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Neighbours Episode 0005 from 1985 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0005
Australian airdate: 22/3/85
UK airdate: 31/10/85
UK GOLD: 06/11/92
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Mark Joffe
Guests: Lorraine Kingham: Antoinette Byron
Kim Taylor: Jenny Young
Marcia Taylor: Maureen Edwards
Neil Taylor: Bruce Kerr
Eddie Sherwin: Darren Boyd
Mrs. Armitage: Marion Heathfield
Summary/Images by: Davy/Sayaka
- Des and Jim can't believe what Lorraine has done. Des shows Jim the letter she wrote. Daphne enters and is shocked.
- Scott and Kim are at the monastry, Kim tells him that she has seen the doctor to go on the pill, while Danny and Eddie are outside laughing, and recording their conversation.
- Des comes home, shocked, to see that Daphne has replaced all the furniture.
Maria and Helen are making jam, laughing about the events at Number 28. They laugh about Max's hatred for Daphne, when Paul comes in, and tries to taste the jam, but Helen tells him to go to the fridge, there is some there. They go on to tell him about Lorraine taking the furniture from Des' house, but don't tell him about Daphne replacing it. Paul leaves for 28, saying that Des had a lucky escape not marrying Lorraine. When he has left, Helen jokes that she should have told him the rest of the story, but he's always playing practical jokes on her.
Daphne angrily dumps a tray (with a rubber chicken!) in front of Des on the table. Des complains that he is not hungry. Daphne angrily replies that she was trying to do him a favour by replacing the furniture, and tells him all she has got from him is abuse because of it. She continues that the furniture is under her name, and if she does move out, which could be that night, she would take all of it away with her. Des angrily wonders what the neighbours would make of that, and Daphne accuses him of worrying about the neighbours. During the argument, Paul comes round, and asks if anyone is there. "NO!" shouts Des, but Paul comes in anyway. He is puzzled why there is furniture there, and asks Des why he is sulking, Des denies that he is. Daphne tells Paul about the whole story. Paul is shocked that Des doesn't like it. Paul then gives Des the jar of jam that Helen and Maria made. Des then leaves in a mood. Daphne is hurt that Des doesn't like her kind gesture, as Paul sits down and tucks into Des' meal. He tries to explain Des' behaviour, by telling her that Des is still sensitive about the whole debacle with Lorraine, and says that he is sure that Des does appreciate her kindness and he tucks into the meal.
Maria and Helen have finished making the jam, and are making small talk, when they hear Max and Danny yelling at each other from Number 24. Maria is surprised that they are so loud that the Robinsons can hear them. Maria wishes that the Robinsons would complain, so that Max and Danny could quiten down. Helen jokes that they are Maria's family and they are her responisbility. Maria then says that Helen is her best friend, and Helen wonders what brought that comment. Maria reminisces that it was the jam, reminded her of it, as that was what Helen gave her when she first met her. Maria goes on to remind her how she saved her marriage, and wonders if she should tell Max the truth about Danny. Helen doesn't think it is a good idea. Maria wonders if Max has suspicions about Danny not being his son, and that's what is causing the tension between them. Scott then comes through the door, and says hello to his Gran and asks Maria where Danny is. She tells him that he is helping Max with the ceiling at Number 24, and says he can go over and help if he wants.
Max, Jim and Shane, are holding up the piece of ceiling with broomsticks, Max shouts Danny through to help, complaining, despite Jim's protests, that it's his fault that they have to repair the ceiling any way. Danny comes through, and reminds Max that he asked him to put the kettle on, but Max replies that it doesn't take all night to put a kettle on. Scott enters, and Shane asks why Scott is so smartly dressed. Danny explains that he had a date with the school teacher's daughter, at the ice cream parlour, but while he is telling Shane this he lets the broom down and covers Max in plaster. Max coughs and splutters, and yells at Danny. Shane says it wasn't Danny's fault, and Max protests that nothing ever is Danny's fault, and continues that he doesn't know how Danny could hold down a job. But Danny shouts back, saying that he will get a job and leave home. Max replies that he is always promising, and when he does he will be "in the gutter with all the other dead beats!" But Danny yells back that anything will be "better than this dump!" and storms off to his room. Jim tells Max he is being too hard on Danny, but Max tells him to mind his own business.
