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Neighbours Episode 8908 from 2023 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8908
Australian and UK airdate: 25/09/23
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Kate Kendall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Jeremai
- Mackenzie ready to move on [after Hendrix].
- Haz sure that Mackenzie isn't interested in him.
- Terese fearful after finding Melanie's pig pendant, that the universe is trying to tell her something.
- Toadie hoping for some chill time with Terese before moving into #22,
- Cara explaining that it was JJ who found the advert for #24.
- JJ zooming into a picture of the Rodwell's on his phone.
- Susan accusing Karl of having blinkers on when it concerns Holly.
- Holly getting her own back on Susan by dobbing her into Karl.
- Karl wanting an explanation from Susan.
- Susan blaming Karl for having to leave her job.
Number 28
Susan confirms that she didn't want to retire despite the generous retirement package that was offered to her, she only accepted in case the great deal wasn't offered again.
SUSAN: It was my way of trying to claw back what we'd lost.
KARL: What I lost you mean?
"Why didn't you tell me," Karl asks and her honest reply is she "didn't know how to." She reassured herself retirement would be okay… until she watched Jane take over as Principal. While she is pleased for Jane, Susan also feels she "lost something that was so dear to me."
Karl can't believe she's not said something already and while he went off to the hospital to pursue his passion, Susan used buying the jewellery as her "escape."
SUSAN: It was little moments of happiness now and again.
Karl then asks if Holly is part of her unhappiness? Susan explains that the old her would have taken the challenge of Holly on but "right now, all I feel is resentment."
KARL: What now?
SUSAN: I don't know. I just feel so angry. I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at you. And I don't know what to do with any of it.
Number 24
Cara (and Remi) decide to come clean on the other reason for their move to Erinsborough - the stadium job Cara was working on, the owners (the Linwell brothers) were cutting corners and when she pointed that out, they didn't like it so was forced to report them. The brothers liked that even less and painted a warning on Cara's truck! She's confident though that nothing has happened since then, but given Remi is still a bit nervous, they decided to come clean with the boys.
CARA: Believe me, I would never take any risks with you guys. We're not in any danger.
REMI: But we should have been honest with you from the start.
The kids are fine with it and JJ gets they sometimes do need to be kept in the dark about things… although that could be lip service given the lad seemed to be more interested in looking at his phone - the stalking of the Rodwell family, Sadie this time.
Number 32 back yard
Sadie relays news to Haz and Mackenzie about Holly losing her job and he suggests that they take the lass out later on to cheer her up. When Haz gets into the pool for a swim, it allows Sadie to tell Mackenzie that she's in with a change of dating him… if she makes it clear that she's interested.
Number 22
"Are you absolutely sure about this?" Terese ask Toadie ahead of him and his belongings moving into #22. He is fully on board especially as the profits from selling #30 is going to go to the Foundation, so "that makes it feel right too." Terese is happy at what his plans are but she's concerned about the memories the house hold, but Toadie quickly replies that they can make new memories with her in #22 instead.
TERESE: Consider me sold.
Number 28
The kids aren't exactly jumping over Toadie when he arrives to collect them ahead of the move and neither are the K's, so he asks if they still want to help with the move? They reassure him that they still want to help and while Toadie rounds the kids up, Susan quietly says to Karl that since Toadie needs them, they should put their problems aside to focus on relocating Toadie.
Ramsay Street
In true Ramsay Street tradition, everyone is helping out with the move… well the ones scripted for this episode! Mind you Leo's appearance has Haz freaked out as he isn't sure if he's there in his capacity of #32's landlord! Thankfully Mackenzie and Sadie reassure him that he's simply there to help out as he lived on the street previously.
JJ even joins in and is soon put to work lugging boxes across the street following Andrew's meticulous plan (half moving, half inside unpacking).
Number 30
Toadie calls back his "little fishies" to check what's in the boxes they are about to head out the door with - its memory stuff of Sonya and Melanie and he wonders if they are taking too much with them but they quickly reassure him it's not.
