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Name of Webisode:
Part 45 - Meeting The Parents
Release Date: 22/09/17
Written by:
Directed by:
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Piper and Tyler are at No.24, both are wearing aprons.
PIPER: Hey, guys! I know what you're thinking...but no, this isn't another episode of "Chef Ramsay Street"...
TYLER: Sadly. Because that guy was kind of, like, awesome, and knew his stuff.
PIPER: Was he though?
PIPER: I found him very shouty, personally!
Tyler looks offended.
PIPER: Hence why he's never been invited back on the show! Anyway...this episode, we *are* going to be cooking...but we're going to be cooking for a very special guest, aren't we Ty?
TYLER: Yes, we are.
PIPER: Today's vlog is going to be about how to impress your boyfriend...or your girlfriend's...
TYLER: Mmmhmm.
PIPER: ...parents...or parent. Girlfriend or boyfriend's parents or parent, depending on their...parental situation.
They both laugh.
Caption: PIPE UP (with an alarm clock)
PIPER: What would you say the first rule is?
TYLER: Honestly...just be yourself.
Piper sucks in her breath.
PIPER: Aw...that's so sweet, but so naive...I'm not going to be an advocate for, like, being fake...but I think I've got some better suggestions.
PIPER: Number one, do something nice for them. Simple, straightforward. So you could cook them a meal, or you could buy them a present, like chocolate or flowers or vino, depending on who you're trying to impress.
TYLER: Oooh!
PIPER: But I, today, am going for the cooking route, so I really think that my salad with lentils and cold two- minute noodles is really going to win Hamish over.
TYLER: To be fair, I think he's probably used to something a bit fancier...
Piper looks mock- offended.
PIPER: Do I? I'm going to crumble some nice aged blue cheese over the top.
TYLER: Mmm...I guess...
PIPER: Well, if he doesn't like it, er, he can get out. GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!
Tyler laughs.
PIPER: No, if he doesn't llike it, then I can warm up the noodles and serve him...hot two- minute noodles. Always have a back- up plan!
She picks up the noodles.
PIPER: But this actually is a backpackers meal. Can you tell?
Tyler is laughing.
PIPER: Idea number two, ask them some questions.
TYLER: What kind of questions?
PIPER: I'm glad you asked, here's some I prepared earlier! What is your favourite thing about your job?
TYLER: Won't that sound, like, a bit formal and weird?
PIPER: People like it when you show an interest in them...
TYLER:(mocking voice) Have you got your CV while you're here?
PIPER: What's your favourite holiday destination? What's your favourite colour?
TYLER: Yeah, yeah, what else have you got?
PIPER: What's your favourite carb? Pasta, bread or potato?
Tyler looks doubtful.
PIPER: If he doesn't like potato, I don't know.
TYLER: He knows where the front door is, then.
PIPER: Exactly.
PIPER: I don't know how it's going to go...I don't think I can welcome him into my family.
Tyler looks thoughtful.
PIPER: Idea number 3, this is my personal favourite. Think of your greatest achievements that you can casually drop into conversation.
TYLER: Like, 'I can tie my own laces'?
PIPER: That's impressive, and, expected.
PIPER: Just be careful, you have to tailor it to the individual parent. So, for example, if you wanted to impress *my* dad, I could talk about like, school and those sorts of achievements. But, my *best* route would be to talk about, like, surfing, or swimming, or something else that's water- based. Or tattoos.
TYLER: What would you do to impress your mother?
PIPER: That's still something I'm trying to work out.
They both laugh.
PIPER: She's a hard woman to impress.
TYLER: True.
PIPER: Tip number four. If you're feeling a little bit nervous...
TYLER:(concerned) Wait, you're not nervous, are you?
PIPER: I'm a little bit nervous.
PIPER: Well, I just want to...I don't know...I want to make a good impression on Hamish. It's a big deal.
TYLER: No, no, no, it is.
PIPER: I'm fine.
PIPER: If you're nervous...then, just try and pitch in with the conversation when you can.
TYLER: Well, I'm sure you won't have any problem chipping in...
PIPER: Which brings me to my last point...kind of related, but not really. If you do say something or if your partner's parent says something that you don't agree with, do you speak up, or do you stay quiet about it? What do you do?
TYLER: I would probably stay quiet.
PIPER: I'd probably speak up!
They both laugh.
PIPER: Which has already happened! Anyway, guys, that's all I can think of, the dos and don'ts...
PIPER: I'm sorry, did you help in my brainstorm for this episode? Er, I don't think you did.
TYLER: Well, I tried...
PIPER: If you guys think of any more dos and don'ts, please leave them in the comments down below! So, yeah...
TYLER: Anyway, we need to get cracking because these noodles take *forever* to cook...
PIPER: Anyway, guys, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button...and...we'll see you next week!
TYLER: Bye, bye!
They both wave.
Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis  in Neighbours Webisode Part 45 - Meeting The Parents
Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis

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