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Name of Webisode:
Part 50 - Back To Normal
Release Date: 26/11/17
Written by:
Directed by:
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Piper is in the back room of No.22.
Caption: PIPE UP
PIPER: Hey guys, I know I said last time you saw me that things were going to go back to normal and like, I was going to be old Piper and upbeat, but...a lot's happened and I'm still trying to process my feelings and how I feel about it all. And I thought that, I don't know, doing a vlog would help me. I mean, that's what Pipe Up has been for me in the past. I mean, I make it for you guys, and I love that, but...yeah, I feel that right now I'm using it as, like, a coping mechanism? So some of you guys probably think I'm talking about my exams and like, yeah, that *was* stressful and overwhelming...and a contributor, but there was like other...
She sighs.
PIPER: So, Tyler and I are back together now. That's good. I'm not making any sense, I'm just rambling! I'm going mad!
She laughs.
PIPER: I'm just trying to work out how much I can and can't say...like, normally I'm like an open book with you guys...but, this is different. Basically, I've spoken to Tyler about this, and he's OK for me to talk about it on my channel. The guy that Ty just found out is his dad, like his biological father, he...has passed away. So, turns out he wasn't everything that he seemed...he just wasn't a very nice guy, unfortunately. I'm feeling really bad for Ty. First, the guy who raised him treated him horribly and now this. You can see he's hurting, obviously. And I'm trying to be there for him...I want to be supportive, but I just feel like I'm not doing that good of a job because...I feel like *I* really need support right now, as well... So we're both leaning on each other...but it's hard to support someone when you need support yourself. This thing happened...I was on a boat. Um...and then this person was...there as well. But I...didn't...yeah. Um, it's not... I'm fine now, and I'm safe now and Tyler is good and he's getting through his stuff, and I just need to concentrate on my exams and studying. Ben and Xanthe my friends think I should ask for special consideration but...I don't want to do that. And I've worked too hard as well, I don't want to throw the towel in, like, on this whole year. I've studied too hard.
She leans back.
PIPER: And, like, the studying has been good so I'm not just sitting there and thinking about, you know, what happened. Xanthe and Ben have been amazing and Xanthe has, like, decked out my room as a...what did she say? 'A personalised aromatherapy haven' Her words, not mine...but it's actually working, so whatever! Who knew I liked the smell of rosemary oil so much, but I do! Amongst the haven that was created for me, unwillingly, I get in my bedroom, Xanthe also got me this silk scarf...
She holds it up.
PIPER: She said that you run it through your fingers and it's supposed to be really calming. Apparently it's a really common thing...I hadn't heard it. I don't know, I don't really like it, it's um, like, running it through your fingers...it's like...I don't know, the feeling, it just kind of sounds...I prefer the oils and the whale music, thank you, Xanthe!
She pauses.
PIPER: Yeah. Yeah.
Piper Willis  in Neighbours Webisode Part 50 - Back To Normal
Piper Willis

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