Danny complains about Max to Scott in his room. Danny asks him if he wants to hear the tape edit he did of Max and Maria arguing. He explains that he recorded Maria yelling at Max and Max yelling at Danny. They listen to it and think it's hilarious. Danny then tells Scott that Eddie is editing a tape, and he should hear it. Scott doesn't know it is the one of him and Kim at the monastry.
Helen answers the door and Mrs. Armitage comes running into the house in her dressing gown, apologising for calling on her, but says that she can't put up with her husband's abuse any longer. Helen, trying to find a way to get rid of her, agrees that it can't go on any longer. Maria, comes through to the living room, and tries to go home, but Mrs. Armitage stops her, saying that she wants to talk to them about her husband. She says that she has always put up with Mr. Armitage's abuse because of the house, but it is obvious now that one of them has to leave. Helen jokes that it will be Mrs. Armitage leaving, but she corrects Helen, and says that it is her husband that has to go. She tries to get their "husbands and boys" to throw him out. Helen tells her that they can't do that. Mrs. Armitage is shocked and claims that Helen has known for years that he "belts her up". Helen says that their families aren't going to interfere in her business. Mrs. Armitage looks hurt at this, and asks how they are going to live with her death on their conscience. Helen then says that Mrs. Armitage knows how to strain a friendship. She leads her to the phone, and tells her to phone the police. Mrs. Armitage says that she doesn't want the police interfering in her affairs, and hurriedly leaves and tells both Helen and Maria, that she wont be bothering them again. Helen shuts the door and laughs that Max is worried because "a quiet, little stripper has moved into the street."
Des is back, and Daphne comes through in her dressing gown. She says that she was waiting for him, she offers him a cup of coffee. She apologises for upsetting him, but Des apologises to her saying that the house looks great, and explains that because of Lorraine, he is wary of accepting gifts. Daphne asks him if he wants her to take the furniture back. But Des replies, not if she has paid for it. Daphne smiles, and bids him goodnight. But Des stops her and asks if Paul ate all the chicken, because he is starving. Daphne goes to get him some, when the phone rings. Des answers, and it is Lorraine. She asks him how he likes his surprise! She says that the furniture is in her bedroom. Des jokingly berates her and tells her while she is in comfort, he hasn't got a cushion to sit on. Lorraine tells him that she is willing to negotiate with him if he comes round to see her. Des tells her not to hold her breath, and puts the phone down. Lorraine looks shocked.
The next morning, Paul comes through topless, asking Helen if his shirt is ready. Helen says it is ready. Jim is reading the paper, and asks Scott and Paul what they are doing today. Scott says nothing, and Paul says he doesn't know yet, and steals the paper off Jim. Jim shouts Lucy, and asks Scott if he wants to go to the zoo with them, but Scott declines the offer. Lucy says that she always has a great time at the zoo, and they both leave. After they have gone, Scott phones Kim. It's Mrs. Taylor who answers the phone, and he hangs up. As he is doing that Helen, asks if he is sure that he doesn't want to go to the zoo with them, but he is positive.
Marcia puts the phone down, while Kim looks concerned. Marcia reckons it was one of the "young idiots" from school. She complains that the headmaster is too soft on them. Kim asks if she can stay in. Her parents ask her if she is illl, but she says that she just doesn't want to go out.
Scott is still sitting at the desk in the lounge, staring at the phone. Paul come through telling him that he is going out, and leaves looking at Scott. He is still staring at the phone.
