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Neighbours Episode 8842 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8842
Australian airdate: 08/06/22
UK airdate: 09/05/22
Writer: Nick King
Director: Tenika Smith
Guests: Roxy Willis: Zima Anderson
Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Wendy Rodwell: Candice Leask
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- The Kennedys asking for an update about how Sadie is doing from her parents.
- Hendrix being given his diagnosis.
- Hendrix explaining to the Kennedys how his illness originated.
- Sgt. Rodwell telling Freya and David the charges they are facing.
- Levi making things clear to Freya that he isn't forgiving her.
- Corey being reminded of his orders about Harlow.
- Amy discovering the vandalism to the Drinks Diva.
- Harlow protesting her innocence after Amy blames her for the vandalism.
- Harlow telling Amy that she's glad Ned cheated on her.
Ramsay Street
Harlow vehemently protests that she wasn't responsible for the vandalism to the Diva. When Amy shows Harlow the keyring, she can't deny that it isn't hers but has no idea how it got there. Harlow looks to Ned for his support that she wasn't responsible, which Amy isn't amused at and walks off. Ned goes to follow Amy, which Harlow takes the hump at and walks off too, thus [because he didn't actually follow Amy] leaves Ned standing by himself on the nature strip.
Number 32
Wendy comes calling to get the goss on what's happening on the street, but Jane keeps tight lipped and instead distracts Wendy by asking if she knows everyone sitting around the table. She knows David but Aaron and Freya introduce themselves to her.
We then find out why she actually called round - ahead of moving in next week, she's brought round a basket of apology gifts for the issues Sadie has caused.
Number 30
Melanie isn't impressed at the damage to the Diva either and wants to confront Harlow. Toadie, with his lawyer hat on, stops Melanie from doing that and reminds everyone (Amy and Zara are there too) there isn't "actual proof that Harlow did this." "It's so obvious it was her," Zara pipes up so Toadie suggests they clean the Diva up instead. "Harlow should be the one to clean the van," Amy immediately replies back but she's out walking as we momentarily cut to her. There is another reason why Amy wants Harlow to clean the Diva - she's feeling a bit queasy.
Number 24
Mackenzie and Hendrix take stock of the news while lying together on the sofa. She suggests using Pierce's flight pressie to fly to Sydney and tell his parents in person, and yes, she will go with him.
MACKENZIE: You don't have to do any of this on your own.
Number 30
Wendy has now reached #30 with her apology gifts. Melanie introduces herself to Wendy as the pair haven't seen each other before. "Is this a poly thing?" Wendy jokingly asks and Melanie quickly points out that she and Toadie are exclusive!
Lassiters Complex
As they walk out of Lassiters, Corey apologises to Harlow for having to defend herself alone and is shocked to hear that Ned didn't stick up for her. Just at that, Ned walks towards the pair so Corey leaves them alone and goes to sit nearby.
Harlow explains why she did a runner (Amy was completely out of line) and doesn't seem impressed that it appears Ned is siding with Amy. He isn't happy at some of the things she said to Amy, but Harlow stands her ground and protests at being accused of something she didn't do. While Ned does believe her, he is in a quandary with himself over his handling of things and asks for time to think.
Sitting nearby and listening to the conversation, its thankfully that neither Harlow or Ned can see the smirks on Corey's face!
Penthouse suite
Corey is trying to get Harlow to realise that she needs someone better than Ned, people who value her.
COREY: Like me!
She laughs at his suggestion but doesn't want to keep leaning on him, which Corey is more than happy for her to do.
COREY: That's what friends are for.
Number 30
Melanie thinks the vandalism, and her co- ownership of the Diva, allows her to make some changes and promises Toadie to run them by Amy when she's ready.
MELANIE: But I already know she's gonna love 'em!
Freya drops by to ask Toadie if she can do some work for the Foundation - given her sudden spare time she wants to do something positive, and not just to make her look good for when she's sentenced. Toadie thrilled at her offer and sends her to the community centre so the co- ordinators can sort her out.