However once the kids leave, its Toadie who then gets emotional when he spots one of Melanie's pigs, her favourite apparently. Mel had reported it as missing when Toadie sent her belongings on and after raking the house trying to find it, he's bemused why its suddenly appeared today! Andrew thinks he just simply missed it and dishes out a reminder of the pep talk they had on a camping trip - that Toadie wasn't to look back. Toadie reassures him he isn't looking or dwelling on the past and is looking forward to a new life with Terese at #22.
With the house very empty, Mackenzie is taking moment to think of the past… well that was until Haz interrupts her. She tells him her time at number 30 represented "a big time in my life and everyone in this house made me who I am today." Haz asks that she tells him more about that at some point.
Number 22
Terese greets the kids with a "welcome home" when they arrive and that she wants them to be happy. Having Terese's preserved bouquet (thanks to Susan bringing it over) is helping the lass feel part of the family. The happy atmosphere quickly cools when Karl arrives carrying a box, and Susan can't but help rush to Nell's bedroom to see it quick enough!
"What was that about?" Terese asks her husband (Karl has headed off to get more boxes) and Toadie mentions he picked up a vibe when picking the kids up. The frosty atmosphere seems to be spreading as Toadie seems very cool as they walk upstairs heading towards their room. He does reassure his wife that he's good, and then changes the topic back to the move.
In Nell's room, Susan is helping Nell unpack and watches on as the lass puts up a picture of her mum and one of her mum and dad on their wedding day.
NELL: What do you think?
SUSAN: Perfect.
Number 24
Remi apologises to Cara if she thought she'd railroaded her into saying something to the boys earlier. Cara thinks it was right something was said to them, however, adds that "I still don't think we should feel intimidated" which Remi does get. Changing tact, Cara asks if they can put an offer in on the land but Remi wants to see what the boys say first.
Ramsay Street
As they shift more stuff, JJ comments to Andrew and Nell that he'll be an expert on moving by the time his parents have decided on somewhere to live! Nell is relived that they're just moving across the street.
While as Mackenzie walks ahead of them, Haz comments to Sadie about what she's been through and describes his housemate as "one amazing woman."
JJ finds something to talk to Sadie about - he found something lying on the road (it is an old EHS yearbook apparently) and isn't sure whether it was being kept or ditched so Sadie adds it to the top of the box she's carrying.
Number 24
When he enters the house, Dex hears from his mums about putting a bid in for the land if he's happy. He asks for time to think about it and they seem happy with the response before asking where JJ is, to be told he's cracking onto a girl!
REMI: (confused) Girl? What girl?!
Ramsay Street
Sadie comes back after unloading and passes on Toadie's thanks to JJ about the book. He asks if she went to EHS, which she confirms after transferring in Year 8 from Broadmeadows and adds in that she was at Werribee when a wee girl. Oooh… you can just about see JJ's mind going ape at that tidbit!
Number 32 back yard
As they collect more empty boxes, Sadie is trying to convince Mackenzie that Haz really is into her. Apparently Freya thinks the same too, even though she's never met Haz and we hear she and Levi are together in Echuca! Sadie reminds Mackenzie that she did say she was ready to date. Without willing to confirm she's attracted to Haz, Mackenzie does say he has some good qualities - cute, funny, kind, is interested in her life. Sadie just thinks Mackenzie's just described "your perfect man!" This causes her to admit the truth - she is attracted to him… but they're housemates therefore "its just asking for complications."
SADIE: Or it could be the easiest relationship in the world! You've just got to give it a go.
Oops talk about bad timing, just as Mackenzie has changed her mind, Haz has got himself a date with someone!
Number 30
Terese takes the penultimate box out of the house to allow Toadie some time alone before moving to his new home. He takes a moment walking around the place thinking of the memories, aided by [the audience] hearing Sonya speak, Melanie's very distinctive laugh and the kids when they were younger. After wiping away a tear, Toadie picks up the last box and departs.
