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Neighbours Episode 8850 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8850
Australian airdate: 16/06/22
UK airdate: 19/05/22
Writer: Ceinwen Langley
Director: Eugenie Muggleton
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Nicolette seeing Chloe comfort an upset Kiri
- Paul finding out that Terese and Glen are together
- Hendrix suggesting to Karl and Susan that Levi move in
- The Rodwells discovering that Hendrix is sick
- Andrew and Wendy realising they can't afford to move
- Sadie wanting to apologise to Hendrix
- Susan suggesting to Sadie that she give Hendrix space for now
Power Road
Andrew collects his drinks order from The 82 and delivers them to Wendy and Sadie at the bus stop. Andrew hopes Sadie's double shot mocha will make up for the long school commute, but Sadie wishes they'd homeschool her instead. Wendy encourages her daughter to try stay positive as she leaves with Andrew. Sadie's mood goes from bad to worse when Hendrix jogs past her and she anxiously tries not to make eye contact with him.
Lassiters Hotel Office
Chloe tells Paul they're short on housecleaning staff again and might need to hire some casuals. Terese calls by to ask where Harlow is, surprised to learn she's taken off on a trip with Corey. Chloe's also taken aback, saying that Harlow was supposed to work, but Paul says he approved the time off. Now that Terese is there, she also wants to speak to Paul about divorce proceedings seeing as it's nearly been twelve months since their separation.
PAUL: I thought you said it was going to be straightforward?
TERESE: It was until you fired me from my job.
Number 28
Hendrix returns from his jog and Susan is worried he's pushing himself too far, but Hendrix says his specialist told him to keep up the exercise regime. He lets Susan know he saw Sadie - it's like he can't avoid her these days. Susan feels bad that Hendrix has yet another thing to worry about.
Vineyard Interior
Leo's on the phone to Glen talking over specifics for an upcoming wedding they're hosting - but Glen's literally calling from outside just so he can avoid seeing Kiri, as per their ground rules. Leo passes information between Kiri and Glen so they don't have to speak face to face, but he already looks frustrated with the arrangement. He goes into the office to answer a call on the landline and Kiri calls her dad to check in but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message letting him know she loves him - just as Glen wanders in looking for Leo as he wasn't answering his mobile. Glen and Kiri both look uncomfortable.
Lassiters Hotel Office
Terese returns, telling Paul she doesn't appreciate "being summoned", but Paul says he's already been in contact with his lawyers and come up with an offer. Terese hopes it's fair, so Paul lets her know he's taken recent events into account and thinks it's a very generous offer. He slides her an envelope and tells her to talk it over with Toadie. When Paul leaves the office, Terese opens the envelope and doesn't appear pleased with what's inside.
The Waterhole
Karl and Susan hang back when they see Hendrix and Mackenzie having a conversation at the bar. Hendrix is worried about how he's going to break the news about his health to his parents tomorrow. Mackenzie wishes she knew how to make things better for him, but Hendrix smiles and says she already is just by being there. They notice the Kennedys and are surprised when Susan says instead of Levi moving in, perhaps Mackenzie would like to instead. "We just want you to be happy and comfortable at home," Susan adds.
Vineyard Interior
Kiri gets a text from her dad and is downhearted when it says things aren't great between her parents right now. Leo gets another call from Glen and meets him out the front where he explains there's problems with the wedding marquee. Kiri joins them and gets frustrated when Glen explains the delivery company gave them a marquee with the wrong measurements. Glen says he'll take care of it, but Kiri retorts that she's the events manager so she'll do it. Leo appears as though he's very much regretting this unconventional work agreement.
The Waterhole
Wendy and Andrew talk about Sadie and are sad they can't remember the last time they saw her smile. Levi pops in to let Andrew know he's needed at the station. Before he leaves, Wendy asks him a question about the reticulation system at #26 and Levi says he'll drop in after work to help. "See, we're not total pariahs," Andrew smiles at Wendy.
Hendrix and Mackenzie are at the back of the pub. Hendrix wonders if Mac would be upset if he asked her not to move in with him. "Well, that would depend entirely on the reason," Mackenzie smirks. But Hendrix explains that he likes having #24 as a refuge to escape to when things get a bit too smothering at home. Mackenzie is also glad to stay put as she really enjoys living with people under forty years old.
Number 22
Chloe tells Terese that she doesn't want to get caught in the middle of her personal business, but she wanted to give a heads up that Paul has been stewing all day. Terese is already fully aware of that, though, showing Chloe the divorce settlement he drew up.
CHLOE: He wants to give you Power Road?
TERESE: Uh- huh.
CHLOE: He's been trying to sell that property for ages. Nobody wants it.
TERESE: And look at the market value he put on it.
CHLOE: That is way overstated! But on paper this offer actually looks decent.
TERESE: And if he thinks he can use our divorce to offload his failed business ventures then he's going to be very disappointed.
Number 28 Backyard/Number 26 Backyard
Mackenzie asks if Hendrix told the Kennedys about her not moving in. Nodding, Hendrix says they were cool with it and to let them know if they change their minds. Mac then asks about the cafe roster and Hendrix replies that Nicolette basically said she'll rearrange it around him.
MACKENZIE: Don't worry, they'll go back to treating you like a snotty rich kid in no time.
HENDRIX: (laughing) See, this is why you're my favourite.
The good mood is dampened when they hear Wendy and Sadie arguing about school over the back fence. Mackenzie asks if Hendrix wants to go back in, but Hendrix is determined to remain in his own space. When Mac goes inside to get them a cuppa, Hendrix can't help but eavesdrop on the Rodwells' conversation.
