneaks up on her. He wants to see the note. He has to grab it out of Julie's pocket. It's a note to Daphne, but Paul doesn't think that Julie wrote it.
Just then, the phone rings and Scott answers it. It's Kim. He tells her he couldn't make their meeting. He tells her he's got the $50 though. He promises to meet her tomorrow.
SCOTT: Kim? I love you.
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Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0023
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke

Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Max Ramsay

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Shane Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0023
Daphne Lawrence, Eileen Clarke

Dr Murray, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0023
Dr Murray, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Daphne Lawrence, Shane Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Scott Robinson, Danny Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0023
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0023
Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay

Eileen Clarke, Carol Brown in Neighbours Episode 0023
Eileen Clarke, Carol Brown

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0023
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0023
Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0023
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0023
Scott Robinson

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