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Name of Webisode:
Mrs Robinson Part 3
Release Date: 23/10/17
Written by: Stephen Vagg
Directed by: Ric Forster
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Courtney Grixti: Emma Lane
Jude: Thomas Lade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul and Courtney are travelling to Heron Island by sea plane and then by boat. They're clearly enjoying each other's company.
Later, they walk on the beach talking about businesses and their maangement. For example, Courtney thinks that Lassiter's could be run a lot better.
Courtney goes off on her own and meets up with someone called Jude who is very hostile towards her. She asks him for a job as a therapist and he point blank refuses. He tells her that she has a poor reputation now and he can't give her a job, even if they are cousins!
Later, back at the accommodation, Paul comes to find her and asks her what's wrong. She explains about Jude and how he won't consider her for a job.
COURTNEY: I got kicked out of Uni, I'm barely solvent and I can't even keep a relationship together, whether that's with a guy or a friend or even a family member.
PAUL: I don't believe that. Because you are a smart, vivacious woman. Who's had a bit of bad luck. You can't do anything about the bad luck, but you can control how you respond to it. Look, we are in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Let's just enjoy it, eh?
COURTNEY: I can't afford it. Maybe if I took a loan out from my dad, but even then he'd probably insist that, I don't know, change my last name back from mum's just as a condition.
PAUL: But you have the law suit.
COURTNEY: That money is going to take ages before it gets in.
PAUL: OK. Well, what if I pay?
COURTNEY: In exchange for what?
PAUL: Woah. If I wanted that, I would have tried it on by now, believe me!
Paul explains that he's recently gone through a break- up, so she's quite safe in the romance department.
PAUL: There is something you can help me with.
COURTNEY: What's that?
PAUL: Well, I'm thinking of taking back control of Lassiter's by buying out Terese's main investor.
Courtney laughs.
COURTNEY: Oh, you *so* have to, just to see the look on her face!
Paul says he just wants to get his hotel back, and make some money. But...he and Terese have been through a lot. She thinks he should do it.
COURTNEY: Has anyone ever told you you're too nice?
He tells her they'd better go to dinner and he waits outside while she gets changed.
Caption: To be continued...
Courtney Grixti  in Neighbours Webisode Mrs Robinson Part 3
Courtney Grixti

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