Sadie tells Wendy she didn't end up going to school because she hates it there. Wendy tries to be understanding, and says she knows it's hard trying to make new friends. But Sadie is adamant she won't be making any new friends because she doesn't want to get sucked in like she did with Aubrey.
SADIE: What if people find out about the fire?
WENDY: You made a mistake.
SADIE: Hendrix might die because of what Aubrey and I did. And every time he sees me he gets reminded of that. I could deal with it if it was just about the fire, but I can't deal with what I did to Hendrix.
Wendy comforts her daughter while Hendrix looks contemplative.
Harold's Cafe
Karl and Susan watch Levi from afar while he makes some phone calls.
KARL: You know, if Mackenzie isn't going to take the room maybe we should snap Levi up.
SUSAN: Snap Levi up? What, like he's on special at the two dollar shop?
While Levi has one disastrous phone call after the other trying to secure himself a place to live, the Kennedys weigh up the pros and cons of asking him to stay. They eventually decide to call Levi over and offer him a spare room, and Levi happily accepts in five seconds flat. They arrange to meet up later to talk over the particulars. Karl is put out when Susan tells him to convert his man cave into a bedroom for himself so Levi can have the back room he's currently staying in.
Number 22/Kiri's Bedroom
Terese lets Glen know about Paul's terrible settlement offer, but Glen isn't surprised by his behaviour. Terese can't figure out whether Paul's trying to get under her skin, or if he just thinks she's stupid enough to take the offer. Glen asks what she's going to do and Terese says she's going to hit Paul where it hurts. She then changes the topic and asks Glen how everything went at work.
Kiri flops onto her bed, tired and stressed. Chloe finds her and sympathises when Kiri says it was a tough day trying to avoid Glen.
Terese finds it surprising that Glen and Kiri didn't talk much during their shift. Glen says they only crossed paths once or twice but it was strictly professional. "I know there's some teething problems but I think this system's really going to work," Glen states.
But Kiri doesn't think the agreement's working at all - she only committed to it because she loves her job and didn't want to let Leo down. To make her feel better, Chloe suggests they open some wine, pop on a rom- com and have a boozy venting session tonight. Kiri isn't in the mood to talk more about Glen, but Chloe says it's for her own benefit.
KIRI: Is Paul still being painful?
CHLOE: Um, since the eighties by all accounts. Like a bad perm that never de-spiralled.
Kiri laughs and says in that case, she's all in.
The Waterhole
Sadie is sitting with her dad when she sees Hendrix and Mackenzie walk in. She immediately wants to leave when Hendrix walks over to them. Andrew goes into protective mode, and Wendy hovers in the background, but Hendrix assures them he's not there to cause trouble.
HENDRIX: Stop beating yourself up over what's happened to me.
SADIE: (surprised) What?
HENDRIX: You didn't give me bad lungs, they were always there. It's just crappy luck that the disease was triggered now.
SADIE: Because of something I did and I'm so sorry.
HENDRIX: Everywhere I go I see reminders of what's happened to me. So stop punishing yourself - it doesn't make me feel any better.
Mackenzie walks away with Hendrix. The Rodwells look relieved by the olive branch Hendrix has extended them.
Lassiters Hotel Office
Terese brings the paperwork back to Paul and tells him his offer is ridiculous. They both know Power Road is a dead investment. Paul says he'll increase the financial offer instead, but Terese has something else in mind.
TERESE: I actually don't want your money. I want an increase in ownership shares of Lassiters. Twenty to fifty per cent.
PAUL: (laughing incredulously then pausing) You're not joking, are you?
TERESE: I'm only asking for what's fair.
PAUL: This is my hotel.
TERESE: It's our hotel, Paul. You know that, Lucy knows that and I have enough evidence to convince a judge.
PAUL: Well you know, I wouldn't bank on it being in front of a judge any time soon.
TERESE: Why would you say that?
PAUL: Well by my account we've only been separated a few months.
TERESE: If you're referring to that brief moment that you manipulated me into coming back-
PAUL: Considering that you were ready to renew our vows, I'd say that it does still count. (He slides the settlement paperwork back to her) But I could be persuaded.
Terese just scoffs at him and leaves. Paul drops the smug act when she goes.
Kiri's Bedroom
Chloe and Kiri are in their pyjamas, lounging on the bed with their wine and having a chat. Kiri wonders if she should call her dad again, but Chloe thinks she should give him some space. Kiri just wants to know that her parents are going to be okay. "The fact that dad told me they're not doing well is big," she admits. Chloe starts to make tracks to head back to her own room but Kiri asks her to stay.
KIRI: Everything's better when you're here.
CHLOE: I don't think that's a good idea.
KIRI: Oh - that sounded like a come on, didn't it! Sorry, forget I said anything.
CHLOE: Would you really feel better if I stayed?
KIRI: Is that pathetic?
CHLOE: No, it's sweet.
Chloe turns off the lamp and settles in to sleep next to Kiri.
Number 28
Levi tells the Kennedys that he doesn't mind taking the smaller room, but Susan says the back room was always the one they were going to rent. Smiling, Levi says they'll chat move in dates soon and thanks Hendrix for putting in a good word for him. When he leaves, Karl gets a hangdog expression and says he'll have to get Billy's single bed out of the garage. But instead of falling for the bait, Susan just tells him to get Levi to help him lift it out. The K's separately head to bed and Mackenzie thinks she and Hendrix should too - they've got an early start tomorrow for their flight to Sydney.
HENDRIX: I think I really need a break.
MACKENZIE: Yeah, that's what Sydney's for. We tell your parents, and they come to terms with what's going on-
HENDRIX: No Mackenzie, I need a break from thinking about being sick. My life depends on someone else dying, but managing everyone else's feelings around it too, I can't do it. I can't do it, it's too much. I'm not telling them.
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