Ramsay Street
Toadie arrives on the street in time to see the contraption Andrew has put together - it looks like stuff piled on the base of a double bed. Sensibly, the women have decided to not be a part of it as the guys (including JJ) try to follow Karl's directions. The instructions are so bad its like they are doing a scenic lap of the street first before going to #22! The guys stop so they can argue but this contraption has wheels and decides it wants to head to #22!!! JJ frantically yells to the guys, but in the end its Cara, Remi and Dex that rush to his aid first to stop all the belongings from rolling down the street!!
"Thank goodness someone has their head screwed on right!" Wendy declares before introducing Cara, Remi and Dex to everyone. Toadie declares that they can stay as long as they want given they saved the day! With lots more hands helping out, slowly the contraction is moved towards #22.
Number 22
With everything finally taken over to the house, Toadie and Terese dish up well rewarded drinks to the helpers as a thank you. Wendy wants to extend the welcome to the newbies by hosting a BBQ although trying to get a date is proving difficult except for Susan who can manage any day given she is a "woman of leisure!" "Don't plan around me," Susan tells Wendy but she's insisting on her being there… which Andrew interprets as Wendy needing more career advice!
ANDREW: You're a bit of an inspiration if you haven't noticed.
Susan is getting fraught about the BBQ being planned around her and after she walks off to the kitchen, Karl apologises and explains "we've a bit going on at home." Cue the VM's and the Rodwell's suddenly deciding they've got things to do at home in their haste to get out of the house.
Number 28
Susan confesses to Terese about making a "complete fool of myself" as they enter #28. After reassuring her that she didn't, Terese wants to know what is going on.
Number 22
Karl tells Toadie that Susan did not want to retire. It all stemmed from losing the money to Montana.
Number 28
Susan admits she deceived Karl by telling him she was over what happened [losing the money] adding that she doesn't think they "ever completely resolved it" what with everything that then happened at the same time - Hendrix's diagnoses and then passing.
SUSAN: So I think we just swept it under the carpet.
Number 28
Karl admits that he hasn't helped things either by turning a blind eye to Holly's behaviour - compensating for the fact the lass "hasn't had a great upbringing with Izzy."
TOADIE: Overcompensating with Holly, neglecting Susan…
Number 28
Susan agrees that she doesn't even understand her complex feelings but does add that "its not all on Karl."
SUSAN: I'm the one who said yes to retirement, so its on me, too.
Number 22
Toadie reassures Karl that he's "weathered plenty of storms before" and thus will get through this.
Number 28
Susan isn't sure now she's torn the band- aid off how they are going to get through it.
Karl and Terese swap places with each other but its still like ice station zebra between the K's.
Number 22
With Terese back home, Toadie is sure that the K's will be fine. He then shows her Melanie's pig and she too is surprised at it now suddenly appearing.
TERESE: You know, at first, there was a wedding invitation, the something borrowed and now this? I mean they're fairly significant reminders of our past.
As they were talking, the camera cut to a very guilty looking Hugo sitting at the top of the stairs. We then see him running into Nell's bedroom to tell her about Toadie finding the pig.
NELL: Good!
Back downstairs, Toadie doesn't want read too much into what has happened, they should instead focus on what they said at the winery - that they're "all that matters."
Back upstairs, Hugo asks Nell what she is going to do next?! "I haven't decided," she replies back.
HUGO: I'm scared.
NELL: I can't bring mum back, but I can do something about Mel. Dad wouldn't listen when I told him that Terese was all wrong for him. I don't care if they're married, I'm not gonna stop until he realises that Mel is who he's meant to be with.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Sadie declaring that people are talking
- Certainly not the Kennedys though
- Reece giving Byron the 'come on look'.
- Paul telling Bryon that Reece likes him.
- Nell trying to 'sell' Terese to Paul
- Mackenzie wanting to know what Haz is saying about her.
- There is news about Harold
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