Daphne is making breakfast for Des, and he tells her he has to stop spoiling him, but Daphne enjoys cooking, and agree that he will do the washing up, and occasionally might go to a restaurant. Daphne thinks that it is a great idea. Paul comes in and observes that Des is in a better mood. He asks Daphne if she wants to go to the beach today, and Des, assuming that he is invited, says that it is a good idea. But Daphne reminds him that he has a stack of washing up to get through, and accepts Paul's invitation. Des looks upset. She goes to get ready. Paul reminds Des that he was like an ungrateful kid the previous night. Paul asks him if he minds not going to the beach, and Des lies and says that he is got a lot of work to do. Shane then comes in, and comments that the house looks better than ever. He then asks if it is Daphne's furniture. Shane asks how she is, and invites her to watch him train. She declines and tells him that Paul has invited her to the beach. She and Paul then leave. Shane sits down with Des and they look at each other.
The next morning, Paul, Scott and Lucy are having breakfast. Scott tells Paul that he didn't hear him come in the previous night. Paul says it is because he is very considerate while Scott wakes the whole house, while he is very quiet. Helen agrees. Lucy says that she had a great time at the zoo, and that Jim might get her a dog. Helen tells her she will get one as long as she looks after it. Jim comes into the kitchen about to leave for work and asks Scott to walk Lucy to school. Scott complains, but Jim is insistant. Lucy then says that Scott doesn't want to take her to school, but Jim tells her to rise above it, and leaves. Lucy asks Scott if he is ashamed of her, and Scott says yes.
Shane is working on his car, when Daphne gets dropped off. She says hello to Jim, as he leaves in his car, and starts chatting to Shane. He asks her if she is just coming home, she says yes. She apologises about yesterday and tells him she would like to see him train again. Max then comes down the driveway, looking grumpy, and Daphne says good morning, Max replies. She goes back to No. 28.
Des is pacing around the living room at No. 28, and is looking out the window, and sees Daphne walking up. He pretends he is reading a magazine when she comes through the door. She asks if he has had breakfast, and he says he hasn't and assumed she moved out. He gets annoyed, and asks if she spent the night with Paul, Daphne tells him it has nothing to do with him. Des continues that he was worried that some of the "loonies" she was stripping for was "carving her out in a back alley" but sarcastically says he will keep out of it. Daphne gets annoyed. Des goes on to ask her if a phone call occasionally is too much to ask. Daphne informs him that she didn't phone becuse she didn't want to wake him, and she says she will next time. Des tells her to forget it, agrees it has nothing to do with him, and tells her to lead her life the way she wants to, and leaves.
Scott meets Kim on the way to school, and apologises for being late, and explains he had to take Lucy to school. She asks what he did the day before, and says nothing, but he tried to ring her. Kim asks if it was around 9.00, and Scott says yes. She explains that her mother had answered it. Scott asks if she wants to go out with him some other time, and she says she does. They look at each other for a few seconds, and then Scott says they better hurry up or they will be late for school.
Marcia is walking around the classroom, while the pupils are getting on with their work. Danny is chuckling quietly, and listening to the tape Eddie made of Scott and Kim via a head-phone. Marcia notices this, and removes the head-phone from Danny and lifts the tape recorder onto Eddie's desk. She asks Eddie to play the tapes for the whole class to hear, but he refuses. Marcia insists he does what he is told. The tape starts, and she is shocked to hear Kim and Scott's conversation. And after the way Danny and Eddie have edited it, it makes Kim sound she is asking Scott to pay her for sex. Mrs. Taylor tells Eddie to switch it off, while Kim runs out the classroom, humiliated, followed by Scott. Marcia watches them with a look of horror in her face.
<<0004 - 0006>>
 in Neighbours Episode 0005

 in Neighbours Episode 0005

Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0005
Paul Robinson, Maria Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0005
Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0005
Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Paul Robinson, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0005
Paul Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0005
Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0005
Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0005
Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0005
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Eddie Sherwin, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0005
Eddie Sherwin, Scott Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 0005

Marcia Taylor in Neighbours Episode 0005
Marcia Taylor

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