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Name of Webisode:
Mrs Robinson Part 4
Release Date: 16/11/17
Written by: Stephen Vagg
Directed by: Ric Forster
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Courtney has invited Paul to the pool. He makes excuses why he doesn't want to go in and he eventually admits it's because of his (lack of) leg. She thinks he should "own it" and not worry about what other people think. But he still isn't keen.
Later, on the beach, Courtney invites Paul for a "couples massage" but Paul tells her he has to get back to Erinsborough - there's been a development: the Udagawas want to sign the contracts. Courtney says that it'll be the same day as Terese and Gary's wedding. Paul says he'll keep a low profile until the nuptuals are over. He'll have to leave tomorrow.
COURTNEY: OK, so...that's it.
PAUL: We both knew this wouldn't last forever.
COURTNEY:(quietly) No, couldn't...
Paul has paid up Courtney's rent until the end of the week as well as her own airfare. He'd also like to buy her dinner tonight, but she says she'd rather look up the cute diving instructor. She's clearly disappointed at Paul's impending departure.
Later, Paul walks out on to a pier, deep in thought.
Still later, Courtney finds Paul in the bar and apologises for the way she was earlier. Paul tells her that he's seen a picture of the wedding venue on Facebook and it's made him feel a bit down.
COURTNEY: Sucks when they don't like you back.
PAUL: Yeah, it does.
COURTNEY: But hey, look on the bright side of things. You're about to own her hotel and wait till she finds out you've been stuck on a tropical island with moi!
Paul laughs.
PAUL: Yeah, that would annoy her! I mean, she'd never believe the truth.
COURTNEY: She would go nuts. And so would my dad.
PAUL: Imagine if we came back together. That'd get them going. I mean, they would so believe that we were a couple.
COURTNEY: Well, I'm definitely an upgrade.
PAUL: Yeah. ...Why don't we tell them we're engaged?! Your dad would have a heart attack!
PAUL: Could be a bit of fun.
Paul is clearly a bit tipsy and offers Courtney a cocktail.
As the sun sets, they sit on the beach with a drink.
PAUL: You haven't said much. Which is rare(!)
COURTNEY: I've been thinking about what you said before. About getting engaged.
Paul laughs.
PAUL: That was a joke.
COURTNEY: I know that. And you know that. But no- one else would. Especially Terese and my father. Wow, they'd be ropeable.
PAUL: What are you saying?
COURTNEY: I don't know. What if we did it for real?
PAUL: Excuse me?
COURTNEY: Look, you know, I could be valuable to you in loads of different ways. You're going back into Lassiter's...Terese is going to have a lot of loyal staff. You're going to need someone you can rely on. And I've got a bunch of ideas for the hotel...how we can, you know, appeal to a younger demographic.
PAUL: Yeah...but how would it work?
COURTNEY: Separate bedroom, nothing physical, total honesty. But, if you're attracted to someone, you've got the green light to go and the same with me. But we've just got to keep it discreet.
Paul laughs.
PAUL: What will people say?
COURTNEY: OK, that I'm a gold- digger and you are an old horn- bag having a mid- life crisis. But who cares? People have said worse.
PAUL: And you really wouldn't mind? I mean, I am old enough to be your father.
COURTNEY: Paul, you are 90% better than, like, all the guys that I've dated, believe me.
PAUL: I don't know.
COURTNEY: OK, how many times have you been married to someone your age that you love?
Paul holds up five digits.
COURTNEY: How many times did it work?
Paul holds up a zero.
COURTNEY: OK, well why don't you try marriage with someone who's young enough to be your daughter and it's completely fake?
Paul gets up.
PAUL: Alright, how long for?
COURTNEY: I don't know. A trial period for three months and then...we'll see how it goes.
PAUL: What do you want in return?
COURTNEY: A place to stay and a job. As...the Rejuvenation Consultant. I want to pay my own way.
PAUL: Oh no, no, no, I'd insist on a clothing allowance.
COURTNEY: Yeah, I'm not about the money...
PAUL: No, if we're going to do this properly, I want my fiancee to look *good*.
COURTNEY: Coming from the guy wearing that shirt?
PAUL: What can I say, it was the only thing they had in my size in the gift shop! And I tell you want, at the end of the three months, I will shout you a first class round the world airfare. You know, to mend that broken heart of yours.
COURTNEY: What are you saying Paul?
Paul gets down on one knee and takes her hand.
PAUL: Courtney Grixti. Will you fake marry me?
PAUL: This is going to be fun!
They both laugh.
PAUL: Cheers!
They clink glasses.
Courtney Grixti, Paul Robinson  in Neighbours Webisode Mrs Robinson Part 4
Courtney Grixti, Paul Robinson

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