The Waterhole
Wendy spots Hendrix and Mackenzie chatting to Levi (about his share house hunting) and mentions that she left a gift basket for him with Susan. He isn't exactly jumping for joy at the gift, nor the fact Sadie is "moving on with her life" after Wendy updated the pair on how well the lass is doing.
Lassiters Park/Darwin
Ned is having a facetime conversation with Roxy to help him sort out the mess he's in. Roxy's suggestion is for Ned to have a "change of scene" but he is not too keen on leaving everyone (and everything) in the lurch.
ROXY: Sometime it's better to put yourself first.
The Waterhole
Levi has found someone else to moan at over how hard it is to find somewhere new to live - Toadie while he waits for his order. Toadie is momentarily distracted when he gets a text from Freya to say she's all set at the foundation. Levi wonders if he's missed Freya's sentencing until Toadie explains that she is simply "super keen."
Hendrix is happy to be distracted by Mackenzie's text - Harlow, who is after a visit. Mackenzie isn't too keen on going, but he sends her off to see her friend and barely has she left their table when Levi comes over and hands Hendrix a beer.
Penthouse suite
Mackenzie surprised to see Corey when she arrives in the penthouse. He volunteers to go but she is happy for him to stay.
"Do you think I'm a terrible person?" Harlow asks and with a deadpan expression, Mackenzie replies "No." Harlow starts to unload but Mackenzie has zoned out and after Harlow cottons on she's lost her audience, Mackenzie decides she can't listen anymore and hurriedly leaves, promising to catch up another time.
"That was strange," Harlow remarks to Corey after we hear Mackenzie get into the lift. Corey tries to twist why Mackenzie bolted as her disapproving of Harlow being with Ned.
The Waterhole
Hendrix admits to Levi that he is not happy at the prospect of seeing Sadie regularly when she moves into the street. Other than describing he has a "huge health problem," Hendrix asks how Levi handled the news about his epilepsy. "I didn't," Levi admits, and it turned into "a really slow process" as he got used to it.
LEVI: If I could give you one piece of advice Hendrix, it would be don't think about the people who wronged you. Focus on the people around you've got around you because they're the ones that matter.
Music montage
With the creepie music playing, Hendrix is in a world of his own as he exits The Waterhole and blanks Zara as he walks past her. In turn, she looks over at Ned sitting alone at the rotunda. Meanwhile at #30, Amy lies on the couch and pulls the blanket over herself. While in the penthouse suite, Harlow drinks the cuppa Corey made for her. Back with Ned and debates whether to call Harlow or not. In #30, Amy is off the couch and looking out the window... while placing her hands over her stomach.
Lassiters Park
Amy and Ned meet up and before she can say a word, he drops the bombshell that he is moving to Sydney to spend time with his mum and sort himself out. "When?" Amy asks and the reply is "as soon as possible" figuring that he is making things worse by delaying the move. Ned apologises for how they ended and much he hurt her too before adding that she will be better without him around. "Right," is Amy's reply as she struggles to hold back the tears as Ned says a final "I'm sorry" before walking away.
Number 24
Having not found him at #28, Zara stops by to see if Hendrix is there but Mackenzie replies he isn't. Mackenzie is about to close the door on her, but Zara prevents that as she wants to know "how to make things right." "You can't," is Mackenzie's reply and tells Zara to leave.
Zara and Hendrix literally pass one another within seconds, and he asks Mackenzie what she wanted. "To make amends," is her reply but he isn't in the mood to deal with Zara just now.
Number 30
Melanie is peeved that the [other] cocktail Toadie is holding isn't for her but rather than Amy when she comes into the sunroom. "That's very thoughtful of you," she replies before heading back inside the house when Amy comes into the sunroom.
Toadie hands Amy her cocktail (the hard reset) and wants to know what she thinks of it. "I don't think I should," Amy says which surprises Toadie.
AMY: I'm exhausted, nauseous, super emotional and I'm late. I think I'm pregnant.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Zara trying to persuade her mum to know if she is pregnant or not.
- Nicolette quizzing Glen's ex.
- Glen reassuring Terese that he is still there.
- Ned saying his goodbyes.
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